Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

All this week reports were that the role of Hal Jordan in Martin Campbell‘s upcoming Green Lantern film was down to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake. Well, it looks like we finally have our leading man, and it’s…

Ryan Reynolds!

I’m a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, just maybe not as Hal Jordan. If I were casting this film and had to pick from the three finalists I would have gone with Bradley Cooper. But who knows? I wasn’t there, maybe Reynolds nailed the screen test. He is a super charming actor so he can probably pull it off, but I think that ten years ago he would have been a perfect Wally West.


  1. aww man there goes my Chris Pine GL Fantasy…..

  2. I will give Reynolds the benifit of the doubt but I think he is miscast.

  3. I was pulling for Chris Pine myself.  While I like Reynolds, I think DC knows he’ll draw a huge non-comic book crowd.

  4. Oooh…Bradley Cooper would’ve been good.

    Still, I don’t hate Ryan Reynolds and at least he could make Hal Jordan interesting. 🙂

  5. works for me. 

    it makes me excited to see an actor portray multiple comic book characters because it reminds me of the 80s action stars I grew up with.  They didn’t care about typecasting and what not.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Give him a good script and I think he can pull it off.  

  7. @DarthDuck: Warner Bros., not DC.

  8. Ryan Reynolds would make a great Kyle Rayner!

  9. YES! Although idk if ill like him with a mask on

  10. All this casting does it make me even more sad that Nathan Fillion can’t lead a summer blockbuster.

  11. @josh- I TOTALLY AGREE!

  12. @Josh-Well that’s what he basically is. If anyone has read the Leaked Script and heard the age group they’re looking for, then you know that the Name is there so Fanboys don’t get pissed off. But he’s basically Kyle.

  13. I won’t lie, I wanted Bradley Cooper, but  do like Reyenolds and I’m sure he’ll do fine. It’ll be interesting to see him doing a serious part sans beard. 

  14. I think he can pull it off.  Too bad Bradley Cooper isn’t a bigger name, he was the one I was rooting for.

  15. Yeah I am not for this.

    I like Reynolds as an actor, and he has a great personality to do a Superhero. Not just for Deadpool but he could pull off other heroes (let’s say Booster Gold for example). But I just don’t see him as a Hal Jordan type. He might look like the guy (shockingly close with the pic Conor used) but I don’t see him being as serious as Jordan can be. Cocky yes, more serious no.

    Even so, 2011 will be the year of Ryan Reynolds. Now if we can only get Jason Statham involved with these kinds of films…

  16. @TNC Anything involving Jason Statham is almost automatically awesome, but what hero would he play?

    Ryan Reynolds can definitely play the cocky, womanizer side of Hal Jordan, but I haven’t seen him act serious (I haven’t seen many Reynolds films though). I would say the same for Bradley Cooper. I’m sure he can pull it off though! 

  17. I wonder what the powers that be think of that Fillion trailer?  It perfectly captured what this film should be going for:  a sense of awe.  I’m pretty excited for this.

  18. Idea for a video podcast: 

    Comics or Graphic Novels that should be made into movies.

  19. i think he was the best out of the 3 to pick from. i don’t watch many movies so i can’t think of anyone better. also, loving these characters in print for so many years it always seems like a let down when a real person is picked.  

  20. @GungaDin: He’s too cool to be a superhero. As we all know, children think being the badguys are pretty damn cool.

    One word: Bullseye

  21. As self appointed Green Lantern Superfan I have to say he wasn’t my first pick but after watching Smoking Aces I think Ryan can do anything its just they keep putting him in the comedy roles.  But from what interviews have mentioned with producers and directors this is supposed to be Warner Bros. Iron Man so if thats the case he can pull it off.  I was onboard before and I’m onboard afterwords.  Hell almost everything is going to be CGI anyway.

  22. A good choice he’s got the cocky arrognce you need for a Hal Jordan and considering the role almost went to Justin Timberlake or "shudder" Jack Black

  23. oh, man! i wanted justin timberlake

  24. You know people keep saying they rather Bradley Cooper get picked for this, but I just don’t see it. I like the guy but he has no superhero charisma to me. Out of the trio of Reynolds, Cooper, and Jared Leto, I think the better choice got the part. I can always see Fillion pulling off this role, though. Almost anyone is better than the rumor that Justin Timberlake screen tested for this. *shudders*

  25. well speaking for the women if the movie blows at least there is eye candy

  26. @psyguy: It wasn’t a rumor, Timberlake was one of the three finalists for the role along with Reynolds and Cooper.

