NYCC 2011: Remender and Hardman on SECRET AVENGERS; Runaways on AVENGERS ACADEMY; and More

UPDATE 10/17/11- Marvel has unveiled the lineup of Secret Avengers with this piece by Gabriel Hardman! Captain Britain!

Secret Avengers

Today’s Marvel Avengers: Shattered Heroes panel was a relentless barrage of teasers and previews. I mean… ye gods, just look at all that art down there. You could make a day of it. In the interest of time, here are some of the major bullet points to ponder while you prepare a meal to get you through the slide show:

  • Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman are taking over Secret Avengers!  It’s almost unfair. The writer of Fear Agent, Venom, and Uncanny X-Force joining forces with the superstar Hulk artist on one title? The rest of your pull list just surrendered. But perhaps I have a bias. Anyway: Remender starts his run with issue #21.1 (this book’s second Point One in a year, begging for more jumping-on than a trampoline) and Hardman comes aboard as of #22. There will be some new faces on the fictional team as well, including Captain Britain.
  • Cult favorites the Runaways will finally be popping up again in the pages of Avengers Academy, where they will at least flirt with joining up for a two-issue arc. Will the kids part as friends or foes? Only Christos Gage knows for sure, and he’s not telling until issue #27 in March.
  • The time-tossed Thunderbolts will be heading back to the future, but not before bumping up against… the original Thunderbolts. Issue #171 will see this confrontation play out on a cover by original series artist Mark Bagley, with Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey working their usual magic inside.
  • There is a lot of gorgeous cover art headed our way in the coming months, much of it previewed below.


  1. Remender and Hardman on Secret Avengers????!!!!!!!

    • My reaction exactly. Holy holy shit shit.

      Hey, all you DC books that are pulling crazy ass numbers…

      Remender is fucking coming for you!!!!

    • Great news. A top of the stack book, no question. Creatively this is huge but I don’t know about this putting up big numbers. Remender and Hardman working on a book is good news for fans of those creators but I don’t see this series beating Avengers or New Avengers on the sales chart.

    • It’s called excitement yo. In no way was I being serious… or talking about Avengers or sales charts for that matter.

  2. Sorry, I typed that and then my head exploded.

    “X-Sanction”… that name is a stretch. Is it another play on “Extinction”? I’m sure the Avengers are called to place Sanctions on the X-Men, but “exanction” is not a word.

  3. Sold!

  4. AVENGERS ACADEMY, Marvel’s hidden jem. I like the characters in that book

  5. Remender and Hardman on SA? Sounds great. A bunch of the other titles look to be keeping their standards up as well, which is good news, as I’m getting Avengers, New Avengers, CAptain America, Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor and Thunderbolts, too. Can’t wait for Defenders, looks great.

  6. Honestly, I’m getting all of these, but especially excited for Secret Avengers and Runaways in AA.

  7. Yup. Bendis is doin’ Dark Avengers again. That means more evil copy cats of existing Avengers.

  8. I was hoping Hardman would be doing more comic work after Hulk. Can’t wait to read Secret Avengers, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy.

  9. Hope there is an editor out there with as good an eye as you have to catch that before print time.

    Also, Captain Obvious says “Damn Art Adams can draw!”

  10. While reading this, I swear I heard my wallet crying in pain…freaking. Awesome.

  11. I’m guessing it isn’t Daken.

    Though I kind of want it to be now, because that makes the image funnier and funnier is always better.

  12. That Journey Into Mystery cover is quite awesome. Love the Disir swimming around Loki. They’ve proven to be really great characters, especially if you’ve been reading them since Gillen’s Thor run that was squeezed in between JMS’ and Fraction’s and the New Avengers bit of Siege.

    • Agreed. Hans just keeps turning out stellar covers — another reason that Journey into Mystery may be the best ittle Marvel has out on the market at the moment . . .

  13. Echoing the NOT DAKEN sentiment. That figure doesn’t have arm tattoos either. Deodato drew his share of Daken back in Dark Avengers, so I don’t think h’ed forget identifying characteristics like that.

  14. I’m just glad to hear that Hardman is coming back to the Marvel U sooner rather than later. The fact that he’s working with Remender is just icing on the cake. Consider me stoked.

  15. I’ve been lukewarm on the Secret Avenger for some time now. As a huge Remender fan I’ll be jumping back on board

  16. I have not been liking Secret Avengers so hopefully this will be tons better.

  17. Well I’ll be jumping off the Secret Avenger’s wagon come this move. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hardman (LOVE HIM!) but I’m not a fan of Remender and he’s disappointed me too many times to trick me again.

