Negativity Is TOO Damn High

Name is Josh Flanagan, and I am here on behalf of the Negativity Is Too Damn High Party.  Gettin' to the point where a man can't post nothin' without someone coming in, posting y'all's flames!

Talkin' 'bout:





Y'all got nothin' more to do than be constantly judging damn near everything? How you know what is?

Negativity is TOO damn high.

My party represent a group of people committed to makin' sure we talkin' 'bout good stuff, good comics, good reads, good art, and all that fun stuff that make up the best of comics.  You ain't got something good to say?  Better be constructive then, 'stead a all that ignorant babblin' all damn day.

Talkin' 'bout some comic book ain't even out yet, not a panel drawn, not a cover solicited, and people be talkin' 'bout it ain't gonna be good.  Y'all be talkin' that stuff, all day, ruining my breakfast lunch and dinner.

Not gonna take it no more.

Negativity is too damn high.

You like something? Talk about that?  Someone did something real good?  That's real good.  Got nothin' to do but post about how you don't like something? Go take a damn walk with that stuff. 

Criticism got its place.  You damn right there's stuff deserved to be talked about when it ain't good.  But all this business about seeing a tiny image, decidin' it's all crap from no damn information at all?  You got something to say? Say it!  But make it worth my damn time! 

All this noise got to go.

Negativity too damn high.


  1. Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. Amen

  3. AGREED! Talk about stuff you like. The industry is in a bad enough shape already. No need to talk down everthing and anything.

  4. Preach it, Brutha!

  5. WORD!

  6. Mr. Flanagan, you are the man. This is stuff I have been saying at my shop for years. I am in full support of the "Negativity is Too Damn High Party".

  7. read what you like, or think you might like.  And if you didn’t like it, feel free to say why, but have some constructive criticism, or keep it respectful.  big capital lettered space wasters like the ones mentioned above are not needed.  I mean mention Grant Morrison and they all will come up, but none with a good reason, or an original thought behind them.


    but thats just me…

  8. I wonder what Josh thinks about the rent…

  9. Hey Josh, I think you may have a little something on your cheek.  You may want to get that looked at.

  10. Maybe it’s just that positivity is too low. What’d that do? D’that blow your minds?

  11. I for one welcome our strangly-mustachioed, positive overlords.

  12. Its like the whole internet is being ruined because happy people can’t think of anything to say.

  13. i would argue that the rising cover price of comics and the high criticism rates are intricately linked. The more you charge the more we expect.

    That being said, we all need to stop pre-judging things. I’ve done it..i admit it, and its a given that not everything is for everyone, but its not healthy for the industry and just for life in general.

  14. Can I add "its just not for me" to that list of annoying negative phrases?

  15. @Aalbatr0ss: Good point. A lot of times I don’t post anything because all I want to say is essentially "I like this." Perhaps I should reconsider, and spread the positivity.

  16. I think you guys should host a Rally to Restore Positivity on Internet Message Boards.

  17. #1 reason why I almost don’t post anything anymore.

  18. Add the hashtag "#petition" to your comment to show you want Josh to do a dramatic reading of this speech on the show this week. 

    Also, AMEN.  

  19. I’d vote for you.

  20. The temptation to post meh, too damn high.

    Joking, glad you got this out. 🙂

  21. I’ve done this from time to time.  Sometimes only one word can sum my frustration.

  22. #petition, yes

  23. As a karate expert, I agree with everything in the post.

  24. Clap, clap, clap, congrats Josh for today you win the internet. I can’t stop laughing and I agree. #petition.

    @Paul: For Tuesday Showdown you should have Jimmy McMillan vs. Colonel Sanders. McMillan is like the Inverse version of the Colonel.

  25. Here’s a valid point: How would you ask people not to get negative when you regularly blast or insult at least 1 comic and it’s creators per podcast, about 1 comic per week?


  27. Well. I will conceed that point, but what do you think about the floppy subsidies?

  28. @kickass That’s the point.  He stated that one must be constructive with criticism.  He wasn’t saying that criticism was bad.

  29. Some helpful campaign slogans:





    Y’know, for buttons.

