Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Walt Simonson on THE AVENGERS #25

Walt Simonson will draw The Avengers #25, and the five issues that follow it. If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, that might be all you need to hear. He’ll be there to close out Bendis’ run on that book lasting as long as many readers can remember.

But before Bendis was known to most, he was a fan of Walt Simonson, and when he approached him at a convention, Simonson treated him “like a peer” following up with encouraging letters, and being a friend. From then on, they’d see each other at conventions and such, and always talked about working together, but it never came to be. Until now.

After many years working for DC Comics, Walt’s schedule has finally allowed him to take on the task, and Bendis can work with a hero of his, following working with Neal Adams last year. Says Bendis, “I can’t imagine topping that.”

For Walt’s part, he’s excited to get started on these characters, some he’s drawn before and some he hasn’t. As part of the Avengers vs. X-Men event, he’ll have characters from both teams, and was even a little blindsided by the sheer amount of characters. He was warned, but “when Brian said ‘you know, there are a lot of characters’ I didn’t realize he meant a lot of characters” Still he’s looking forward to taking on Captain America, getting back to some Thor in his new-to-Walt dudes, as well as Cyclops and Storm. He also noted that Quake is a “really cool looking” character as well. But the thing he’s most psyched about drawing? “Some guys from AIM with that beehive protective helmet.” He’s also really excited to draw Iron Man, having been a big fan of Gene Colan’s work on Tales of Suspense.

The thing that came across more than anything is that Walt is truly a fan of Marvel Comics. He’d been buying all the titles when Stan, Jack, Steve, and that class were running Marvel, and this is just a continuation of that.

Avengers #25 cover by Daniel Acuna

The Avengers #25 cover by Daniel Acuna

What’s new to Walt these days is not knowing what he can and can’t talk about. But he’s not too worried about spoiling things, because even he doesn’t know what’s coming up. That’s on the writer, he says.

Simonson hasn’t drawn a monthly comic for about 10 years, since Orion for DC Comics. But he’s been doing more work than ever lately, and so far he’s having fun being back on the “freelance trail”, but we should check back with him in a few weeks to be sure.

Other than a big splash page with Thor that he can’t wait to get started on, we don’t know much about what’s coming up in these issue, but rest assured it will be rendered by one of the greatest artists comics have seen, and the team is entirely thrilled about what they’re producing.

The Avengers #25 hits stands in April.


  1. This makes me happy! I told myself I wouldn’t buy Xmen vs. Avengers, but now I’ll have to.

  2. Nice Acuna cover BTW

    • Acuna has been awesome on the Avengers so far–and that cover is a perfect example of his work on the title.
      Sad to see Acuna go but excited to see where he lands next. And CAN’T WAIT to see these Simonson pages!

  3. Woah, that is amazing news! Guess I’ll be getting back on the Avengers train again.

  4. The coloring totally took my attention and it took me a while to realize the laser blast is in the shape of an “X”.
    So great.

    And not to be the naive youngster, but I’ve yet to read books drawn by Simonson. Might as well start now.

  5. I understand about different strokes and whatnot, but I seriously cannot imagine anyone not wanting to buy these issues.

  6. This is rally awesome news!

  7. Not only is he a great artist, but the visual gags that he occasionally adds to his work are bar none.

  8. this could be a fun little run.

    i wonder….since Simonson hasn’t done in ongoing in years does everyone know who he is? I know his name, i’ve seen the work in books, but his work in regular issues is before my time, so i’m not sure what to expect.

    Bendis is that rocker on the farewell tour asking his buddies to some duets….

    • I don’t think it will matter if people know Simonson or not. I believe it will move some units for the more hardcore fans, but as you said, the rockstar here is Bendis and his final issues of his Avengers work will be what drive people to pick up these issues. Plus that nice big banner at the top of the issue will move issues too.

    • yeah i mean whether or not they move issues isn’t something i need to worry about….I was really interested if the enthusiasm was there for anyone under 35.

      Kinda like how in Football people talk about Dan Marino and Joe Montana and a large segment of younger fans just think they are old timers who don’t matter.

    • in that case, i still think it’s the hardcore fans who will appreciate that Simonson will be on art duties, those being the same people who bought his Thor Omnibus last year. I suspect that a lot of people will have a general positive feeling towards Simonson, who will know the history surrounding his work, much like there is a segment of people who look at Marino and Montana and know what they meant to the game when they played.

      Though I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a segment of people who’d be mad at a move like this, wanting their artists, the big guys of today, drawing this run, and not some guy who was relevant years ago (not my thinking).

    • I don’t really buy monthlies only in trades as it saves money and I’m a poor student and they make good items on a wish list. That said I am interested in this. Not sure I’ll get it as and when but I’ll keep an eye out. I’m 22 so really have no experience with Simonson and from single panel shots I am not attracted greatly. I am aware though that he is a story teller and certainly in this medium there is a difference between the guy who can do pinups and they guy who moves you through a journey. I hear great things and am interested. I wouldn’t say I’m excited but I wouldn’t say I’m apathetic either.

  9. Bendis is pretty pretty damn good with them tie-ins too. Looks like I’m back in.

  10. Oh hell yes. Too bad this will be marred with AvX silliness though.

  11. The only person who suffers from this? John Siuntres, who must be kicking himself for not waiting just a month to have the two back-to-back on an episode of Word Balloon. Slightly unfortunate luck.

    At any rate, sounds like an awesome little run of Avengers comics to come!

  12. This news just might get me to buy Avengers even though I will NOT be buying AvX. I’m definitely in for Simonson’s issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes (#5) next week.

  13. Bendis and Simonson??? Sign me up

  14. Positive: Walt Simonson kicks ass

    Negatives: It’s an Avengers comic by Bendis. It ties into an event I could care less about.

    So the negatives stops me from picking this up. But good for Bendis for getting an artist to end his run with style.

  15. I know there’s a whole AvX tie-in here, but its Simonson. Even if the last issue of his run ends in a incomplete sentence I’m there (and it probably will). ‘Nuff Said.

  16. Welcome back to the Marvel sandbox Walt! Just go nuts on those splash pages in Avengers vs X-men !!

  17. Curses!…I knew I’d get roped into this Event somehow….congratulations Marvel on landing Simonson as artist and me as a reader.

  18. I like this

  19. Will John Workman be lettering??

  20. Color me conflicted! I want the Simonson art, but not the Bendis story or this event.

  21. Nice!

  22. I really want a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and a Weird Al DVD, for some reason, right now.

  23. I’m more of a writer guy myself (and Simonson is a hell of a writer in his own right). But Simonson is one of the few artist who’s work I will pick up when something new is announced. So for him to be working on this book (A book I’m still enjoying) is awesome. Can’t wait for this run.

  24. i swear to God i was just thinking I’d love to see these two guys work together, and I’d love to see Walt draw the new Thor costume. God, I am excited for this.

  25. I know people aren’t thrilled to death with AvX but with Bendis and now Simonson playing with so many great characters, this will be a lot of fun.

  26. I’m a fan of Simonson from his work in X-Factor but I’m more curious than excited about this announcement.
    Curious to see what Simonson’s art style is like these days and if he still have the stuff to crank out a 5 issue run.

  27. Ok Bendis… When Thor shows up for the first time in these issues? You’d better make sure that it’s a DAMN epic page for Walt to draw.

  28. Woooow, I’ve never bought an Avengers book that was non-Secret but I don’t think I’ll be passing this up. Might even pick up some of the other stuff in the AvX if I like this.

  29. Wow. I love Walt, but have no interest in the Avengers. Color me torn.