Things I Love! The August 2009 Comics Edition!

I love these things:

Dark Horse Comics

There are a ton of great comic books coming out of Dark Horse. The constant creative output from the world of Mignola’s Hellboy and BPRD is staggering. Between BRPD 1947, Hellboy: Wild Hunt, the regular BPRD series, and the specials here and there, I am happy. Did you guys read the Umbrella Academy? In every way that the Marvel writing staff gives me hope, Gerard Way makes me worry I’ll never have a chance. Not because he’s a rock star, but because flew out of the gate with a book that surprised everyone. Plus, Dave Stewart makes every Dark Horse book look better than everything else on the market. The guy’s a dynamo, and on top of that, he’s an extraordinarily cool guy. Beat that!


DC Comics

I got a Green Lantern tattoo about 10 years ago, and at the time, there was no Hal Jordan in DC Comics.  There was Kyle, and I liked him, but it was different.  Now, Hal Jordan is standing at the top of the heap.  I love that they’re reprinting all the Starman books in the gorgeous omnibus format.  I didn’t think I’d want to replace my softcovers, but in this one instance… man, do I!  Further, Batman and Robin #2 was just about the best comic book I remember reading.  Detective Comics #854 wasn’t far behind.  Then there’s The Mighty.  I am so glad I found this story.  Have you been following Geoff Johns on twitter? It’s my favorite thing he’s ever written.


Image Comics

Chew, Walking Dead, Invincible, Phonogram, Proof, Dynamo 5, Impaler, Godland, I Kill Giants, Four Eyes, Guerillas, Madman, and that’s just off the top of my head.  Thank God for Robert Kirkman.


Marvel Comics

From the Secret Wars action figures to the Amazing Spider-Man and Wolverine issues of my early years, to the random, found shopping bag full of yellowed Avengers comics featuring lots of Vision, I love Marvel Comics.  I still look down the talent roster, and it makes me excited.  The guys working at Marvel make me think I have a chance at the big time.  I look at where Ed Brubaker, Brian Bendis, Rick Remender, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Keiron Gillen, and Fred Van Lente came from, and I think… “Hey, I could do this too.”  But at the same time, I look at the ideas and concepts being floated around, and it pushes me to get better and try harder.  Plus, the entire Avengers Universe is clearing gearing up towards a grand Hawkeye resurgence, and eventually, I’ll have my shot to write a new West Coast Avengers, provided Jim McCann is busy.  I want that very much.


Oni Press

Big definitive volumes of Queen and Country and Barry Ween, wonderful stories like Crogan’s Vengeance, Northwest Passage, The Damned and Scott Pilgrim are just the top of the mountain.  Do you people have any idea what a big deal Scott Pilgrim is?  I don’t think you do.  After that movie comes out, Scott Pilgrim is going to become a cult comic like you’ve never experienced.  You’ll be able to say you were there when it started.  Take pride in being ahead of the game!  Plus, Greg Rucka’s new private eye series Stumptown is coming out with art by my friend Matthew Southworth!  I can’t wait for it!

Top Shelf Comics

I was so happy about the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and it came and went, and I just remembered that there are more on the way! I also got my hands on a copy of the collected Essex County Trilogy, and even though I have the 3 previous volumes as well as the mini-comics, it’s a wonderful volume, and Jeff Lemire deserves seeing his work showcased like this, just before he gets 10 times more popular. Wait for it. At the same time, Robert Venditti, who was the guy who sent out the mail for Top Shelf. Then he overcame all expectations with his first work, The Surrogates with Brett Weldele, and now there’s a damned Bruce Willis movie coming out. That deserves a round of applause. Plus, have you seen Super Spy? What a gorgeous package that is! I could go on.

I could turn around right now and start going through my comics and writing more and more and more, but I got places to be.  Tell me what makes you happy! 

And remember, DESTRUCTION OF NEGATIVE COMMENTS IS ASSURED!  Plus, they make the puppy sad.