  27. I’m worried about the release date moving from Dec. 2010 to June 2011.  Now he’s a summer movie in the same boat as Thor, Spiderman 4, and Captain America.  I hope he’s not lost in the shuffle like Hellboy 2.

  28. Someone working for WB needs to be fired to think Justin Timberlake is good for anything.

  29. On quick retrospect that last comment was a bit harsh.

    TV wise Timberlake is a very good entertainer. Just watching anything he does on SNL and it’s 100% hilarious. But when it comes to films….he’s just not good at all…just not good….and you cant convince me otherwise.

    (sorry for the double post)

  30. Timberlake was really good in ALPHA DOG and I hear the same about BLACK SNAKE MOAN, but this is not really relevant to the Ryan Reynolds discussion.

  31. It could work. After all im asuming Deadpool will wear a mask in his solo movie.

  32. i think this is an odd choice, but i like him


    He was the best choice of the three…but Nathan Fillon was my favourite. Do is there no Deadpool movie?

  34. I like Ryan as an actor but this totally surprised me, I didn’t even know he was in consideration for the role before yesterday.  I guess this puts the Flash role in limbo. Like most other DC movie properties. Sigh.

  35. …wait, Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King, Deadpool, AND Hal Jordan? That has to be some kind of a record.

  36. Nope.

    Liam Neeson was Ra’s, Jesus, Qui-gon, and Abraham Lincoln.

    If Ryan had 5 Iconic Roles, then maybe.

  37. John Goodman has the President of the United States, the King of England, Fred Flintstone, Santa Claus, and the the Monster in your closet

  38. Just remember Keaton made a good Wayne. People can suprise you.

  39. I like Reynolds for this. He’s a solid actor/star, and Campbell’s a solid director. As Paul said, it’s all down to the script now.

    I also liked Cooper, but there’s no reason he can’t show up in a role more suited to him. Guy Gardner, maybe?…

  40. Timberlake has been fantastic in all of his acting roles so far. Anyone who is going to nay-say him is basing that solely on presumption and not on actually viewing his work. I wouldn’t have picked him to play Hal Jordan, but I wouldn’t have minded at all if he was cast as Kyle.

    Hal should have been played by Gary Busey, or at very least they should get him to voice Kilowag.

  41. Damn it I’m disappoitned, I was hoping for some nerd outrage this morning to start my day!  You are all too damn civil

    I’m down with it, I’ve been a fan of Reynolds since Two Guys and a Girl (although I recently found out he was in the Odyssey also which is a show I loved as a kid)

  42. I think Reynolds would work better as Wally as well, but I think he’ll do a good job as Hal.

  43. I don’t like nearly all of Reynolds’ serious work, where he usually comes off as forced. Not excited about this. 

  44. I’m not a fan of Ryan Reynolds at all, but maybe. He definitely comes off as cocky and that is young Hal Jordan. I generally prefer the DC animated stuff so I probably will pass on this.

  45. Somebody do some photoshop and get a mask on that image of Reynolds. That’s the only way I can be sure if this will work or not. The hair and jawline are perfect! But the voice and persona don’t match. At least not to what I hear in my head when I read a GL book. Not to say it won’t work. Just means it’ll take some adjustment on the part of longtime fans. New fans are gonna eat that shit up though – GUARANTEED! 

  46. well at least it wasn’t Justin Timberlake

  47. Dodged a bullet with Timberlake.  Reynolds isn’t much better. I can’t take seriously a guy who flashes his abs at every opportunity. 

  48. I think Reynolds will do good, and like most I’m glad Timberlake didn’t get it. Noting against him, but man I could NOT see him as Hal.

  49. LOL!

    The first thing I thought of when I read this was "Thank GOD it didnt go to Timberlake". But just because this one went my way just means I am SO screwed because now life is just gonna put Will Smith as Captain America. Usually when I move to dodge a kick in the nuts, an anvil falls on my head!

  50. Timberlake as Hal Jordan

    Will Smith as Captain America

    What’s next? Lady Gaga as Wonder Woman?…..Hmm…

  51. He’s a better choice than some of the other names knocked around.  I think he is a decent actor, with good comic timing who has had few chances to really shine in his previous roles.  I haven’t seen Wolverine, but I hear good things about him in that.

  52. I am happy with the choice. The quality of the film will likely hinge on the strength of the script and the proficiency of the director, 

  53. of course its ryan reynolds. hes been attached or rumored to almost every comicbook movie ever made.

