QUESTION: Best Single Issue of 2010

Around this time of year, people start making lists and declaring the 'best of' list, and we're no better than that!

The question is, what was the best single issue of 2010?  We did lots of Picks of the Weeks, and talked about hundreds of books on the podcast, but maybe we missed some, or there were some from earlier in the year that have completely slipped our minds.  Plus, everyone has different tastes and opinions.  What were the best single issues you read this year? 

In the next few weeks, I'll come up with a post detailing the final list, but this is your chance to chime in.

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Me? I'll be looking at titles like Detective Comics, Scalped, Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk, Daytripper, and others. 




  1. Action Comics #891

    Blackest Night #8

  2. was the poyo issue or chew this year? hmmm… should check that when I get home

  3. Fables #99

  4. I’ll… get back to you.

  5. My favorite issue of the year was probably Batgirl #14

    Moment of the year? There were a lot of great little moments in the Batbooks (Damian with a bow and arrow, Bruce hugging Tim, Damian wondering what happens to his and Dick’s relationship when Bruce comes back) but over all?

    Jonah Hex tackled a horse. Can’t beat that.

  6. @convoy83  I *think* Poyo was issue #12, and yes that was this summer.

  7. Red Robin 12

  8. 5. Power Girl #12
    The final issue of the fantastic Gray/Palmiotti/Conner run that sums up exactly why that run was such a success.

    4. Brave and the Bold #33
    The girl’s night issue with the inevitable, but totally amazing twist ending.

    3. The Flash #1
    The return to form for the Flash featuring a great new mystery and some awesome action and art.

    2. Amazing Spider-Man #625
    The gut-punch Rhino issue that solidifies just how sucky it must be to be Spider-Man.

    1. Batman and Robin #13
    The Joker/Damian fight issue; the perfect start to Morrison’s final arc on the book with outstanding art by Frazer Irving. 

  9. Damn. Hmm.  

    Hellboy in Mexico or Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #3 (from last week).  

  10. This is gonna be a big assignment, but one I’m looking forward to. Avante!

  11. See, last year it was simple. No question, without pause, Jonah Hex #50. 

  12. Batman and Robin #15. Easily.

  13. @ComicBookGuy37  Yep, Brave and the Bold 33 is my pick too.

  14. Hands down the issue of Brave and Bold with Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Batgirl (B Gordon). Can’t remember the issue number

  15. Brave & Bold #33 – NO QUESTION!!

  16. Amazing Spider-Man #617

  17. Secret Avengers #5 – Max Fury was far too awesome!

  18. Brave and the Bold #33.

  19. @West  That one’s up there too. Damn, this is tough. 

  20. It would help if you included a very short summary. Not required, but helpful.

  21. Oh Christ. I read too much for a question like this.

    Off the cuff I’m gonna go with Return of Bruce Wayne #6. I love a good mindf*ck.

    But that’s probably my vote because it’s still fresh in my mind. I might be getting back to you after some thought.

  22. tough call! penultimate Daytripper, several recent Sweet Tooth issues, Poyo! issue….hmm…

    initial gut reaction says the penultimate Daytripper.

    reserve the right to revise and amend or vote twice in this nonscientific poll…. 🙂 good question.


  23. Batman and robin #16, i mean come on, can it get any better with the culmination of years of plots?

    for art alone i’d say X-Force #26 the nightcrawler death one, the painted panels, the close-ups of kurt’s face, oh my, my

  24. Trying to dig through my mind, but there were a few titles that scream contender from Daytripper, maybe Ultimate Spider-Man…Jonah Hex 50 was awesome, i agree with Paul (but now I gotta go run and see Brave and the Bold #33)…

    I need coffee. I can’t answer this question right now. I will shut up. 

  25. Amazing #625, the rhino vs rhino story

    Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark
    Thor Mighty Avengers… #4 i think, the one with the warriors three
  26. @mikeromo  Jonah Hex 50 was LAST year. I was just saying last year was an easy choice. This year feels like there are way too many contenders. 

