My Pull List: 2009

Below is a list of 50 titles which is comprised of all the regular titles I have been buying and will be buying coming into the new year. Since I know you all like numbers, I thought I’d break it down by percentage, and you can get an idea of what it is I’m actually reading most of the time. If nothing else, it should put a spin on the oft preconceived notion of what sorts of books I actually like. It should be noted that I read a few other stories in trade form, but anything ongoing, I tend to switch to issues if I can. In fact, I believe the only ongoing book I read in trades is DMZ, and if I’m being honest, I borrow those from Conor when he buys them.

Marvel Comics: 34%
DC Comics: 22%
DC Comics/Vertigo: 12%
Image Comics: 12%
Dark Horse Comics: 12%
Dynamite Entertainment: 4%
Other: 4%

Clearly, I’m a Marvel kid, but that’s not really a surprise. I’ve always leaned Marvel. If you combine Vertigo and DC, which Conor favors, then I’m actually reading more from DC comics, but I tend to think of Vertigo as a separate publisher, who work and share resources with DC Comics (Editor’s note: Conor thinks I should separate Icon from Marvel if I’m separating Vertigo from DC, but I say nuts to that!). Dark Horse and Image are neck and neck, due largely to the Remender/Kirkman influence. I do think I should be checking out more Image books on a monthly basis. I’m also feeling a dearth of Vertigo content to get me hooked, so hopefully, they’ve got some enticing product coming up in the 2009. And of course, where it says Dynamite, it really means Garth Ennis.

What about genre? There’s a whole lot said about the influence of superheroes on the market, and how they dominate. But, a comic book can tell any kind of story, and I love to read great comics in non-superhero genres. Let’s see how I’m doing. 

Superheroes: 62%
Science Fiction: 16%
Fantasy: 16%
Crime: 2%
War: 2%
Westerns: 2%

Here is where I’d like to see change. If you were to look at my bookshelf, I’m sure these numbers would be drastically different, but on a monthly basis, I’d like a little more variety in my diet. I almost think this says more about the industry than it does my tastes. I would buy more crime, war, and science fiction if I knew where to get it. But when I scan through the weekly offerings, I see a lot of horror, a genre I don’t gravitate towards at all. I read The Walking Dead, which I categorized as science fiction, and Hellblazer, which I called fantasy, but no straight horror. I want more crime, and more intelligent science fiction, and more war, and more historical fiction. I was overjoyed when Image brought out The Circle last year, a spy thriller by Brian Reed, but it died a quick and painful death, ignored by the market. Basically, I need more Greg Rucka type writers out there. Where are they? In the meantime, I’ll get my fix for other flavors of comic book from trades and graphic novels.

Now on to the list. I’ve made annotations where it was needed. This is a good chance for you guys to look over what I’m reading, and let me know what I’m missing. I’m sure I left a few things out as well, since there are several books that don’t come out regularly, and I scanned back through everything I bought since the end of summer. No comment means I’m not planning on going anywhere, unless things go south fast.

Marvel Comics
• Captain America
• Captain Britain and MI:13
• Daredevil
• Dark Avengers – I am intrigued by this, but if it goes south, I’m bailing.
• Guardians of the Galaxy
• The Immortal Iron Fist
• Incognito (Icon) – I would rather have Criminal, but I have a feeling I’ll love this within a couple more issues.
• The New Avengers
• The New Avengers: The Reunion – I have the highest hopes for Barton, Morse, and McCann.
• Nova
• Powers (Icon) – All I’m told is that this will return, so it stays on the list
• Punisher – I’m here for Remender, but it’s a tenuous hold, since I can read him elsewhere.
• Punisher MAX – See above, but switch out Swierczynski for Remender.
• Secret Warriors – I am not at all interested in this book, other than it’s Jonathan Hickman, who is a super talent.
• Thunderbolts – This one is iffy too, but I want to give Andy Diggle the chance to make me care.
• Ultimate Spider-Man
• Wolverine – I’m probably off this title when the ‘Old Man Logan’ story is finished.

DC Comics
• Action Comics – Greg Rucka is writing yet another book I wouldn’t buy if he wasn’t writing it.
• Batman – I haven’t been enjoying Batman that much at all, and will probably drop this soon.
• Detective Comics – I haven’t bought issues of this in a while, but I still haven’t officially dropped it.
• Ex Machina (Wildstorm)
• The Flash: Rebirth – I didn’t read much of John’s original Flash run, but I’d be silly to skip this.
• Green Arrow/Black Canary – I’ll admit, I’ve been on the fence with the new writer so far.
• Green Lantern
• Jonah Hex
• Justice Society of America – I have pretty high hopes for the team of Willingham and Sturges.
• Robin – I think this book is just about over, so I might drop it involuntarily.
• Superman – Robinson hasn’t entirely clicked with me, but I’m giving him a long leash.