  1. GREAT article Josh!!  Think positive people!

  2. 1. Robert Kirkman hugs.
    2. Joe Casey’s and Mike Romo’s man tears.
    3. That my wife can’t get enough Hellboy Universe books. 
    4. James Robinson’s rambling narratives at the end of the Cry for Justice issues.
    5. The level of interaction we are getting from Longbox’s Rantz Hoseley.
    6. The feel of a copy of Wednesday Comics in my hands.

  3. Hahaha, i love your dog.



    5.walking dead 

  4. I would also add that the Aliens "re-launch" from Darkhorse is pretty cool (even though we’re only 2 issues into it)

  5. I’m super pumped that DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN & ROBIN, and FLASH: REBIRTH are slated to come out next week. Yea!

    And your puppy is pretty darn adorable. 

  6. I love these things:

    1.  Being continually surprised from a medium that I’ve been reading for years

    2. Amazing Spider-Man

    3. Geoff Johns!!!!!!!!

    4. Robert Kirkman

    5. Meeting Joe Kelly at WW Philly

    6. Sounds cheesey, but being able to feel like part of a whole here.  You guys rock.

  7. I love the sheer number of titles with women in active lead roles.  I love Batgirl, Sirens, Marvel Divas, the entire X-lineup, the Avengers shenanignas, Doktor Sleepless, Freakangels, Fables —  Every week, every single week, there’s a title from SOMEONE with a strong woman in a lead role.

  8. @ato220 – You also rock. You cheesy bastard.

  9. My man-crush for Robert Kirkland knows no bounds.  He had me at "Hello."

  10. I keep forgetting about Guerillas.  It is so good.  But as awesome as it is (and it is very much awesome) it is nothing compared to the mighty power of that puppy.


    That Stumptown art looks amazing, btw.  Lookin forward to checking that out.

  11. I love puppies.  But I love kitties more.

  12. After seeing Robert Kirkman in the video shows from San Diego it immediately made me want to run out and buy everything the man has written.  What an amazingly cool guy.  I am also in love with the new Vertigo Crime line.  So much fun in the Constantine book it makes me giggle.  I also agree with ato, love the fact that I can come here and just read and enjoy comics with like minded individuals.

  13. 1) Meeting Chuck Dixon
    2) DC’s GL and Batman comics
    3) New House
    4) Comic talent’s tweets

  14. My 8 month son giggling hysterically as he wraps himself in Wednesday Comics, redefining cute and nerd. 

  15. @Stuclach:  I’m Inglorious.  I did resist the urge to say "I love lamp"

  16. I have not read Queen and Country in a while. Maybe I’ll do that before I head out to see Lifetime tonight.

  17. I love that I started reading comics in a strange moment where:

    -Bruce Wayne is not Batman
    -Superman is not on Earth
    -Steve Rogers is not Cap
    -Barry Allen is the Flash

    It gives me a totally different perspective on what is the status quo and it’s totally fun.

  18. I looooooove fresh comics that actually still smell like they just came off the press. It’s magnificent. I love seeing a new issue of Walking Dead on a timely schedule. I love seeing comic book writers making it big and getting the attention they deserve. I love any time Brian K. Vaughan writes a word down to paper or says something. I melt when I see Gary Frank art. I love Image comics and would love to write for them someday. I love opening up a new issue of Wednesday comics and seeing those huge spreads of beautiful art. I love comic books and all that they represent.

  19. I just love Wednesdays!

  20. 1. loving batman reborn – even tho i was afraid of hating every moment

    2. blackest night – i’m turning into gollum because of this story, every week…  my preciousssss!

    3. marvel comics – i never read marvel much throughout my 20+ years of comics. til last year. i’m hooked!

    4. dc comics – i thought i was a "dc guy" before. i wasn’t. i was a "batman guy". NOW, i’m a dc guy. thanks geoff johns!!

    5. ifanboy! – like i said, i’ve been reading comics for over 20 years and since i started listening/watching/typing, i’ve never had more fun with "this thing of ours".  

  21. KIRKMAN!

  22. Walking dead, invincible, ex machina (my potw), fables, bprd/hellboy, and chew are my current favorites. If you told me last year that these would be my favorites I would of slapped you and said “is wolverine in any of them? No? Then why would I want to read them?”. Your doing gods work ifanboys.

