New Comics for 01/11/2012 had some BBQ and beer

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What did you do to celebrate your most recent birthday?


  1. More Sam Kieth Batman!! I might wait for reviews though, since I’m not too familiar with Bruce Jones’, although I remember Ron bashing him many podcasts ago.

    BQ: My friends took me to my favorite Japanese restaurant where we enjoyed, amongst other things, some of the finests unfiltered sake I’ve ever had.

  2. Nice, solid week for me with at least one comic from the three major companies.

    Batman and Robin
    Journey Into Mystery
    Secret Avengers

    BQ: Sadly nothing too special. I had classes all day and night and by the time I got home we only went out for something small to eat…..Getting old sucks.

  3. Man, this week is a heavy one for me. Lots of good books, so I’m happy.

    BQ: I just turned 30 in Nov. so some buddies and I went mountain biking in Santa Barbara, It was a bluebird day and a gorgeous trail. We capped it off with a night of beer drinking with more friends. I kind of felt like Lance Armstrong from those commercials, except none of us were wasting our time w/ Michelob Ultra.

  4. Sheesh, another huge week for me:

    BATGIRL #5
    PIGS #5
    SEVERED #6 (OF 7)
    THE SHADE #4 (OF 12)

    Luckily some of these are ending soon!

    BQ: My last birthday, we went to eat at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, then went to Pinballz Arcade ( They have over 120 pinball machines from many decades, including the top 30 rated games of all time. They also have over 50 vintage arcade video games. It was like taking a time machine back to my mispent youth. Crank up the Night Ranger and visit it if you’re ever in Austin!

    • “30 top-rated” makes more sense! Seriously, it was AWESOME.

    • I find that pinball machines have a lot of depth.. a lot more than i once thought they did. As a kid I thought it was about keeping the balls in play but there is a ton of stuff to activate and unlock on those machines. A lot of replay value and actual skill involved. A friend of mine used to average around 50 or 60 million points per game on the Lord of the Rings one. (free game was like 25 milion). I think that those are really the only fun thing left in most arcades. You cant stick a pinball machine into a playstation 3. and yes ive played marvel pinball… and it just aint right when its digital. I always feel that the computer is manipulating the ball movement with digital pinball.. i want real physics involved. I also like to turn the pages when reading comics. Go figure.

    • i find that pinball machines have more depth than most people…a lot more(lol).
      i love pinball machines. the wackiest one i ever saw was a baywatch game. it was ridiculous.
      im seldom in an arcade these days, but when i am i always play pinball and the classic arcade games like donkey kong, pacman and galaga. good times

    • Right on. Theres an arcade by me that has alot of arcade classics like kong, pacman and galaga. Tough to find pinball machines.. around here though.. I went to a place in colorado that was similar to kenny’s. Was pretty awesome.

    • If any of you make it to town, drop me a line and we can hit the arcade.

      Also, if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, take a break from losing money at the tables and put some in pinball machines as the Pinball Hamm of Fame ( And a museum it is, with machines dating back to the 40’s. It’s a cheap diversion if you have the time.

    • Man, I cannot type. HALL of Fame, dammit. Edit button please!

    • Thanks Kenny. .. yes i wish this site had a 2 minute edit button at least. can we make that happen?

  5. Great week. I’m getting 7 books.

    Batman & Robin
    Green Lantern
    The Shade

    Actually looking forward to all but PIGS which I might drop if it doesn’t pick up with this issue.

    BQ: Nothing special for my birthday this year. I mean who celebrates when they turn 31? Just had some Indonesian food with friends down in a restaurant in Amsterdam.

    • Just wanted to add DARWYN COOKE will do this 4th issue of The Shade! So I’m most looking forward to that book this week. This series has been top quality thus far.

  6. It’s Batwoman and Buffy for me this week!

    as my birthday was last friday – I (surprise!) went to pick up my latest pulls, as well as that Chase TPB. Then it was food and booze and poker with a multitude of family and friends that night! Was a great night.

  7. Is this week cyan and orange/red week or something? Every cover seems dominated by one or both of those colors this week!

  8. 8 issue week and a whole bunch of solid books this week.

    BQ: I went to my comic shop to buy Doom Patrol: We Who Are About to Die and Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others.

  9. I’m looking forward to checking out the new Scarlet Spider book. Also picking up Amazing Spider-man, Batman and Robin, Captain America, and New Avengers.

    BQ: I’ve had a costume party for my birthday the past 9 years, it is always a good time!

  10. Batwoman
    Demon Knights
    Frankenstein: AoS

    Shade #4 (Darwyn Cooke!)
    Journey into Mystery #633 (Son of Satan!)
    Lobster Johnson: the Burning Hand #1 (Lobster Johnson!)

  11. Connor, assuming you celebrated your birthday there in NYC, what kind/style of BBQ is popular there?

    Being from Texas, BBQ is pretty distinct here i.e. open pit bbq, big on beef brisket, sausage, and ribs. My folks are from Missouri where Kansas City style reigns i.e. pulled pork sandwiches, pork ribs with sweet sauce.

    Just curious what NYC tends to consider BBQ.

    • Im not from NYC but i think BBQ is more of a southern thing. Ive only been to NYC twice though so… who knows maybe theres a market for it. I myself had my first set of ribs at Medieval times (dinner and tournament). HA. They eventually grew on me.

    • @iroberts007: There’s actually a fair amount of BBQ in NYC and some of it is even quite good and I’m speaking as someone whose family is all from Texas and who has had a ton of BBQ there.

      @TexasZombie99: I moved to LA a few months ago so the BBQ was here. It was Texas style. The BBQ in NYC is mostly Texas style though there are a couple of Kansas City style places. Obviously, none of it is as good as you’ll find in Texas, but one or two places are close(ish).

  12. BQ: My wife got me a Rafael Albuquerque page from American Vampire #2 for my birthday this past weekend. I celebrated by staying home with the family and admiring it.

  13. This is literally the most comics ive ever bought in one week…… This coming wednesday/thursday. Ive been buying brubakers Cap’s for years but im not digging the last few issues. Im wondering if Brubaker is spreading himself to thin. These stories seem dialed in over the last few months. Ive been reading Cap for half a decade. .. i think i need a break. I may also drop Ultimate XMen. Other than that everything else looks awesome.

    I think i spent my last Bday with friends .. dinner .. i think… I had some massively awesome parties as a kid. Not too keen on it now.

  14. Heck of a week and yet I’m most excited for Amazing Spider-Man, the 1st part of the DD crossover. Also hot for all the Jason Aaaron-ness, Secret Avengers, Luther Strode and the finale of 1959. And I’m wondering if I can keep my interest in the Bendis Avengers until he finishes his run…the Dark Avengers thing feels kinda done.

    BQ: God, y’know I don’t think I can even remember

  15. Is there going to be anything more exciting than the Dash v. Shunka throwdown? Doubt it.

    I was a trade waiter up to issue 49 of Scalped but I don’t want to wait a year and a half to see how it ends so I am very eager to get Scalped 55 in my hands, also Punisher Max 21 and Unwritten 33 and possibly Secret Avengers.

    BQ: Not much, it was kinda lame.

  16. Buffy, as ever. And Frankenstein. That’s ‘Fronk-en-shteen’.
    What a time to be a horror comic fan!

    BQ: I flew to New Orleans and spent two days with my brother, a couple of oyster po boys and countless Abitas.

    • I’m really excited for Frankenstein too, that series has been the biggest pleasant surprise of the new 52 for me. I picked it up on a whim because I’m a big fan of old Universal horror films and I’ve been really digging it.

  17. Definitely most looking forward to the final issue of Avengers 1959.

    I work at a university and my birthday is toward the end of Fall registration, so I can’t take the day off and I’m always really tired by the time it comes around. I usually just spend the evening with my wife and she makes me a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich (the recipe that Elvis used to love, we picked it up when we visited Graceland a few years ago) and I have a Mexican Coke. I honestly never want anything more than that.

  18. Amazing Spider-Man #677, Carnage U.S.A. #2, Daken: Dark Wolverine #19, Deadpool #49, Scarlet Spider #1, Wolverine #300, Wolverine & the X-Men #4, Incredible Hulk #4, Batman and Robin #5, Green Lantern #5, Invincible #87, Superboy #5, & Spawn #215. So I’m looking at about 50 bucks of comics this week. BQ: I bought my first trade paperbacks, which is pretty sad.

