New Comics for 05.30.2012 went to the beach and grilled some hot dogs

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Ron Richards has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What did you do on Monday?


  1. Quiet little week for me, was hoping for a Hickman hat-trick, but no Secret #2 (been put back til next week) just FF & Ultimates!

    BQ- something really boring ‘WORK’!

  2. Interested in Grim Leaper, Superman Family Adventures and that New Star Trek/Dr. Who comic…how can i NOT check that out?

    Chilled out, watched Basketball, grilled the heck out of some chicken….

  3. Oooooohhhh, pretty excited for tommorow. Six comics, Peter Panzerfaust & Lil Depressed Boy (who looks like he might become Lil Happy boy for a bit) seem to be the highlights for me, though I have a feeling the Animal Man annual might blow me away. However I do also finish university tomorrow, so I might end up drunkenly picking up more than just the 6, who knows.

    BQ- Awful awful revison, 51 page review paper, never again I tells ya.

  4. Very light week. Just Batman Annual for me.

    BQ – celebrated my 25th birthday! Just relaxed with my family.

  5. BQ – Layed in the park all day and read Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT issue 1 (excellent!) and the Comic Book History of Comics.

  6. BQ: I went and saw Municipal Waste.

    Yeah, you guys can stop, cause ya ain’t gonna beat that.

    • Batman Annual
      Animal Man Annual
      Exile on the Planet of the Apes #3
      Late Picking up The Spider #1

      The WASTE! Hell yeah! No better way to spend your Monday. Hoping I can go see them this Saturday in Denton.

  7. 1 Marvel title pulled last two weeks combined…

    Wolverine and the X-Men #11
    Snarked #8
    Rachel Rising #8
    Animal Man Annual #1
    Batman Annual #1
    America Vampire #27
    The New Deadwardians #3

    GRIM LEAPER #1 (OF 4)
    WOLVERINE #307
    X-MEN LEGACY #267

    Hulk is on the chopping block, i am giving it this stay angry arc to see if it gets dropped…kills me though, hulk is one of my favorite characters, and i think at this point i am only reading it out of loyalty to the character…

  9. Animal Man Annual #1, Batman Annual #1, Ravagers #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10, Walking Dead #98, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, and Incredible Hulk #8.
    BQ: I died of boredom, but was later resurrected.

  10. Light Week, only Batman Annual, Animal Man Annual and Peter Panzerfaust.

    BQ: Hung out with my friends, ate vegan Pizza and later watched a UFC PPV.

  11. The comics page is still showing 5/23 for me.

  12. I went around all day looking for an adapter to connect a kitchen faucet to a garden hose and couldn’t find one

  13. Most looking forward to the Batman and Animal Man Annuals.

    BQ: My wife and I had our first kid over the weekend, so I spent Monday at the hospital. Best Memorial Day ever.

  14. Just 4 singles for me this week:
    – American Vampire #27
    – Animal Man Annual #1
    – Batman Annual #1
    – Peter Panzerfaust #4

    Also getting three trades:
    – Batman: Prey TP
    – Channel Zero TP
    – Wonder Woman vol. 1 HC

    BQ: BBQ at my parents and read final HC of Ex Machina and started the Hawkman Omnibus.

  15. Light week for me.

    Batman Annual
    Spider-man Annual
    Wolverine and the Xmen 11
    Peter Panzerfaust 4
    Walking Dead 98

    BQ: Paid respects at veteran’s cemetary. At Memorial Day Parade 2 1/2 year old son terrified of simulated .30 caliber machine gun from WWII era tank. Asked later what his favorite part of the day was he says: “Noisy tank.” Daddy’s little boy.

  16. I can never get the website to show the current weeks comics, not sure why that is.

  17. Batman: Death by Design (HC)
    Batman: Prey (TP)
    Cap & Bucky: Old Wounds (HC)
    Green Arrow: The Midas Touch (TP)
    Irredeemable Volume IX (TP)
    Wonder Woman: Blood (HC)

    This is all pending my wallet’s weight, of course. But Wonder Woman and Irredeemable are the musts.

    BQ: Worked. No Memorial Day here. Eh, we get two days off next week though.

  18. Extremely low week for me.

    BQ: New season of Red vs Blue started yesterday !

  19. light week:

    Animal Man Annual
    Batman Annual

    may try Ravagers, Rocketeer or something from last week as well.

    BQ: being Canadian, having conversations on the differences between Memorial Day & Rememberance Day:)

  20. Light week:
    Batman Annual
    Animal Man Annual
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    The Ravagers

    BQ: Played Diablo 3 with some friends

  21. Slowest week I’ve had in ages…which is probably a good thing, wallet-wise.

    Batman annual, Animal Man annual and American Vampire though so definitely quality over quantity. And will my curiosity lead to a purchase of The Ravagers? We’ll see.