  54. I think you can argue that GL is one of the least well known properties currently in development.  The general population has had zero exposure to this character.  The studio was doubtlessly thinking that it had to be someone with at least some name recognition. 

    The feedback I’m reading here sounds just like what I heard when it was announced that Tobey Maguire was going to be Spiderman.  That worked out pretty well didn’t it?  Let’s just be happy a GL movie is being made.  If you want to worry, worry about script and direction, not the person saying the lines. 

  55. You know I was definitely stoked when Rainn Wilson(that’s MR. Shrute to you punk!) tweeted that Natahn Fillion and Him were visiting DC and "Shit be percolating". Of course then I check my RSS feed and Newsarama reports that its a 3 way deadlock.

    Seems like my chnats of "NotTimberlakeNotTimberlake NotTimberlake" paid off. 

    If the movie rocks, it’s going to be a cross between Iron Man and Star Trek. If it sucks, we’ll at least have the Absolute Edition of Sinestro Corps War to coincide with the movie. It’s a win-win.

  56. I always did  invision him aWally. Through me off when I found out that they cast him as Hal. However, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I think he’ll pull it off quite nicely.

  57. Wait wait wait they’re putting out an Absolute Edition of the Sinestro Corp War?

  58. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Tiocore – Muddi900 was just speculating.  

  59. I think with someone like Campbell at the helm and Berlanti/Guggenheim’s script idea, Reynolds will be a great Hal Jordan. They just gotta do something about his hair. Please god, stop it from doing whatever it does to look weird.

  60. would’nt this be a conflict of intrest for marvels deadpool movie. As much as i would love to see a GL movie with reynolds I would rathr see him in a Deadpool movie. still, maybe they can pull this off.

  61. @Crippler: Maguire as Spider-Man definitely destroyed my original expectations.

    Then the finale of Spider-Man 2 and all of Spider-Man 3 came in…

  62. Timberlake acting is laughably bad in Black Snake Moan, Love Guru, SNL, his music videos, everything.  He’s just a talentless person, especially in music.  I’m not a GL fan, but GL fans dodged a HUGE bullet with this.  He would have crippled the movie.

    Ryan Reynolds is good.  He’ll grow into the role well.  Probably get 3 movies if part 1 is sucessful.

    Jonah Hill for the sidekick!

  63. @KickAss – couldn’t disagree more. Timberlake surprised me in Black Snake Moan. Good role in a very good movie. I don’t care for his music, but even I can see that he’s got talent. 

    On the Reynolds news… this is sorta neutral for me. On the surface, he doesn’t "feel" like what I know to be Hal Jordan. But then again… what would a modern, young Hal Jordan be? Someone like Tom Cruise in Top Gun? I could see him playing a young cocky and fearless Jordan like that.

    And further, will he even be the Jordan we think about from the comics? I haven’t read any scripts, but it’s entirely possible they could do a Rayner named Jordan, as mentioned above. 

  64. Someone actually watched Love Guru?


  65. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just want to add to the Timberlake love. Guy’s got chops. Not right for this role, but then no actor is right for every role.  

  66. @KickAss – I doubt any actor can create a statue from poop. Being told to do a very fake and stereotypical french accent in Love Guru is a writer’s/director’s fault. "More insulting, don’t improvise! Use the crappy lines I wrote" – that was the set of that movie, probably.

  67. @ The nextchampion and @ Dunegig


    Jason Statham as Metamorpho! that would be ace 🙂

    Also I think Ryan Reynolds as Booster gold would be inspired casting


    I think Reynold will be ok i’m going to give the guy a chance and wait to see what he will come up with. To be fair he is solid enough to be a leading man and I think he will do a good Hal. Not my first choice but I think its still a pretty strong choice.


    Question is if anyone could cast a Justice League film who would you have? and you can have any actor in any time period to chose from at any point in their career. THink of it as a fantasy league casting session 🙂

  68. @Patman2 – what conflict? He’s an actor and he isn’t tied into any studio. I don’t see a problem.

    Also why must he be Hal Jordan, or are we just assuming? Movies usually use a combination of characters. It’s an adaptation after all.

  69. @Browncoatjedi: If I had abs like that I would never wear a shirt.

  70. i would have also picked Bradley Cooper but at least it’s not Justin Timberlake. 

  71. With Reynolds being casted, I am thinking this is gonna be a Kyle Rayner film and not Jordan.

    Which I’m fine with, but I’m sure a lot of people won’t be.

  72. Writer reveals Green Lantern movie’s progress and a few hints


    Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim told SCI FI Wire exclusively that he has just completed a new draft of a proposed live-action Green Lantern movie, based on a script by him, Michael Green and Greg Berlanti.