    I love the idea of the 90s Thunderbolts mixing with the current Thunderbolts and it looks like the art on the cover reflects the 90s quite a bit.

    Finally, Storm going to the Avengers is like Daredevil joining the New Avengers. It’ll just be a ploy to get people’s attention and she’ll serve no significance in the story. No one has written a good Storm in years and it isn’t going to start now.

  18. Ellis is already off Secret Avengers? Thought it was going to be the great one-and-done spy book of the Marvel U… Now its all going to be one trade…

  19. Read New Avengers 17 and it will all make sense

  20. As sad as I am to see Ellis leave, Remender and Hardman could take Secret Avengers in very exciting places.

  21. Remender + Hardman. Sold. Sumbitch.

  22. All great news! Im really glad i got a namora comission from hardman yesterday.

  23. Who is the dark haired Ms. Marvel?

  24. So excited for all of this. I’ve been waning a little bit on the avengers for a little while. All of this has me so pumped. Remender and Hardman on secret avengers! Marvel ain’t playing around.

  25. I’ve been mixed on Venom, which is the only Remender I’ve read, so I was all set to use his arrival as an excuse to drop Secret Avengers; then I saw “Captain Britian.” Damn, back on for a couple trial issues at least . . .

    Would love to try Avengers Academy someday, but it simply is not in the budget . . .

  26. Secret Avengers will have a few new cast members too. One of them looks to be Hank Pym, or at least an Ant-Man that is not Eric O’Grady

  27. Always liked the potential of Secret Avengers, and I enjoyed the first arch but fell off. Good to see I’m fixin to pick it back up.

  28. man, Deodato is sucked the life out of New Avengers

  29. I know WHY they took off Hawkeye’s mask, doesn’t make me like it. I’m just glad someone will finally write him right. I loved when McCann was writing him. Now Hawkeye will have a voice and not sound like pizza munching, shooting the breeze superhero number 3.

  30. Love the new direction with Secret Avengers, but I’ll be sad to say good-bye to Cap’n Steve. I was hoping this would be the book in the MU where we would see Steve in “Commander Rogers” mode, with the new Super Soldier uniform, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

    Oh well – still looks like a book I’ll be buying…

  31. Johnny Storm or Jim Hammond?

  32. I felt Secret Avengers had amazing potential so i’m really hoping this can be good. However I’m hoping its bad so i can save money.

  33. Fuck yes black ops Beast! Even Valkyrie looks cool.

  34. Wow! I do not like that line up at all….Venom, Captain Britain, and Human Torch (original or FF?)

    Seems like more cutting and pasting to get a team book to work. I think the book should end with Ellis’s run personally. With that big line up change why even call it Secret Avengers?

    • 1) Valkyrie, Black Widow, Beast and Ant-Man remain.
      2) The “team” was always supposed to be whichever particular agents were activated for that specific secret mission.
      3) The concept of Hawkeye taking over as leader from Steve, or being the leader of an Avengers-related team, is not unknown in Marvel’s history.
      4) Venom is now Flash Thompson, reactivated Army vet.
      5) Human Torch? Hell, yes. I would suppose he returns sometime around Fantastic Four #600?
      6) Captain Britain is a somewhat no-brainer replacement for Captain America.
      7) That’s a pretty big squad and that means it will hard to get a lot of face time for everybody, but it’s not impossible, and it would make sense in the context of a military unit, with two or more fireteams.
      8) Shouldn’t Remender get to have a say about bringing a couple characters into the mix? Including one he’s currently writing?
      9) I’d be surprised if the Human Torch addition wasn’t an editorial mandate.
      10) Maybe it’s Jim Hammond and it has something to do with the Thunderbolts/Invaders storyline. Toro?

      It looks good to me, and Remender is writing it. I’m in.

  35. Why is it that evil/alternate Wolverine is the only one who gets to wear Wolverine’s only , ever good costume?

  36. Aww shit. Flash Thompson on the Secret Avengers?! G-g-goddamn.

  37. Please put Hawkeye back how he was thank you.

  38. Yeah , Shame it looks terrible

  39. That line-up looks awesome! I’m so there for Remender and Hardman.

  40. i like my marvel comics

  41. BUY! We didn’t have a choice, dammit!

  42. I haven’t picked up a book with Avengers in the title in a good while but I’m on board for Remender and Hardman’s Secret Avengers.

    The lineup is interesting and I particularly like Hardman’s Beast and Valkyrie. Not fond of Hawkeye’s look but I understand their desire to make him look like the Ultimates and now movie version.