Rick Remender on the “Final Execution” of UNCANNY X-FORCE

Cover by Jerome Opena

Today we talked to Rick Remender, artist Mike McKone and editor Nick Lowe about the future of Uncanny X-Force. Which will not involve Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Remender explains that there was much teeth-gnashing, but without existing context for an AvX plot within Uncanny X-Force or Secret Avengers, he wasn’t interested in manufacturing such a tangent. Lowe agreed, pointing to the book’s history as a lone wolf amongst the X-books. It was ultimately decided that the book’s current velocity should be allowed to progress unabated.

So, what is on the horizon? The comparatively cheery Otherworld arc wraps up with #23. This positions a changed Betsy for the far more harrowing dangers ahead.

The next big chapter of Uncanny X-Force is a nine-issue mega arc in the vein of “The Dark Angel Saga” called “Final Execution.” It deals with the advent of a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with a roster Remender and Lowe contend to be its most formidable yet. A big group of heavies, all logical choices for such a legacy and not just obscure wall-dressing from bygone eras.

The script for issue #30 is already in the can.

What else? New series artist McKone teases a ridiculous Deadpool shopping spree. Remender is quick to chime in that the scene has a dramatic purpose in that Wade is on a recon mission. Nonetheless, expect silly fun in issue #25.

Not all fun and games though. That same issue sees the rise of the Omega Clan. Remender and McKone are introducing three new characters created from the remains of Omega Red (Omega White, Omega Red, Omega Black). Their power set and motivations are a mystery, but we do know that they’re involved with a corporate retail outlet called White Sky. “It’s a CostCo for assassins,” Remender explains.

We asked Remender is this “Final Execution” was in anyway a callback to the shocking execution which has personified the series from the first arc. Is this development something that the writer had planned since the very beginning? Remender explained that he never had the events of issues #25 and beyond worked out when he was plotting the first arc. “This arc started to formulate in the midst of putting together the “Dark Angel Saga.””

Lowe called it  a “thematic destination,” alluding to issues of responsibility and uneasy choices that weave throughout the series.

“Tonally, yes, this is what I wanted to do from the very beginning,” Remender says.

On the nature vs. nurture side, we asked Rick whether he believed young Genesis has any chance of leading a normal, moral life with those lips. On a more serious note, did Remender himself have plans for the lad’s future, or was he offering him up to the stable of writers to get creative with him? Remender said he was only giving Jason Aaron a taste, allowing him to borrow Genesis for a bit before pulling him back. He joked that Aaron was untrustworthy. “That beard. In his mind the Civil War is still on.” He conceded though that there are big plans for Genesis and that he will have a greater role in the X-books down the road. They just don’t want to squander him on a lackluster story. He emphasized the tight organization between the X-Men writers.

“Those lips will definitely play a role though.”

We got to laughing and the writer let slip that, on the topic of Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins may well be two of the mysterious member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Anecdotes of donkeys in Tijuana also came up. But I’ll be saving those for my memoirs.

Look for “Final Execution” in the pages of Uncanny X-Force #25, on sale in May.





  1. I officially cannot wait to see what they have in store with this new Brotherhood.
    May seems so very far away…

  2. I’m not enjoying the current arc, but with everything that came before, Remender earned my trust and this sounds promising.

    • The Otherworld arc is not bad story wise, the main problem for me is a very sub par artwork done on it. Wish that they had hired someone with a sense of proportion.

      And yet, Betsy and Fantomex are really having a tough time of it and it seems to be going to get worse before it gets better… and I’d expect nothing less from this book.

  3. Looking forward to the end of the Otherworld arc. It has not been very good. Don’t like Otherworld. Not much interest in Fantomex.

  4. This is why I love this book. It doesn’t have to work with all the other X-books. It’s a lone wolf.
    It’s hard for any story to follow up after a great Dark Angel Saga story. Uncanny X-force is still better than alot of other books out there.

