“T’Challa, The Bad Houseguest” Contest Entries

A few weeks ago we put out the call far and wide throughout the Land of iFanboy to all of you creative geniuses out there to lend your talents into realizing the full comedic potential that is T’Challa, the Marvel Universe’s Worst Houseguest!

Click through to see all of the entries, including the winners!

Click on the name of the entrant below to see their submission:

Prose Winner!
Paul Montgomery

Art Winner!
Zach Sterling

The Rest of the Entries!
Aaron Tavaler
Matt Magrino
Blair Campbell
T’Challa Stein
Kip from Toronto
Michael Schondek
Patrick Cainam
Michael Wolff

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to send something in!

DISCLAIMER: The content of each individual entry does not reflect the views or opinions of iFanboy and are wholly the owned by the entry creator.


  1. Pretty great stuff from the iFanboy nation. Simon’s entry sports some crazy good art. Thanks for posting all of these.

  2. Again, and I want to make this totally clear, it was a very CLOSE race for several of the entries.

  3. Simon’s “Hair” “Heir” joke is really clever. It’s a great cover concept.

    Zach’s art is so clean. That’d be great on a T-shirt.

    Awesome work, everybody.

  4. You guys not get mine? I emailed it to you guys main email and to Ron.

  5. Six Gun – we did indeed get yours that was the first entry – sorry it didn’t get posted, it was an oversight on our part -we’ll get it posted tonite…

  6. Woo these are quite good! Nice job everybody.

    Just curious why is my entry full of signs like “Meet in it? I don’t remember that my scripts were like that.

  7. Sorry, Aaron. There was a coding error that I think I have fixed now.

  8. Scott would sooooooooo use the Wolverine cologne! Nice entries, all.

  9. Thanks for posting the entries!
    I had a lot of fun doing this and looking at all the other “interpretations”.. Keep doing this kind of contests…

  10. So have you been able to open my entry yet?

  11. I’ve written back to you three times asking you what kind of file that is. I can only assume your computer thinks I’m spam. Please respond to me at josh@ifanboy.com. Thanks.

  12. Not to hound anyone, but are the Scene Its shipped?

  13. I added one more by Michael Wolff, which only recently have I been able to view, and post.

    Thanks Michael.