    Also, thank you SO much for pointing out the difference between criticism and bitching, Mr. Leghorn.

  30. @KickAss Even if they knock one book a week, the positivity:negativity ratio is still HEAVILY weighted in the positive.

  31. @Vadamowens – I’ve heard plenty of criticism from iFanboy that was not constructive.  It’s all over the podcasts.

  32. Josh, is the poodle you cut all of that hair off of for your mug shot still alive? 

    Also, it’s stuff like this that makes this a great community.  Good people talkin’ good comics.

  33. Kickass has a vendetta against us, and me specifically.  Please stop trying to convince him, because you’re just wasting your time. He is the only person who ever says this, and it’s because we don’t like all his favorite books as much as he does, which upsets him, and as such he lashes out and tries to change the course of the threads he posts in to make himself feel better.

  34. Breakfast lunch and dinner?

  35. @kickass I repectfully disagree.  There’s only been a handful of times that I’ve heard them over the last 2 yrs just outright bash a book without much explanation and even then there was still a little bit of constructivitiy (if that’s a word).

  36. #petition

    That is all.

  37. I like Jason Mewes attitude, give him any comic, he reads it, and says it was awesome! There might a few turds out there but I’d rather celebrate the good ones. I absolutely love how Vince B gushes about how awesome are the books he loves. That’s passion right there! I’m a buddhist, so I love all kinds of shit. And with lots o’ love, I give a big finger to all negative people out there! Yep, that’s for some of the annal retentive comic book fans that litter the fandom world. Whiners! Love y’all!  well, some more than others…   ; )

  38. @josh Just having a conversation. Not trying to convince anyone of anything.

  39. I demand that Josh now appear in all the videos in a full suit and gloves no matter what.

  40. I like this post.


  41. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with criticism. As long as it’s not a knee-jerk useless criticism. Not everything is good.  Not everything that is good to one person is good to everyone.  Have reasons, be fair, and articulate them.

  42. Amen! Pretty soon our children won’t have no comic books to read. THAT’S what Josh is running for.

    Once again, WHY? You said it. Negetivity is too DAMN high.

  43. I don’t always visit comic book sites, but when I do I prefer iFanboy.  Keep reading, my friends. #petition

    P.S. General Ambrose Burnside has a newfound respect for Josh, for obvious reasons.  As does Colonel Ingus, but for less obvious reasons.


  44. This article is not negative enough….remove positivity to make better. 😉

  45. keep it up, I like this idea

    also makes me thankful for my low rent . . .  


  46. I’ve noticed that some (but not all) of the more negative elements (members) on the site have mellowed a bit with time.  They’ve learned that this is generally a very respectful, polite, intelligent community that typically won’t contribute to their destructive behavior.  I’m generally quite satisfied by the level of positivity present on the site (that’s why I keep coming back).  

  47. #petition

    what’s the most fun thing about this article? reading it in different voices!

    We do need criticism for sure, but i also think we need more discussion to build that criticsm. I find there are a lot of great points posted on this site that are sometimes neglected so others can post a different idea/topic/rant. I know I do this from time to time.

  48. "I agree with Josh, the negativity IS too damn high."

    And I can’t be the only one that had to read this out loud to get the full effect.

  49. Should MEH really be on that list? I agree about the others but MEH isnt so much a negative word as it is an apathetic word


    A George Carlin fan

    (Also: AMEN!)


  50. Blah! How did a fun comedy piece, albeit one with a certain motiff, turn into a flame war? Silly internet. Learn to laugh.

  51. @PsychoJudgeDredd – some users have expressed to us that they found it offensive. If you read the terms of service, we reserve the right to delete any comments.  Please respect our decisions, and stop reposting it.

  52. It’s a Col. Sanders parody, which is what others have said they thought your post was reminiscent of. I don’t get what’s offensive about that. But hey, fair enough. 

  53. If you like negativity you could use Twitter or Facebook to host your opinions. At least there people who do not like your flames can block you. 


  54. Just to add to the positive vibes, I thought I’d say that one of the many reasons I continually return to is because of articles like these, as well as the general attitude of both the staff and the community, which this article perfectly reflects.

    Keep up the great work!

  55. It all makes sense now…at NYCC, I saw Josh secretly leering over a book of his, which had the title “11 Secret Herbs And Spices”. When I approached him to ask him about it, he hissed at me and left some bad scratch marks.

  56. A lot of comics deserve (probably not the right word) to be ripped, people on this site generally back up their criticisms with specific reasons instead of just hate for hate’s sake.  Love that

  57. Agree.  This post is needed on occasion.  The ratings for books are above average.  Frame negative comments in a constructive manner.

  58. Thanks for this post, Josh–I heartily applaud the sentiment and enjoyed the voice in which it was written!

  59. @psychojudgedredd – Not Col. Sanders. It’s Jimmie McMillan. Rent is Too Damn High Party.

    But that explains why you were talking about chicken.

  60. Yes!  Let’s hear it for positivity!  Cynicism is choking the like out of every last little thing.

  61. @Josh – Thank you for posting this, it needed to be said!  Also, please consider printing t-shirts, campaign buttons, and pamphlets. Seriously, I’d buy one.  🙂

  62. There is a great message here but I can’t stop laughing at that picture.

    Truly a wonderful parody if I ever read one. Bully to you sir! 

  63. I think one of the best things I have ever heard you guys say one your pick of the week podcast is how you have learned to criticize a person’s work and give reasons for the criticism. Not liking something is fine, but one of the purposes of a site like this is to engage in a discussion about things, in this case comic books. If you guys dismiss a comic by saying “I just didn’t like it” people would be right for calling you out, and as such you are right in calling people out who act in the same way. I couldn’t agree with what you say more Josh.

  64. Can I get a hell yeah? Can I get a HELL YEAH? I think Mr. Flanagan (with his bodacious facial hair) may have indeed just given my by hell yeah?

  65. Josh’s message doesn’t just apply to comic book fans talking about comic books. It applies to everything anywhere online. The amount of cynicism, sarcasm, snark, and just plain old frustrated anger is an epidemic. Internet anonymity has really done something scary to us as a society.

    Now don’t get me wrong. There is a definite time and place for being snide, snarky detractors. This world gives us many things that deserve our disdain. But what gets me is the number of people you see posting on message boards and comment sections of article who do nothing more than say how stupid they think something is. Or what a waste of time they find people discussing such a topic. Just how on earth is that productive, or even worth one’s time? Why do I need to read self-righteous hippies telling me what a waste of time sports are in the comment section of a sports article? Why do people have to comment on youtube videos saying how dumb they find a type of music or movie? It’s so sad just how juvenile the whole system is.

    Come on people of the internet! If you don’t care for something, just leave it alone for the people who do care about it! Talk about the things you care about. And that doesn’t mean you have to be overly positive if say your favorite comic book has turned to crap. Just don’t click on the crap you either have no clue about or don’t care for, just to type, "meh. who gives a crap?"

    Seriously. I hate the term "meh"! If Josh is running on the "Negativity is too damn high" party. Let me run along side him on my "Abolish ‘Meh’ & other obnoxious internet words" campaign. ‘Epic’ and ‘fail’, you’re next!

  66. I would just like to say I like this post,… and pie!

  67. Its all PUKE, i wouldn’t spend 3.99 on an issue of that tripe even if marvel did make the collectors foil first issue only 2.99..

    And that beard appears to have been concocted by the 90’s image group after a bender of malt liquor and angel dust.

    Nay ! i say ! My hair may stand up if shaken but i cannot swallow this horse raddish. 

    No rainbows. 

  68. When does the Prick of the week come out?

    Im a hippie, yet there are times I want to shit on someone’s mouth.

    But most of the time I choose to love. 

    I guess I could love taking a dump on some people’s mouth.

    I think Bored to Death is an awesome show. Can’t wait for prohibition to be over. I bet people would chill more.

    In fact, I think it could cure cyniscm. I love nature!