DC Comics/Vertigo
• Fables
• Hellblazer – As long as Milligan keeps it as strong as his first issue, I’m not going anywhere.
• House of Mystery – This one’s on a very slight watch. I’d like some movement soon.
• Jack of Fables
• Scalped
• Unknown Soldier – This is on notice as well. It’s well done, but depressing as hell.

Image Comics
• Firebreather – Who knows if we’ll even see more of this, but I certainly hope.
• Guerillas – This is my favorite new book from Image in a while. I’m looking forward to Revel’s career.
• Invincible
• Proof
• The Walking Dead
• War Heroes – It’s funny isn’t it? I mean, it’s almost ridiculous.

Dark Horse Comics
• B.P.R.D.
• The End League
• Fear Agent – I guess this current incarnation’s days are numbered. I am in denial.
• Gigantic
• Hellboy
• Usagi Yojimbo

Dynamite Entertainment
• Battlefields
• The Boys – I mostly enjoy this, but I don’t look forward to it. But I don’t think I’m going anywhere.

• Echo
• The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century – I’m not sure if this is in issues or not, but SO EXCITED!


There’s the full list. I think it can certainly use some sprucing up, and to be honest, some more pruning. I’ll be thinking very hard about what I’m actually enjoying, and what I’m reading just because I should. But I also want some more diversity and variety in my weekly books. Here’s your chance to affect the show and the books we talk about, at least for me. Let’s hear it.


  1. I can’t wait for LOEG: Century.  Everything I have seen indicates it will be Moore at his insane best.

    The only suggestion I have is this (I will have to pretend I am Conor for a second): "Everyone who reads GREEN LANTERN should be reading (Green Lantern Corp.), too."  I think he’s right.  It really provides some depth to the Universe that feels like it will be essential for really enjoying Blackest Night.  There are weeks where it feels like it is stronger than Green Lantern proper.

    Also, where is Secret Six?  I’m not a big fan, but I thought you sophisticated fellows were all over it?

    And finally: No G.I. Joe?  I am eager for Larry Hama’s Origins run.  Can’t get enough of that Snake Eyes/Strom Shadow mythology.

  2. GA/BC is a book that does very little for me. the norton art is solid, but it doesn’t sell the book for me, and the stories seem to have negative momentum. i think it’s still coasting off its strong start (and the fact that i like the characters), but i feel like the book is slowly coming to a halt for me. at which point, i suppose i should step out.

  3. One word 


    Garth Ennis and warren Ellis are owning it over there. 

  4. If you weren’t doing the podcast/website, how many would you collect? Are there any you feel obligated to read?

  5. I don’t keep reading anything because of the site, but I do try things I might not otherwise try because of it, if that makes sense.  Usually that works out in my favor.  I wouldn’t have ever started reading JSA, but the Ron and Conor so ga ga over it, I felt I had to participate in the conversation.  Similarly, I don’t know how jazzed I would have been for Final Crisis.  A great example is that I bought the first issue of World War Hulk, which I wasn’t at all interested in, but in that case, I didn’t go past the first issue, because a man can only take so much.  On the other hand, a lot of those Dark Horse titles I started reading because I thought I should for the show, and it turns out I like them very much, so that’s a win.

    The thing is, I’ve been doing this site for a long time, so I don’t really know what kind of a reader I would be without it.

    I think Avatar, for me, suffers a bit from it’s early incarnation, which was horror and sex books.  There’s a certain house style of art over there I don’t love either, at least historically.  But they’re on my radar, for sure.  I don’t tend to read Warren Ellis unless it’s a certain kind of story from him, and other than a couple oneshots, his work there hasn’t attracted me.  WIth Ennis, whatever that new torture porn series he’s doing at Avatar, is definitely not my thing.  I almost bought the western book, but at $4 an issue, it didn’t feel worth it.  I might go check that out sometime.

  6. Man, 50 books a month. I read only 20 books a month, and I feel I’m buying way too much.

  7. @Kory  This list made me feel so much better about how many comics i buy. I probably buy half of this list so this makes me happy.

  8. Yeah, but what are you *missing*?


  9. No Runaways? Granted it’s not BKV, but it’s much better now than it was with Whedon. 

     You read a lot of books that I don’t, which is cool cause I"m always interested in hearing about stuff that I haven’t read before. Because of you personally Josh, I read Hellblazer and Fables in trade, of which I enjoy both.  

  10. That’s a lot of books, man, I’m impressed. 

    And you know, by the time ‘Old Man Logan’ is over, the Jason Aaron ‘Wolverine’ title should be up and running.  I don’t know if that will be enough of an incentive to try it or not (without Steve McNiven and crazy blind Hawkeye going for it, you know.)

    I had no idea there was a new ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ thing.  Is that by Moore?

  11. I just tallied up my pull list, and it’s at roughly 36 books a month, although some of them don’t come out monthly (or ever…).  On a week by week basis though, I tend to try and buy a lot of things that aren’t on my pull list, and I tend to buy these things irregularly.  I should probably stop doing that.