    Plus how spiderman can never be bad every week defies the law of physics.

  23. I think its awesome that DC guys are wrting DC, like Morrison, Johns, Robinson and Rucka. Whereas all the Marvel guys are writing Marvel like Bendis, Fraction, Aaron and Remender.

    I love what JHW is doing on detective.

    And whatever Van Sciver does. I love Wednesday comics, because its awesome.

    I really fucking love almost everything Greg Pak does. Now that Cap Britain is over, Herc and War Machine are my favorite Marvel series.

    I love 3 new series that have come out this year, Irredeemable, The Mighty and Unwritten.

    I love that there’s going to be a new Criminals series in a few weeks.

    I love that Powers is coming back in a few months. That is one of the 2 books that got me into buying floppies.

    I love iFanboy because I am reading a lot of comics I wont be without them. I also love the mobile site. Most functional cell phone format site on the internet. Not hyperbole.

  24. Also, even if twitter is not your thing, do check out Geoff Johns page:

    also, I love HOBODARKSEID:

    And Herc is bi weekly now. More awesome!

  25. DC – Loving most of Batman Reborn (not so much Street, Sirens, or Detective), Half of the Superman books are really good, and Blackest Night is so good that I’ve been convinced to even give all the tie-in minis a shot.  Not to mention Flash Rebirth or Powergirl.

    Marvel – Ehh…

    Image – Loving Savage Dragon and the little bit of annoying teenager left in me is proud to say that I bought Chew #1 before it was cool.

    Vertigo – Loving the $1 40-page first issues.  I’ll buy them all… no exception.  Unwritten was great, though a little info-packed for issues so I’m trade waiting.  Greek Street is probably the second worst comic I own (after a free issue of Berserker #1 my shop gave me) but I don’t mind because it was a freakin’ dollar for 40 pages.

  26. I thought The Mighty was written by Tomasi? Not Geoff Johns!

  27. 1.  I love that damn puppy of yours Josh.  If given the chance, I would steal it

    2.  I love that Chew is getting so much press and high sales

    3.  I love Vertigo’s $1 #1 issues

    4.  I love Kirkman’s beard

  28. The anticipation of Longbox

    Daredevil Omnibus

    Wondering if there will be more Queen and Country of any kind


  29. @ Megnolia That’s awesome!

    OK, here’s what I’m loving in comics right now…

    1: Batwoman

    2: Batman and Robin

    3: Blackest Night

    4: Walking Dead Trades

    5: World of New Krypton

    6: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    7: SDCC (May-Hem! OK, sorry…)

    And last, but certainly not least: iFanboy!

  30. @robbydzonwar

    He’s co-writing it  with Keith Champaighn.

  31. I’ve no idea what a big deal Scott Pilgrim is, but I’m gonna find out in a few days.

    I’m also dying to read/hear what your West Coast Avengers line up would be. I figure Hawkeye & Mockingbird are a given, but who else after that?


  32. You know what? Thank god for the new issue of Power Girl. I laughed out loud at it and I think I fell in love with it a little.

  33. Because you like those things, I have to assume that you hate First Second, which is probably my favorite relatively new publisher.  With great books like American Born Chinese, The Professor’s Daughter, The Black Diamond Detective Agency and many more, why do you hate them so much, Josh? 

  34. 1)  X-Factor, X-Factor, X-Factor.    It has been the first thing I read on the weeks it comes out for the last six months!

    2)Duane Swierczynski.  His treatment of Cable has actually managed to get me really excited about the character again.

    3)The announcement of new Bone stories! Even though Jeff Smith is only doing pencils and not pulling double duty my mouth is still watering.

    4)Abnett and Lanning! Everything Marvel that these two touch turns to gold. I welcome Realm of Kings in November.  Now if the could only make The Authority this interesting…

    5)The Upcoming Labor Day Sale at Austin Books and Comics in Austin, Texas!  Even though this isnt my usual LCS I wouldnt miss those four days of glorious money spending.

    6)My Basset Hound Quigley!  I dont know if there are many challengers to your puppies cute title, Josh, but I bet he comes pretty damn close!

