PREVIEW: Walt Simonson on THE AVENGERS #25

I would describe Walt Simonson’s art as “chunky”. I need to make it clear that this is a compliment. It’s fun. It reminds me of a different time in comics, but it also doesn’t look antiquated. It looks vibrant. It’s also notable that these pages are colored in a style that’s consistent with the art. I was looking forward to seeing these pages very much, and Walt did not disappoint.

You can check out The Avengers #25 next month.

THE AVENGERS #25 (FEB120541)
Rated T…$3.99
FOC –3/26/12, ON SALE – 4/18/12

Plus, that double page spread? That thing is leaping off the page with explosive force.


  1. He is a god among layout artists. 65 years old, and still churning out amazing work.

  2. What’s going on in that first page?

    Cap throws his shield with his cowl on…..then the next panel shows the same thing without it on.

  3. Wow. I love the cover.

  4. Thats just wonderful

  5. Wow. These are fantastic. Looking forward to these issues even more now.

  6. Oh, A.I.M…. When will you ever not love yellow radiation suits…?

  7. “Vibrant” is a good descriptor.

  8. I’m happy the colors fit the style. I didn’t want the usual murky Marvel coloring. Looks great!

  9. Enjoy it now boys, it will soon by covered by word balloons filled with Bendis-Speak

  10. Wait, I’m confused, and please bear with me hear since I’m lagging behind and catching up in trades (I just finished Thor Siege Aftermath). I thought Thor died in Fear Itself? And I know he gets replaced by Ulik-Thor, but what’s the point of Ulik-Thor as a replacement if Thor-Thor is alive as seen on this page? Was there an issue where he shows up and is like “Nay, I did not perish that day, Captain. ‘Twas not mean to be,” or something? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

    • That question is basically still being addressed in The Mighty Thor series. To my knowledge, the Avengers title never showed “Ulik-Thor” (or Tanarus) instead of Thor.

  11. I wish Bendis and Simonson could have just done like a 100 page, non-continuity thing. I think that would be a lot more…effective for Simonson, it is just weird seeing him draw a Red Hulk. At least for me, because I know him because of his Thor stuff (which I’ve been reading for a year slowly).
    Maybe it is the coloring? I hope this is great for everyone – Simonson is awesome, despite what I wish this was.

  12. Looks good. Should be a great way to send Bendis off. Any send off for Bendis would be good at this point but, still, you know what i mean

  13. I am enjoying Bendis run on the avengers and can not wait to read this run with Simonson.

  14. Ooof does that look good. That looks really good.

  15. I’ve always liked Simonson, though never quite revered him like many folks do, but those are fantastic looking pages!