New Comics for 05.16.2012 wants Roger Sterling to buy HIM an apartment

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris, Jeff, Matt and Timmy.

This week Conor Kilpatrick has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What do you want Roger Sterling to buy you?


  1. Eight! Eight comics this week, what the hell… I only got back into comics again in January and it was just gonna be two X-Men comics to keep my inner child happy. I’d try and cull but I think the weakest comics I get are probably the X-books and I love them. Madness guys. Madness.

    • Only 5 books for me. But I “pulled” them 3 months ago from previews and won’t see them for several weeks…

    • I’m getting 18. I think I have a problem….

      To be fair, two I’m pulling because they are #1’s and four are Night of the Owls crossovers that I won’t be grabbing next week, so this is a weird month for me. I think my bank account can take the hit this one time…

      Adventure Time #4
      Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #2
      B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth: The Devil’s Engine #1
      Batwoman #9
      Birds of Prey #9
      Catwoman #9
      Conan the Barbarian #4
      Dancer #1
      Daredevil #13
      Hardcore #1
      Nightwing #9
      Red Hood and the Outlaws #9
      Reset #2
      Saga #3
      Saucer Country #3
      The Manhattan Projects #3
      The Secret Service #2

    • Sorry that’s 17. Apparently I failed first grade.

    • Crap that makes me glad i’ve decided to just get Batman (and just standard Scott Snyder Batman, nothing else) in trades… hate to see what my pull list would look like if I had gotten into Batman and this whole Night of the Owls thing, AvX is already adding a tenner a month to my comic book costs. Also I am really torn over whether to get Dancer or not. I think i’ll have to be cheeky and read it in the store and decide whether it’s worth buying 9 books.

    • It’s really an experiment. I’ve never been big on DC/Marvel (except for Vertigo/Icon), so this is my first major crossover event I’m grabbing everything from. I decided to go for Owls over AvX, because it’s a LOT cheaper. Plus, since it’s only one crossover issue per series, with no “event” series (unless you count Batman itself, but I already pull that one), it’ll be a good way for me to sample all of the other bat-books I don’t normally pull. Maybe I will like one of them enough to follow it.

      If I were to pick one of the #1’s, I’d pick Hardcore over Dancer, but I bet that’s already one of your 8 books.

    • Ugh, I saw that on your list and didn’t know what it was, just checked and realised and now I’ll have to hope my comic book store has it when I pop in, also technically i’m now on ten if I get Hardcore as well because i’ve ordered Delilah Dirk & The Seeds of Good Fortune which ships tomorrow and I imagine will be amazing because The Turkish Lieutenant is. Check it out, the Turkish Lieutenant is lovely and free and I think Eisner Nominated though i’m not certain.

      Also I feel you’ve probably made the right choice with Owls over AvX, the child in me would never have allowed me to not buy AvX (at the least the core comic and the fight book) but it really hasn’t been paticularly amazing. And it is hellishly expensive, I now know why my dad seemed so despondent when Age of Apocalypse came out and I was first getting comics and I was just like ‘Dad, buy me all of these things please.’

    • Ummm… I’m up to like 25 comics this week. Glad I have a decent job and most things paid for, so I can enjoy my drug of choice, comics!

    • @megavikingman-Hey I just wanted to know if the Adventure Time comic is really worth it.
      Is the art good?
      Is it as funny as the show?
      It is better then the show? Or does it feel like a second rate product?

    • Adventure Time is definitely worth it. If you’re a fan of the show, the comic delivers on every level that the show does, and is crammed with one-line jokes or strips at the bottom of every page, as well as one or two backup stories from a rotating crop of artists. I wait for it anxiously every month. The art is very similar to the show, being very cartoony but also highly detailed at times. A new storyline starts next month with #5, but if I were you I’d get #4 and try to track down the first three as well. I doubt you’ll find any first printings of #1, though they are up to a third or fourth at this point…

  2. DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Isn’t Thief of Thieves 4 coming out this week? According to Image’s website it came out last week, but Diamond has it coming out this week.

    Any idea what’s up?

  3. 8 issues and a TP.

    Saga #3
    Manhattan Projects #3
    Saucer Country #3
    Secret Service #2
    Danger Club #2
    Dancer #1
    Locke & Key: Clockworks #6
    Hardcore #1
    Deadenders TP

  4. I know it’s all gonna be Saga this, Saga that, but for me it will be a Hickman double dose The Manhattan Projects & Fantastic Four, plus a little joy with Invincible Iron Man!
    But don’t think I hate Saga I will be getting it, just prefer anything Hickman does.

    Also possibly my last issues of Batwoman & Winter Soldier!

    BQ: I would get Sterling to convince Bert Cooper to give me his Matisse!

    AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (OF 12)
    VENOM #18

    BQ: He can buy me an era appropriate Corvette.

