This is Called Twisting The Knife: Marvel Teases CAPTAIN MARVEL in July

Considering how snarky many of the Marvel folk got on Twitter about DC’s Shazam announcement, you had to know this was coming:


All kidding aside, this is why DC changed his name to Shazam.


  1. Zing!

  2. I’m glad you brought up the snark from the Shazam announcement.

    Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the people at Marvel? You rarely see any other workers from other companies give off a level of hatred that Marvel does. It’s like Marvel are the popular kids that love to kick someone like nerds (who would be DC in this case) when anyone says anything.

    Sorry I know that’s off topic but their attitudes are getting seriously annoying and you’d think someone would tell them to calm down a bit. Especially Disney cause I’m sure they love it the company they bought has workers who act like children on social media websites.

    …..On the image itself, meh. I was never a big fan of this Captain Marvel but we’ll see who gets involved with it.

    • i’d liken it to arrogant overcompensating for a crumbling self-image coupled with a burgeoning inferiority complex.

    • @nightwalker: They really give a bad image to people who aren’t into comics. Like Comic Book Men, the average person must think: “Oh this is how people in the industry must act like all the time”

      But it’s so not true. Not all of Marvel’s writers, artists, etc are terrible but a good amount of the big wigs seem to be. Plus Kirkman, Larsen, Liefeld (the Image Trio) are kinda the same way at times. But I can’t think of a single DC worker that is this arrogant and childish on twitter.

    • The snark led me to stop following some of the Marvel higher-ups a while ago. I’ve always been a Marvel zombie, but couldn’t take their constant DC-bashing over the new 52. As if Marvel’s never rebooted their line (Heroes Reborn? Ultimates? And countless other title reboots).

      Interestingly, for the first time ever, I now read a lot more DC than Marvel.

    • I’m the same, ten years ago I’d only read Marvel, but there over quality has dipped, and so I started to look elsewhere. I still follow Marvel news to see what’s going on, and whether I should come back, but often there attitude especially from some of the editors puts me off.

      I read all the news over the weekend for SXSW and I don’t think I even understood it. Marvel seem to build up there press releases to point when they happen they are very under whelming.

    • @ TNC

      Maybe it is how people inside this industry act; e.g. the editors in chiefs of the two major publishers (at least until Alonso took over last year).

  3. I’d feel worse for DC if they hadn’t sued the original Captain Marvel out of existence in 1952.

  4. So… are they ressurrecting Mar-Vel, or is this going to be someone else (Marvel Boy, maybe? Will this be an offshoot from A vs. X?)? I would hope they’d leave the original dead, and it’s not like that character has any major cache except with the old folks, so it isn’t going to be a huge sales draw.

  5. I’m almost tempted to say “Fool me once…” to Marvel, over the last time they “brought back” Captain Marvel during Civil War.

  6. Oh no, this giant publisher is making fun of it’s competition over the goddamn internet! All hope is lost if major corporations can’t play nice. How will we look our children in the face if comic companies can’t even be civil?

    • DC does a great job being civil. Marvel just likes being the jackasses I suppose.

    • It’ cause DC wants their employees to be stiffs. It’s freaking super hero comics, let the creators of competing publishers take jabs at each other. Ya wanna know what’s not Civil? Not doing a DC/Marvel crossover because one guy in DC doesn’t like Joe Quesada, that’s some childish shit right there.


    • I would hardly call people like Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Geoff Johns, Jimmy Palmiotti, and others ‘stiffs’. They are extremely nice to everybody on twitter and the like and especially in person.

      But you try and talk to Bendis, Fraction, or others as a fan….God help you.

    • I’ve meet all the big guys at Marvel, and all of them were extremely nice to me, they even did a shout out video for my own website. So I dispute your claim that Marvel workers are not nice

    • Yeah, the marvel guys are funny.
      There not serious when there horsing around.
      It’s a lot like Alec Baldwin.

  7. But does it matter? My point is that some companies are snarky and some aren’t. But no matter how snarky Marvel is in their press releases I’m never going to have a bad opinion about the characters they publish. That’s the reason I read Marvel Comics. I could care less about their press releases. Also, if you think DC actually got their feelings hurt by this, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would like to speak with you about.

    Also, I have met Matt Fraction and he is super nice. Never met Bendis but All the Marvel writers and artists I’ve met have been great as have the Dc and Image creators.