    "In fact, I’m … delivering another draft today," Guggenheim (TV’s Flash Forward) said in an exclusive interview on Friday. "So it continues to move forward."

    The film is expected to be directed by Martin Campbell, who stepped in for Berlanti, and is slated to begin production at Australia’s Fox Studios in Sydney this summer for a release on June 17, 2011.

    Guggenheim confirmed that his script will focus on Hal Jordan, based on the Silver Age DC Comics incarnation of the superhero, and how he became a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

    Beyond that, Guggenheim remained tight-lipped. "You know I really can’t [say anything]," he said. "I’ve sworn a blood oath of secrecy in relation to the project. But, you know, the thing I can tell you is that it is a very loving and respectful approach."

    Guggenheim added: "The goal here is to do the best cinematic representation of the Green Lantern character. You know, there’s no desire on anyone’s part to completely change the character and just call this other character Green Lantern and try to … draft off the name recognition. This is all about ‘How do we bring the best version of this character to the silver screen?’"

    As for the movie’s source material, Guggenheim said, "We’ve drawn heavily from … a lot of different sources in terms of the comic books. … The character … is several decades old, so … we’ve really had an incredible amount of source material to cherry-pick from."

  73. Several Decades?

    Just take from Geoff Johns! That’s all we need to be happy 🙂

  74. I’m going to jump in and defend Timberlake.  He’s at least in the top 10 and some might say the best SNL host of all time.  There’s not really anything (or apparenly anyone) that he’s not proven he can’t do when he puts his mind to it.  The main problem with him being cast as Hal is his voice.  It’s not exactly commanding.

    That Reynolds casting is perfect.  All you have to do is part the hair on the other side and it’s a go! 

  75. That’s too bad … I was hoping for someone who can act more grounded. We’ll have to wait and see … Cooper would have done much better, but perhaps we should give the guy a shot.

    Now the main question is, who will play Kilowog!?!?

    @Conor, maybe he’ll end up being Wally West too … and eventually take over Batman and after that superman. In the JLA movie, it will just be Ryan Reynolds with different colored hair with tons of green screen

  76. Ryan Reynolds was really good in Adventureland.

  77. I stand by my opinion on Timberlake. I guess that means I’ll have to send back the awards my films have won, notify the festivals that awarded them, and let all the actors I work with on a regular basis know about this new development. Damn.

  78. I think we are all missing the bigger question here. In this day and age, who are they going to get to portray a character actually named "PIEFACE"?

  79. Check that. I want my Pieface action figure and limited edition Sideshow statue!

  80. As a long time Hal fan… I am all right with this. Of the three choices, Reynolds is clearly the best and can feasibly pull off fly-boy swagger, I think. As well, I really like him, so that’s a plus. Though, honestly, I was secretly hoping for Brian Austin Green. That would have been the best advertising campaign ever. 🙂

  81. Ryan Reynolds should just play everyone in DC and Marvel films. Even the female characters.

    @daccampo: Someone’s been to Sundance too many times 😉

  82. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Let’s avoid insulting each other over our opinions, yeah?

  83. @Kickass – No offense intended, but you are certainly throwing around declarative statements like you own the place.  What specifically did Justin Timberlake do in Black Snake Moan that was so aweful?  I’ve never seen the film, but Mr. Timberlake has been able to hold his own in a number of roles that I have seen.  And regardless of your general opinion of SNL you must admit (if you have seen him host) that he has done very well and generally raises the quality of the show when he hosts.  I agree that he is likley top ten all time (Christopher Walken at #1, in my opinion).

    I feel Ryan Reynolds will do well as Hal Jordan IF he takes the role seriously.  I think he fits better as the Flash, but if he understands and embraces the basic fearlessness that Hal Jordan exudes, then I think he will do fine.

  84. I was hoping for Chris Pine, who has the perfectly handsome face that one would expect of a superhero.  Pine could be Angelina Jolie’s little brother.  Ryan Reynolds is not bad looking, but as I watched him in "The Proposel," I couldn’t help thinking, "Whoa!  His eyes are kinda close together."  I am probably being hypercritical, I know.

  85. @FACE

    here’s the photoshop of ryan as hal i made when i heard the news, which im happy about. http://weirdy182.deviantart.com/art/Ryan-Reynolds-as-Hal-Jordan-129074911

  86. @invasionforce – Wow.  Dude, you have extremely high standards.

  87. Christopher Walken was a great host, but he doesn’t beat Steve Martin.

    I’m just sayin’.