  27. My first instinct is Red Robin #12

  28. Siege Epilogue The Sentry Fallen Sun, synopsis: crap sandwich.  It’s the best <blank> single comic this year. 

  29. I’m always terrible at remembering these!  Like. . .there was that one issue of ‘New Avengers’ where stuff happened and it was cool?  Lots of good suggestions here, though!

  30. Here’s my list (so far):

    Brave and the Bold #33 is what leapt to my mind first. SO GOOD. All heart.

    Batgirl #14 – The team up between Stephanie and Supergirl was a panel-by-panel joy to read.

    Unwritten #17 – The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ issue is breathtaking, and quite an accomplishment.

    Thor Mighty Avenger #3 – Thor and Hank Pym in the most fun book.

  31. American Vampire 5 or Power Girl 10.

  32. I’m going with Brave and the Bold #33 as well.

  33. The first issue that came to mind was Hellboy In Mexico.

  34. Batgirl #13

  35. The Dexstarr Side Feature in Green Lantern #55. 

  36. Torn between:

    1. The Brave and the Bold #33 – the girl’s night out issue with Babs, WW and Zatanna. The reveal completely floored me. 

    2. Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark – just for the sheer insane stupidity of it.

  37. Amazing Spider-Man 648

    Took everything good about Brand New Day, left out everything that was bad, and added some new interesting stuff.  I am a spider-man guy and this was my favorite issue over the last 10 years.  Loved it. 

  38. I was going to say Sentry: Fallen Sun but someone beat me to it.

    In all honesty, the Joe Kelly’s first Rhino story as far as super hero stuff goes.

    Daytripper #8 was probably the best single issue released this year.

  39. Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5 was my absolute favorite issue this year. It was the issue that feature the “HUGE” fight between the shadow monster and a giant Tyler Locke.

  40. Avengers Prime #1

  41. Jonah Hex # 50 was last year?! sheesh where does the time bloody go?!!?!?!?

  42. there was a great WD issue where Michone took Rick down… i forget the number.  I gotta think more about this.

  43. Brave and the Bold #33 – It got me into a more serious interest in collecting in issues. This is a comic book that deserves to be on a shelf than in a box.

  44. Batman and robin 13. Easily.

  45. Shoot.  I was gonna say GI Joe Cobra Special #1, the Tomax/Xamot mirror issue (since I just read the trade, brilliant!), but it was apparently published at the end of 2009.  Now I’m stuck.

  46. Brave and the Bold #33. A self-contained and misleadingly light-hearted story with a heart-wrenching twist. And the fact that it sticks out in the mind these many months later is a testament to its success.

  47. OK, here’s what I got… (because I can’t pick just one)

    Power Girl #8 – PGs date with Zardoz. I think this is my favorite issue of the run. Action, humor, romance. There are SO many different facial expressions in this one, and Amanda Conner is just plain perfect at them. Issue #12 is a very close runner up.

    Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4 – Warriors Three. Captain Britain. Bar fight. So much awesome. I think this is the definitely issue of the series. That said, I think issue #3 (with Ant-Man and Wasp) is my favorite – that’s when I started calling Thor my boyfriend.

    Wonder Woman #600 – this is how you do an anniversary issue for an iconic character.

    Batgirl #14 – Supergirl and Batgirl team up to go to the movies, except a dozen Draculas crash the party. Hijinx ensue. This could have easily been bad, but it was perfect. Bryan Miller’s writing and grasp of these characters is perfect. It’s impossible to not smile and chuckle while reading this issue. Close runner-ups: issue #10, 13 and 15.

    Daytripper #9 – I seriously thought this was the last issue and would have been very OK if it was. Such an amazing title.

    Knight & Squire #2 – This book pushed so many of the right buttons for me. So many.

    Chew #11 – the start of the most recent arc in the series takes place at a dinner party that serves nearly impossible to find “foods”. I wasn’t particular in love with the International Flavor story arc, and this issue reminded me of why I loved this series.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32 – Xander is testing out Buffy’s new superpowers in a way only Xander would do. It was the first time I enjoyed Buffy in a long time.

