Great Pages: GOTHAM CENTRAL #34

Gotham Central #34 (2005)

Written by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, Gotham Central was an engaging look at the men and women who made up the Gotham City Police Department. A mixture of police procedural and superhero stories, the series examined what it would be like to attempt to uphold the law in a city rife with vigilantes and madmen. Batman was barely on the page during the course of this series, but his influence was felt in nearly every story.

During a storyline titled ‘Dead Robin,’ a young man’s body was found in an alley. This young man was dressed in a Robin costume. Questions abounded in the case and the GCPD had to call in the Teen Titans in order to get their testimony as to Robin’s current whereabouts.

This page, featuring artwork by Kano, shows the primary colored Teen Titans looking a tad uncomfortable in the mostly washed-out tones of Gotham Central. They stand out in a dreary world mostly colored in yellows and browns. The reds and blues in their costumes seem almost aggressively garish when compared to the police officers near them. These heroes are simply not made of the same stuff as ordinary people. It’s a wonderful contrast.


  1. I still miss this series. Its one of my fav DC stories ever told

  2. You never really notice how straight up ridiculous superheroes look until you get them around normal people.

  3. Ok… I REALLY need to stop saying to myself that I have to read this series and actually START reading the damn series!!!!!

  4. Gotham Central and Johns’ Teen Titans were the first two DC books I started reading, so this page hold a special little part of my heart.

    It also reminds me of how much I hate the New 52 versions of these characters…

  5. I read all Gotham Central last year, what a great series. And this page made me smile

  6. As much as I’d love to see this book resurrected (a police procedural would have fit perfectly with the New 52’s initial interest in non-superhero genres), but I just really wish DC would release a hardcover edition of Volume 5 already!

    • Are you talking about GOTHAM CENTRAL? There is no volume 5 hardcover; the entire series is included in the four hardcovers.

    • Holy crap, you’re right!

      I have most of Gotham Central in issues, but have slowly tracked down the hardcovers (a couple are out of print), so I just assumed that because Amazon sells a volume 5 softcover (and that the previous four volumes share cover images and titles between the two formats), that there must be an unreleased hardcover.

      Had I actually cracked open the volume 4 I picked up a while back, I wouldn’t be explaining myself like an idiot right now.

      I think I need to put a moratorium on new books until I read everything I already own. This has been a real wake-up call. Thanks, Conor!

  7. It would now make for an interesting one shot to see the cops in this book react to a real Robin death. I miss this book very much.

  8. By Odin’s beard I miss this series.

    I still maintain that this would make an amazing television show.

  9. Cyborg worked so much better this way.

    I’m sad now.

  10. This series is high on my short list of must reads, I want all the HC’s, don’t think they’re cheap anymore.

    • Yeah, they’re all out of print, and it looks like volume 3 is the only one you can buy New from Amazon right now. I recently bought a “used” copy of volume 1 in the Amazon Marketplace that sure as hell looks like new to me, and I only paid $25 for it, so they can still be had for reasonable prices if you do some digging and are okay with maybe getting a slightly dinged copy.