  6. Heavy week…

    AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (OF 12)
    AVX: VS #2 (OF 6)
    SAGA #3

    …and I’d be getting Fury, if it were available digitally. :/

    BQ: Just the check.

  7. This week is fucking crazy awesome in terms of books. I get my BPRD fix, Saga, and Manhattan Projects all in one amazing chunk. Only thing that would have made this week better is if Prophet came out too. I’ll just have to wait for next week. Too bad I don’t have the money to pick up that Deadenders trade though.

    BQ: ….Love

  8. Lots of books for me this week, but I’m most excited about Dancer #1. Ballet, spies, Edmondson…has the makings of something cool.

  9. Yes! Back to a big week of comics. Cause I got the money for it…..(sobs)

    The Manhattan Projects
    Saucer Country

  10. Bonus Question: An old-fashioned.

  11. Beginning to notice a shift in pull list lately….Batwoman getting the axe this week.

    Wonder Woman #9
    Glory #26
    The Manhattan Project #3
    Saga #3
    Daredevil #13
    Saucer Country #3

  12. SAGA! and when i say “SAGA”, i scream it like the road kill from those old sega genesis commercials.
    also, justice league, wonder woman, bprd, daredevil and…avx…i guess.

    bq: my comics.

  13. Saga and the Manhattan Projects.

    BQ: I want Roger Sterling to pay off my student loans.

  14. Huge week for me 13 books
    Avengers Academy #30
    Avengers vs X-men #4
    AVX VS #2
    Danger Club #2
    Daredevil #13
    Glory #26
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1
    The Avengers #26
    The Manhattan Projects# 3
    The Secret Service #2
    Uncanny X-men #12
    Winter Solider #5
    BQ: My Books for this Week!

  15. Avengers v X-Men 4, Wonder Woman 9, Batwoman 9, AVX: vs 2, New Mutants 42, BPRD: Hell on Earth – The Devil’s Engine 1, Adventure Time 4

    BQ: I could really use a new bicycle.

  16. This week is way too big. Looking forward to Hardcore and Dancer. Other of my favorites are out, too. Since the first issue of Fury MAX was a week late here, I wonder if the second will be too.

    DANCER #1
    SAGA #3
    AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (OF 12)
    FURY MAX #2
    SCALPED #58

    BQ: A job at SDCP in the ’60s.

  17. A five week month should not have such a big week.

    Conan the barbarian
    Justice league
    Wonder woman
    The manhattan projects
    Fantastic four
    Atomic robo: real science adventures

    Very interested to see james harren on conan, of course the big image books, and actually this new arc of justice league.

    BQ: a new pair of runners for the summer, please.

  18. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Holy Guacamole! 16 books! What did I do?

  19. Huge week for me and now i’m having to be ruthless with the books that i’m unsure about. If I hear good things about them, I can always pick them up later!

    Sage, Avengers Vs X-Men and Wonder Woman are the ones i’m looking forward to the most.

    Just wondering whether anyone else’s copy of Steed and Mrs Peel #4 was blurry?

  20. This week is a doozy, but all my books are sweet-ass sweet, so I can’t really complain.

    BPRD: Devil’s Engine- Gotta love that Fegredo cover
    Batwoman- Interested to see how Mccarthy does
    Conan- James Harren on Conan makes me smile
    Daredevil- Always great
    Nightwing- Dick vs. The Court!
    Saga-The plot thickens
    Saucer Country- Weird and wonderful so far
    Star Wars: Dawn of Jedi- Interesting book, but there’s just too much competition. Holding out till issue 5
    Manhattan Projects-I love everything about this book
    The Shade- Jill Thompson on art and Times Past, color me excited
    Winter Soldier- Bucky and Natasha do work son!
    Wonder Woman- More fun in Hell

  21. Avengers Academy #30, Avengers vs. X-Men #4, AVX: VS #2, Catwoman #9, Justice League #9, Nightwing #9, Red Hood and the Outlaws #9, Saga #3, The Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1, The Avengers #26, The Incredible Hulk #7.1, Uncanny X-Men #12, Venom #18, and Winter Soldier #5.

  22. Scatchmagowa! How did I end up with TEN books this week? Isn’t this a fifth week month? Shouldn’t my pull list be smaller, not DOUBLE what it usually is?

    Dancer #1
    Daredevil #13
    Fantastic Four 605.1
    Hulk Smash the Avengers #3
    Justice LEague #9
    Saga #3
    Invincible Iron Man #517
    Manhattan Projects #3
    SHadow #2
    X-Factor #236

    WOw, can’t believe how much great stuff is coming out. Loving Saga and Manhattan Projects. Image has been on a tear lately, so looking forward to Dancer a lot.

  23. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Eeeeeek! I checked with Diamond and it looks I’m going to total 59 books this month! This is complete and utter madness!

    Yes, my fault obviously, but there are 13 – THIRTEEN!!! – double shipping books in my pull list for the month.