  88. @mahf – Nicely done! Thanx for the link! This solidly confirms my suspicion: gonna take some adjusting/acceptance on our part.

    ON a further note.. I have a tough time distinguishing actors when they take on too many roles. It concerns me that he’ll be playing Deadpool and GL. It was hard enough turning off the Van Wilder while watching Wolverine. Maybe it will help when he wears the mask? 

  89. thanks alot!!

  90. So.. since the GL movie is actually happening… who’s going to be the villain (Sinestro)?

    and who’s going to play him? 

    I could see this being a buddy cop movie with Hal and Sinestro breaking up at the end in spectacular fashion.  That was probably how  they pitched it… "48 Hours in SPACE!"

  91. training day in space!!

  92. Well the first movie is more likely gonna be "The Right Stuff meets Star Trek" if there’s a second it would proably be "Training Day meets Star Wars"

  93. I think it’s a decent choice, I’ve seen Reynolds do a range of acting and if given good material he can pull it off.

  94. Im happy with this, hes not my first choice but I could see him capture that fearless swagger attitude and womanizer side of Hal Jordan, I just hope he doesnt make the role comedic, Ive read the first script and Hal Jordan felt more like Wally West…. which brings me to the subject that Reynolds would have been much better as the Flash but it looks like that film isnt going to be made anytime soon

  95. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Eric Braeden or Nestor Carbonell for Sinestro.  

  96. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    (Carbonell ends up in most of my hypothetical casting rosters these days.)

  97. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:
  98. @Paul – I don’t think I knew Nestor’s name before your post.  He is great on Lost.  He certainly has the look for Sinestro and he seems capable of pulling off the calmly enraged state that Sinestro seems to constantly inhabit.

    On a side note, I think you may be spending too much time performing hypothetical casting.

  99. @Paul again – I just saw a picture of Nestor from his days on The Tick.  He immediately became perfect for Sinestro (and any other role imaginable).

  100. @Paul yet again (and on Twitter) – You need to THICKEN that ‘stash up and you have the perfect Sinestro.

  101. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s an untouched photograph. They just used a magenta gel on the light.  

  102. @Paul – Check twitter for my slightly modified (and infinitely terrifying) Thicnestro.

  103. I actually think most of the cast of Growing Pains could probably be cast somewhere in this movie.  … "and appearing as the voice of Bzzt – Kirk Cameron"



  104. @crippler Unfortunately Kirk Cameron most likely would object to the green lantern on religious grounds. 🙁

    Also, I’m pushing for Jeffery Combs for Sinestro! He’s got that great, eerie voice! 

  105. @Crippler: I would pay good money to see that happen

  106. He’s a goof… not anything like Hal… I think it would of been better with the star trek guy but I guess we all have to deal with this grade A tool.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  107. Image if they decided to hint at anything ‘Sinestro War’ or even ‘Blackest Night’ related on this film.

    We would just totally flabbergasted.

  108. I’m still thinking about what an Allen Thicke/Ryan Reynolds connection would do to ET Canada.  They’d already be naming it the GREATEST THANG EVAR. 

  109. Man, I’m trying to so hard to remember what Hal Jordan was like before he was Hal Jordan.  He was like this cocky, brash, know-it-all, who didn’t take responsibility seriously, and no one thought very much of.  But he was really attractive, and the ladies loved him, even though he was kind of a joke.

    Yeah, Reynolds is all wrong.

  110. @josh: Har har

    Yes Jordan was all those things beforehand. But ever since he became Paralax he turned a complete 180 when it comes to personality. So let’s see I say we start it at Emerald Twilight when Jordan personality changed, and Johns really doesn’t write him as a jokey guy anymore. So yeah:

    I’d say about 15 years that Jordan has been either a ranging psycho to now a tough nosed leader. But Guggenhaim stated it’ll be a Silver Age-like version for the character. Still most people are gonna see a big difference in personality from this film to the comics.

  111. And what’s the problem? We know this isn’t the comic book and we know that most people who didn’t read the comics before seeing this movie aren’t going to go read the books even after they do so why should he have the charactization that only comes after the years of experience that aren’t going to be present in this story?

  112. If you’re expecting a straight translation from Geoff Johns’ work, I’d prepared to be disappointed.  You know, if you haven’t decided to already.

    But the character i just described was pretty much what was written in Secret Origin last year.

