Remender Reveals The All New, All Different Uncanny X-Force

Spiraling out of Second Coming, Marvel has announced a newly restructured X-Force. A new roster. A new mission statement. The team also has a new (old) adjective. The black-ops team now known as the Uncanny X-Force consists of:





and, of course, Deadpool

On paper, it sounds like a liftime of casework for a willing psychotherapist. A veritable support group of mercenaries and assassins with no shortage of identity crises. But there's no time for Hawaiian Punch and graham crackers. There's a newly resurrected Apocalypse out there, and that's gonna require some late-night wetworks. Who better to helm such a project than lunatic Rick Remender and frequent collaborator and dynamic draftsman Jerome Opena?

The new series debuts in October with several thousand variant covers, including a blank one. So, theoretically, this has the potential of getting a cover treatment from every artist working in the industry, as well as your cousin the budding tattoo artist known only as Klaus.


Blank Cover also available
Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN
Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD
Explicit Content …$3.99



So, how's about them apples? An exciting new direction for the X-Force or just another Deadpool book? Whatdya say, iFanbase?


  1. Who’s this Wolverine guy, and how does he get on so many teams?

  2. @cubsmodano, Multitasking as a mutant power.

    "several thousand variant covers", Awesome quote.

  3. This would be my first dip back into the X-pool in a long, long time. And the only thing making it possible is the creative team here.

     I’ll tune in.

  4. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I’d rather not have Deadpool on the team…but Deadpool being written by Remender?  This I’ve got to see.

  5. 974 mutants, and the same six are in every book.

    Nice to see another take on Deadpool. Every writer needs some time off.

  6. With Remender writing this it has the potential to be brutal in it’s excellence. Deadpool is not a bad character. He’s overused and not every writer gets him, but he’s not inherently bad. Fantomex is the awesome sauce. I’m a sucker for hype though.

  7. This has got to get Deadpool excited, finally being on an X-team and all.

    I’ll definitely be checking this out.

  8. I think I’d prefer no Deadpool but other than that this sounds good!

  9. I’ll pass

  10. I dropped the current (now cancelled? I don’t know) X-Force after the first arc, but this one looks promising – Remender and Opena could do polar bears in snow and I’d buy it.

  11. No Domino? Tsk.

  12. A book about an black-ops X-Men team I don’t want. A book by Remender and Opena I want. Waht to do…

  13. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be cool for Deadpool to be on a team and be the only one to break the 4th wall, with the rest of teh book completely serious?

  14. I’m actually intrigued for this title for more then just Deadpool. Although he’s another reason why.

    1) Fantomex. Love the character, excited to see him on a full time basis again.

    2) Remender is writing this. Usually he is hit or miss with me, but this could finally be the title for him to showcase his talents.

    3) Opena as artist. Then again, he only did do one arc for Remender’s start on Punisher. At least the first arc for this should be beautiful.

    4) Apocalypse is back! Yay!

  15. im looking forward to this

  16. So… conflicted. I want a wet works team book by this creative team. Very, very badly. However, I was let down by the last/current X-force book and that didn’t have deadpool. Damn, I hate deadpool. But Fantomex is in this! I love Fantomex. Have no idea if I’ll be picking this up.

  17. I tell ya what, I’m a sucker for ecclectic teams. This looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’ve yet to be overly impressed by this Remender cat everybody’s talking about, but this crazy grouping of characters is just the sort of thing that’s making Secret Avengers such a blast right now. In like Flint.

  18. Yup, definetely picking this up now. I’ve never really disliked Deadpool but I was going through Deadpool sickness due to his overuse. But Remender can probably mend that plus I love the rest of the team (FANTOMEX!!!!!!!!!).

  19. how does wolverine find the time? how?

  20. I’m most likely on board.  Somewhat depends on the price/page count.  Remender is actually hit and miss with me but this seems like it will be a hit and Opena is always awesome.  I love that they went with Uncanny X-Force over New X-Force.  I was getting a very tired of the adjective New.

    As far as the Deadpool and Wolverine thing goes, I’m not currently reading a Deadpool or Wolverine book anyway so no big deal to me.  Maybe they can go a lot of bonding on this team about how busy their schedules are.

  21. I’m still in denial that Kyle and Yost and leaving, so I can’t accept this yet!

  22. I love me some Remender. Can’t wait.

  23. This has the makings of a near perfect comic book for me. Remender and Opena are one of my favorite tandems, and few things make me happier than Fantomex and Deadpool alongside Wolverine in a team book. My only issue is the lack of Domino…who is MY GIRL. 



  24. @Wood  That comment, and my reaction to that comment, just PROVES that everything is for SOMEONE and nothing is for everyone.  (I would, however, also dig more Domino). 

  25. I was really enjoying the current roster of X-Force so it’s disappointing not to see Domino or X-23 featured in the next iteration.

  26. Domino’s in that ‘Sex & Violence’ mini, I believe, so maybe that explains her whereabouts?  Was she in "Second Coming"? 

  27. Psylocke is attractive, so I might read it.

  28. Why do I hate Greg Land? Let me count the ways.

    1. Archangel is holding a gun.

    I could continue, but that should be enough justification right there.

  29. That’s too bad.  I’m really going to miss X-23.  She’s so bad ass.

  30. Having to think about this further, I cannot tell you how giddy I am for this.

    Fantomex and Deadpool on the same team? Tell me that one of them isn’t going to kill each other on the 1st page. I want to read this just to see how badly these two are going to fuck each other up.

  31. Capital P for a good ol’ fashion classic PASS!

    The recent X-force was the best. I was actually hoping they’d drop Worthington too. 

    Oh well I may very well be off the band wagon of X-books for good, god knows I’m not reading X-Twilight Saga.

  32. This actually looks pretty good to me. I’d like to substitute Fatomex for Domino but other than that I’m good with the roster. I would like to see guest appearences by Gabmit and Sunfire. As former horsemen of Apocalypse it would be cool to see them team with X-Force. I loved Remender and Opena’s first issues of Punisher and wonder what they have come up with here.

  33. Remender’s dialogue exchanges between Logan, Wade, Fantomex are going to be priceless!  Meanwhile Psyloche and Archangel will be banging crazy during downtime.

  34. @Jimski- now, now, haven’t you been reading?  there’s only 198 mutants… 6 of which are on every team.

  35. Remender at the helm means I will finally read X-Force.

  36. I think i just threw up in my mouth a little

  37. Wolverine’s on so many teams, I guess with his healing factor he doesn’t need to sleep. He can be superheroing 24/7.

  38. Someone like Dan Slott or Peter David should do a story where Wolverine doesn’t have a healing factor at all, but is actually a Madrox dupe. Every time we see him die and get back up it’s actually just a duplicate, and it would explain how he’s everywhere at once.

  39. I had a wolverine/deadpool joke too, but it seems there are as many of those here aas there are deadpool/wolverine titles!


    I’d love to see Deadpool in something other than his usual Red and black. Also, seeing him actually be part of an X-team is cool, especially one that fits his job description.