    Time for dramatic cuts.

  24. 9 this week!!

    Marvel » Avengers Vol. 4 #26 Avx
    Marvel » Avengers vs. X-Men #4 (of 12)
    Marvel » AVX: VS. #2 (of 6)
    Marvel » Daredevil Vol. 3 #13
    Marvel » Fantastic Four #605.1
    Marvel » Incredible Hulk #7.1
    Image » Saga #3 (MR)
    Marvel » Uncanny X-Men #12 AvX
    DC Comics » Wonder Woman (2011-) #9

  25. AvX #4

    nightwing #9

    BQ- I would like for him to pay for my schooling

  26. GLORY #26
    SAGA #3
    FURY MAX #2
    Rob Sterling can pay for my comics this week,,That be cool

  27. It’s my b-day this Wednesday ohhh yeah. Catwoman, AvX, and Conan are my top picks, plus Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Vampirella vs Dracula, etc.

    BQ: huge stacks of money

  28. Looking forward to Saga, Daredevil, and M Projects.

    BQ: Joan.

  29. I am at 19 again this week and it is starting to get to be to many, I think pretty soon I will need to start cutting again.
    This is also before the browsing for new stuff or TBs or just stuff that may catch the old eye-balls.
    Anyway, this is one of my favorite weeks because the JL comes out and that title has been at the top of my list since day one, right underneath Suicide Squad. Come on Weds. lets get it on!!


  30. That’s 12 for me this week:
    This week I’m putting Red Hood and the Outlaws up onto the chopping block to see if it survives. If it’s good then I’ll keep it but if not then that series is dropped.

    AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (OF 12)
    AVX: VS #2 (OF 6)
    SAGA #3
    X-FACTOR #236

    • Red Hood is so good, why would you wanna chop Red Hood?? GL Corps. is going to be my chopping block because of it’s same ol same situations with a hero like John Stewart who has the same things happen to him year after year. He is either in trail, tortured, turning himself in and any number of other prison sad sack type situations and tis getting old. Thats just my opinion however; thats my suggestion.


    • Everytime I hear about Red Hood nowadays, it’s someone saying that they’re going to drop it…which leads me to reply “Huh…I’m surprised you lasted THIS long!”

  31. Ten titles at retail, three by subscription.

    Time for more culling of the pull list.

  32. ADVENTURE TIME #4 [ it’s simply ALGEBRAIC! ]
    AVENGERS ACADEMY #30 [ Underrated & fun ]
    AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (OF 12) [ It’s fun thus far. For me at least. In a summer blockbuster sort of way. ]
    JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS #3 (OF 5) [ Such a beautiful & joyously exciting book. ]
    THE AVENGERS #26 [ Walt Simonson. ‘Nuff said. ]
    WONDER WOMAN #9 [ Book it, this week’s Pick of the Week! ]
    WINTER SOLDIER #5 [ super-hero spy fun ]
    THUNDERBOLTS #174 [ Jeff Parker just writes a great book. A must read. ]
    THE SHADE #8 (OF 12) [ Jill Thompson!!! YES! YES! YES! ]

    Possibles also included :
    HULK SMASH THE AVENGERS #3 (OF 5) [ My pull pile is getting too expensive! This might get culled. ]
    DANGER CLUB #2 [ I enjoyed issue 1. But if something has to be culled, it could be this. ]
    BIRDS OF PREY #9 [ I don’t normally read this but Foreman’s pencils look SWEET. And it’s An OWLS tie-in. So maybe. ]
    DAREDEVIL #13 [ Sigh. We go from Martin. Paolo & Samnee to Pham?!?!?! I don’t like his work. This might be a hard cut. ]

    BQ: a night with Christina Hendricks. That women is like……WHOAH!

  33. Of the ten titles I’m buying at the store this week, I’ll read four almost immediately.

    I’m digging Daredevil, Winter Soldier, Fantastic Four and Hulk Smash Avengers.

    Fun, fun, fun and then some more fun.

    Genuine four-star comics.

  34. My list is bigger than it usually is because of the Night of Owls event. But it’s been so good, I’m not complaining! Plus, Saga, Birds of Prey and Blue Beetle. Sweet week!

    As for the BQ: something pretty.

  35. 8 books for me this week – about average. Very Image-heavy, interestingly.
    BQ: a ticket to space.

  36. BATWOMAN #9
    DANCER #1
    FURY MAX #2
    SAGA #3
    THE SHADE #8 (OF 12)

    Also, Insufferable over at, Mark Waid’s site. The book is free, it comes out weekly, and it is great.

    BQ: Who the &$#% is Roger Sterling?

    • I’m stoked because my store got ALL my books pulled for me this week. They had run out of Saga previous weeks and I had to scramble to other stores to get those (and felt like a philanderer). I also picked up the Fantastic Four .1 – wasn’t gonna, but I flipped through a few pages and was like “WTF?! Sold!”