  113. @TNC Yeah, Josh is absolutely right. And even as Spectre Hal had an odd sense of humor. It’s part of his character. You have to realize the character was based heavily off of Paul Newman’s roles in movies like "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Somebody Up There Likes Me." Indeed, Gil Kane more or less drew Newman on the page if you look at stuff right around GL #1-10 and the three Showcase issues. So, while Reynolds is no Paul Newman, I can certainly see him as a swaggering, flyboy like in a 60s film.

  114. @josh/Prax: I’m just not used to a more care free Hal.

    I’ve read old stories and what are his most memorible moments. But overall I am used to what Johns has written for the character the last 2 years. Even the Secret Origin arc I didn’t see him as funny or loose as he was before. Maybe a little bit but not enough.

  115. Josh is right. The only thing is age. But Ryan Reynolds still looks young enough to be a test/fighter pilot. Once you start getting into the mid to late 30’s and get higher in rank, you get desk jobs and command posts. 

    (I would know, I was in the Air Force for 7 years.) 



  117. @GarthEnnisClone: Can you please not yell?

  118. With all this teeth gnashing about Ryan Reynolds not fitting into the idea of Geoff Johns’ Hal Jordan, let’s see that the man himself had to say about it:

    Here and here.

  119. If you doubt Reynolds being "serious" check out Amityville Horror. Not much comedy there (except for the commentary track, very funny)

  120. @Jurassicalien

    I really liked the remake of Amityville.  Ryan was great in it.  Sadly the ending was changed from the original and made it dumb.  Another great serious role from Reynolds is Smoking Aces.

  121. @lantern4life

    Yeah the ending was a bit weak, and I did forget about Smokin’ Aces, good call. That’s why it’s going to be a bit odd seeing him being serious, minus a beard, he kind of has that Robin Williams thing going. If they have a beard you know it’ll be good and serious, hell just a five o’clock shadow is enough. 

  122. One note about all the "OH Nozz!  Deadpool AND GL @ same time?  TeH Suxxorz!" talk.  Shouldn’t you be more worried about the fact that Ryan Reynolds already played another character in the marvel movieverse other then Deadpool?  OH nozz!  Internal continuity disrupted!!   

  123. I really like Ryan but, but can the same man exist in two separate universes? well james marsden played cyclops in the X-men trilogy, and Lois lane’s fiance/husband in superman returns. And Deadpool wears a mask like all the time so it should work.

  124. Looking at the Ryan and Hal side by side, I think Ryan will do fine.

  125. It was the weirdest casting decision ever for me. When I first found out my reaction was "OMG WORST CASTING DECISION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!" Then after an hour or so my reaction was "Well actually, Justin Timberlake was the worst casting decision ever…" Another hour went by, "Well actually, he might do a good job." A couple hours and after re-reading Green Lantern: No Fear, "Well actually, Hal does have that cocky bravado that Reynolds has. It might be a good choice."

     Who knows, in a few hours I’ll probably consider Ryan Reynolds the second coming.

  126. Hey, if Geoff Johns is cool with Ryan Renolds as Hal, so am I. I am enjoying these suggestions you guy have for who to play Sinestro. How great would Ian Mcellen, channeling his role from ‘Richard III’ be for Sinestro, and I don’t mean now, since he is too old, and he has already played Magneto and Gandalf

  127. If you haven’t seen Reynolds in Blade III then check it out to see him in a non-sophmoric, heroic role. Also, check out Definitely, Maybe to see how he does in a somewhat more serious role. Don’t judge him entirely on movies like Van Wilder and Waiting. Just because an actor is connected to potty-humor flicks doesn’t mean that’s all he or she can do (see also: Penn, Kal; Cho, John; Affleck, Ben).

  128. Sinestro is probably where the movie will succeed or fail. You kind of almost have to root for Sinestro, but not quite. I know it has been mentioned here before, that the best villains consider themselves to be the hero of the story. He really wants the universe to be a better place. Its his methods AND his madness. I just hope they dont try to do "Sinestro Bin Laden".

  129. Glad it’s not Timberlake, even though I think he’s great I think he would make a better Booster Gold than Hal. Man that would be sweet.

  130. @RoiVampire I was actually thinking Timberlake would make a better Kyle.

  131. @Valo  I don’t know I always envisioned Kyle as less cocky than Timberlake. Granted he can be a less cocky character but i think he wold bring a lot of humor to Booster. James Marsden would make a great Kyle if he made his hair darker. Kyle needs to be the everyman in an incredible situation. Hal needs to be a great leader just waiting for a chance to shine. And Booster, well he’s Booster.

  132. @crippler – you truly are the voice of reason. Whether it be the thrirteen-year-old girl texting style post, or your uncanny wit, I do not know. Thanx, nonetheless.