    • It matters because everyone is connected now a days. I’m a fan of Jeff Lemire so I followed him on twitter. But when I follow someone, say Bendis, and he goes on a tangent then that makes me wanna stop reading his work. I know it sounds crazy but I refuse to buy anything from Erik Larsen thanks to his infamous tirade on women a few years ago.

    • Now see that’s normal. A tirade against women is a valid reason for not buying a creators book. But this kinda stuff is just an immature pissing contest. I follow Bendis on twitter and the only thing that annoys me is his constant thing about reviews not containing the word “I” in them. But hey, he hasn’t railed against a gender yet so I still buy his books.

    • I think overreacting to this kinda stuff dulls the impact when someone actually does something worth reacting to, such as the Erik Larsen example you mentioned. We have to pick our battles or else every single thing becomes a crisis.

    • @RoiVampire: I get what you mean. Maybe it is a little extreme but I just find it baffling how people behave sometimes. They should be acting like professionals, but they don’t and yet they get away with it. Like, in some jobs people get fired over this crap cause they monitor things like facebook/twitter.

    • @TNC–ESPN (Disney) has really started to monitor the social media of their pundits over the past year or so. You really do notice a change….higher stakes on the ESPN side though.

    • @Wally: Well luckily no one at Marvel is making really racist headlines for their books.

    • @TNC–yeah well there is that thing. I am always surprised at how much leash creators are allowed to have on social media, but then again…they are all independent contractors. Tougher to control, but easier to severe ties with if one stupid tweet gets out into the world.

    • @Wally: That and it’s easy for these guys to just delete their tweets. Again Kirkman went on a huge tirade when DC first announced their relaunch. Less then an hour later? He got rid of them and half apologized for his spur of the moment anger. Although I think comicsalliance was able to save them and put the tweets in an article.

    • there are other prominent creators who do the same on FB as a regular habit. Its one thing if you’re talking to friends, but its in a public space engaging with customers…seems like a bad idea to me.

      Unfortunately this happens in other industries with social media. In the design world there are a few respected sites where lots of notable design professionals talk and sometimes fight with each other and talk mad shit on each others work. I dunno if its jealousy or competition, but it can get ugly at times. It makes it really tough to be involved in social media within your own industry when there is so much public fighting.

  8. I have to say, in a shrinking world that is comics, I can’t imagine the Marvel people to be arrogant towards fans or shrug them off. Marvel does have a “take no prisoners” attitude towards other publishers, but that’s business.

  9. Marvel’s just butthurt that JLA #7 is going to outsell half their books combined.

    I don’t hate on Marvel, but jeez let DC have the spotlight for a few months lol.

  10. There will always be only one Captain Marvel to me, The Big Red Cheese.

  11. Ohhhhhhh, man… I hope it’s Genis. Please be Genis. Cure Rick Jones of his Armadillo disease, slap some Nega Bands on that sucker and get this shit ROLLING, PAD STYLE!

    Sorry. Loved that run.

  12. The WORST part of this is not the name issue with DC’s captain marvel. The real issue is that Captain Marvel was basically the ONLY fairly major to major character that was never resurrected. He died of CANCER!

    That’s a great message. Thanks, Marvel.

    On the upside, it looks like Marvel cosmic is returning.

  13. Maybe it IS a crude move, but I feel more bored than offended. They’ve been pulling this type of campaign since it was an innocent and noteworthy example of attracting readers– the “Who are the next Avengers?” silhouette campaign was incredible. Then came the Cap star poster, then the “4”, and then the potshots at DC, so on and so forth. I don’t care anymore. I didn’t even relate it as a slam against the Shazam announcement.

    My first exposure to Mar-vell was The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel. I’ve enjoyed his comics via Essentials since then, and understand how important this hero is (although in my opinion never seemed to mean a whole lot in his own series) in to the Marvel Universe. But as its been said above: I’ll see it when I believe it. Civil War was a bad burn. I’m more excited to see Shazam!

    Want to let Marvel know how you feel? Don’t buy the book.

  14. Yeah, Marvel behaves less like a friendly but competitive company and more like a group of political partisans looking to score cheap, imaginary points against their perceived opposition. From Breevort to Whacker to (at times) Bendis, I really have very little respect for Marvel’s top brass. Maybe if Marvel’s fortunes continue to decline and they have to lay some of these folks off, maybe they can get a job in a presidential campaign just in time to bring their boring brand of badmouthing and home-team rationalizing to the grand stage. Or they could get a job on MSNBC or FoxNews (probably the former, since the guys at Marvel seem to be liberal in the most boring and predictable way possible–no offense to other liberals, I am one myself). Honestly looking at these people’s Twitter feeds is like watching the most prejudiced, skewed cable news shows. Which is why I stopped looking at Twitter almost altogether. Because of these blowhards.