  48. Are we including single issue reprints as an option  as well?

  49. Would Darwyn Cooke’s “Parker: Man with the Getaway Face” count?  That was pretty awesome.

  50. Brave & The Bold 33: Or, How Comics Can Suckerpunch Your Soul & Make The Crippling Of Batgirl Even More Poignant.

  51. Amazing Spider-man 617

  52. I’m picking between three issues.  
    Incredible Hulk #611 – the conclusion of World War Hulks where Hulk and Skaar go at it.  It had great action and had a very emotional ending.
    Invincible #72 – a very violent fight with Conquest and company against Invincible, Nolan, Oliver, Allen and Tech Jacket.  It was interesting to see how each character had a different fighting how and the final moments between Mark and Conquest was literally stomach churning.
    Hulk 26 – Red Hulk gets his comeuppance with Thor and The Watcher.  One of the few issues that made me laugh out loud this year.  Red Hulk makes amends for his arrogant ways and just wants to be a soldier again.

    My pick for best single issue Hulk #611.  It’s the one issue this year that choked me up a bit and had some great smashing.

    Most ridiculous moment of the year: Nemesis #3, where he rigs someone’s uterus to explode if the pregnancy (inseminated via her homosexual brother) is interfered with. 

  53. Ok… gotta do some research on this one.

  54. Sea bear and grizzly shark….

  55. Batman and Robin 16

  56. ASM #625 Joe Kelly, Rhino.

  57. How about S.H.I.E.L.D #1? I’m sure there’s an Irredeemable issue worthy as well.

  58. @PaulMontgomery  Jonah Hex #50 comes to mind first. I totally agree … I want to think about it. This week’s homework assignment. 🙂

  59. I agree that Brave & the Bold 33 will be hard to beat

  60. It’s either Brave & Bold 33, Batman & Robin 16, Daytripper 8, or Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark. If forced to pick just one…Daytripper 8.

  61. Best Comic: Daytripper 8:  The one where that follows his wife.  The void that Bras’ death left made me really tear up.  That whole issue was a testament to the emotion of loss.

    Close second: Amazing Spider-Man 625, where the original Rhino tries to go straight, but ends up losing the very person he was trying to go straight for.

    (guess comics about loss really spoke to me this year)

    Third (and maybe I’m just remindd of the delight because it’s pictured in the post): Action Comics 893.  How can you argue against a gorilla wielding a giant spon of death?  Makes me giggle every time I think of it.  Paul Cornell is a genius! Demented possibly, but a genius.

  62. These would be my nominations, with a few notes on why. If I had to pick one: ASM #625.

    Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #3

    A while back in Invincible, Robert Kirkman tried to do an entire event in one issue. It was interesting, but somewhat unsuccessful. This issue is a similar idea: compress what could be months of storytelling, including new discoveries, major revelations and gigantic battles – into one issue. The good news is Joe Hill pulls it off. This book is flawlessly executed, and packed (seriously – packed) with action, intrigue and extraordinary character development.

    Morning Glories #1

    This issue is just a master class on how to hit the ground running and instantly draw readers into your story. The issue juggles more than a half-dozen characters, but none feel under-developed (even ancillary characters, like Jade’s father and brother, feel like real people). The world is offbeat and intentionally arch, but it never felt gimmicky or untrue. And the premise is spooky and strange, but never felt like it was mysterious just for the sake of mystery. And aside from all that, the issue was just extremely well-crafted. Solidly structured, great dialogue, and a constant sense that we’re building toward something. There’s a reason Image burned through so many printings of this issue.

    Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1

    Going in, I thought I knew exactly what this issue would be like. I. Was. Wrong. Most writers, when given this assignment, would have followed the predictable route. Wolverine and Spidey, zany banter, high action, campy villain, and we’re done! Instead, this issue takes us places we never expected. Every page held a new concept, a new development, a new surprise. Jason Aaron packs more cool ideas into this one issue than most books have on their entire run. This issue was fun. Very fun. But even more than that … it was poignant. Who would have seen that coming?

    Transformers Ongoing #4

    Speaking of unexpectedly poignant. This was “the Thundercracker issue.” The issue where writer Mike Costa basically said, “here’s my mission statement. Here’s the type of book this will be.” I knew nothing about Transformers before reading this series, and only hopped onto it based on the strength of GI: Joe Cobra, yet this issue was totally accessible, because it’s about a problem that everyone faces, at some point in their lives. This is an issue about adaptation (or, uh … transformation). It’s about what happens when the world changes, and your habits and actions and even your ways of thinking are no longer relevant. I’d never heard of Thundercracker before reading this, but by page 22 I was rooting for him.

