New Comics for 10.26.2011 is almost too old for TV advertisers to really care

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How old are you?


  1. 28

  2. MASSIVE week for me. With school projects coming in today and tomorrow it’s the perfect time of course to read 7 amazing comics.

    All-Star Western #2, Aquaman #2, Daredevil #5, FF #11, Journey Into Mystery #630, Secret Avengers #18, and Red Wing #4

    BQ: I’m 22 years old. Probably going to be one of the youngest by miles here.

  3. 21, been reading comics since 15

  4. OK, ONLY because it’s Connor’s birthday I’m going to do my pull list.

  5. Pretty good week for me. Secret Avengers with Warren Ellis and David Aja? I’d pay twice the money for that.

  6. DMZ, FF, Kirby Genesis, Journey Into Mystery, Planet of the Apes, Scalped … looking forward to them all, except maybe Kirby Genesis, which I’m dropping after the first arc …

    I’ve been 21 for the last 23 years …

  7. Not too heavy of a week for me this week. Looking forward to The Flash and I, Vampire and Aquaman is surprising me so far. Gonna drop Batwoman. Issue 0 that came out, what, last year, was my hook, but the new path it’s taking with #1 and #2 just isn’t doing it for me. Also dropped Superman. I don’t even know what to say about that one sooo…yeah.

    Just turned the big 40 last Friday. Wasn’t really looking forward to it, but hey, ya can’t go back! (unfortunately lol)
    By the way, Happy Birthday Conor!

  8. Quite surprised to see American Vampire is delayed for a week. Couple of other books I’m getting are All-Star Western #2, Aquaman #2, The Flash #2, Teen Titans #2 and Spaceman #1. Can’t go wrong for a buck on that last one!!

    Oh and I turned 31 last week.

  9. 34 in November!

  10. Turning 34 in December, reading comics since I was 17, as in half my life!

    Happy Birthday, Conor–you are a groovy and funny guy!

  11. 3 books.
    Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man & Ultimates

    BQ: 24

  12. BQ: 27

  13. Very light week for me. <5 titles for me.

    On the bubble:
    I, Vampire
    GL: NG

  14. Big week for me. Might have to cut some things, but a couple are limited series that end this week or next month:

    AQUAMAN #2
    FF #11
    I, VAMPIRE #2
    RED SKULL #4 (OF 5)
    RED WING #4 (OF 4)
    SIXTH GUN #16
    THE FLASH #2

    Probably gonna drop FF – just not loving it.

    BQ: 40-ish. That’s as specific as I care to get.

  15. Heavy week for me, 25 books.

    10 from Image! Might be the first week Image has won my pull list.

    BQ: 30

  16. 25!

  17. Pulls: Flash, Aquaman, Superman and I, Vampire.

    I’m 24.

  18. 22 so I don’t ever know what I’m talking about.

  19. too many books. Cuts are happening. Excited for All Star Western, Aquaman and a few others.

    BQ: Old enough to remember MTV playing music as their main programming, but still not old enough for a lot of comics that come out these days. =p

  20. Conor is separating the jailbait…


  21. 32 and I feel every minute of it today.

  22. Almost 21.

  23. Great week to be an Aaron fan which I certainly am. Also double bill of fun in the shape of dd and flash. Loads of other great books. Should be sweet.
    Bq : 34, and feeling every bit of it right now.

  24. Great week of comics- I’m looking most forward to seeing where Green Wake goes now that the first arc is done.

    BQ: 37

  25. Looking forward to more beautiful art in Red Wing, and to see if I’m going to stick with Justice League Dark.

    BQ: 38. Ouch. It hurts even typing that.

  26. Pull-List this week:
    All-Star Western #2
    The Walking Dead #90
    Sixth Gun #16
    Justice League Dark #2
    Aquaman #2
    I, Vampire #2
    DC Comics Presents: Catwoman-Guardian of Gotham #1
    Dorothy and the Wizard in OZ #2

    Most excited for All-Star Western this week!

    BQ: I’m 25.

  27. BQ: Just turned 34.


  28. Pulling Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, GL:NG, Game of Thrones, Butch Baker Rigtheous Maker, and Daredevil.