  35. Wow, I’m not a Twitter fan at all.  But Geoff John’s twitterings about the neighbor kids?  That man just could not be any more awesome.  I feel like the absolute essence of awesome looks at Johns and thinks "I wish I could be that awesome."

  36. 1) Phonogram (and everything those guys do)

    2) Marvel Cosmic

    3) The seeming resurgence of DC Comics, Superman, GL, Batman, Flash are all firing on all cylinders

    4) iFanboy, 11 O’Clock Comics, Around Comics

    5) Getting turned on to new comics by the 3 above

    6) LONGBOX

    7) The Tom Fowler commission I should be picking up at Montreal Comic Con

    8) All the great 11 OC and iFanboy fans I’ve met and befriended on Twitter, forums  and here in the comments.

    9) Ryan Ottley, Skottie Young, Ryan Kelly, Ivan Reis, Frank Quitely, Doug Mahnke, Tom Fowler, and other great artists that I’m noticing as I get more and more into the art of comics instead of just the writing

    10) Alcohol, especially shared among friends.

  37. WEDNESDAYS! I’ve been going to the stores almost every Wednesday for almost ten years, and I still get a thrill from the visual overload of seeing row after row of new comics there. It’s the closest thing I get to child-like wonder these days. The colors children, the colors!

  38. "He loves… San Dimas!"

    (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    I’m definitely loving the look of Vertigo’s new Crime Novel imprint. Haven’t read either yet, but these babies are gorgeous. 

    I love Detective Comics and the fact that Rucka is in top form working with great artists and it’s all SELF-CONTAINED. 

    I love that James Robinson is back in comics. I don’t love everything he writes, but his is a style I missed.

    I loved DOCTOR friggin’ FATE showing up in Paul Pope’s Strange Adventures strip for Wednesday Comics. Awesome!

    I’m really loving POE from BOOM! Studios. It seemed too obvious, doing Poe as a Detective, but dammit, it’s so much fun. 

    I love Ann Nocenti doing a DD backup in DD #500. Seriously awesome.



  39. 1. Everything Abnett and Lanning are doing.

    2. Spider-man having a drunken one-night stand with his roommate.

    3. Dark Reign. And not having to buy even half of it to enjoy it.

    4. Mike Carey and Matt Fraction treating the X-Men the way they deserve to be treated.

    5. Powers coming back!

    6. This site. Thanks, guys.

  40. I’m happy about Batwoman and Batgirl, the bold risks that the X-Men books have been taking lately, a new Volume of "Criminal" starting soon, the "Whiteout" movie + Greg Rucka’s "Stumptown" and Parker and Lieber’s "Underground" all coming out soon.  Thom Zahler’s "Love and Capes," the return of MJ in Spider-Man, and more than anything, having friends I can say all of this to and *they get it*. 

    And I agree with Josh — Geoff Johns’ Twitter may be the best piece of serial storytelling I’m currently following.

  41. You have the cutest dog in the whole world.

    1) Batman: Reborn is a huge success and for the most part; most of the titles are great or at least good.

    2) DC seems to be hitting a golden period right now. Where they can release some real gems while Marvel is struggling.

    3) Deadpool is becoming the new Wolverine. That’s good news for me.

    4) MiracleMan is coming back into print. (I’ll be first in line at my work to get a copy of the trade)

    5) Jason Aaron is going to take over Punisher MAX and it will be bloody.

    6) Ifanboy is getting better as we speak. Oh and on a side; is great as well.

  42. Batman & Robin, X-Men Forever, Detective Comics (mostly because of the art), the fun of seeing what Fraction will do/say next with Uncanny X-Men, the old back issues of Art Adams’ stuff that I’ve been finding lately, finally filling in my run of Preacher, having a blast with Blackest Night.

  43. – New Batman is awesome

    – Finding half of Promethea series in the 3/$1 this past weekend – I may not understand it, but goddamn, it’s beautiful

    – Kirkman love – but not in the face

    – Inglourious Basterds, then the comic shop tomorrow – gonna be an awesome Friday

    – Spider-Man book is great

    – Fables crossover was fun-eee

    – iFanboy and Murmur podcasts getting me through the day today – a little ass kissing never hurts, right?