    Amazing Spider-Man #625

    This was one of Joe Kelly’s Rhino issues. And man … I don’t think I have ever been so moved by a superhero comic book. This is a story about huge, classic themes – a redeemed man, falling from grace, and the guilt of those who were unable to stop him – but Joe Kelly brings it down to a human level, making us care. Really care. On top of that, this issue has an extraordinary action sequence and a tragic ending that continued to haunt me long after I’d finished reading. Joe Kelly is a master, and this issue is a masterpiece.

  63. I took your advice and scrolled through my picks of the week.  Here’s the order:

    3.  Sword #24 – This was the final issue of the series.  What a shocker!  It’s rare when a story actually surprises these days.  With the final issue of Sword, it all comes full circle with something so shocking, I’d not want to spoil it here.  If you read it, you know.  If you didn’t, pick up the collected edition.  Just amazing storytelling each issue.

    2.  Phonogram #7 (of 7) – This series was hard to see go.  Not only was the writing superb, the art was amazing as well.  Never have I seen an artist really take into account the physical style of a character with stylish clothes and hair.  Further, the music and annotations really made this book ‘real’ to me.  I listened and bought the music for each issue as I read it.  Each issue took almost an hour to read along with the music research and music references.  All of that coupled with this issue not having many words at all, it’s the book I recommend for those who don’t read comics.

    1.  Brave & the Bold #33 – I’m so happy to see so many other recommending this one. Out of all the books I read this year, it’s this (only) one that gave me a physical reaction, that pit in my stomach and tingly sensation in my tear ducts.  Well written…well drawn…well composed.  Easily the pick of the year. 

  64. Scalped #42, hands down.

  65. Wow! This is a tough one….I mean I’ve looked at all of my POTW’s so far and there isn’t much of a huge difference in quality. When I make a POTW it’s usually means it’s the best and has the same quality with the previous POTW’s. I guess if I could make a list (in no order):

    1) Chaos War #3. The mini-event has been a great source of entertainment for the last couple of months. It brought back my love of Hercules and Amadeus Cho and it’s a nice swan song for Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente’s run on the characters. Also, in this issue in particular, the art by Khoi Pham was outstandingly gorgeous. Probably the best looking mainstream comic I’ve read this year (so far).

    2) Vertigo Resurrected #1. A bit of a cheat cause it’s a collection, but it definitely is one of the best comics I read all year.

    3) Joker’s Asylum: Harley Quinn. Just a fun comic to read and the best of the Asylum one-shots that came out. It reminded me a lot like the animated series, especially with the great Joe Quinones art.

    4) Brave and the Bold #33. Proof that JMS can write an amazing comic when he has the drive to do so. Terrific pacing and an incredible twist (in first reading) really made this a great comic to read. If I did make my list in order, this would more then likely be the #1 choice for me.

    5) Hit-Monkey #1. (Not to be confused with the recent mini-series. This is the introductory one-shot for the character) A great find with Dalibor Talajic makes this very serious origin a blast to read. You think this is gonna be a funny, gross out book about a monkey turning into a hitman. You’d be wrong good sir or ma’am! This is as grim and gritty you can get with a monkey using a gun. Just a great idea executed perfectly by Daniel Way.

    6) Catwoman #83. One of several ‘revived’ series to come back for Blackest Night; to me this is the best to come out during this great idea. Tony Bedard did a great story about Catwoman (and the rest of the Sirens) deal with the Black Lanterns and also her crazy sister. In fact I loved this because Bedard did so much better then Dini with his Sirens series, I thought he should’ve replaced him on the series. (Which ironically he did for a bit) Also, a great roundtable of artists which made the book look really good.

  66. Avengers the children’s crusade 2 OMG Doom

  67. Brave & Bold #33 takes it! with Batman and Robin#16 a close 2nd.

  68. This was IDW’s year for me: GI Joe/Cobra II, #8:

    This was the issue with Skullcrusher and the brutal Viper training regimen. The story, script, and art all clicked for me, and I can think of no other single issue as potent as this whammy. In one pamphlet, my childhood grew up seemingly instantaneously.

