The Best of the Week in Panels – 09.28.2011

Panels are made to be broken.


All-Star Western #1

By Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Grey, Moritat, Gabriel Bautista, & Rob Leigh

Rarely do you see a moment pay off like this. Dr. Arkham had been making weird faces in the background, and a couple pages later, Jonah reacted to it. This kind of storytelling is rare in comics, and doesn’t usually work out so well. This was an incredibly fun pairing.

— Josh Flanagan


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2

By Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor, & Cory Petit

The most dynamic panel in a gorgeous book comes down to a fantastic angle and wonderful lighting.

— Conor Kilpatrick


FF #9

By Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Paul Mounts, & Clayton Cowles

The smaller balloons for Doom’s responses really made this work. The other Dooms didn’t succeed, but this one, he’s gonna mess that Reed up.

— Josh Flanagan

The Flash #1

By Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, & Sal Cipriano

My favorite moments of The Flash #1 are the subtle touches, like this, where Manapul shows his mastery of comics. This creative sound effect works in context with the story perfectly. I love these quick moments that many of us take for granted.

— Ron Richards

Captain America and Bucky #622

By Ed Brunaker, Mark Andreyko, Chris Samnee, Bettie Breitweiser, & Joe Caramagna

There is nothing –nothing– on this page that isn’t the best thing ever for a reader like me.

— Josh Flanagan

American Vampire #19

By Scott Snyder, Jordi Bernet, Dave McCaig, & Pat Brosseau

That’s a helluva mustache.

— Conor Kilpatrick

Superman #1

By George Perez, Jesus Merino, Brian Buccellato, & Carlos M. Mangual

Here’s the thing about this new vision of Metropolis: they either have incredibly strong fences, or they have absolutely no regard for the safety of passers-by when demolishing a skyscraper.

— Josh Flanagan


  1. The must have chain link fences like those found in anime movies where an entire army base gets destroyed except for the chain link fences.

  2. Wow. That Samnee Invaders image is perfect. Everything down to the subtle aging.

    Just, wow.

  3. No aquaman diner flashback?

  4. With fist shaking in the air, staring towards the heavens…… I shout ” Manapuullllllllllllll!!!!!!!”

  5. FYI Ifanboy crowd Cadence Comic Art posted the All-star Western pages for sale.

  6. This is the best – “Best of the week panels” in a long time. Maybe ever. Just awesome work.

  7. I dunno if anyone else noticed, but the new Daily Planet building had at least two helipads, and, assuming everything is symmetrical on that building, most likely four. This seems a little unlikely to me in today’s newspaper business.

  8. I wonder if Miles gets vertigo while hanging upside down like that

  9. i must say i’m slightly shocked that the freeway splashpage is not on here.

  10. Aquaman’s trident flipping the truck was the best panel of the week. Reis is the man.

    • Yes! Great right down to the crooks face pressed against the windshield.
      I am surprised that the last shot of the Trench didn’t make it either. That was chilling.

  11. Wait, who the heck is XXX?

  12. I think my favorite panel this week came from Secret Avengers #17.

    It was a tone downed issue for Ellis in that his whacky dialogue wasn’t around for a good portion of the book. But then we get this from the ‘MEAT ROBOT’ pilot:

    “YES! Pilot Marko Shoots stupid Yankee zillion-Dollar plane right in its stupid bluddy face! Where is your buddy Steve Jobs tricknology now, rich Yankee pigs with your tight pants?”

    I could not stop laughing at that and it was the turning point for the issue shockingly.

  13. New Avengers Point One:

    “why us?”

    “Because the other Avengers are busy and you’re just sitting here eating.”

  14. Not to take away from Bernet- his art in this issue is great- but anytime there is another artist on American Vampire (even in the mini), I realize that Albuqurque really is half the soul of that book.

  15. I have to say, Bendis is hitting it out of the ballpark with Miles as Ultimate Spidey. I actually love this one maybe even more than Peter as Spidey b/c now absolutely anything can happen. Also Pichelli is KILLING IT! OMG GENIUS ARTWORK!!!!

  16. I cannot wait for Doom to fuck up evil Reed.

  17. i love the vid of Sara Pichelli doing the art for the spiderman panel. over all great pieces

  18. Love the All-Star Western panel, gonna go back and grab a copy or get the 1st collected vol, love the Cap and Bucky stuff too, haven’t been following it (love the new Brubaker/McNiven Cap book) but this Cap and Bucky run is gonna make a great HC.

  19. I think they have to be brave and call “fail” and re-think the new superman costume. There is no shame in it. But i have yet to see it look right.

    • I like the new costume, especially the lack of red trunks. DC may soften the armored look a little bit over time but I don’t see them reverting to the old costume or completely rethinking it.

  20. Re: The Invaders panel…
    There is ONE thing….
    Needs Union Jack…

  21. I’m actually confused by the lighting in the Ultimate Spider-Man image. Is there a mirror laying on the bed beneath the lamp or is the light source supposed to be something other than the lamp? I obviously didn’t read the issue.

  22. My favorite panels this week were in cap and bucky. Pretty much every one of bucky fighting the nazi guy. That whole sequence was just wonderful. Also the panel in x-men legacy where rouge and frenzy step off into the gravity thingy was really nice.
    Also aquaman and the flash were both just gorgeous the whole way threw.

  23. A good assortment of panels. The last page from Ultimate Spider-Man was outstanding — it really captured the mood of the moment.

    A panel Justice League Dark or Aquaman would have been nice too . . .