    Excellent week for this 29 year old.

  29. Great week really looking forward to it!

    Anyways im grabbing Aquaman, All star Western, Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, JLA Dark, Spaceman and Wolverine and the X-Men

  30. 33, been reading since I was 28. Late bloomer.

    FF #11
    RED SKULL #4 (OF 5)
    SIXTH GUN #16
    SPACEMAN #1 (OF 9)
    THE RED WING #4 (OF 4)

    Jesus that’s a pile.

    BQ: 31, but damn, it’s an old 31.

  32. Heres my pull list for wednesday. Im most looking forward to Incredible Hulk 1. Justice League Dark 2. All star western 2. Annihilators Earthfall 2…. and perhaps Abe Sapien.. although Mignola’s stuff is so good.. its easy to take it for granted after a while.. same with walking dead..
    Not looking to drop anything just yet.. except Ghost Rider.. but thats for another week.
    I was feeling 31 years young.. untill dealing with 3months of sinus pressure in a row (driving me crazy).. now im feeling 31 years old. Its my first sinus swelling/infection ever… do nasal steroids work? anyone know?

    2000 AD #1754
    2000 AD PACK SEP 2011
    All Star Western_Full_2
    Annihilators Earthfall_2
    Captain America and Bucky_623
    Green Lantern_New Guardians_2
    Incredible Hulk_1
    Justice League Dark_2
    New Mutants_32
    The Flash_2
    The Walking Dead_90
    Ultimate Comics The Ultimates_3
    Wolverine and the X-Men_1

  33. Spaceman is the only definite one as I am not able to spend any extra money but I might just have to keep going with Daredevil and JL: Dark.

    BQ: A fresh 22

  34. Flash, JLA Dark, Aquaman, All Star western.

    And I’m 45. Looks as if I’m the oldest one here.

  35. All Star Western and I’m going to stick with Superman for some strange and loyal reason.
    BQ: 18

  36. BQ: 22

  37. reading comics since around 9/10… going to comic shops with a pull list since 12/13. briefly quit at 21/22 because of a redhead….. and because my box got dumped after not showing up at the shop for 3 months.. (pissed me off)… So i missed 18 months of the early 2000’s. It made me appreciate it more when i returned to the fold. Fables and walking dead were waiting for me… YAY!

  38. 24. got into comics when i stumbled across a video of coner on batman vs superman. then I got dark night returns and went from there.

  39. All Star Western, Aquaman, Flash, Justice League Dark

    FF, Wolverine and X-Men, Red Skull

    Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters, Planet of the Apes, Sar Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Looking at this list, I feel a heavy nostalgia bent on my pulls. Do I get any of that Vertigo cred for reading Fables, Walking Dead, Morning Glories in trade?

    BQ: 28

  40. 45, is it a tie for oldest now?

  41. Got some great books this week!

    I’m 16, going on 17 next month. 🙂

  42. I’m very excited for this week of books. Especially Flash and Wolverine and the X-Men.
    I’m also 22. Its pretty cool to see the amount of young people on the site.

  43. I’ve got about an hour left of being 34

  44. 25 years old

  45. BQ: 29, I’ll be 30 next year. The Mayans were right the world does end in 2012

  46. Amazing Spider-Man #672, Deadpool #45, Incredible Hulk #1, Teen Titans #2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3, The Mighty Thor #7, The Walking Dead #90, Venom #8, & Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (hopefully the guys at the comic shop can order me the Bradshaw variant). I’m looking forward to how the original Hulk handles himself without Banner. I’m dropping Daken because I noticed the cost for all my books are rising.
    B.Q.: I’m 17

  47. Eek! taking the knife to my pull-list

    BQ: 24

  48. Looking forward to a lot this week. Most excited for AS Western, Walking Dead, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Daredevil.

    I’m 28. Been reading comics (off-and-on) since I was about 8 or 9. Spinner racks at the 7/11 on my block.

    Spinner racks. That’s how old I am.

  49. BQ: Turning 20 at the end of the year.

  50. I am very excited about this week. Avengers academy, annihilators, and new mutants. DNA!

    Speaking of DNA, when are you guys posting your interview with them at nycc. I was waiting in line while you were there. I would love to see/read what they had to say.

