New Comics for 05.01.2013 is going to have to go boldly where no one has gone before

New Comics_CoverGet to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Josh, and Paul.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Mike, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Timmy, Chris, Jeff, and Matt.

This week Conor Kilpatrick has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: With a lot of big and prestigious releases in May, of the following which are you most looking forward to? Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness, Before Midnight, or The Hangover III?



  1. Avatar photo 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:


    BQ: Star Trek Into Darkness

  2. All New X-Men 11
    Animal Man 20
    Green Arrow 20
    Hawkeye 10
    Indestructible Hulk 7
    Iron Man 9
    The Victories 1
    Thono’s Rising 2
    X-Men Legacy 10
    Psyched for the new artists on Hawkeye and Iron Man
    BQ Iron Man 3

  3. Wow after a monstrous previous week it’s nice to have a slight breather, with just All New X-Men & Hawkeye. But I will be getting Infinity at the weekend!

    BQ- none of them, not my sort of films!

  4. Before Midnight is a big release now? Before Sunrise is one of the best movies ever made.

  5. The first week is always my smallest…..

    Batwing #20
    Detective Comics #20
    Earth 2 #12
    Green Arrow #20
    Hawkeye #10
    Legends of the Dark Knight #8
    Phantom Stranger #8

    BQ: STAR TREK!!!!!!! Iron Man 3 I will see too but I will probably wait for it to come out on DVD.

  6. Small stack this week, which is good because last week was heavy.

    Most excited to see the fallout of last issues Hawkeye ending.

    HAWKEYE #10
    ALL-NEW X-MEN #11

    BQ: Iron Man 3, I was privy to see a few scenes early, looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome!

    ALL-NEW X-MEN #11
    X-MEN LEGACY #10

    Not too shabby.

    BQ: STAR TREK, SON! So excited. Couldn’t care less about the other stuff. Just give me my Trek.

    Also, guys, it’s Boldly Go.


  9. All New X-men #11
    Age of Ultron #7
    Aquaman #19
    Hawkeye #10
    Superior Spider-man #9

    BQ: Already seen Iron Man 3! Really liked it 8/10, so i’ll have to say Star Trek.

  10. All New X-Men 11
    Age of Ultron 7

    BQ: the new film from director Olivier Assyas about the student revolutions in France in 1968, “Something in the Air”. Very excited by a lot of the stuff from independent directors I love like Richard Linklater, Sofia Coppola, etc.

  11. Hawkeye
    All New X-Men
    Age of Ultron
    Earth 2

    BQ: Iron Man 3. I am a Trekkie but, let’s be honest here, Trek Movies aren’t really Star Trek, they’re just action movies set in the same universe with the same characters.

  12. Probably most curious about Iron Man #9 this week, I want to see if Gillen has a hang of the character yet and what this book can look like with a great (even decent) artist.

    Also: Age of Ultron #7, All-New X-Men #11, Aquaman #19, Green Arrow #20, Hawkeye #10, Hulk #7, Ten Grand #1, Super Spidey #9. Might try Swamp Thing by Soule too.

    BQ: Iron Man 3 has the slight edge over Star Trek

  13. Very slow week, luckily because I broke the bank in buying the Will Eisner’s The Spirit Artist’s Edition over the weekend. So this week it’s just:

    And maybe: PIETROLINO HC

    BQ: IM2 was a major disappointment for me after the brilliant IM1, so I’m going with Star Trek of which I enjoyed the previous installment tremendously!

  14. Hawkeye 10
    Indestructible Hulk 7
    Superior Spider-Man 9
    Thanos Rising 2
    (Waiting till Free Comicbook day on Saturday to pick these up so it`s gonna be tough avoiding spoilers!)

    BQ: Iron Man 3!! then Star Trek and Hangover 3 in that order

  15. A fun little week of all 2.99 books:)

    Animal Man
    Green Arrow
    The Movement

    Getting off the racks:
    Hawkeye (for Francavilla)
    Worlds’ Finest (for the boob window)
    Stormwatch (actually really enjoyed Starlin’s first issue)

    BQ: having seen the Star Trek reboot just a month or so ago and being really impressed by it i’d say Into Darkness.

  16. BQ: I have been forced to watch two horrible Transformer films since the reboot Star Trek was released. I DESERVE to see Into Darkness.

  17. ALL NEW X-MEN #11

    BQ: I have to go with THE ICEMAN

  18. Exciting books for the week. Earth 2, Swamp Thing, X-Factor, X-Men Legacy.

    BQ: Iron Man 3

  19. Avatar photo ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

    Comic I am looking forward to the most: Hawkeye!

    BQ: Choosing from that list I have to say Star Trek, but overall I’m the most excited for Only God Forgives.

  20. Nice light week for me, though I’ll probably make up for it at Free Comic Book Day sales/promotions.

    Abe Sapien
    Swamp Thing
    Winter Soldier

    BQ: I think it’s a tie between Iron Man and Star Trek. I know that’s kind of a cheat, but I can’t choose, so sue me. Gatsby looks great too, I just hope it’s not all spectacle over substance.