  12. I’m also looking forward to Secret Warriors mostly because of Hickman and Casselli, not so much because of the initial premise of the book (if that makes any sense)

    I would recommend Locke & Key from IDW if you are looking for more horror.  Granted you could just get the amazing collected editions when they come out, but its just such an great and satisfying read in singles.  Each issue so far has been fairly self-contained while still adding to the overall story development.  The latest issue tells you all you need to know about the previous arc too.  Plus Joe Hill has stated he is looking to do at least 24 more issues plus an OGN, so it will be around for a while.

    And I second the recommendation for G.I. Joe.  The first issue looked promising and Larry Hama’s Origins book has me giddy with glee

  13. Secret Six…you have to add that. Especially since it looks like you are going to be dropping Robin and maybe a few more. Its well worth the pull!

  14. I agree with Conor, you should seperate Icon from Marvel. It’s only fair.

  15. I beg of you three, one of you must pick up secret six in trade!!!!!

  16. @drakedanger – I’m NOT looking for more horror.  I don’t like horror.  I’m sure Locke and Key is wonderful, and if I had any inkling at all about reading horror, I would, but I don’t.

    @androidmoser – Vertigo has a flavor and a voice to their books.  They exist to tell a certain kind of story.  Icon is just a banner under which the top guys at Marvel can publish whatever they want. It’s not like Icon has an editor in chief, like Karen Berger, or a team of specific editors.  It’s a completely different entity.  But if you want to take those two Icon books out and put them under "other", go for it.  that brings me down to 30% Marvel.

  17. No Amazing Spider-Man? It’s been very good if not excellent since the Brand New Day launch, and I’m one of the ones who wanted them to stay married.

    I’ll also put my backing to Secret Six – Gail’s best stuff so far.

    Ennis’ Streets of Glory from Avatar – the western – will read better in trade, which I think has been solicited, if not released, by this point. It was great Ennis stuff. Crossed, so far, has been a bit on the disturbed side (kinda like that last issue of Walking Dead), so if that’s not your bag, skip it. It is good, though. 

    Are you only buying Dini Detective? Probably a good idea, given how subpar the fill-ins have been.

    Also, no X-men? Uncanny has been good since Brubaker’s S’hiar (or whatever) arc ended. Carey on New/Legacy, however, hasn’t – which is a shame since I enjoyed his Vertigo stuff. 

    How about one-shots – is it characters or creators that’ll get you to pick them up? Given they usually run in the $4 – $5 range, that’s gonna add some big cash to what we fans shell out each month. 

    I’m still in the process of cutting books, so I’m not really adding any at this point. It’s weird the process you go through when deciding what books to cut and what to keep.

  18. Superman; Secret Origin. I can’t see anyone wanting to pass up Johns and Frank.

  19. @Josh well argued, sir. I now change my position.

  20. @Josh-Oh man, I feel like a loser.  I totally forgot that you mentioned you weren’t looking for it.  Selective reading?  I think so.

    Well either way, Its a healthy dose of suspense and drama and supernatural forces and goodies like that.

  21. Also missing the War Of Kings mini. Which I’m assuming you’ll pick up since your reading Nova and GotG.

  22. Yes, I had that on my list initially, but it was more like a series of one shots as I understood it.  But yes, I’ll read most of that.

  23. @Dan – I don’t read Amazing Spider-Man cuz…I just don’t really care to.  I can’t say why.  I know I don’t feel like picking up an extra 3-4 books a month, for one thing.  But I think reading ASM will never live up to my earilest experiences with the book, and therefore, I’m always slightly disappointed.  I know that’s some deep shit there, but it’s how it works with me. 

    I don’t read X-men, never really have, but I try it once in a while, but ultimately, I don’t care.

    I’ll buy one shots if I’m REALLY interested.  Usually never because of a character, so it would have to be one of my favorite writers.  But I’m a stickler on that.  It needs to really impress me to be picked up.

    As far as Secret Six goes, I might pick up the trade, but my spider-sense tells me that it’s just not for me.  I do have a fairly strong instinct at this point.  But hey, I could be wrong.

  24. All your titles are with merit.  Switching to trades in the past would have been my recommendation.  However these days buying collections often don’t entail any discount (vs all the singles) and in some cases, cost more.

  25. I can’t switch to trades.  I do this weekly show you may have heard of…

  26. At the next con I go to someone is going to have to point me towards the Vertigo booth.

  27. ohcaroline is right; once Old Man Logan finishes, Aaron’s Wolverine run begins with Garney. I’m sticking around for that.

  28. I’ve been trying to find information on Vertigo’s marketshare, but it’s weird I can’t seem to.  I keep finding their books listed under something called "DC Comics".  That’s an odd mistake for all these reporters to make…. I mean, yeah, they are published by this "DC Comic" but that certainly shouldn’t make them DC Comics… *Gob laugh*… I mean that makes no sense!

  29. haha, you instigator!

  30. Icon doesn’t even get a table!

  31. All of the titles on my pull list are included on yours with the exceptions of Ironman, Thor, