The Best of the Week in Panels – 11.30.2011

Every panel begins with Pee!

Daredevil #6

By Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente, & Joe Caramagna

I love the “character they’re talking about pops up in the background and he’s pissed” bit.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Uncanny X-Men #2

By Kieron Gillen, Carlos Pacheco, Jorge Molina, Rodney Buchemi, Cam Smith, Roger Bonet, Walden Wong, Jorge Molina, Frank D’Armata, Rachelle Rosenberg, Jim Charalampidis, Jorge Molina, & Joe Caramagna (whew)

Namor, DUDE! Cyclops is RIGHT there! I could read Namor hit on Emma Frost all day, but I’m glad that Kieron Gillen is taking the less is more approach. This got a hearty laugh from me.

— Ron Richards


Tiny Titans #46

By Art Baltazar & Franco

In a running gag this issue, the mysterious purple hooded person from the New 52 kept showing up and this was my favorite reaction bit.

— Conor Kilpatrick


FF #12

By Jonathan Hickman, Juan Bobilo, Marcelo Sosa, Chris Sotomayor, & Clayton Cowles

The reaction shot from Wu (or is it Til?) really made this sequence work.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #4

By Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, Dean White, & Clayton Cowles

I really love how the circular sound effect adds to the dynamism of the panel.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Cobra #7

By Mike Costa, Antonio Fuso, & Arianna Florean

There’s a history in GI Joe with these silent sequences, and I tried to pick out a part of this page, but I needed to show you the whole thing. This is a great comic book page from storytelling to design. Look at the little action line under the silhouette’s foot, indicating movement. Simple touches work so well on this minimalist page. There should be an award.

— Josh Flanagan


Wolverine #19

By Jason Aaron, Ron Garney, Jason Keith, & Cory Petit

Between Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-Men, “Wolverine” as usurped “The Avengers” as my favorite corner of the Marvel Universe. Wolverine.

— Conor Kilpatrick



  1. I really enjoyed Cobra 7 and that panel does a wonderful job of summarizing why.

  2. Those DD panels had some wonderful dialog.

  3. Was wearing my stern look, but laughed at Tiny Titans anyway.

  4. Also from Wolverine, “Should that gorilla be drinking beer?”

    • There were four or five panels from WOLVERINE I could have used. Each issue of this arc was like that.

    • Regarding Wolverine, I used to think Wolverine was played out as a character, but Aaron really keeps Wolverine fun and interesting every step of the way.

    • Couldn’t agree more, because of Aaron’s characterizations Wolverine has really risen towards the top of the list in terms of my top solo books. I really hope that this ‘fun’ mentality keeps up, I’ve been loving it.

  5. Geez esad ribic is killing it on The Ultimates right now. In fact that book is pretty much rocking my socks off in both story and art! It reads like a sci-fi thriller. So much fun.

  6. The current run of The G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War has simply been amazing.

  7. Man, I need to start reading Daredevil…Im tired of feeling left out.

  8. There was never a best in pannels posted for last week

  9. Knew that FF panel was gonna show up here when I read the issue.

  10. I know it was Thanksgiving, I was just curious because there was still a best week in covers, and a best week in sketches, but no best week in pannels and there were some fantastic pannels last week.

  11. Who did GI Joe Cobra and what book after the civil war has the same vibe? I’m currently not picking up any GI Joe Cobra comics just because I don’t know if it’s as awesome before the Civil War event. It’s not necessary that it’s another spy book, just needs to be exciting, full of suspense and tense as GI Joe Cobra.

    • They’re the same creative team that’s been on the book all along.

    • I’m trying to follow the thread on some websites. Umm, GI Joe Cobra 2 (the big ending) >>> GI Joe Cobra 3 (where the civil wars happen and stuff after that)? :/ I just left this series thinking they’d change the creative team or the pace changes because someone left. Still a must have?

    • It’s been very good since the relaunch. We’ve talked about it on the podcast.

  12. All those names on the X-Men credit, what are they? Inkers? Colorists? Gillen’s softball team?

  13. Does anyone else have an issue with the word balloon placement on the first Uncanny X-men panel? For me it reads as Scott saying “Good Work” then Emma asking for him to tell her Good Work.

    So receive compliment, then asking for that exact complement.

    • The joke is that he’s treating her like a soldier, simply saying ‘Good work’ and she’s then teasing him to show her more affection with his ‘Good work’ – even on the battle-field – by using poetic pet-names and such. Which Namor is totally happy to provide.

    • @Markish Thank you for the context.

  14. I think that is my favorite sequence of the week in Daredevil #6.

    You get to know a lot about Bruiser in that quick exchange but also get some personality out of those two random henchmen. The idea though that Bruiser’s ultimate goal is fighting the Hulk is funny. I hope down the line it actually happens just to see the result.

    Doom also proclaiming to ‘rip the mean off the bones’ of Evil Reed in FF #12 was also pretty great too.

  15. Guys, nearly every post in the site is tagged with opium slaves… can we get some variety in the tags here?

  16. Love the pop up behind and shame-your-foe wet scuba Daredevil.

  17. Great panels this week, teen titans is classic

  18. As for the Cobra #7 silo+panel: the beauty of comics is that the motion line [yup, just 0NE LINE!] can be interpreted as both ‘victim’s left leg forward or perp’s right leg forward just a moment later.

    It’s so well drawn, it could be either.
    Love it.

  19. Gotta disagree with Josh about the story telling on the Cobra #7 page. She trips him, he falls down, gets kicked, then there’s a bloody knife and now they’re both standing? First three panels make sense, last two make me feel like something went on between the panels that we weren’t privy to.

    • I agree completely. While the panels may be cool – the story telling and the action sequences don’t make much sense. In the silouette he’s got nothing in his hands, then he’s down, she’s up – how does he gut stab her? Is he Elongated Man?

      Further – the whole idea of the “ha! – gotcha anyway” kind of ground and pound fight is pretty hackneyed.

  20. I Iove that one of the tags for this article is “opium slaves.”

  21. awesome panels. great write just in the panels alone

  22. Talk about coincidence. The hooded woman showing up on Tiny Titans this week, same time I’ve been re-reading Snyder’s current Batman and I’ve noticed that in issue #2 she appears beside the car where the Owl crashed into after falling off the tower. I thought her appearance was only in all first new 52 issues so it got me into thinking… Why is she again in issue 2? Are there other sightings of her in other new 52s aside from the first issues? And why in Batman? Btw, i’ve just registered a few min. To iFanboy just to air this out.

  23. What!? No Flash #3 here. Man, i thought Ron or somebody would have put something up by now. Sigh, still if i have to nominate one panel, just one panel, it had to be Barry struggling to maintain control of a horse. I mean, it works on so many levels.