The Best of the Week in Panels – 11.16.2011

These panels have already been canceled.


Justice League #3

By Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Hi-Fi, Gabe Eltaeb, & Patrick Brosseau

Say what you will about Jim Lee’s art but there are few people who do such awe inspiringly detailed and action packed double page spreads.


Avengers #19

By Brian Michael Bendis, Daniel Acuna, & Cory Petit

Talk about a genuine fist pump moment. I think I yelped too.


Batman #3

By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO, Richard Starkings, & Jimmy Betancourt

These creepy owl masks reminded me of the kid in Twin Peak: Fire Walk With Me and I haven’t slept since Tuesday night.


Mudman #1

By Paul Grist & Bill Crabtree

I really love the way that Grist portrayed Owen getting infused with mud. I bet he will have awesome skin.


Wonder Woman #3

By Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Matthew Wilson, & Jared K. Fletcher

An A plot and a B plot collide beautifully in one punch and its silent aftermath.


Severed #4

By Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Attila Futaki, & Bill Nelson

It’s a sweet moment right before everything gets really bad for these two.


Catwoman #3

By Judd Winick, Guillem March, Tomeu Morey, & Sal Cipriano

You can’t get much more dynamic than this action piece. The use of perspective is fantastic.


  1. anther twin peaks reference, good show.
    I have pretty much boycotted bendis avengers, but damn, that art, i might have to eat my words for one issue at least

  2. Catwoman had some amazing art in it this issue.

  3. I think what makes that Batman panel work is the inherent wrongness of it. Kind of like that scene in The Shining, where you KNOW something f*d up is going on, but you’re not sure what and you don’t really want to know.

  4. I was amazed by the Catwoman page

  5. I’m surprised the other owl mask portrait wasn’t featured. The first definitely had some inherent creepiness to it, but the next one amped it up to 11. And that Wonder Woman punch was a definite “fuck yea” moment.

    • I personally didn’t think the second one was anywhere near as creepy as the first. Perhaps it was the sepia tone that implied generations of creepiness.

    • I didn’t think they were creepy at all…i mean i thought they were awesome, but it takes a lot to creep me out i guess. =p

    • The first was creepy, yea, but it almost has an innocent quality compared to the other one, imo. You kinda get the sense that some of people in the first portrait didn’t really “get” why they were even wearing masks, while in the second one, they’re full on committed to the idea, willing to keep the tradition alive for so long. Add to that the malicious curve to the masks in the second, and the fact that they’re all adults, there’s an almost decadent quality to it.

    • @Conor Bingo! Nail on the head.

  6. DC needs to get to those owl masks out for the next con

  7. Guillem March…… I dunno, he’s awesome.

  8. What makes that Wonder Woman page for me is that her waist and torso are fairly thick. She does not look like a pin up model, she looks like a warrior, as she should be.

  9. “Perspective” Is that what they’re calling it these days?

  10. Dammit, now that panel makes we want to pick up Severed too. Not made out o’ money here, guys!

    • Attila Futaki is doing some great work here. The first couple of issues just transport you back in time. Snyder is slowly building to a fearsome crescendo.

  11. Love acuna.avengers work. I know im in the minotity but jim lees art doesnt do it for me anymore. On the other,hand I love capulo art since spawn

  12. I don’t read Avengers so maybe I’m missing something but why does Spidey look like he was pulled from the ’60’s animated show while everyone else has the more modern painted look?

  13. Jim Lee’s art for Justice League was downright holy. and it makes me sad to see Guillem March doing so phenomenally, because I will not renege on my dropping of that book.

  14. That Catwoman panel is fantastic. Wow. Bravo, March. Makes me want to read a book I had zero interest in before.

  15. Jessica Jones looks REALLY excited to see Vision back, even though he must have been standing there for several minutes….REALLY excited.

    I would go with either the magnet scene in Batman #3 or the second to last panel showing Samantha’s fate in Severed #3 as my panel of the week. The latter being super creepy because it looks like the guy is just going to rip her guts out with his mouth while she’s still alive.

  16. Spider-man and Vision look so out of place next to everyone else

  17. Greg Capullo is killing it on Batman. He can draw anything with Batman and I’m there with money in hand.

  18. Glad that Mudman made it, I really enjoyed that page as well. My one favorite this week, though, was probably the moment when all the masked men got magnetized to the train…that was beautiful.

  19. What makes Avengers #19 a BOTWIP for me are the “I can’t help showing my shit-eater’s grin for this great moment” everyone around Vision is having at that exact instant.
    After 40+ years with these guys, I’d be hard-pressed NOT to shed a tear of pride & joy to see them cracking their faces in half like I was.
    One of the BEST Marvel single panels ever. PTB, please don’t eff this up.

  20. This was a wonderful week of comics and you picked some wonderful panels.

  21. I quit Avengers and the way Spiderman and Jessica Jones look in that panel I Know I made the right choice.

  22. Not digging that Avengers panel, Iron Fist and the gal on the left have insane expressions & Spidey looks like he was done by a completely different artist. nice to have Vision back though.

  23. Since I haven’t had a chance to read Batman 3 yet, I may be way off base on this (or it may be explained in the comic).

    And I know I’m way over analyzing it, but that picture just doesn’t seem right for the time period. I mean a secret society with mixed sexes would be rare to begin with, back then. And even then I would think it would be the woman sitting in the chairs. Also, shouldnt everyone be looking stiff as bords, not relaxed as they are, since they probably had to stay still for a long exposure time?

    Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until I get back to my lcbs in a few weeks.

  24. Loved that Severed panel. And I know why you didn’t want to show it here, but the “really bad” panel later in that issue deserves credit as well. Heart-breaking.

  25. I really, really dislike the art in the Avengers panel. It’s cool that Vision’s back, but oofah.

  26. Some fantastic choices!

  27. I love Vision and think the art suits him but no one else, maybe Spidey. Always liked him on the team though and Catwoman keeps enticing me but think i’ll wait for 1st HC or tpb. Btw, wheres Hank Pym? i’m outta the Avengers loop.

  28. The second I saw the Severed, Batman and Catwoman panels when reading I hoped they’d get into this week’s Pick of the Panels.

    That Severed frame is possibly the panel of the month for me; especially given its context.

    • Gotta agree with you on that Severed panel. I felt like I was looking at a painting more than a panel. I literally just stared at it for a long time.

  29. I’m buying three of these books so apparently I’m gonna see some fine panels.

  30. I hope they always refer to him as “The Vision.”

  31. Maybe I missed something, but whats going on with the Vision in Young Avengers?

  32. That ‘Severed’ panel is wonderful. So evocative.

  33. Welcome, The Vision, welcome… That wasn’t an awkward name now, was it? I miss the red bits in your costume, The Vision, I really do…