Top 5: Performers in Comics


5. The Jokester

One of the only good things to come out of DC’s Countdown book, The Jokester was the hero in the alternate Earth 3. In a universe in which The Crime Society is continually causing death, destruction and chaos on it’s inhabitants, one of which is a stand up comedian who starts using his jokes to take down Owlman and Talon, the Batman and Robin analogues of this universe. Owlman then slices his face giving him that permanent smile. The Jokester, along with The Riddler, Three-Face, join together to antagonize the Crime Society. He was a really cool character and I think there could have been so many more stories with him but he was quickly killed off in the following issues of Countdown. Maybe DC will bring him back as they further explore the Multiverse in the New 52.



 4. Beast Boy

Beast Boy, or Changeling as he is also known, was cast in a science fiction TV show Space Trek 2020. He was cast mainly because of his green skin but it really makes you think: in a world full of mutants and oddities, are makeup artists just without jobs? Where is the book about the Hollywood producer who knows he can save a ton of money on this fantasy picture if they just cast a bunch of Moloids? That would be great.



 3. Animal Man

A stuntman and an actor! The Buddy Baker. I guarantee that Buddy Baker would get a career resurgence if Quentin Tarantino existed in DC comics. He would cast him in a role and then in interviews always talk about him saying “He’s just really groovy, man…he…you know, you always knew when Buddy Baker was doing the stunts. Always knew. That’s why he is the best. He is the *bleep*ing best!”



2. Dazzler

You cannot make a list about performers in comics and not mention Dazzler. Seriously, if you don’t you will get arrested by the comic book commentator police. Dazzler is a character that should be the dumbest joke of all time and yet we all love her. Yes, I am making a mass generalization because whether you want to or not, you love Dazzler. She’s cool and demonstrates exactly how comics can be fun and don’t have to be taken so seriously. And best of all, Dazzler is used sparely, which constantly leaves us wanting a little more.


Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 1.09.06 PM

1. Wonder Man

The safari jacket-wearing, acting career and Avenger balancing Wonder Man has quickly shot up my list of favorite characters. The other depictions of Wonder Man aren’t exactly my cup of tea, this one though is the best. And again, it’s all about showing the fun that can be had with comics. You can’t do this type of stuff with any other character. Look as he casually relaxes and calls Vision to request that a bunch of the Avengers go on Letterman with him. Vision is so eager to help too! “Sure, Sure. No problem. Anything for you, Simon. When are you coming back around the mansion? We miss you!” Wonder Man needs to get back on his acting career and pronto!



  1. Mister Miracle was robbed!

  2. Dazzler’s been pretty good in X-treme X-Men lately as well.

    What about Johnnie Blaze?

    • Would probably stumble out drunk, cuss at the audience, pass out, then burst into fire (in that order). He’s not taking being the Ghost Rider again very well.

  3. Mr. Miracle should have been on here! oooooh, and Rick Jones!

  4. Lila Cheney should be paired with Dazzler. But as she’s never headlined her own book, I understand.

  5. no Alfred?

  6. The Flying Graysons (too soon?)

    I also vote for Zatanna and Mr. Miracle.

  7. I’ll do this before anyone else does.
    “Hey you forgot Mary Jane Watson!”
    “Hey you forgot Elasti-girl”
    “Hey you forgot Clay Face!”

    I forgot no one. I stand by my list. 😀

  8. I love the telephone cord as the panel outline in that Avengers page…If for no other reason than kids today would be like “yo dawg, wutz with the pig-tail cord, yo? WTF is that even supposed to be?”.

    You know, cause phones don’t have cords any…y’know what, nevermind.

  9. And just yesterday I was reading a bunch of issues from Vietch’s run on Animal Man, where the acting/stunt work first shows up. I’ve got four issues left, but so far it’s a great run . . .

    I agree on Mr. Miracle, and add Booster Gold as my own suggestion. Maybe Blue Beetle as well. Blue and Gold hosting the Oscars with Skeets trying to keep everything running smoothly? I’d definitely read/watch that . . .

  10. What, no Circus of Crime? They had a whole circus, dag nabbit!

    Worst show on Earth.

  11. Is it just me or does the Jokester look like Ron 😉

  12. Here’s a great idea for a comic:

    The Dazzler fights the Hypno Hustler.

    I await my check Marvel.

  13. The Thing should have made the list, too. He was in movies and was a pro wrestler. Spider-Man was. Pro wrestler, too! IFanboy needs o have an “event” this summer and reboot its continuity so we can redo this list =D

  14. Mojo!?!
    Producer/director/ comedian.He comes with his own gaffers and spotlights!!

  15. I would love to see the jokester in the new 52!!

  16. Night crawler was a circus performer! Gah!

  17. In the Ultimate line, Kraven The Hunter was a TV star. He was basically the equivalent of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

    In his first appearance, I actually had trouble hearing him as Russian; kept defaulting to Australian.

  18. Mysterio?