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Top 5: Science Laboratories in DC Comics

When you need things invented in the DC Universe, you know who to call!

DC Histories: Dick Grayson (Robin I / Nightwing II / Batman III)

The original teen sidekick has been swinging around the DCU for generations.

Starfire: Where Do I Start?

Red Sonja meets Jessica Rabbit…. from outer space.

Great Pages: GOTHAM CENTRAL #34

The Teen Titans speak to the Gotham City Police Department.

Exclusive: DC Comics’ Young Justice Group Solicits for June 2013

No sumer vacation for the teens of the New 52.

Top 5: Performers in Comics

These five would do a great job hosting the Oscars in their respective, fictional universes.

Exclusive: DC Comics’ Young Justice Group Solicits for May 2013

And then Tim Drake murdered everybody.

iFlashback! January 14th, 2004

These comics may seem old now but they were brand, spanking new back in 2004. Check out the comics that were on sale nine years ago.

DC Histories: Wally West (Kid Flash I / Flash III)

Gone but not forgotten.

DC Histories: The Phantom Zone

The history behind Krypton’s most famous jail.