Rogues ReTweet



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  1. *slow clap*

    Very nice.

    I’m by the way. 🙂


    *goes to try to add CaptainCold*

  2. That is awesome. Reminds me of the He-Man IM session.

  3. he-man IM session?  I must know more.

  4. Be careful Paul, if they ever find out who leaked out their Twitter acounts, Captain Cold is gonna mess you up.

  5. so wait this was fake or can really follow the rouges?

  6. haha, awesome.  I actually tried to start one for a comic book character too, but all the ones I could think of were taken!!!  People jump on these things fast.

  7. Following all of those guys now

  8. Amazing.

  9. Bringing teh awesome once again. Bravo, sir.

  10. I never expected Heatwave to worry about others at work…

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Updated.  Snart’s having a hell of a day.  

  12. Best exchange:

    "Weather Wizard: Supposed to rain today. 🙁

    Captain Cold: @Weather Wizard–Consider what you just said."

    I seriously had to stifle a guffaw at work at that one!

  13. this is hilarious! I was late to a meeting because I had to finish reading this.

  14. On search for Red Skull right now


    Best line ever

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Heat Wave is a huge Jim Gaffigan fan.  

  17. I think we need to add to the ultimate comic book twitter list to include all our favorite characters.

    I found BlackBolt, tweethulk, Jason_Todd and BarryAllen all in10 minutes.  What fun

  18. Whoa! this is genuinely awesome!

  19. @drake: Links? Cause I cant find those guys at all

  20. So I guess if you find Red Skull, @voodoomama, that would be "Middle Management Skull" with his sleeves rolled up?

  21.  @ ActualButt *fingers crossed*


    Wolverine is friends with quite a bit of them.

  23. Someone should probably alert @BarryAllen though

  24. What I love is that….is Checkers even around anymore? That is such an obscure fast food place…

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Special bonus content for anyone following them on Twitter.  They’re camping now.  

  26. Checkers AND Rallys in my home town. Man, those fries.

  27. Those were good times in Philly with Checkers….

    Back to the topic though, I am following Dr. Doom right now on twitter….and he’s taking about corporate management! 🙂

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – We still have Checkers in Philly.

    Man, those fries.

  29. @Paul: Aww….here I am in Jersey and what do I get?….ho-hum MacD and Taco Bell. Boring.

  30. Haha, this is one of the best articles ever posted on the site. Definitely article of the year so far.

    Well done!

  31. sooooo awesome

  32. That was awesome. 

  33. I think this is going to blow Tom Katers mind. 

  34. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "They would obviously meet at their mutual tailor shop.  Step it up!"
    "That or a cave.  There are a lot of caves near the edge of town…apparently."

    –Tom Katers on Twitter

  35. The tailor shop issue where the Rogues first get together is perhaps Tom Katers’ finest episode. 

    I am torn between a need to stop further subsuming myself into the morass of social networking sites and yet a desire to follow all this twittery comic goodness. 

  36. Man, this is pure gold.

  37. i think this have slightly tip into the "ultra nerdy" zone

     but it was very funny

  38. This is making me want to break my vow to never sign up for twitter.  damn you.

  39. Haha… I saw those tweets from Tom Katers before I saw the article and I was thinking "is he talking about the Rogues?  WTF?"


  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Interesting.  The Rogues each have a different number of followers.  MirrorMaster is the most popular.  

    You gotta follow all four to get the whole story! 

  42. That’s a riot. "What’s MirrorMaster up to?… ugh, WeatherWizard. **** that clown."

    The Olympic qualifier for the men’s Point Missing competition is being held online again this year.

  43. That was brilliant!:) Great job Paul.

  44. I’m going to need a new acount just to follow the pretend twitters now

  45. That was comedy gold. 

  46. There are a bunch more: . A lot of them are listed there.