    –  Big Brother is the most awesome of the awesome guilty pleasure TV ever!!!

    – DC – sez it all

  44. 1. Abnett and Lanning still knockin it out of the park.

    1a. Black Bolt in a starring role.

    2. My girlfriend is reading and loving Sandman.

    3. Preacher and Y in deluxe HC editions.

    4. More new Kevin Maguire art!

    5. My new comics code authority stamp tattoo.

    6. My girlfriend’s dad giving me his old comics from when he was a kid. IN THE 60’S! SCORE!!

  45. A fellow on the internet sent me about 600 recent comics for free. All of them good or at least worth reading. I love that man. 

  46. 1. The idea and excitement Longbox is creating

    2. DC Comics – EVERY major player has FANTASTIC stories coming out now – Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and Flash, which is the essence of superhero comics for me. Also, reprinting Starman in beautiful Omnibus form was one of the better choices the people behind DC’s "trade" program has come up with.

    3. "Batman and Robin" by Morrison and Quietly. I think this is deserving of it’s own spot on the list. Easily the best superhero book out there, possibly the best I’ve read ever personally.

    3. "Non Superhero books" – There’ve always been great non-superhero books, sure, but it really seems like this year has had INCREDIBLE diversity in books. Parker The Hunter, Asterios Polyp, Walking Dead, Scalped (which may have become my favorite ongoing book. Period),  I Kill Giants, Scott Pilgrim, and about a billion others!

    4. iFanboy. Seriously, if it weren’t for the site and podcast I would have most likely stopped going to the shop every Wednesday and simply getting what I can in trades, and that’s it.

  47. @alanrob I can’t wait for the sale at Austin Books either! What LCS do you go to in town besides Austin Books?

  48. Those new Vertigo Crime OGNs are awesome.  They look nice and so far what I’ve read is great.  Plus, when you look at the talent they have lined up for the future, this may actually succeed (my store had tons of both yesterday).  Heck crime comics in general, you’ve got Cooke doing Parker, the Vertigo Crime, Bru on Criminal and Incognito, and now even Unknown Soldier is kind of along those lines, plus Scalped of course!  It’s a good time to be a crime fiction fan.

  49. 1. The anticipation (and hopefully reality) of Longbox.

    2. Comic book creators on Twitter – what a great way to get behind the curtain. Between CB Cebulski’s free and awesome advice, to the hilarity that is Gail Simone, to Chris Samnee’s journal sketches, it’s an ongoing comic book convention.

    3. iFanboy – some of the best comic book buddies I’ve never met or talked to. Keeping me company in my car, along with …

    4. … Tom Katers – he’s funny as hell and sounds just like my buddy Darren, which is neat.

    5. Watching my kids enjoy comics in a totally great, carefree, uncynical way. We should all be like them.

  50. In no particular order:

    My wife’s patience with my impulsive comic buying

    Being continually surprised and inspired by the medium

    Geoff Johns

    Most of DC (particularly Green Lantern and the Batman books)

    The ifanboys for gettin me so excited about something different every week and the site for constant entertainment and witty banter

  51. I love:

     ifanboy’s! Who’s positivity and insight are a constant boon and without whom I would not have read I Kill Giants.

     I Kill Giants

    The Ultimate Universe re-boot/launch ( i have wanted to get into this for so long)

    Getting to know DC comics after over 10 years of having zero interest (I’m still not sure about some of it, but some of it is great!) 

    Even after all this time; Bendis.

    Even after all this time; London (the greatest city in the world. Don’t believe me? Ask Samuel Johnson)

    The World Athletics Championships (I WILL become a competitive runner!) 

