New Comics for 10.24.2012 is going to be old enough to know better but still too young to care

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Chris, Jeff and Matt.

This week Ron Richards has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How old are you?


  1. Short week (oh you five wednesday months..) getting:

    Batman Incorporated
    The Flash
    Justice League Dark


    Multiple Warheads (if my shop has a spare copy).

    BQ: 33.

  2. I’m most looking forward to Batman, Incorporated, Superman, and Mind MGMT! I just turned 32 on October 14th!

  3. Looking forward to JIM, FF, Batman Inc, Talon, Flash, Wolverine Max
    BQ: 33

  4. 27, I should being dying soon, since I’m basically a rockstar.

  5. Double shot of Brandon Graham and Mind MGMT! kind of stoked.

    BQ: I turned 28 all of 2 days ago.

  6. Really light week this week, most excited for All-Star Western and Secret Avengers.

    BQ: 34

  7. BQ: 48. Been in this since ’72, and recall having Hulk 181 on a field trip in school…and getting in trouble for reading it at the Planetarium..

    • Trying the Wolverine MAX title certainly,
      Amazing Spider-Man
      All Star Western
      AvX Consequences
      Captain America
      Punisher War Zone
      Secret Avengers
      Incredible Hulk
      Iron Man
      Lil Depressed Boy

  8. BQ: 25

  9. 31 as of last week.

  10. Amazing Spider-man 696
    FF 23
    Flash 13
    Secret Avengers 33

    BQ: 19, feel young being on this board.

  11. Flash, Batman Inc, JL Dark.

    I’m 46….

  12. I’m also trying that new Wolverine series and getting FF too.

  13. Man slow week.

    BQ: 33

    SUPERMAN #13
    TALON #1

  14. BQ: 32

  15. Batman Inc. #4
    Justice League #13
    The Flash #13
    Multiple Warheads : Alphabet to Infinity #1

    I’m content with each of these ongoing titles & am particularly anticipating Multiple Warheads.

    BQ: 44

  16. BQ: 16

  17. Pretty good week for me. I’m excited for a few things.

    Oddly, I’ve actually liked AvX Consequences, which is a huge shock to me. New Invincible should be great, new Flash, and the latest issue of LDB!

    Bonus Question: 25

  18. A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1, AVX: Consequences #3, Deadpool #63, Invincible #96, Punisher: War Zone #1
    , Teen Titans #13, The Amazing Spider-Man #696, The Flash #13 & Wolverine: MAX #1

    BQ: 18 (If the bartender asks: 21)

  19. -Punisher: War Zone
    -Wolverine MAX
    -Multiple Warheads

    Age: 27

  20. Batman Inc, Prophet, and I’ll likely grab Multiple Warheads and there’s a *slight* chance I’ll grab Talon.

    BQ: 23

  21. Small week for me. Batman Inc, Gi Joe: Cobra, and Spawn

    BQ: 34

  22. Just one book this week – Invincible

    I was thinking about getting Superman, but I think watching all ten seasons of Smallville (in about five months) has ruined the New 52 Superman for me. I just love the Smallville Clark/Blur/Superman better.

    BQ: I am 18 as of this month. Going to spend some of my birthday money by preordering the Fear Agent Library Vol 1 😀

  23. BQ: 35 going on 57 or turning 11, depending on the day.

  24. BQ: 30. I will be testing out Wolverine Max to see if it should make my monthly pull list.

  25. 3 images books with Invincible, Lil’ Depressed Boy, and Prophet! Also Bat Inc, Flash, Secret Avengers and the finally issue of Brubakers Captain America run.

    BQ: Thursday I’ll be 23.

  26. I’m very interested in Punisher War Zone and Wolverine MAX and will be giving Superman 13 a chance… the premise intrigues me.

  27. A light week for me too.
    Captain America and Black Widow- Cap+Pulpy Sci-fi+Francavilla= a smile on my face
    I, Vampire- Back to the good stuff after zero issue back-story
    JLD- Lemire has done well with the magical cast
    Multiple Warheads- I’ve only read the summary, yet I know this will be fantastic
    Unwritten- I’m always excited when this book comes out, one of the best comics has to offer.