  21. AGE OF ULTRON #7
    HAWKEYE #10
    EARTH 2 #12

    BQ. Star Trek, then Iron Man 3. And Man of Steel.

  22. I actually saw Iron Man 3 & it was AMAZING!!! However I think it will divide the majority of fanboys depending on how they respond to certain things in the film. So I am actually excited for Star Trek Into Darkness, Great Gatsby & (even though you guys didn’t mention it) Fast & Furious 6 as well pretty equally for different reasons. Weird I know lol 🙂

  23. Mister X: Eviction #1, 47 Ronin #4, The Movement #1, Earth 2 #12, Aquaman #19, Green Arrow #20 & World’s Finest #12.

    BQ: Star Trek: Into Darkness

  24. Looks like a good week…

    Back Issue
    Detective Comics
    Earth 2
    Green Arrow
    Indestructible Hulk
    Iron Man 258.1
    Superior Spider-Man

    BQ: looking forward to both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek about the same, but if had to choose it’d be IM 3. I have a feeling it’ll be so much better than IM 2.

  25. Good week for me. Iron Man, the Michelinie/Layton Iron Man, Superior Spider-Man, Son of Merlin, Flashback, Suicide Risk and X-Factor.

    BQ: Before Midnight is a big release? I have never even heard of it! What is it?

    Definitely Iron Mam 3!

  26. Most excited for Aquaman and Shadowman. Also getting Thanos Rising, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Dial H and Phantom Stranger. Am tempted to try Hawkeye and Iron Man, but I don’t think it’s in the budget. Might splurge a buck on the reprint of Peter Panzerfaust #1, though.

    BQ: Not sure if Before Midnight counts as major release, though, on the other hand, it’ll probably be one of the biggest indie films of the year. I’m most excited for Star Trek with Before Midnight and Iron Man closely behind — I’m looking forward to all three. My interest in the other two is pretty low . . .

  27. Going to wait to get comics on Saturday since my LCS is having a big sale for FCBD. Gonna be a toil of a wait but it’ll be worth it.

    Dial H
    Indestructible Hulk
    Iron Man
    Ten Grand

    BQ: Out of the list? Iron Man 3. Not a fan of the last Star Trek movie, Hangover III looks meh, Great Gatsby is not my cup of tea, and I haven’t even heard of Before Midnight.

  28. Done my best to avoid any sneaks on Hawkeye, but with Francavilla on art I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I always meant to try Mind The Gap and at one dollar, I’m a schmuck if I don’t know. Snapshot has been really fun. I hate to see Winter Soldier end, Latour and Klein were telling a really fun story and they only have two issues to wrap it up, darn it.

    HAWKEYE #10

    BQ: Iron Man 3. Not gonna be doing a midnight show, but my ass WILL be in that seat.

  29. Thisi s my favorite week of the month as Earth 2, World’s Finest, and Dial H come out. Also, really looking forward to the new Movement with it’s first issue. I added Batwing because … well, I added it because last month’s issue was so cool. And looking forward to seeing where Tony Daniels takes Action comics and the new Jade character making her debut in Ame-Comi Girls#3. Aquaman has been full of intrigue last two issues so hoping Arthur makes it out okay one more month.

    On the indie side I checked out Miss Fury #1 last month and it hooked me enough to get #2 this week. TMNT Color Classics has another one coming out (there is a reason they are Classic). And Sonic is coming out, I think it is a Worlds Collide issue and I’m getting that whole crossover.

  30. OH! Before Midnight is the third film in the series by Richard Linklater. With ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’ (and a minor cameo in ‘Waking Life) being a part of the same set of characters. I totally forget this was gonna happen….So yeah, that’s a big deal.

  31. So many good options this week. Curiosity piqued by the promise of Superior Spider-man but I’m sure they’ll do something to make me grind my teeth. Earth 2 and Indestructible Hulk because they both left me on cliffhangers last month.

    Hawkeye, cause duh.

    BQ: Before Midnight. Just… if you’re of the generation this is actually a big one. Until I heard about this it would have been Iron Man 3.

    Such a good week this will be.

  32. Earth 2 #12
    47 Ronin #4
    And hopeully East of West #2 since my shop didn’t pull one for me last week 🙁

    BQ: Star Trek Into Darkness

  33. BQ: I guess either Iron Man or Star Trek.

  34. Light week for me:

    AQUAMAN #19
    BATWING #20

    So I’m taking stock in my books and will probably be making some surprising (for me) cuts in the next couple of week. I’m probably cutting Batwing, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, depending on where they are in their current arcs.

    On the upside, my LCS (Capstone Comics in Austin) has just moved to a bigger location, and tomorrow is the grand opening! Just in time for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

    BQ: Iron Man 3 and Star Trek.