Top 5: Things We Hope To See In ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ (But Probably Won’t)

Note: Although the film has already been released in Europe, please do not post any spoilers in the comments out of respect for those who haven’t had the chance to see it over here in the States

With the countdown to the American release of Marvel’s The Avengers movie just three days away (less if you’re doing a midnight showing), there are a number of things we’re looking to seeing on the big screen. Past the catch phrases, face-offs, and witty barbs, here are with five things we wish would show up in Marvel’s The Avengers but realize we probably won’t.


5. The Quinjet

Not all of The Avengers are gifted with the means of flight like Iron Man or Thor (or jumping as in the case of the Hulk), and the main means of transportation for the team over the years has been the quintessential Avengers ride, the Quinjet. Originally debuted in Avengers #61 back in 1969 as a gift from Black Panther, it’s gone on to take the team across the globe and even enter space. Heck, at this point I’d be satisfied if they just had the Great Lakes Avengers’ Quinjetta, a retrofitted Volkswagen Jetta.


4. The Vision

Although not part of the original team, since joining the team in 1968’s The Avengers #57 The Vision has become the backbone of the team. Whether in his original red-green-yellow garb or the haunting pale white costume, The Vision has the definitive robot with a soul – beating Star Trek‘s Data by a few decades.


3. The Avengers Membership Card

Although the team was hastily assembled in comics and film to battle a force no single one of them could fight on their own, once the team became an institution some of the minutiae of running the team became some interesting moments. From Captain America’s regular recruitment drives to his decision on who would be an Avengers, these rare Avengers membership cards were a rare commodity that heroes fought for the chance to hold.


2. The “Other” Original Avengers, The Wasp and Ant-Man

They may have been marginalized in comics and in the build-up to the film so far, Ant-Man and The Wasp were a big part of The Avengers in their founding and through the years. In addition to her big (or would it be small) presence on the battlefield, The Wasp was responsible for naming the team and designing costumes for a number of them. Ant-Man, for his part, was one of the early leaders of the team and was part of some momentous moments for the team — even when it was him inadvertently creating their next villain like Ultron.


1. Jack Kirby

Although some rumors say that Jack Kirby’s name won’t show up in the credits, I have it on good authority it does. But what I’d really like to see Kirby get the kind of recognition — and screen time — that his Avengers co-creator Stan Lee gets. Even though Kirby has passed on, there are other ways to pay tribute… or always throwing some of that special effects budget into bringing Kirby to life (with his family’s permission). I’d rather see that than Tupac any day.


  1. Until this article, I didn’t realise that it hadn’t come out in the US yet. It came out last Wednesday in Australia!

    Makes sense why so little chatter on Twitter about it, and lack of review podcasts!

  2. I really wish that all of the above were part of this movie that would be so cool, or at least a small cameo at the end setting up a second movie.
    @Cheezdog – We are still waiting and V-Day is this Friday for us in the US and of A. I of course will not get to see it till Sunday afternoon it appears thanks to some prior band commitments.



    • I’ve been wanting to spoil something since I saw the film at a screening last week and so I will. Don’t hate me for it:

      The Avengers Assemble…

      I hope I didn’t ruin anything for anyone.


      Oh, also… you’ll want to see it again and again and again! (I have tickets for this Thursday and Saturday!)

  4. At this point it seems like it’s more rare to not have an Avengers membership card.

  5. What is wasp doing with her hands? Preparing herself for a backhand from Hank??

  6. Just here to gloat! Going to a special showing tomorrow (Wednesday) through my Acura dealer. Official car of The Avengers and all that!

    I’d love to see The Vision…and I suspect Joss would love to include him. Hoping for some foreshadowing of Avengers 2.

  7. Jack of Hearts is in this right?


    Anyone doing The Ultimate Marvel Marathon (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor (3D), Captain America (3D) & The Avengers (3D)) at AMC starting at 11:30 AM Thursday May 3rd and ending around 2:30 AM Friday? Unfortunately I don’t have the stamina for something like that (plus I work), but it sounds cool.

    • yes me and my girlfriend will be in attendance. Because of her last final we’ll be showing up a little late to Iron Man, but I cant wait. I took off both Thursday and Friday for a full weekend of comic mayhem. (FCBD on Saturday!)

    • Alamo Drafthouse is doing their own marathon Thursday as well. I’m very excited about it!

      They’re in 2D but I like the tradeoff of full menu and drinks and a strict no talking/texting policy. Love the Drafthouse!

    • My friends who didn’t see the sneak peak last week with me are doing the Marathon and I’m meeting them for the 11:59 pm showing this Thursday. I have the feeling they’ll either be pumped or burnt out.

      They’re both arguing over which movie they might skip out on to stretch their legs and grab a bite to eat. Right now they’ve decided on Thor.

  9. No spoilers from this European, just to say that whatever is and isn’t in it, you’re going to LOVE this movie!

  10. From Uk and I loved Avengers. You definatley get at least one of those things, not going to say which 🙂

  11. i mean jack krby is dead. and his family is suing disney. so why would you give him credit.

  12. Even if Jack Kirby’s name is on the credits, Marvel probably begrudgingly did it.

    Cause they just did a fashion show involving Kirby’s art and Marvel didn’t allow the papers to officially say his name. (They got away with it for the video releases from some loophole). So Marvel still is just taking a dump on his grave in new and exciting ways.

  13. hey! i thought the tupac thing was cool, thank you very much

  14. I just watched The Avengers tonight, for once it’s really good to be a South-African comic book fan.

  15. I better see Wonder Man in there.

  16. There have been so many rumors the past year. One was that Dr. Hank Pym was going to appear at some point, another that there was going to be a Spider-Man cameo of some sort and finally that Luke Cage was going to show up. Only the introduction of Pym, void of costume would not surprise me. Personally, with this talk of a Black Panther film, I think it would be it would be great seeing T’Challa make an appearance at some point. Anyone remember the shot of the map that Nick Fury was looking at, I believe in the first Iron Man film, which had pins or dots indicating different places. Several were on the African continent and I recall speculation at that time.

  17. Vision was the one thing I hoped and told my friends at the midnight release last night here in Detroit I wanted them to see sneak in, a humanoid would’ve worked well. Love that image of Wasp and Ant-Man and would’ve loved to see them too. I loved the the movie all the way though and no complaints, Whedon knows what he’s doing and those characters could easily pop up in the sequel. Death.