    As for the BQ: being a Canuck, I was at work. But it was editing which is one of my favorite things to do so all is well!

  22. Light week. Five comics, two by subscription, so only three at retail.

    BQ: I read The Life Story of Bucky Barnes. Loved it. Samnee and Bettie B are great.

  23. America’s Got Powers
    American Vampire
    New Mutants
    Rachel Rising
    Wolverine (Solo and w/The X-Men)
    X-Men Legacy

    BQ: Assembled a grill and gave a police statement about the drunk kid who wrecked his car at the end of my street.

  24. Fifth Wednesday is nice on my wallet. It’s always nice to see Hawken. Wish it had a more consistent schedule. Batman Annual should be fun.

    America’s Got Powers
    Batman Annual
    Incredible Hulk (yeah, I guess I’ll stick with it through this storyline)

    BQ: Went to a yacht club then a barbecue.

    FF #18
    STAR TREK #9

    Still absolutely loving Peter Panzerfaust.

    BQ: Worked (boo), cleaned out my garage (meh), ate burgers and drank beer (yay).

  26. Solid week for me, the annuals look/sound great.

    American Vampire
    Animal Man Annual
    Batman Annual
    BPRD: The Transformation of…
    Peter Panzerfaust

    BQ: Me and some friends rode bikes from bar to bar by the beach. Perfect weather, lots of eye candy, and a fair amount of beer.

  27. Ahhh! The glory of the light week!

    (ONE SHOT)

    Ordinarily, I’d pick up a trade just so my pull wasn’t so anemic, but Memorial Day pounded my wallet flat.

    BQ: Monday was sedate by comparison to the weekend. We joined the community pool. Welcome to the suburbs!

  28. Very light week for me just Batman Annual. Might take a look at Wolverine and X-men as been meaning to do so.

    BQ – I lay in bed all day with my aching back. Painful but caught up in a fair few books AND Young Justice.

  29. A medium week for me this week. Plus Crogan’s Loyalty! Hooray!

    BQ: A fair amount of Battlefield 3 topped off with a couple of movies. It was super hot here, so we chillaxed inside with the AC.


    BQ: Cleaned my condo, hit the gym, worked on my writing. And then watched half of the animated “Planet Hulk” off Netflix – which I liked more than I thought. Will probably finish it out today 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

  31. batman annual
    american vampire
    star war: boba fett is dead

    BQ: drank wine, ate tacos, and made love to life and my wife.

  32. BQ: Thought about the sacrifices of Veterans who served & those that didn’t come home. No BBQ, no parties, no drinks there is another day for that when ALL the veterans are out of the Afgan war & have parades held in their honor. Watched a little tv at 7pm & listened to some comic podcasts mainly a Joe Kubert interview that was on Where Monsters Dwell a while back.


  33. Ravagers

  34. 4 books, awesome, blah blah blah.

    BQ: I caught the flu so I spent all day in bed and watched a bunch of John Carpenter movies (Escape from New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China).

  35. Thought i was going to have a very small week, but got hit with THREE annuals! I thought those went away…….

    BQ: I worked. Blahhhhh

  36. Thought it’d be a light week financially, then I remembered that the annuals I pulled are $5 each. Meh…I’m still getting Wolverine & The X-Men, Peter Panzerfaust, and American Vampire this week too, so I can’t complain.

    BQ: At my parents’ place, eating hot dogs and watching Band of Brothers. Then drew covers the rest of the night. I approve…

  37. 6 books for me!
    Batman annual
    Animal annual
    New Mutants
    Peter Panzerfaust
    Rocketeer Adventures
    The Ravagers
    Wolverine and the X-men

    BQ: providing the cops with information after the broke up my neighbors cook out,

  38. light week for me two just batman annual,angel and faith and wolverine and the x-men.may catch up on green arrow its not that bad wish synder would write it. BQ:had to work

  39. Im going to stick to just the Batman Annual.

    Monday was my birthday, and I went to the beach with my wife and kids. Great day! Then I read All-Star Superman on my iPad and had a cold beer. Beat that!

  40. I hope Ifanboy does a review of Batman Death by Design really on the fence.

  41. Some vampires
    Some mutants
    Some apes
    Some annuals

    BQ: Took my daughter to see The Avengers…her first superhero movie…special day indeed, then watched Hugo as a family…great film!

  42. Very slow week for me. But I’m fine with it since I gotta wait till Friday anyways for the books.

    Batman Annual

    BQ: Just relaxed and ate some Turkey Burgers….Mmm Turkey Burgers.

  43. Light week:
    Walking Dead 98
    Batman Annual
    Animal Man Annual

    Possibly, Grim Leaper & Ravagers, not sure if I need two more titles on my pull list, I’ll have to see what people are saying about them.

    BQ: Cleaned out garage, fixed my kid’s bike & BBQ’d