  51. 31, reading again for 11 years.

  52. Got 7 books this week, which is a fairly big week for me, but the 7 books are all ones I’m pretty excited for, especially Daredevil and The Flash!

    BQ: 32, been reading comics since I was 3, so almost 30 years now. That’s a long ass time to be doing something…..

  53. I’ll be 40 in January. I’ve been reading comics since 1976.

  54. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    27. Reading comics regularly since I was around 22.

  55. Huge week for me…ouch.

    Abe Sapien #2, All Star Western #2, Amazing Spidey #672, Aquaman #2, Daredevil #5, The Flash #2, I Vampire #2, Incredible Hulk #1, Justice League Dark #2, Red Wing #4, Superman #2, Teen Titans #2, Wolverine & X-Men #1.

    Probably look forward to All Star and Hulk the most at this point.

    BQ: 26…another ouch. I hate having to put my big boy pants on everyday.

  56. Really excited to see if All-Star Western and Aquaman will hold up. Pretty light week otherwise…
    BQ: Me? I’m 22 (just barely at that, turned that age in August)


    But because you asked I’m 21 and have been reading comics since i was 8

  58. 32

  59. Aquaman, JL Dark, Teen Titans, prolly pick up Abe Sapien if they still got copies of the 1st one available I’m36:(

  60. BQ: I’m 26

  61. I am always so delighted when Scalped comes out!

    I like the variety of ages we have here, but I am a bit surprised there aren’t more teenagers. I’m 27, but I’m an old soul. That just means I’m cranky and like to go to bed early.

  62. BQ: 27 been reading (regularly) since I was 16.

  63. Yikes. 46. Do I win a no-prize?

    • Since we are taking old age, buying my first Hulk book since 1977.

    • Oh man.. so your saying you missed planet hulk eh? Somebody get this man some planet hulk. Regardless… I think you may be in for a treat with Incredible hulk 1. Not sure if you read scalped but Jason Aaron is pretty talented……

  64. Flash
    Wolverine and the x-men
    All star Western
    Captain America and Bucky
    Walking Dead
    Journey Into Mystery
    Red Skull
    SI: Cloak and Dagger

    Hope Cloak and Dagger sticks the landing, issue 1 was close to being my POTW.

    Whats the deal with this Spaceman mini?

    BQ: a spry 23

  65. 38 & I’ve been reading comics since I was 4.
    Captain American and Bucky
    Walking Dead
    Amazing Spider-man
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates
    GL: New Guardians
    Guarding the Globe

  66. Cap and Bucky, TMNT, and Spaceman. Looking forward to this week.

    BQ: 22

  67. Pulling…

    All Star Western
    I, Vampire
    Incredible Hulk
    Spaceman (as people keep saying, why not for a buck?)
    TMNT #3
    Ultimate Comics: Ultimates

    “dropping” if you can call it that after 1 issue…
    Superman, and Batman: Dark Knight, Firestorm, Hawkman

    Really want to get on Amazing Spider Man.. but as I’m newly back into comics and want to get TPB’s to ‘catch up’ and am going to wait on the spider island one to be released before I order.

    Daredevil also sounds awesome – and I’ll wait on a TPB then probably issue to issue it.
    Now I’m also curious about Planet of the Apes from comments in here!

  68. I’m 48. Been into comics quite a while.

    All-Star Western

  69. BQ: I started reading comics in 1965 at the age of 4.

  70. Wolverine & the X-men #1
    FF #11
    Incredible Hulk #1
    Amazing Spidey #672
    Venom #8
    Walking Dead #90
    New Mutant #32
    Annihilators: Earthfall #6 (for the Rocket Raccoon & Groot story)
    Guarding the Globe #6

    Started reading in 1984/85. Started reading mostly G.I.Joe from the 7-11 spinner rack and even some New Universe (yes, I owned some Kickers Inc). Then I moved to shopping at comic stores and picked up Spider-man and the early TMNT issues (wish I could find all those).

    Started at 10 – Now I’m 36. WOW, 26 years of comics. Had never done that math before, kinda wish I hadn’t.