    About Hal’s character: I only read the first several issues of Green Lantern and he seemed anything but funny in those. Pretty bland really. The Emerald Dawn retelling had him moping about in prison after being involved in a drinking and driving incident. So no real slapstick there either. Since Rebirth he’s been kinda.. humble(?), mature? 

    What Hal is, though, is charming. There’s no doubt that Reynold’s got that. I won’t have any trouble believing he’s the kind of guy who can pick up the ladies. 

    Ryan’s going to do a fine job with this role. This one hangs in the balance of writing and direction   

  133. MacQuire as Spider-Man.

    Bale as Batman.

    Ledger as The Joker.

    Craig as James Bond.

    We’ve all bitched ad nauseum about all of the above, because we couldn’t possibly see them as our favorite anything, but they prevailed and gave us awesomeness on film. We’ve done this countless times and will continue to do so, as long as any comic/video game/novel/anime or whatever is being made into a live action movie. We all had people in mind to play this part. Hell, I was banking on Jon Hamm myself, but it didn’t happen. Ryan Reynolds got the part. And I’m sure, he knows how all the fanboys feel about this and he’ll do his part to make GL a standout/fun movie, that’s true to GL’s spirit and core. 

    So RELAX PEOPLE! Reynolds is capable of this. I think what the lot of you is afraid of is this is going to be Van Wilder in Space or this is going to be an action comedy that was the horror of the FF movies. I don’t think it’s Reynolds as an actor that’s got you worried, i think it’s the thought of where the direction of this movie is now going with this selection of an actor. I believe Guggenheim & Campbell will blow us away. It’s going to be a combination of the story and the actor that’s needed to make this film ultimately cool. I have faith in them. We can’t judge anything until we start seeing production in motion. And if things look bleak, then we can complain.

    Until then, cope. Let’s see where it goes. No one says that we have a Superman Returns on our hands just yet.

  134. I’ve never seen a movie that had Ryan Reynolds in it that was any good.  Not sure if it’s his fault or not but he looks the part and is a good Canadian kid… I just would rather have someone else.

  135. @talkNrdy2me I didn’t bitch about any of the above casting choices when they were announced.  The difference between the guys you listed and Reynolds is that they are all amazing actors (And were considered as such before those roles)…. Ryan Reynolds is passable at best.  I’m not judging it sight unseen but this casting has me worried.

  136. I’m a huge fan of both Ryan Reynolds & Bradley Cooper. I loved Reynolds as Deadpool & hoping that movie would be great. I wanted Cooper as Hal Jordan. But I can deal with the Warner’s decision. I still wanna see Cooper in a superhero movie though.

  137. Just picturing the scene where Sinestro tells him not to challenge those more powerful than you. Reynolds saying "Yeah… That’s not gonna work for me."

  138. Speaking of Daniel Craig. I think he would make a real good Sinestro

  139. @TalkNerdy – I’m still not impressed with Craig as Bond. I know the rest of the world is though, so I accept my fate. I still think QoS was the worst film of 2008.

  140. Wow, so this is one big ol’ hornets nest huh? i know it’s jumping into the lions mouth but here’s my 2 cents.

    Personally I’m ok with Reynolds (not my first choice but he should do fine, and i could see him pulling off the role really well with the right attitude.)

     timberlake was great SNL host, but nowhere near top 10 of all time.

     …Gary Busey? is there a joke that I’m missing?

  141. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A lion’s mouth full of hornets? There’s a mixed metaphor I can get behind. 

  142. Will Namor be in it?

  143. @conor o sorry i forgot i had it on and then when i looked at my screen i did not feel like re typing my bad lol

  144. Anyone think Rainn Wilson might have been in talks to be Hector Hammond?  He’s kind of got the head for it…

  145. @BC1 – that’s inspired. 

  146. I think most of the complaints amount to "I don’t like him." more then "I don’t think he’s right".

    If the writing and directing is good, it’ll be a good movie. I’m looking at the Director and saying he’s hit or miss. I’m also looking at the writers and saying they’re unproven. So being a fan and desiring at least 2 good live action Green Lantern movies and a bad one, I gotta say I’m mostly worried about the Director and Writers…my hopes are not high.

    Particular emphasis on the 3 writers who in the aspect of writing a movie that has been made, only one has Guggenheim and it was Wolverine which I detested. (Actually it was the video game he wrote for my mistake)

    My hopes are not high at all. My only hope is to be proven wrong and I look forward to it. 

