Pasqual Ferry’s Thor Looks Beautiful

If you're looking forward to Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry's Thor in September, these images posted on Ferry's blog, depicting the pre and post colored states will make you just a bit more impatient. The black and white work is pretty stunning, but Matt Hollingsworth's work on colors isn't so bad either. Pretty. Verily.



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  1. Ferry is an underrated artist who has been on the cusp of blowing up for like 15 years.  Hunt down some of his old Heroes For Hire books from the mid 90s.  Great stuff, even back then.  Looking forward to this.

  2. I like how Thor’s helmet is, like he just landed in the panel.

  3.  Awesome, nuff said!

  4. If it wasn’t Fraction I would recommend they release this without words.

  5. @luthor — agreed, man. His old Heroes for Hire stuff was good, and he’s only evolved from there. A definite talent. Looking forward to this as well.

  6. I can’t wait to see what the new creative team brings to the table.

  7. Ferry is a great talent indeed. I recommend everybody to try to hunt down the Adam Strange mini he did with Andy Diggle (i think) a couple of years back. Really great stuff!

  8. Fraction lost me with Iron Man lately but this could get me on Thor.  Love me some Ferry artwork!

  9. Fraction did some good Thor books previously so I’m looking forward to this.

  10. @Ehssan – One of the best trades I own, and one of my favorite stories ever!

    Ferry is unbelievable. Can’t wait for this. I feel like he’s another Coipel or Reis, where all he needs is one big hit for people to recognize his talent.

  11. The b/w does look incredible. At least the coloring is not that over-muddied slop that Marvel occasionally does. But wouldn’t it be cool if one of the upsides to digital distribution was giving the consumer the option of buying the color or black and white version? 

  12. Very pretty. I’m kind of wishing I could afford two Thor books now…Landridge and Samnee still have my money-vote though.

  13. Beautiful stuff. Ferry looks to be perfect for this series.

    It’s the writing by Fraction that worries me more though.

  14. I love Pasquel Ferry.  I really enjoyed his stint on Ultimate FF and the Adam Strange mini he did a few years back was excellent as well.  I’m really excited for this forthcoming title.

  15. Yea I am hoping the quality of this run ends up on par with Fractions "Ages of Thunder" One Shots (some of my favorite Thor stories to ever read). But the concept of those were waay different. Those stories were telling the Ancient stories of Asgardian mythology whereas this will be in current marvel continuity.But he has an able artist along with him here as heres hoping!

  16. Finally a proper colorist for Ferry. So many times has his work been downgraded with bad coloring. Yet Fraction is a turn off for me, so I might just browse the 1st issue & see what happens from there.

  17. @SpiderTitan- indeed, in fact that art that marvel released along with the announcement of Fraction and Ferry’s taking over Thor was good, but was significantly downgraded due to its coloring imo, it looked….i dont know..watered down or somethin.

  18. Oh my word, that’s lovely stuff.  Which might also explain why it got pushed back to September in the first place….

  19. @CaseyJustice

    I agree, Ferry really need that super-hyped project that will have the fans buzzing like what i think Thor is gonna be now with the movie next year and all. Finally he will have the attention and respect he deserves.

  20. Fantastic art… 

    … but what’s on Thor’s back that holds mjolnir in place?  Does he have a special hammer sheath back there?  A shelf?  Does it just stick to him like a World of Warcraft character?

    Yes, it’s petty. That kind of thing still bugs me. 🙂

     Gorgeous art tho… 

  21. @r3v – Magnets.

  22. makes me wish I liked Thor

  23. I was kinda hesitant when they announced Pasqual as the artist for Thor, but seeing this now I’m excited!

  24. are these spreads? The art is really amazing, but its a shame that they are ignoring the gutter by placing characters there. You won’t even be able to see Thor(middle panel) in the trade. 

  25. I’ve never been interested in Thor but this art has sold me and Fraction isn’t bad either.

  26. @degree – By Odin’s Eye Patch! Brilliant! Special URU MAGNETS!

  27. Pasqual Ferry’s Adam Strange is one of the prettiest books out there.

    But, wasn’t Thor supposed to be drawn by Chris Samnee?

  28. Ferry’s blog has more art from the series aaaannd it’s gorgeous.

  29. fantastic art. Looking forward to the more!!!!

  30. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Wow . . . last week, I was just looking to see if the Adam Strange series was collected – and wondered what Ferry was doing now. I am so psych’d for this run on Thor . . . 
    Now that Ferry’s been found – anyone know what Francisco Ruiz Velasco is doing lately? Has he left comics? (Last I heard he did work with the Hellboy animation stuff.)