  5. I hope that AoA Blob is in that Brotherhood…that character model cracks me up each time I see him.

  6. Mike McKone. Interesting choice. Can’t wait to see how that looks.

  7. So what happen to Opena? I see that he’s doing the cover but i thought he did all the main arcs?

  8. i dropped it…..love it up to the trip to the land of Capt Brit

  9. You give me a release date on those memoirs and I will give you one preorder.

  10. Anybody who dropped it, you’ll want to pick it up again with #25. Sounds gooooooooooood.

  11. Wow, very happy to hear that they’re continuing their own story. I haven’t been so intrigued by the Otherworld stuff either (except the Fantomex parts), so it’s cool to hear that they’re wrapping that up as well.

  12. thank God it’s not gonna get caught up with AVX. these events leave a bad taste in my mouth lately.

    • Agreed. It’s funny I’m dropping Secret Avengers starting with #26 because the title is tying in with AvX and there is a new artist . On the other hand, I’m staying with this title, despite the current rough arc, because it isn’t tying in with AvX and I dig the art change. A love how now I consider tie-ins a good jumping off point for series I’m reading, because when I first started reading comics, I felt compelled to read all of the tie-ins.

  13. Opining for Opeña.

  14. I want it on record that I am no way in league with these Tocchini haters.

    Bonkers, the lot of you.

    • It’s funny you say that because I think people that like it are bonkers. :p

      Different strokes.

    • I warmed up to Tocchini’s art a bit in his second issue but I find it a poor fit for Remender’s story. I’m not doubting Tocchini’s pure artistic talent but his style doesn’t seem to fit with the style Remender is using on Uncanny X-force. Tocchini style may work perfectly on other titles, but I X-force requires a cleaner, simplier style because of the depth and complexity of the content. I find Morrison’s writing also requires clean and simple artistic style to effectively mess with his complex storytelling. In the comments there are a few that enjoy his art on the title but most don’t like it at all. I wonder if the majority of the readers of the site are in-line with the commentors. A poll on this issue would be interesting.

  15. The nice thing about dropping a book is you can always pick it back up again. I won’t be reading any more of the current arc but I’ll certainly be back for the Noto issue then this. I agree Mike McKone is an interesting choice. I’ve enjoyed his stuff in the past so this should look good. I assume he’ll be getting the X-Force color treatment.

    “That beard. In his mind the Civil War is still on.” – That one got me pretty good.

  16. i don’t buy this but i want to. I’m going to jump on with this story. it sounds great!

  17. Sounds like we got at least one more year of solid stories in UXF. That alone makes this a good day. Even after all this Hank Pym nonsense.

    @Paul: I’m with you on Tocchini’s art. Bonkers indeed. When can we expect those memoirs?

  18. I wasn’t loving the otherworld arc either but last issue and the appearance of the skinless man got me excited.

    That being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m ten times more excited about this. Love or hate Tocchini I think anyone would have a hard time arguing McKone isn’t more suited for the title. Hopefully Opena is one of the artists McKone will be sharing this arc with since its going to be split like the dark angel saga was.

  19. The words Remender, Final, and Uncanny X-Force in one sentence gave me a mini-heart attack.

  20. I’m digging the Otherworld arc and Tocchini’s art, it’s gooe that this book is keeping self contained (mostly) and experimenting like this.

    vive la différence

  21. Wasn’t Robbi Rodriguez going to take over on art duties?
    I respect McKone but he is a very normal penciller for what I’ve grown to expect of this book.

  22. You had me at Mike McKone.

  23. When I get back from abroad, one of the first things I’m doing is grabbing the trades of this and trying to catch up. I’m really sicck of missing out on this book. It makes me feel dumb that I didn’t jump on right away. Deadpool scared me off. Should have just given it a chance.

  24. This article has got me amped for those upcoming arcs. Mind you, at this stage I could be reading Remender’s grocery list & think it was War & Peace…..

  25. How about Rafael Grampa on this title? A cover is nice but interiors would be premium.

  26. Marvel’s next big thing…a storyline so good that it WON’T be involved in a big dumb crossover! innovative! sign me up! 🙂

  27. I almost expected to see that Remender was leaving X-Force after this.

  28. Was one of my favorite titles all around until they took Jerome Opena off art, I dropped it after issue 20, good writing can enhance bad art and vice versa but this art just got terrible and will come back for the Final Execution arc if Mckones art is good as I’m not familiar w him.