The Best of the Week in Panels – 11.02.2011

Some say they don’t eat from the same plate twice,

that they never once considered marrying a goat,

that they subsist solely on the wills of the damned.

All we know is…



The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2

By Justin Jordan & Tradd Moore

I have seen and read many scenes about convenience store robberies, but this is the first time the ever present Slim Jim has ever been used to foil the baddies.

— Josh Flanagan


Animal Man #3

By Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Lovern Kindzierski, & Jared K. Fletcher

It’s bad enough when your little sister’s friends hang around and bother you when you trying to play video games. It’s that much worse when they are reanimated pets.

— Conor Kilpatrick


The Last of the Greats #2

By Joshua Hale Fialkov & Brent Peeples

A) That’s one way to get rid of a PR problem.


B) Never let Fialkov babysit.

— Josh Flanagan


Stormwatch #3

By Paul Cornell, Miguel Sepulveda, Alex Sinclair, Pete Pantazis, & Rob Leigh

I really loved the representations of the different cities.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Our Love is Real

By Sam Humphries & Steven Sanders

I feel fairly confident that this is the most uncomfortable you will feel reading something today.

— Josh Flanagan

Moon Knight #7

By Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth, & Cory Petit

The punch that was also a smack.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Swamp Thing #3

By Scott Snyder, Victor Ibanez, Nathan Fairbairn, & John J. Hill

Yep, that’s that dude’s lung coming out of that dude’s mouth.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Uncanny X-Men #1

By Kireon Gillen, Carlos Pacheco, Cam Smith, Frank D’Armata, & JOe Caramagna

I hope they have comprehensive medical coverage on Utopia.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. @Josh – You’re right! That is the most uncomfortable I felt reading something today, or this week, or this year, or many years.

  2. Nice, now I don’t have to pay $29.99 a month by credit card or echeck and risk having my identity stolen to see Santa Claus humping a reindeer.

  3. Noice, mate

  4. And across the line!

  5. I can’t decide if Emma Frost is reacting to the previous Swamp Thing Panel or the Our Love Is Real One.

  6. This…this was a disturbing week of panels.

  7. Why is Superman feeding a baby to sharks?

  8. It took me years to figure out the right place for a Top Gear joke.

  9. I was really hoping for Dr. Morrow from Witch Doctor wondering why people always call him a mad scientist while fish people storm the building with tridents.

  10. Some say he knows two facts about ducks and both are wrong…

    Yeah that’s definitely another reason why I won’t be picking up ‘Our Love is Real’…

    The guy with the lungs coming out is really tough to beat….But there were so many panels to love in ‘Hellboy: House of the Living Dead’ that it would make it’s own article. But the one panel introducing the Frankenstein creature in the wrestling ring was the perfect way for Corben to give us the mood for the scene.

  11. @connor, I’m pretty sure that’s a tumor coming out of his mouth. the kid controls the Rot and he alluded to it when he was talking to the doctor. If that’s the case, it’s even more disturbing…and awesome.

  12. Great to see the page from Stormwatch included; I also loved how they represented the diverse cities. Plus, that page went a long way in bringing the character’s powers into sharper focus.

    The Swamp Thing panel was pretty freaky, but what really creeped me out was the image of William in the mask on the last page. Something about the silent stare coming from behind that mask really got to me. Also, that full page flash of the skeleton was lovely as well . . .

  13. I loved the panel in Invincible where he is just standing next to Dinosaurs in the jail cell. Very nice, dense and claustrophobic. Also, good choice on the Emma panel. I love her wry, dry austerity… it plays very we’ll with me.

  14. Thanks for including the Moon Knight panel. I’ve re read it twice. I’m kinda baffled at the ending. So no one exists? All those chracters, SHIELD guy included, were figments?

  15. and on that Bombshell!

  16. I love Top Gear!

  17. panel of the week was page two of Animal Man, insane, like something out of beetlejuice. likewise the last page of Swamp Thing. creepy as hell.

  18. I was more freaked out by the kid being twisted and contorted than by the tumor guy.

  19. Judging by this week’s selections, I think it’s safe to say that comics have moved from “grim and gritty” to “fucked up”.

  20. what no infinite vacation with mark eating other marks genitals and also raping other other mark to know what its like to have sex with himself. COME ON!

  21. My personal favorite panel was Witch Doctor #4 when the villagers break through the gate and the doctor screams “I’m not a mad scientist! Why do they always think i’m a mad scientist?!”