  69. Amazing spidey 625, new avengers finale, siege 4, punisher max 5.

  70. Just how many times can I vote for Scalped # 35, and why the hell hasn’t anyone else?  Just about broke my bloody heart.

  71. Brave and the Bold #33

  72. Probably Unwritten #17 (the choose your own adventure issue), Daytripper #8 (the wife issue in which Bras does not appear), Scalped #42 (the end of the most recent arc about the baby featuring that sequence with Dash/Gina), Ultimate Comics Spider-man #13 (Chameleon continues to ruin Peter’s life…), or any issue of Chew from the most recent arc (because my god).

  73. It’s between three issues for me. Scarlet #1, Walking Dead #75, and Demo #6.

  74. Top 5, listed in order:

    Green Lantern #55
    Amazing Spider-Man #617
    5) Dark X-Men #3 – Not only was this entire issue a brilliant teaming of Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk, but this issue in particular is like a checklist to why Nate Grey is The Greatest Marvel Character.

    4) Uncanny X-Force #1 – With Uncanny X-Men in the quality gutter and X-Men Legacy being brilliant yet mostly ignored by everyone, the X-verse needed a new flagship title. In swooped this title, which features some of the best writing and art in any books nowadays. Exactly what the X-verse needed.

    3) Stumptown #4 – The series that Greg Rucka was BORN to write. Dex is one of my favorite new characters of recent years, and this book is perfect crime fiction. I’m anxiously awaiting more stories.

    2) Amazing Spider-Man #617 – This issue was an incredibly rewarding read. Not only was it the most heartwarming story I’ve read in a long time, but in one issue, Joe Kelly transformed Rhino from a mere prop into a fully fleshed-out and interesting character. It figures Kelly wrote this, he’s one of the best writers out there today.

    1) Green Lantern #55 – This issue was a one-two punch in terms of awesomeness. First, we get an over-the-top fun story featuring a 3-way brawl between Hal Jordan, Atrocitus and Lobo, with Lobo’s dog and Dex-Starr on the undercard. Not only did Doug Mahnke perfectly depict this greatly written fight, but this was the final phase in making Atrocitus a relatable and 3-dimensional character.
    But the aspect that makes this issue the best is the Dex-Starr origin story. This is a story that, ever since it was released, I’ve gone back to reread regularly. It’s incredibly sad and makes Dex-Starr out to be a hugely tragic character. He’s still teh awesome rage kitty, but now he’s also the sympathetic character who you’re constantly rooting for to have a happy ending.

  75. Ok, top 5:

    5) Flash: Rebirth #5 – There was no moment this year that made me pump my fist or grin quite as hard as that double page splash of the Flash Family running together. I’m a sucker for iconic imagery like that, and to see Bart running side by side with max Mercury again, excited to tell him about all of his adventures since his death, not to mention Wally’s new outfit and Lil’ Iris becoming Impulse, was super awesome! Now, if only we could see all these great characters in a book…

    4) Guardians of the Galaxy #25 – The team reunites just in time to fight a mad, rampaging Thanos. The guy just destroyed a planet, and the universe’s most lovable losers have to take him on. The culmination of one of the more masterful series in the last ten years, GotG #25 was just plain fun. Everyone throws everything they’ve got at the Mad Titan, but even Moondragon’s grief-induced rage can’t even slow Thanos down. It’s not until Star-Lord reminds us that he’s the craftiest shlag in the Galaxy that the big guy goes down, leading us into one of the best crossovers in recent memory.

    3) Thor: The Mighty Avenger #3 – Hard to choose a favorite issue of this book, but when it comes down to it, I gotta go with my man Hank Pym. The slick redesign of Giant-Man’s costume, powers and M.O. felt organic, clever and fun. Match him up with a brainwashed Thunder God, throw in a day of shopping in Oklahoma and a pinch of romantic tension and you’ve really got something special. Can’t wait to read this series for years to come… right? Right? Right.

