The Best of the Week in Panels – 04.20.2011

Panels is excitement! 
Oouu Panels… 
Panels is adventure! 
Glamour and glitter, 
Fashion and fame! 


Thunderbolts #156

by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker, Jason Gordon, Frank Martin, and Albert Deschesne

You have a bunch of the Kaiser's finest, seemingly demonic, and a big cannon pointed right at you. That is comic book success in a single panel.

— Josh Flanagan



Power Girl #23

By Judd Winick, Sami Basri, Jessica Kholinne, John J. Hill

Despite appearances, this is neither a Woot shirt, nor a Ript tee. 

–Paul Montgomery



Invincible #79

by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, FCO Plascencia, and Rus Wooton

If you know me, and the things I'm interested in, you'll know that everything about this panel is wonderful. Yes, Immortal was Abraham Lincoln, and he feels a little bad about what happened to John Wilkes Booth. I hope he told Stanton…

— Josh Flanagan



Hulk #32

By Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, Bettie Breitweiser, Ed Dukeshire

If there's a more powerful Hulk image out there, it's either in this issue or it doesn't exist. This issue was flat-out stunning from start to last. 

–Paul Montgomery 



The Sixth Gun #11

by Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree

When you absolutely, 100%, completely want something undead to stay down, this is a good first step.

— Josh Flanagan



Super Dinosaur #1

By Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard, Rus Wooton

You thought Super Dinosaur was gonna be all fun and frivolous and Axe Coppity, didntcha? PATHOS BOMB up the gizzard! 

–Paul Montgomery


  1. 6th gun for the win

  2. That is clearly the Axe-Cop dinosaur with gatling guns in the Power Girl panel.

  3. General Hulk punched a tornado in half.

    That’s Paul Bunyan territory. 

  4. I would’ve thought Invincible 79 would be POTW just for the last few pages alone.

  5. Wow, I didn’t pick up Super-Dinosaur and now I am sorry I didn’t while at the same time a little glad. That page alone and, well, it might hit a little too close.

  6. My last words on my deathbed are gonna be “THESE DINOSAURS ARE MAGICAL!”

    Just to confuse.

  7. @Paul – I would go with Avengers #12. Rulk punching the gems sealed to Hood’s hand out into the open. Great JRJr. art.

  8. @BC1  Aye! T’was a mighty panel indeed!

  9. was reading that invincible panel and hoped you dug it as much as i did. 

  10. best part of the Invincible panel? the look on everyone else’s faces at the dinner table, thinking, “how the hell did we get on this topic???”

  11. WTF Mickey Mouse gloves and shoes on the pterosaur…

  12. @RPG  Yah it was a very good week for Zatanna and Rulk.

  13. Invicible #79 was, in my mind, the best panel of the week.  Sweet!  Abraham Lincoln…  Ha!

  14. “PATHOS BOMB up the gizzard!”

    That alone should get us an Eisner nomination.

  15. @RPG  I have not read it yet but they appear to be giant animated toys.


  16. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @josh  I am so, so sorry. 

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @bean6344  Close. They are magical dinosaur constructs. A carryover from the previous issue. 

  18. Okay, I am going to have pick up a copy of Super Dinosaur.

  19. @PaulMontgomery  I was not being ironic.

  20. I hope Kirkman puts out a comic all about Immortal’s days as Abe.

  21. The only thing missing in that page of Power Girl is Drew Barrymore lamenting, “Soooo Magical!” and Tracy Morgan spouting “That velociraptor looks weird!”

    Thunderbolts and Hulk images are awesome.


  23. I’ll agree that the Hulk page (as well as the others) looks spectacular – derp, incredible. But, doesn’t it seem like the Hulk, whether Red or Green, is always depicted with a standard amount of strain – no matter his task. Holding up a pickup shouldn’t cause that much distress, eh?

  24. @DuncanIdunno  Hulks operate on rage. There is no such thing as a calm Hulk. Or there shouldn’t be.

  25. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Actually. Actually. One of the cool things about this issue of Hulk is that it opens on a really calm scene, with Hulk nodding off in a forest with a deer nearby, and ends up with the dude fighting a cyclone (technically, Jim, that would be a Pecos Bill move and not a Paul Bunyan deal, but I digress). So there actually is a range. That’s actually a plot point in this issue because Ross is trying to stay Hulked out, because if he relaxes for too long, as in the opening pages, he reverts back to human form. So there’s that glimmer there of a Hulk at rest. And he does look peaceful. 

  26. Thanks Josh, Paul – but I wasn’t really commenting on Hulk’s state of mind. I realize there can be no Hulk/Bartleby/Alan Watts ‘mash up’, I was speaking more of the physical poses.

    Full disclosure – I know fuck all about drawing comics, so maybe the intensity needs to be that high, but I would think the Hulk(strongest there is) could support what looks like a standard bed pickup with the appx. 300lbs. of added human with one hand. This scene calls for a little more than my understatement – I get that – so forgive the hyperbole. I was genuinely curious (having not seriously read the Hulk for about 16 years) if they ever show his effort as more proportionate to what he’s actually lifting.


  27. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @DuncanIdunno  Not for nothing, but that truck was just hurled forth from a cyclone. So there’s more than just weight involved. 

    We need Science help. RYAN!

  28. @PaulMontgomery – context does help. I actually thought the Red Hulk was a villian, and may have been shaking the truck around to admonish that nice couple – didn’t know it was Hulk v. Nature. Still, considering the last time I saw a picture of Red Hulk it was a McGuiness, i’ll reiterate how much I liked this page and pack my ignorance away on this topic.  

  29. I didn’t pick up Thunderbolts today but you certainly piqued my interest with that panel.

    Also, this seems to be the year for T-Rex’s with gatling guns. First we have Axe Cop, now this. Heck it’s a good year for T-Rex’s even more because of Super Dinosaur. 

  30. That Power Girl page may not be a Woot shirt, but I would absolutely buy a shirt of that.

  31. Also – Mad props for the Jem lyrics.

  32. is it just me or does it look like superman is just excited and hugging this adorable magic dinosaur?

  33. Hulk did lift up an entire mountain range in Secret Wars, and this Hulk is just as strong.  A pickup is just a warm up for him. He looks like Atlas holding up the world.  Hardman sure does draw a powerful lookin Hulk.  I gotta agree with BC1, Romita Jr’s splash page of Red Hulk’s straight right to the Hood’s face in Avengers #12 was glorious.

  34. @Noto I’m not sure props are warranted. I can’t get that damn song out of my head now!