    BQ: 31 in two weeks.

  28. Might check out A babies vs X. Babies (i’m a sucker for cute superhero babies), but not much else right now; currently hoping to save up for some trades in the wishlist.

    BQ: 16.

  29. Iron man, spider-man, the flash and ff for me. went from being my favorite new 52 book to one that was directionless and kind of a mess. Makes me sad.

    BQ: 33

  30. Batman Inc., Flash, and JLD from DC
    Many of the final issues from Marvel, especially Iron Man and JiM
    And Revival and Invincible are my indie books for the week.

    Turned 21 earlier this year.

  31. All Star Western
    Batman INC

    BQ: 23

  32. Invincible, Hack/Slash, Cobra, Artifacts, and whatnot. (and check out that free Cyber Force folks)

    BQ: 26

  33. This website should be called iFanman. I’m actually looking forward to Wolverine MAX most this week.

    BQ: 28

  34. 6 book week, so thats good.

    BQ: 18


    I’d dropped “Captain America & —–” after Bucky and Brubaker dropped out, but if Francavilla is on interiors, I’m in. Gonna miss Loki in JIM, but I’m definitely in for Young Avengers.

    BQ: 37. And somewhat happily surprised at how relatively young the iFanbase is trending!

  36. a-babies vs x-babies 1
    AVX consequences 3
    batman inc. 4
    ghost 1
    punisher war zone 1
    talon 1
    teen titians 13
    the amazing spider-man 696
    Ultiamate comic the ultamates 17
    wolverine max 1

    BQ 22

  37. Just A Babies vs. X Babies and I’m finally picking up the Saga trade. I’ve heard too many great things about Saga on iFanboy and every other person at my comic shop. I finally have extra money and a light week to buy this. I hope its as great as everyone makes it.

    BQ: 19 and counting

  38. All-Star Western
    Batman Inc.
    Captain America
    Captain America & Black Widow
    Dark Horse Presents
    Mind MGMT
    Secret Avengers
    The Amazing Spider-Man

    BQ 35
    The Unwritten

  39. Fourth week of the month always means the biggest stack but luckily all my favorite books fall on this week.
    Really bummed that Debris is ending and I’ll be dropping Journey into Mystery after this issue since I don’t care for the upcoming Sif arc.
    BQ: 25.

  40. Sooooo much Brandon Graham!! I’m also going to give ASM a try because of that amazing cover.

    BQ: 20 and I just realised I’ve been a fan of this site for almost a quarter of my life!

  41. Can’t wait to read Batman incorporated(finally!).

    BQ: 17

  42. Light week for me, only 3 books:
    Justice League Dark
    Mind MGMT

    BQ: 53

  43. 8 books this week. Sad to see JiM end, but excited for the new Superman team and more President Cap action.

    BQ: 28.

    Man, a lot of birthdays this time of year for the iFanbase.

  44. BQ: 28

  45. I turn 30 on Wednesday. UUUUUUUUUUUURGH.

  46. Looking forward to Batman Inc. and JLD.

    BQ: 29

  47. Red lanterns
    The Flash

  48. BQ:32 (going on 12)
    no before watchmen this week? What’s up with that?
    JLdark, I vampire, secret avengers. Might check the new Brandon graham book too but will most likely tradewait

  49. Final issues of FF & Invincible Iron Man (waaaaaahhh), otherwise Batman Inc., The Unwritten & Dancer trade!

    BQ- 32

  50. Can’t wait to read Superman and Revival #4.

    BQ: 69…………………….. :0)

  51. JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #645 (For the last time)
    FF #23 (Another Marvel comic on my pull list ends, probably not to be replaced)

    BQ: 41

  52. Only 3 (maybe 4) books this week.

    The Flash #13
    Teen Titans #13
    Amazing #696
    (maybe) Punisher War Zone #1, don’t know if I ordered this one in time.
    Oh, and I’m still waiting for Amazing #694 which was lost on the plane to South Africa a few weeks ago. I haven’t read Spidey in while now ’cause of that, really hope it comes in this week.