  19. ACTIVITY #2
    PIGS #5
    SEVERED #6 (OF 7)
    THE SHADE #4 (OF 12)
    THE STRAIN #2 (OF 12)
    X-FACTOR #230

    I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a light week again, so long as I work at my LCS. Jesus, what a stack. Of course, money is so tight, if I didn’t work at my LCS, that stack would be zero.

    BQ: Took the day off work, and went out to eat at this great tapas place in downtown Atlanta, with a group of good friends. The woman baked me a cake, and decorated it to look like Captain America’s shield.

  20. am looking most forward to carnage usa, severed and dark avengers. i only read avengers(for the most) when they’re dark.
    bq- same thing i do every year pinky, try to take over the world.
    but, when i fail, i get a meal of my choice, couple of comics, beer and an uneventful night of watching movies. a blast.

  21. Yay! I love Demon Knights/Frankenstein week! I’m not even reading OMAC and I’m still excited for Frank #5.

    BQ: Broke up with my girl of four years and lost my license in a DUI. Here’s to 2012!

  22. Only three books this week, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Factor and Batman & Robin

    BQ: i don’t celebrate my birthday

  23. BQ: To celebrate my most recent birthday, I went to Florida. It was awesome, and the weather was much better than in Iowa, where I live

  24. BQ: No joking but i was at a Zoo for a unrelated reason. Seeing those chimps fling poo was the best present i could have asked for

    • I interned at a zoo.. and got spit on by an orangutan… and they make a lot of spit..let me tell you… It was like getting hit by a water balloon. I got the added bonus of getting hit square in the face as well.

    • the grossest ape of all is the bonobo though, those things are the sexual deviants of the primate world

    • Ha.. but the bonobos make love not war….
      chimps are like us… sexually repressed and angry… ha..

  25. BQ: It was on Thanksgiving

  26. Alright! It’s a light week for me:

    Demon Knights
    The Ray
    Journey into Mystery
    The Shade

    BQ: My birthday always falls on Holy Week (the week before Easter) so my birthday takes a back seat to what ever religious
    traditions my family does to prepare for Easter. My mom makes things easier by making my favorite non-meat dish and my dad always gives me a plush rabbit. Last birthday , my younger cousin wanted to do something for me so he gave me his Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) action figure.

  27. Big week for me, I think I need to start dropping some nu52 books from my order for reals. Maybe thin out my marvel stuff to, but probably not. Oh well, I’ll be broke but at least i’ll have some good books to read.

    BQ/ Not much, went out for dinner with my girlfriend and my parents then went for some drinks with a few mates. It was a nice low key kind of night.

  28. Hulk and Suicide Squad are two books I am looking foward to and I might pick up that new Batman original gn.

    BQ: I could not go out on my birthday but did go out for a t-bone and drinks the weekend before and after to make up for it. On my birthday I got some mexican food and watched tv, fun but nothing new.

  29. Journey into Mystery and Frankenstein makes a good week.

  30. All right, Demon Knights, Superboy and The Unwritten V5. Great week!

    And as for the Bonus Question, I went to see a Midnight screening of Day of the Dead with a cast and crew Q&A beforehand. There was also some kind of crazy fasion show in the street that night so there was food, booze, and beautiful women about.

  31. A big week for me, but there’s lots to look forward to. Actually picking up a couple Spider-Man books–Amazing for the DD crossover…which pains me because I’m succumbing to Marvel’s tricks…and I think I’ll check out Scarlet Spider as well.


    BQ: My b-day is actually this Wednesday. I’ll eat cake and read comics. Not too shabby if you ask me.

  32. Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #1 (SO EXCITE!)
    Journey into Mystery #633
    Wolverine & the X-Men #4
    Batwoman #5
    Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #5
    Scarlet Spider #1

    BQ: I am a sucker for theme parties so I celebrated with a Time Travel potluck party.

  33. BQ: Local Area Network party where Terraria ruled the day. It was either that or board games again. God, I’m old and nerdy.

  34. Man, such a good week. Most excited for Luther Strode, Invincible and Secret Avengers. I can’t believe that Ellis’s run is already over.

    BQ: Ate a lot of sushi at Uchi (, which if you’re from Austin, is the best place to get it. So amazingly good. The owner and head chef was on Iron Chef and apparently won, as well.