Teaser: From the Ashes of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Comes “The End”

Just a reminder to check your smoke alarms. Don’t put it off. Do it now.

Oh, and this October?

It all ends in fire.

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #12 (JUL120535)
Written by JASON AARON
Penciled by ADAM KUBERT
FOC – 9/10/12, ON SALE – 10/3/12


  1. …or a new beginning?

  2. Blah

  3. I really do hope that Jean comes back. I think i has been long enough and it would be interesting to have her perspective on things like the Schism and the Phoenix 5.

    • she is coming back, she will be on an x-men team, I remember them saying it IS Jean and not a clone, I wonder if it’s the Jean from the other universe.

  4. I would love it it the Phoenix 5 were just obliterated. Not just a comic book death, but an actual proper never coming back type of thing. I know that sounds a bit counter to comic fan sensibilities, but it would be amazing if something like that happened. Obv not going to, but I can dream, right?.. Maybe just Scott? he is such a div… Anyway, I am not usually in favour of characters coming back from the dead, but I have always had a soft spot for red heads and in particular Jean Grey. It would be nice… But NO MORE after that. lol.

  5. Looks like someone is farting a phoenix….

  6. Isn’t that the kid from that new Pixar film?

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the Scarlet Witch.

    • @jcfrk4lfe By George, I think you’ve got it – that hair is deffo more Wanda than Jean – nice one!

      Oh dear, hope that means it’s not Wanda’s turn to go through Marvel’s revolving door of death.

    • @jcfrk4lfe Ever the detective. I think you’re right! Good catch. If not Wanda I say Hope somehow, I’ve been waiting for the Hardcover so I know nothing haha.

    • I really REALLY don’t want it to be Jean just because that’s been so played out. I guess they could always bring her back to have her die again…

    • Hope is not referenced in any of the upcoming NOW!!!!! books so I have to believe that’s her.

      I would like Jean to return but since we know they are bringing her back as a teenager in a time travel/loop/”its got Imonen art so I am checking it out anyway” story I think the chances of an adult Jean Grey are slim-none.

    • it could very likely be scarlet witch, i personally think it’s hope, due to her smaller stature in the picture, and like robotzombie said, she’s not referenced in anyway yet…while it could be possible that they are just keeping her out on purpose, it’s also most likely that she will take on the phoenix that she had been groomed for all these years….whether or not she is killed or keeps the phoenix & takes to space on a mission to start healing other societies is all up in the air as of now, but my money is on her being the person we are being led to believe is jean on this cover

  8. maybe this is the return of mastermind making everyone THINK they’re seeing jean grey again, and maybe this whole avx thing will just be an illusion. i’d almost rather it that way.

  9. Maybe Peter Parker made a wish and here comes Mephisto! Sorry, I’m in a goofy mood today…

  10. I thought AVX #12 was dated September 19… did they push it?

  11. Jean needs to at least appear and remind everyone what their purpose was esp being heroes

  12. What I find hilarious is how no one seems to dispute the Scarlet Witch’s whole role in this thing. How dare she even get involved and since when did she become all powerful. I call bull. If Marvel does do a reboot or whatever please make Wolverine a character like he is in the movies. The recent comics make him out to be some invincible all-powerful being who can never die. Even Superman can die people. How is Wolverine any diffrerent

    • Deadpool and Wolvie can re generate from a single cell…it is pretty dopey to me too.

    • I agree on Wolverine: it’s simply ridiculous how powerful he is. You could probably wipe out the whole race of Asgardians easier than kill him. I don’t remember his healing factor being that strong back in the 90s . . .


  14. It’s Cyclops in drag.

  15. I think its Shawn White, the snowboarder dude.

  16. I would guess Jean Grey returns, because the hair seems much to big for Hope. During the “Dark Phoenix Saga,” Jean had some big hair.

  17. Is that Ultron? Seriously, They told us that Ultron was gonna be a big thing, right?!?

  18. It’s got to be Hope, look closely- her arms are way to skinny to be Jean or Wanda and her chest is too small to form any cleavage, which Jean and Wanda never had a problem forming.

  19. I’ve always been very cool with Jean coming back. And pretty much, anything that undoes anything Grant wrote.

  20. Please let them kill Hope. She has no use outside of this event so please kill this stupid character off.

  21. NOOOOO! Stay dead Jean! Stay dead!!

  22. They’re making too big a deal out of Marvel Girl in All-New X-Men for this to be Jean. My guess is it is Hope gone all Dark Phoenix, and Wolverine will kill her. Or maybe Cable. That would be somewhat interesting.

    Honestly though, I love me some Jean Grey, but the most interesting thing she ever did was die. She’s way better as an inspiration for the X-Men than she would be as The Phoenix.

  23. Hope is in the A+X teaser…


    And Scarlet Witch and Hope fight in the final AvX VS issue.


    So who knows…

    Also… Cyclops and Emma are still around…


    So who the heck knows who this is…

  24. I think it’s the Phoenix force itself. If you remember, the Phoenix created a copy of Jean’s body and put Jean’s real body at the bottom of New York bay to heal. The real Jean was rescued later. The Phoenix could be using the false Jean body to… what communicate… destroy… screw with Cyclops’s mind… or whatever passes for fun in a cosmic entity.