    2) Captain America: Patriot #2 – One of the most overlooked gems of the year, this mini chronicling the career of the other-other-OTHER Captain America (Jeff Pierce, aka The Patriot) is brilliant, beautiful and, often, touching. This issue sees Jeff deal tremendously well taking up Steve’s sheild in a post-war America, gaining the respect of his fellow heros and, in one of the only scenes in comic to make me well up this year, sacrifice a part of himself in order to honor a fallen friend (I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read it, but dude… you gotta read it). Authentically moving.

    1) Red Robin #12 – Tim Drake. Teen Titans. Dick and Damien. Ra’s Al Ghul. Machinations. League of Assassins. An engagement. Chris Yost. Marcus To.

    “Well Done, Detective.”

    If you’re a Robin fan, a Batman fan, or just a fan of smart, high intensity adventure, this is your Die Hard. Or, at least, your Die Hard 2. A perfect issue.

    Runners Up: Batgirl #14, Thor and the Warrios Four #1 (Actual tears), Atom and Hawkman #46 (Blackest Night Style), Siege #2, Time Lincoln: Fists of Fuhrer #1, Green Lantern #55, Brightest Day #7, Science Dog #1.

  76. Dazzler #1 by Jim McCann.

  77. My TOP 5

    Even if it Jack Knight wasn’t in it, it was great to see the O’Dares again.

    4.  SIEGE #3:
    The real battle of Captain America’s Avengers vs the Dark Avengers.

    3.  DARKWING DUCK #1
    It delivered on all expectations and more

    2.  Guardians of the Galazy #25
    THANOS!  Nuff Said.

    1.  Amazing Spider-man #625
    Joe Kelly’s Rhino vs Rhino story was the best single issue of the past three years.

  78. The reason that i said Red Robin is because in my head i said what was the best issue of the year, and my head answered Red Robin 12!

  79. Either

    Jonah Hex #60

    Daytripper #2


    Daytripper #7

    If I was pushed, I’d probably go with Daytripper #2, but I would have to reread all of them to be sure.

  80. Probably won’t win but Ultimate Spider-man 150 really hit it home for me. The status quo change, the monster amount of fantastic artists to pay tribute to the title that introduced me to the wonderful world of comics.

  81. I don’t even remember what came out this year. uhm.

    Scarlet #1 – Bendis giving a full on well thought out character in a single issue.

    Flash #5 – Superhero comics at its finest.

    Daytripper #10 – way to get over the fact that the hook became stale.

    Brave and the Bold #33 – I mean, come on.

  82. Great question! I’ll think about it!

  83. I used my pull list pick of the weeks for the past year, looked for issues with 5’s and used memory of how much I liked it to compile my list.

    This website can be very helpful for this kind of stuff.

  84. P.S: Above links are for reviews I wrote of these books.

  85. Amazing Spider-Man #617 – The first Joe Kelly Rhino story.  One of the most touching villain stories I’ve ever read.  The follow up in #625 was also excellent, but I didn’t see #617 coming at all.

    Was Jonah Hex 50 this year?

  86. Unwritten 17. Pulling off a choose your own adventure comic was amazaing.

  87. Superman/Batman 76 and Superman/Batman 77.

  88. Just like we recognize different categories at some award shows, I think we should have different categories here too.  My favourite ‘artistic’ book that did something really cerebral, was Unwritten #17.  It would definitely get the Oscar for best editing. 

    How about a comedy book of the year?  I go with Taskmaster issue 2.  Wha?  Joo didn’t know ‘ow funny it waz?  Eh, well, to me, it was pretty funny. 

    Best issue of the year.  The Brave and the Bold #33 was a complete and total stunner.  I had picked up the run after the universal acclaim that the Flash issue from last year received.  I am so glad that I did.  The issue was fine and fun and then as the ending neared and I caught a tickle that something was askew, I remember literally saying aloud to myself “oh no.. no no no”.  My jaw was left dangling.  Of course, then upon re-reading it, the issue showed itself to be much more then a one-trick, shock-factor pony.  No, the tension is there throughout once you read it again.  It’s a beautiful single issue. 