  71. Whew! I’m a mere 46. You win. Been reading since the mid 70s and I have the longboxes to prove it. Oy my achin’ back.

    Lots of great books this week PLUS i’m still catching up with all the stuff I bought at NYCC.
    Loved the first issue of the new Star Trek series – I hope that book sticks around.

  72. I’m 26 and evreybody at college makes me feel like i’m an old man. here everybody makes me feel like a spring chicken, I like this place!

    5…maybe 6 books this week (can’t decide on DareDevil…yes or no?)

  73. Massive week for me, really looking forward to Aquaman, Avengers academy, Daredevil, Flash wolverine and the X-men, secret avengers and the wrapping up of spider island. Should be a good week.

    BQ: I’m 26 and I’ve been reading comics for about 20 of those years.

  74. All Star Western 2
    Aquaman 2
    Daredevil 5
    FF 11 (which is on notice with most of my Marvel books)
    Incredible Hulk 1
    Journey into Mystery 630
    Spaceman 1
    The Flash 2
    Wolverine and the X-Men 1

    And 20 going on 21.

  75. I’m mere months away from 30 and honestly not dreading it. I think I’m one of the younger guys at my LCS, but it sounds like around here I’m right in the paunchy midsection. I’ve been reading regularly since I was 9 or 10, never truly stopped in all those years.

    I’m excited for the wrap up of Red Wing (hoping the story comes together for me), the launch of Spaceman (I need to re-read 100 Bullets soonish), the launch of Wolverine and the X-Men (I’m with Ron — X-books are so much fun right now! I feel like I did in 1994), and the hopefully continuing awesomeness of Flash and All-Star Western.


  76. All-Star Western
    Cap and Bucky
    Red Skull
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    I’m especially excited about Cap and Bucky and The Red Skull. I guess that means I’m really excited about stories that take place during the Second World War.

    BQ: 33 (but as Indy said, “it’s not the age honey, it’s the mileage.”)

  77. Goddamn DC trades program. Wasn’t Flashpoint supposed to be out this week? Everywhere I check says something different. But I’ll definitely be picking up:

    Afrodisiac (HC)
    Thor: The Trials of Loki (TP)

    BQ: 24.

  78. I just turned 30

  79. The first book I’ll read on Wednesday will be…. Superman #2, can’t wait!

    BQ: 80-50+5= You do the math, it’s too painful say out loud…..

  80. BQ: I’m 15 and have been reading comics for 7 years.

  81. from DC I’m excited to see if All-Star Western & Aquaman can keep up the excellence of their first issues, while hoping that Justice League Dartk makes the leap from intriguing to first-rate.

    Marvel: most excited for Journey into Mystery. I want to get Secret Avengers, Annihilators and Captain America & Bucky, but two of those will have to wait until next week for budget reasons. I’m still catching up on the last couple issues of Daredevil, but once I do, I’ll probably be buying the series monthly.

    Indie: Kirby:Genesis. The last issue felt as though the narrative was finally narrowing its scope to a specific set of characters, which is a good thing. Over all, I have been enjoying this series.

    BQ: “a man told me to beware of 33, he said ‘it was not an easy time for me’, but I’ll get through it, even though I have no miracles to show you.”

  82. This week all I care about are my boys Peter Parker and Clark Kent 🙂


  83. This weeks books I’m looking forward too are Aquaman,Superman,Flash,Amazing Spider-Man,and Dark Knight.I’m also pulling Darkness but I’m only holding on to this title because I’m anxious for Hine to take over here soon.

    I am 34.Been reading comics since I was 8 or 9.

  84. Picking up Incredible Hulk #1, Red Wing #4…will probably wait a month to get the new DC books, since they’re drop by a dollar.

    I’m 37.

  85. It’s a super light week for me. Only getting Journey into Mystery and Abe Sapien. Works out well though since I’ve been sick and haven’t picked up last week’s pulls yet.

    BQ: 25

  86. Huh. Of the twelve books I’m getting, eleven are in the Top 25 by Pulls, as of now. And the 12th is Annihilators: Earthfall, so there. I guess I’m pretty mainstream now.

  87. I read all the DC COMICS. I’m 64 3/4. i have been looking at the pictures/reading comics my whole life.