  147. I reckon he’ll do a decent job, he’s probably better suited to Guy Gardener though.


    But lets be honest most comic book movies suck, this probably wont be much different. 

  148. Ryan looks the part, but can he play the darkness that is at the core of Hal’s being?  Can he be parallax and Hal Jordan?

     I’m interested to see if he can pull of the drama of the character.  The look is there but I’m dubious.

  149. vaguely disappointed … though I suppose at this early point, and just because a star is attached, doesn’t necessarily mean the project has the *ahem* greenlight.

  150. @dandoody: Well, no — with a script, a director and now with casting begun this film is already well past the greenlight stage. It might not actually make it to production, though.

  151. @crucio- I don’t recognize Green, but Guggenheim has done great work in the comics medium, and he and Berlanti have done well in one-hour surreal story telling with Eli Stone.  Does it make them good action-adventure writers?  We’ll see, but as character builders they have chops.  Also, the Wolverine video game, from some of the reviews I’ve read, redeemed the film a little bit, so if Guggenheim did story on that then maybe he’s got the goods in action-based writing.

  152. Just saw this and the two pics side by side of Ryan Reynolds and Hal Jordan convinces me that he would look awesome in the green. I mean that chin and the cheekbones are dead on.

    Oh, and he’s a fantastic actor too. Did you see Van Wilder? 

  153. @ PaulMontgomery I totally did’nt realize i had done that, i think i have to commit english-degree seppuku now…


    Though in my defense a lion shooting hornets out of his mouth; at least my horrendously mixed metaphor is visually intriguing. 

  154. rosenbaum for flash!

  155. @conor: sorry, going for the pun there—so yes, while the film may be textbook-definition greenlit, until principle photography actually starts I’m never really sure how worked up, for good or for ill, to get about such announcements. Too many other projects have gone into turnaround then languished in development hell, even with a script and director and/or stars attached (though there is a write-up in the Guardian Film blog arguing to cast Nick Cage as Superman … sorta).

    While I’d like to see a Green Lantern movie, I’m not a big Ryan Reynolds fan.  If the film gets made, I’ll give him a chance. However, much like trying to cast Steve Rogers, I can’t think of anyone among the current Hollywood set who’d be spot on in the role of Hal Jordan.

  156. You should always be sorry for puns.  Always.

  157. Little late… I think its a good choice.  I think he could carry Hal’s swagger.

    Reynolds was great in waiting.

  158. yeah, this is late, but still, my fanboy fantasy would’ve been to have Nathan Fillion play Hal Jordan…he would’ve been perfect, but he’s a bit old for the casting people in Hollywod who like to get 3 movies out of an actor to appeal to the tweens… que sera


  159. hmm. i wonder how he portrays hal when he becomes the bad guy. it’s hard to hate reynolds. and i’m looking forward to how they make the special effects of this movie. i’m somehow thinking is gonna look like inivisible woman’s force fields. hope im wrong.

  160. BC1: Yes, true enough Guggenheim has done some good work. I just havn’t seen any good movie work. I also come from a school of pessimism when it comes to things I enjoy being reinterpreted, I assume it’s not going to go well, low expectations have led me to enjoy very many things though, high expectations have led me to be disappointed. So think of my comments as being pragmatic more then anything else. I actually have no evidence about the quality of the writers as movie men, so I am interpreting my gut which has all the worth of a grain of sand in the Sahara.

  161. I’m ok with this choice.  And i’m going to make a PREDICTION…

     Since we always thought we’d get Reynolds as Wally West in a Flash movie, then got word that he and Bradley Cooper were now up for Hal Jordan… and the part of Hal now goes to Reynolds… I think we could see Cooper in the future as…  Barry Allen in a long awaited Flash movie! 

    Clearly… stranger things have happenned…

  162. I think Reynolds will do a good job as Hal, but I think he could of done a better job as the Flash.  So, I was hoping for Cooper to get the Hal role and then down the road for Reynolds to get a Flash job (that sounds dirty).

  163. I know hes to old but I think Peter Krause would have been a perfect Hal Jordon. I like Reynolds. But I’m not sure how I feel about him as GL.

  164. Sean William Scott for Guy Gardner!

  165. …. I do NOT concur. >[ but then again that may just be me PMS-ing…. wait no… I still don’t concur.

  166. Just saw production stills… he looks so out of place in that costume and this does not stem from my loyalty to the red and black spandex to come. I just don’t think this was necessary. But Kudos of Reynolds for living the dream. I would have done it if I was offered.

     But still… I don’t concur.