  89. Amazing Spider-Man #625

  90. bullet proof coffin #1

  91. As many have said, my top two are Amazing Spider-Man #625 and Sword #24, but if I had to pick one: Amazing Spider-Man #625.  I don’t think I’ve gotten more emotion out of a single issue than that one, and it is just one of those stories I will remember for awhile.  The moments feel so real and tragic.  A great single issue sticks with you, leaves you thinking and wanting more, which is what both AMS and Sword did.  I think AMS gets the edge mostly because of Max Fiumara’s art, which elevated the issue’s impact, the way Joe Kelly narrated the issue using multiple perspectives, and how it redefined a character in such a raw way.

    I kind of wish I had picked up Brave and the Bold #33.  Need to hunt that down now…

  92. Avengers Prime #1 and Joe the Barbarian#1 were runner-ups, but Vertigo Resurrected #1 is my pick. The combination of various writers and artist whom took subject matter, and really showcased the strength the comic story meduim made the book a great read. 

  93. Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark #1 They got mixed up. Fantastic. 

    or maybe Scarlet #1

  94. Amazing Spider Man #625
    Joe Kelly destroyed me with that issue and made me love Rhino as a character.

  95. Amazing 625, man if you’d ever told me that a Rhino story would get the most visceral reaction of any book I read in a given year, I’d have been floored.  Second place to Blackest Night 8.  Both super hero books, but at total opposite ends of the emotional spectrum and sterling examples of what the medium can deliver.

  96. Hard question! My top picks would be Unknown Soldier 23, Daytripper 8-10, Unwritten 17, and Batman and Robin 16.

    Honorable mention to Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine 1-2 and Strange Tales II #1.

  97. Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1. Seamlessly mixes a tribute to Calvin and Hobbs into the regular story without detracting from or distracting from the regular story and character development. Truly an amazing issue.

    Unwritten #17 is a very close second.

    Both of these books undeniably prove that comics can tell stories like no other medium.

  98. In no particular order:
    – That issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger with Captain Britain
    – Daytripper 10
    – The Unwritten 17
    There were, unfortunately, lots of forgettable books this year… guess I’ll have to do something about that 

  99. Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark

    Batman #700

  100. Walking dead 75

    zombies, aliens and ryan ottley

  101. Fallen Sun. It reminded us of key moments the Sentry had in the Marvel Universe.

    1. Helping Tony Stark quit drinking.
    2. Taking Rogue’s flower

    I actually threw it out after immediately reading it, but I stand by it. 

  102. There were a few contenders but actually Amazing Spider-Man #625 might just take it for me. I can’t think of another superhero comic with such an emotional punch. It is a tough one though. Scarlet 1, Unwritten 17, American Vampire 5, pretty much all of Ultimate Spidey…

  103. I have two off the top of my head:

    SCARLET #1 excited me like no other Bendis comic has in a long time. It was great seeing him dig into a twisty crime story again and I loved all the experimental techniques he used to tell the story. Just awesome stuff.

    Amazing Spider-Man # 647 was the finale of the “Brand New Day” rotating creative teams and it was just a great send-off to the whole wild experiment. All of the different writers and artists got in there and it was a blast.

  104. DC Universe Legacies #1
    Wonder Woman #600
    Power Girl #12 

  105. I forgot about Sentry: Fallen Sun!

    That’s gotta get some kind of nod. 🙂 

  106. Scalped #34 – The conclusion of “The Gnawing” is really one of my favorite single issues in recent years. I just re-read it and am still impressed with how Aaron masterfully wraps up several huge story lines yet at the same time uses them to springboard into other engrossing situations. I am continually reminded that Red Crow is the most compelling character in comics and this issue really showcases that claim.

    Superman: Secret Origin #4 – On the other side of the emotional spectrum, this issue gives a great display of how inspiring Superman is, just in his mere presence in Metropolis, highlighted in yet another re-telling of him bursting onto the public scene. Johns gives a fantastic take on Lex Luthor and Frank’s pencils are sensational, as always.  In fact, this book has my favorite panel of the year: Luthor looking up at Superman in all his glory for the first time, simultaneously displays his inability to hide his awe and his self-importance shattering into a million pieces, even if only for a split second.

