New Comics for 10.03.2012 can’t believe it’s already October

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Chris, Jeff and Matt.

This week Conor Kilpatrick has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite thing about October?


  1. SWAMP THING #13
    EARTH 2 #5
    ANIMAL MAN #13

    Great week of books
    BQ-Halloween and my Birthday, pretty F’n SWEET

  2. Wow! I think this is the first week since I started buying issues, that I’m not picking up ANY.

  3. Rorschach, GL, DD: End of Days, Earth 2, Action

    BQ: son’s B-day, Halloween, October Fest, football season, weather.
    October screams awesome almost everyday of the month.

  4. Earth 2 #5
    Green Lantern #13
    Worlds’ Finest #5
    Fatale #8

    BQ : London Film Festival

  5. Oktoberfest. So I can get thoroughly drunk to prepare myself for the long, dreary winter.

  6. What a rubbish week for me just two things out & I’m probably gonna drop both of ’em, which is Green Lantern & Animal Man!
    BQ- WINTER!!!!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing how AVX wraps up, as well as how Fatale and Thief of Thieves both continue to impress. I’m also planning to see if John Layman’s Detective can hook me.

    BQ – Cedar Point Halloweekends — there’s nothing quite like riding some of the world’s best roller coasters, in the front row, in the dark of night (and it’s cold!). On some of those first hills, you feel like you’re being thrown into an abyss. Thrilling.

  8. Hawkeye and ultimate spider-man have been pushed back how dissapointing. Marvel hasn’t been sticking to their schedule very well recently.

    BQ: Red dwarf is back.

  9. Only one one book this week :-<…but its Fatale! 😀

  10. AVX #12
    AVX VS 6- Hope vs scarlet witch
    Earth 2 #5
    GL #13
    TASM #695
    World Finest #5

    BQ- Girls in costumes

  11. BQ – my birthday!!!

  12. Avengers Academy
    Danger Club
    Earth 2
    Fashion Beast
    Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm
    Thief of Thieves
    Uncanny X-Men

    BQ: Horror movies all month long. (Also, just dropped Swamp Thing and Animal Man… feels like the right decision seeing part one of four in each book for more rot world dragged out storytelling.)

  13. Picking up Animal Man, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man and Non-Humans.

    BQ: opera season at the Met starts!

  14. This week is on the lighter side for me, So I’m picking up the Daredevil mini out of curiosity, and a love of all things DD.

    Animal Man- I hope the Rotworld storyline kicks ass, I have to admit the story has dragged a bit after a fantastic start.
    Daredevil: End of Days- I’m intrigued by the way Bendis and Mack are doing a “Death of Daredevil” story, plus it should look fanatstic with the artists they lined up.
    Earth-2- I really like this book. I don’t know what to expect storywise, which is awesome, and Nicola Scott draws the shit out of it.
    Fatale- Between my adoration for the Bru/Phillips team, and this book’s blending of my favorite genres, I can’t say enough good things about this book.
    Swamp Thing- See Animal Man comment.

    BQ: Halloween, reading Poe and Lovecraft cause it just feels right, and watching more horror movies than usual. Also Octoberfest, cause I love red beers.

  15. I’m just glad the zero issues are done for DC so we can get back to regular books.Looking forward to Batman Death of the Family series and the Marvel Now books.

  16. Looking forward to Action, GL & Earth 2

    BQ: The U2 song ‘October’.

  17. This week’s pull is super tiny — which is good since I’ve got three weeks of books and potential roof trouble.

    EARTH 2 #5
    FATALE #8

    BQ: A cemetery tour, a ghost walk, and parties every weekend. Hooray for Halloween!

  18. 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    FATALE #8
    G.I. COMBAT #5

    BQ: Usually the start of the NHL season, but…

    FATALE #8
    ANIMAL MAN #13

    BQ: I gotta go with the consensus and say it’s the Halloween festivities. There’s some really great costumes for women to wear.

  20. Very light week.


    I like how the leaves change colors from green to red, orange and yellow in October.

  21. Detective Comics #13
    Legends of the Dark Knight #1
    Amazing Spider Man #695
    Minimum Carnage Alpha #1(Excited!!)

    BQ: Things I love about October……

    Halloween, Football, the cool air during a morning run and the sun shining on my face.

    Things I don’t like about October…….

    Winterizing the house, the sun setting so early, hard to get up in the morning and the sun shining on my face.

  22. Pretty light week for me. Finally saying goodbye to Swamp Thing and letting Dial H go to voicemail. Amazing Spider Man is next up for the 2012 drop. It’s a sweet DC week for me. Smallville has been awesome and Earth 2 has been super cool with fantastic art. Still diggin’ World’s Finest but we’ll see how it goes without Perez and Macguire.

    Animal Man
    Earth 2
    World’s Finest
    Uncanny X-Men
    Amazing Spider Man

    BQ: Weather, Halloween, and College Football! (I can’t pick just one.)

  23. This Week:

    Green Lantern
    Action Comics
    Detective Comics
    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    Uncanny Avengers
    Sweet Tooth
    Minimum Carnage

    My Pull list as a whole (I’m pretty new to comics so please reply with what I should pick up/drop)

    Action Comics
    Alpha Girl
    American Vampire
    Animal Man
    Arkham Unhinged (Digital)
    Avenging Spider-Man
    Batman: The Dark Knight
    Batman and Robin
    Batman Beyond (Digital)
    Batman Inc.
    Birds of Prey
    Dr. Manhattan (Mini-Series)
    Green Lantern
    Hit-Girl (Mini-Series)
    Justice League
    Justice League Beyond (Digital)
    Justice League Dark
    Legends of the Dark Knight (Digital)
    Minutemen (Mini-Series)
    Nite Owl (Mini-Series)
    Ozymandias (Mini-Series)
    Rorschach (Mini-Series)
    Silk Spectre (Mini-Series)
    Swamp Thing
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Comedian (Mini-Series)
    The Flash
    The October Girl
    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wonder Woman
    Young Justice

    • A lot of great books on there. I’d recommend reading anything that looks interesting and just dropping the ones that don’t connect with you. If anything you might want to try branching out into independent titles; check out the previews magazine and the descriptions in companies like Image, IDW, Boom, Oni, Archaia and Archie and some will probably look interesting to you, or at least worth trying out.

    • good god that’s a lot of comics.

    • It really boils down to personal preference, but I’d drop about 3/4 of that list if it were me. I’ve been reading comics for twenty years, and only in the last five have I realized that “quality over quantity” is the way to go. When you pick up your books, and there are any books that you’ve forgotten about, or if you can’t recall what happened last issue, it’s time to drop that book. Another method to try would be to prioritize your stack in order of anticipation (i.e. what you’re most excited to read on top), and whatever books are constantly on the bottom week after week I’d drop like its hot.

      Like cubs said above, ya may wanna replace some of those capes and tights with independent books. There’s a lot of wonderful things happening at Image right now, and many other gems elsewhere that really push the envelope and show what this medium is really capable. You could try just checking the shipping list here on the site day week and seeing what has the highest POTW percentage, most pulls, most comments, etc. iFanboy is a great resource for seeing what’s being talked about by real comic fans and not USA Today or (spits on the floor) IGN and the like.

      Everybody’s different. Just experiment a little and maybe filter that enormous pull list a bit. It’s a process, but it can be very rewarding in the end. Quality over quantity.

  24. Small but boring week. All DC this week.

    BQ: Halloween of course. And canadian Thanksgiving.

  25. Swamp Thing #13
    Animal Man #13
    Detective Comics #13 (John Layman should be great for reviving Detective Comics
    AvX #12 (I’m reading, then selling them as a whole on ebay. I’m event fatigued already.)
    Green Lantern #13
    BW Rorschach #2 (one more chance)
    Action Comics #13 (if this doesn’t catch my attention, I’m dropping this series)
    Earth 2 #5

    BQ: well besides Zero Month being over, I usually have a horror movie marathon throughout the month with my girlfriend and some of our friends. Take a shot if somebody walks into a shower by themself.


    Avengers Academy is a flag football game vs Wolvie’s school? I’m in. First time buying this title, I think. 🙂 AvX #12… finally. I fell off Earth 2, and need to read #3 before I see if I want to catch up. I really hate the costumes.

    BQ: October is the only month with a holiday who’s decorations I like. Also, it’s less hot than September. And Walking Dead & American Horror Story are back.

  27. After 2 light weeks I’m back to a wallet-breaking 13 issues (I know, I know…self-inflicted).

    BQ: My son’s birthday.

  28. Slow week for me. Looking forward to UXF, Action, and Earth 2.

    The weather. And Halloween of course. It’s my favorite holiday by a long shot. I always starting planning costumes around June or so, and my friends and I have a huge party every year. Ya know Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas? Yeah, I’d live there.

  29. Getting:
    Action Comics
    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing


    Uncanny X-Force

    Detective Comics
    GI Combat (haunted tank & chaykin!)

    BQ: Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

  30. Hack/Slash and other fine stuffs

    BQ: New animez

  31. The nightmare which is Avengers vs. X-Men is finally over.

    I was excited when Defenders started but one year worth of issues to tell one story arc??? No wonder it got cancelled. Whomever made that call should be fired.

  32. Detective Comics
    Dial H
    Doctor Who
    Sweet Tooth

    BQ: It used to be Halloween but that doesn’t seem to be very popular in my area anymore. So now it’s probably gonna be more of NYCC if I make it a regular trip.

  33. AvX #12
    Fairest #8

    BQ- The girls in their Halloween costumes and Football

  34. I think I’m skipping this week. I might pick up some issues I’ve missed.

    BQ: Halloween. Easily my favorite holiday of the year.