  69. I DON’T LIKE IT!  


    this whole political movement threatens my way of life 

  70. You best give me some Breakfast,Lunch,&Dinner because my tuition is too damn high. #NoReallyItIs

  71. Ah SH!T!! I can’t believe I ACTUALLY hashtagged. =| It’s time for an intervention. (We’ll have it at Emerald Con)

  72. #petition

  73. Josh’s frosted blond mullet kicks ass.

  74. Anyone paying attention to Josh’s comments in recent months could see this coming.  I have to agree that it is aggravating as all hell to read the same kind of negative throwaway comments over and over.  (I’ll go on record as saying I HATE the shit out of "MEH!" too.)

    Sometimes, I wonder why intelligent discourse on ANY subject is hard to come by.  My theory is that as a society we generally opt for the convenient solution when presented with an obstacle, problem or challenging question.  This trickles all the way down to criticism of comics, movies, books, television shows, etc.  Rather than put forth some effort to explain an opinion, people spit out catch phrases or other regurgitated BS.  Unfortunately, a lot of that is negative garbage that only serves to create a poisonous atmosphere.

  75. Wow i guess the ifanbase loves them some New York poltics.

  76. I’m pretty late to the party here, but one of the reasons I like iFanboy is because of the generally positive attitude and the way members attempt to explain their likes and dislikes. There’s too much negativity on the internet in general, so it’s refreshing to come to a site that isn’t, especially when it’s related to a hobby that I enjoy.

  77. Don’t worry KickAss, I have a feeling JMS’s Thor Omnibus will be book of the month.

    Naw, actually the tide seems to be turning just a bit on JMS lately with the iFanboy trinity.

  78. oooh oooh ooh I missed it the first time!



    I just want to say that I get lots of positive feelings from dramatic readings! 

  79. Actually, one of the reasons iFanboy is my absolute favorite podcast is because, when their opinion differs from mine, they do so in the most tolerable fashion on the internet, unlike certain other podcasts that I won’t name.


  80. Meh

  81. I support this movement

    Dont be hatin’

  82. In all fairness, Ron has some of the most unjustified hate I’ve ever heard.  I think his opinions are usually awesome and insightful, but once in a while he’ll spit some hate that’s just a head-scratcher. 

  83. A lot of the iFanbase, myself included, have said this quite a lot recently. Although we didn’t have bitchin’ facial hair while we did it, so kudos to Josh! Well said!

  84. …….

  85. You need to run for Governor of your state.

  86. #petition

  87. As a karate expert,  Why is it necessary to provide constructive criticism when you dislike something? I have yet to see any actual critique from people splooging over the latest Garth Enis.

  88. It’s nice to see this intent reiterated on the site occasionally as it’s this more positive outlook that lured me to ifanboy a couple of years back. 

    ifanboy…an oasis in a desert of negativity

  89. HA! Is the negativity really still too high? Maybe I’m just going to fewer sites online, or going to fewer articles on iFanboy even…but I haven’t seen so many "MEH!"s, "OVERRATED"s, or "SUX"s lately. 

    Hope this post itself doesn’t count as negativity!

  90. Agreed. Although, I can’t be associated with this terrible grammar, feel free to keep ridding the streets of over-zealous nay-sayers. Good on ya, pal.

  91. Even Ron’s most rabid hatefest is self-aware enough to recognize it’s a rabid hatefest; that’s still valuable. Also, it’s usually pretty damn funny. 🙂


  92. hahahaha! omg. I’m embarrassed. I just realized that this is a spoof of an SNL skit. My appologies for my comments on your grammar. *laughs at self*

  93. @oopsxlandmine: The SNL skit was a spoof of a real person, who Josh is also spoofing.

  94. Completely agree with you Josh, thanks for posting this. All those nay-sayers always bum me out.

  95. @conor. Well i don’t have cable and don’t watch any tv outside of netflix to know what spoofs of spoofs of spoofs spawn from. haha.

  96. @conor That’s insane. I’d never seen that before.

  97. Additional comment!

  98. Ironic considering Josh is by far the most negative and less enthusiastic of the three IFanboys. The amount of times he has said ‘This wasn’t a bad comic’ in the video podcast.