  107. Just reposting to clarify Vertigo Resurrected Shoot  #1, forgot they had just released another vertigo resurrected #1 issue this week.

  108. Brave and the Bold #33. 

    Many comics over the years have had me say “Holy Shit!” to surprising moments.

    This one had me yell “Holy Shit!” then gasp, then cover my mouth with my hand while repeating “Holy shit!” at least five times, all while my wide eyes never once left the pages…

    And, maybe it’s the 19 degree weather here, but I think it’s just from thinking of the exact second that I saw that reveal… it’s giving me goosebumps all over again.

  109. Top 5

    5. Morning glories 1. This book wowed me, and I still remeber the feeling of awe when I read that final page.

    4. Batman & robin 16- arguably other issues in the run have been better but this brought the story to it’s end, and brought a smile to my face when I read it.

    The next 3 really touched me, and were an emotional punch in the gut:

    3. ASM 625. Arguably one of the best issues of ASM Ive ever read. The story brings rhino to new heights; heights I’ve never seen in any asm foe.

    2 Daytripper 8- picked it up again flipped through the first few pages and the emotions Immediate,y ca e rushing back.

    1. brave and the bold 33- I read the issue several times, and couldn’t stop mentioning it to friends. Even lending out my copy to my casual comic reading friends.

  110. Scarlet #1 – This is probably the best first issue of a comic I’ve read in years. It just felt, regardless of whether it is or not, it just felt fresh and new. It made me not only want to read the next issue but every issue of the series.

  111. @ComicBookGuy37  Loved JMS Brave & Bold run. I am really disappointed I don’t see it solicited anymore. #33 was heart breaking but sooooo good!
    Thor the mighty Avenger #4? Fun, Fun, FUN!
    Detective #869? Great Batman story & McDaniel’s art never fails to impress.
    DCU legacies #4? Sidekicks & Our Army at War back up? Yummy!!

  112. Amazing Spiderman # 625. If you have not read this yet you are depriving yourself of one of the best written spidey books of the last 5 years. Get it, read it, and enjoy.

  113. Action Comics #893: Though the Nick Spencer co-feature became the thing I quoted to everyone I knew, that was mostly because the main story would take too much set-up for non-comics readers to get the genius of the tale or the hilarity of the lines.  But “battle spoon” indeed.  Some of the most fun I’ve had all year.

    Superman/Batman #76: The story everyone had been waiting for, and in the hands of a writer so uniquely gifted with emotional storytelling, it was well worth the wait.  The panel layouts as well were stunning and memorable. 

    Justice League Generation Lost #6: Captain Atom is lost in the timestream, and suddenly he becomes one of the most interesting characters in the universe…who knew?  But that’s another of Winick’s particular gifts, making a character whole, complex, fascinating, even if they usually seem kind of background or one-note.  This issue also contains one of the best splash page reveals of the year.  It gave me chills that echoed when it paid off in a later issue.

    Morning Glories #1: a first issue so amazing it caused me to seek out Nick Spencer’s past work and add all upcoming work to my pull list.  The 2 pages given to introduce each of the kids were perfectly constructed and gave you a neat glimpse of their core personalities quickly.  The greater story and mysteries are teased enough to get you hot for more but not put ahead of the human aspect to the story.

  114. Brave and the Bold #33. Batman/Superman #76, Hellboy in Mexico, The Flash #1

    I really want something in there from JLA Generation Lost but the thing is too good as a whole. Same for Baltimore Plague Ships.  

    What a tough question….so difficult.  

  115. What a wonderful year of comics and what a wonderful thread.  I only wish I’d been online Friday to take part in this.

    I think my personal favorite is probably the choose your own adventure issue of Unwritten.  The issue was positively overflowing with creativity.  The story was written so well that it held together in a captivating way despite the fact that we got to manipulate it.  The art was also fantastic (no small task when considering how the real estate had to be used).  

    I can’t wait to see how the guys use the responses from this thread.  I’d love to see a year end show where they examine the merits of the most prominent issues.

  116. @MrNoahBdy  same for me.specially the ending when it ties into the killing joke.

  117. brave and the bold 33

  118. I have to go with Red Robin 12