    You already know everything they’re going to say: “What the other guys are doing isn’t so great. Even if they have a success, we’re going to downplay it. And everything our side is doing is just wonderful. The Point One initiative was a great success that brought all kinds of new readers to Marvel comics!” etc. etc.

  15. I love how people are surprised by the snark.

    I can assure you, friends, that you are much madder about this than DC will ever, ever be.

    • That’s the funny part – people are more interested in the snark factor than the possible undoing of one of the best Marvel stories ever written. Maybe everyone got that out of their system back during Civil War.

  16. I know virtually nothing about this Captain Marvel, but I feel that a character who is named after the company should have a bigger role.

  17. As someone who got into comics in the late 2000’s, Captain Marvel has always seemed to hold a special place of reverence in the Marvel U, and I’ve always been fascinated by why that is, but there aren’t a lot of Captain Marvel collections out there to catch me up. Mostly, I’m just interested in reading a new character in the mainstream marvel u. New to me at least. Could this be the thing that was too good for Bendis to pass up? It would seem bringing back a character that has the companies name sake and has been dead for years would be a pretty interesting opportunity.

    • Bendis on Captain Marvel could be interesting, but I think it’s more likely the next project for Hickman. Space opera seems right up his alley.

      But what if it’s the return of Jim Starlin? Hmm.

  18. Bleeding Cool is rumoring that this new Captain Marvel will feature Carol Danvers. I’m pretty sure she was an Air Force Colonel, so I guess this is kind of a demotion. Kelly Sue DeConnick is the rumored writer.

  19. If it’s a Carol Danvers book, then my interest level has gone from “mild” to “totally there”

  20. Captain marvel. yet another title Marvel keeps bringing back every few years just to cancel after a short run.


    I LOVED peter David’s Captain marvel comic a few years back. That was insanely awesome.

  21. Captain Marvel Corps?

    Lots of possible candidates for this: Khn’nr, Noh-Varr, Mar-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Hulkling, etc.

  22. From the Alan Davis cover for Secret Avengers and Children’s Crusade, it looks like it will be Mar-vell’s son Hulkling from the Young Avengers in a green version of the Captain Marvel suit. Basically Marvel will launch his own series so they can get alot off press for a gay character and the issue of gay marriage between him and Wiccan. I’d definetly give it a try since I like those characters.
    I still just wish they’d put Protector in the Genis-vell suit. As much as I like Genis, I love the Pacheco suit more.

  23. I’m afraid this is going to take attention away from Noh-Var (the Protector) I like him as the Protector. He’s also my 3rd favorite superhero, and I want to see him evolve as the Protector. I don’t want him to simply become Captain Marvel.

  24. I’m hoping that they don’t bring back Marv-Vell back. I’d be more interested in seeing someone new.

  25. Good stories are good stories and half of these guys are friends on both sides of the fence, DC and Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and everyone else too. Sure they’re not all friends and don’t all know each other personally but a lot of teasing between the big two has always went on and a lot of them are friends outside of the publicity. I don’t read much of that jive and assume some of the arrogance and low blows are true and childish, at the same time I’ll bet a healthy portion of it is taken to literal by people who can’t take a joke. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity cause it all draws attention and usually money but apparently in the comic book world everyones perfect and a snarky comment will cost you a ton of fans. I love the cosmic corner of the Marvel U and hope they bring him back right and not just cause SHAZAM
    is making a resurgence. Noh-Varr/Marvel Boy/The Protector and other cosmic Marvel elements had hinted his return for a few years now anyway. In the end, all that being said, I hope we can all tell and take a joke without being malicious or persecuted.

  26. God if they are bringing back Miracleman as Captain Marvel it will be the greatest FU in comics history

  27. I love the Ms Marvel dawning the Captain Marvel mantle, new suit and haircut look great on her and should be a strong ongoing female title. Her run is a great place to bring back and use some of the great cosmic characters on the shelf in the Marvel U. Numerous well rounded characters whom vanished in the Thanos Imperative and others that just love seeing in good cameos and story arcs like Quasar, Silver Surfer, Nova, Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Peter Quill/Starlord, Draw, Ronan The Accuser, Gamora, and Havok to name a few….then some