  52. All things Geoff Johns related 

    I Kill Giants

    Walking Dead

    Amazing Spider Man 600

    Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams III Batwoman Detective Comics

    Big Brother is great summer tv

    & Yes I love puppies


  53. I love that my seven year old son is as much into comics now as I was at his age. I love that three of my non comic reading friends have asked me intelligent questions about Scott Pilgrim, Green Lantern and, of all things, Madame freakin’ Xanadu (and I love that I could answer them in words they actually understood). I love that after over 25 years of reading comics, I finally found an amazing LCS where I can chat with the staff and customers and am treated like a regular geek and not an interloper with girl cooties and boobs. I love iFanboy, Fantastic Fangirls and the awesomeness that is comics on Twitter. I love all the positivity in these posts. Aw jeez, I love you guys! Squee!

  54. I love Geoff Johns’ Tweets about conspiring to get Ice-cream. I love pictures of George Clooney. I love hearing Tom Katers on the podcast this week. I love the final Ashes test (Come on Aussie Come On, Come On!)

  55. @blulew23   I’m a patron of Dragon’s Lair  for floppies, Capstone for statues, and ABC for trades…I guess I like to spread the love around.

  56. @dollylama75 – I’ve got my daughters (3 and 4 years old) reading Futurama comics monthly.  They LOVE them.  

    I’ve also been getting them the Wizard of Oz books from Marvel.  They enjoy them, but not as much as the Futurama issue (I think they are scared of some of the darker imagery).  Who would have though a bit of Economic/Political propaganda would be so popular?

  57. Thanks to stuclach, I have another thing I love.

    7) Bongo comics have now become a really great comic company. Their Simpsons and Futurama comics are funny and sometimes funnier then the real thing.

  58. @stuclach That is awesome! I love passing obsessions to the next generation, hehehe

  59. I wish Kirkman would walk round wearing me as a scarf.He’s hugged you Josh,what did he smell like?

  60. @dollylama75 – I try not to brainwash them too thoroughly, but I generally fail.

    @TNC – I am eager to see how the new Futurama episodes stack up to the old ones.

    @Fugmo – I’m guessing he smells like backwoods Kentucky (pine trees and grizzly bear sweat) and beard. 

  61. @g0ofnewt ENGLAND ALL THE WAY!

    Hate parade: I hate the austrailian cricket team. THEY NEVER LOSE! NEVER! 

  62. I definitly forgot my love of X-Force. Great comic.

  63. vertigo?

  64. @philipgraves068 – I nearly DESTROYED your comment, as it suggests that there is something missing from my initial list or others.  If you would like to restate your odd question into something NOT NEGATIVE, I will allow it.

  65. I’ve been out of the comics loop for a few years, so I love that iFanboy is still here, catching me up on the great stuff I’ve missed. I also love puppies, Bill Willingham, and the fact that I will be meeting Jim Mahfood in 13 days!

  66. @Josh – Perhaps philipgraves068 has never known love and is, therefore, uncertain if he loves Vertigo.  It could be a call for help.  Love, Josh, not hate.

  67. I love the fact that my little prawn will never have to grow up in District 9. 

  68. I completely agree. There is no better way to say it. Thank God for Robert Kirkman.

  69. @Josh-More of the puppy! 

  70. 1.Daredevil

    2.Rob Guillory

    3.Kyle Baker’s Hawkman

    4.Wednesday Comics

    5.Parker, The Hunter

    6.The long-lasting enjoyment i have gotten out of my omnibus purchases over the last few months Brubaker-DD, Bendis -D, Miller-DD companion, Moore-Captain Britain, Ennis-Punisher,Millar- Ultimates,Brubaker- Captain America (which i found at a local Border’s brand new on a day i had a 40% off any one item coupon…)

    7. J.H. Williams III

    8. last but not least, coming across this fantastic site today, on which i can speak of my opinions about what i like,without being flamed by whoever feels like bein an ?&*$

  71. (1) Garth Ennis, for Battlefields & his recent love letter (on BleedingCool) to 2000AD

    (2) Guerillas. Scalped. I Kill Giants. Essex County. Locke & Key. The Twelve. Rasl. Kick-Ass. Incognito. Daredevil.

    (3) The Captain Britain Omnibus.

    (4) The upcoming Marshal Law Omnibus.

    (5) John Wagner, for being consistently the best damn writer in comics for the last 25 years. And for ‘The Streets Of Dan Francisco’.