    BQ: 27, Noticed there are not that many kids on here.

  53. Journey Into Mystery
    Justice League Dark
    Batman Incorporated

    BQ: 26

  54. FF

    BQ: 20

  55. Probably looking forward to Spike the most (I’m as surprised as anybody). It’s been kind of a sleeper hit with me, even though I’m totally Vampired out on just about every level. Looking to see if Prophet can continue to confuse and intrigue me. The art in the last issue was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in comics. I’ll be dropping Wolverine, Spiderman and all of the Avengers books in the coming weeks. It’s been a real struggle to get through those lately but, I bought subscriptions and I’m still riding them out.


    BQ: 40

  56. Superman
    A babies vs X babies

    BQ: 23:)

  57. Looking most forward to DEBRIS this week.

    BQ: 39

  58. A-Babies vs. X-Babies
    Secret Avengers
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Wolverine MAX

    BQ: 40

  59. • All STar Western
    • Flash because of the super awesomeness that is Gorilla Grodd
    • Talon — didn’t like the 0 issue much, so here’s the second strike possibly
    • Cap America – only because it’s Brubaker’s last issue (on to TV, Ed)
    • Cap America and Black Widow — only for a hard copy of Francavilla’s art

  60. Batman Inc
    36 on Thursday

  61. Light week for me, only 2 titles:

    AvX Consequences

    BQ: 30. Oh God, we’re too old. Will the industry die with us?

  62. Just getting Batman Inc. this week.

    BQ: just turned 32 last week 15 October.

    DEADPOOL #63
    GAMBIT #4
    TALON #1
    THE FLASH #13
    WOLVERINE #315
    X-TREME X-MEN #5

    BQ: 29

  64. Sigh! Just Cap and Avengers for me although someone here suggested I pick up Wolvie and the X-Men as Jason Aaron isn’t near as depressing on that series as he normally is, so I might pick up the first trade.

    I really want to pick up more but none of the stuff DC and Marvel are doing these days has me excited right now.


  65. Light week, but a good week:
    Batman Inc, FF, Fables, Unwritten, Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who.

    BQ: 25

    • I may be an uber-nerd, but I couldn’t help doing a quick analysis of these numbers. We’re always hearing about how comics readership is aging, kids don’t read comics, etc. etc. Now I’ll admit that the 60 responses on this thread is hardly a statistically representative sample of comics readership, but here’s what I found:
      The average age on this thread is 30 years old exactly.
      13% of us are under 20, 40% in their 20’s, 34% in their 30’s, and 13% over 40.
      In case anybody missed the significance: For every commenter on this thread who is over 40, there is a commenter who is under 20.
      I think that’s a pretty healthy spread, no?

  66. Punisher:War Zone, Red Lanterns, Batman Inc

    BQ: 31

  67. I’m 33. I think it’s just sad that there are hardly any kids buying comics these days. I ask you: What about the children?! What about the future?!!!???!!!

  68. Batman Inc, Ghost, Punisher War Zone and Spawn #224 if not just for the DK Returns #2 mock up cover. Probably give Wolverine Max a try if its not sold out cause I like his stories uncensored, being in Japan is a bonus.
    BQ: 33

  69. The Shadow #6
    Ghost #1
    Dark Horse Presents #17
    Artifacts #22
    and Spawn #224, love the DK Returns tribute cover but I’m dropping it after this ish. 3 ishs of torturous investigations going nowhere and Spawn isn’t a hellspawn anymore but a secret government science project? Really?

  70. oh forgot

    BQ: How don’t care how old I get, I’m never going to grow up—50

  71. Batman, Inc. #4
    Alter Ego # 113
    DHP #17

    BQ: 61 & not feeling it at all.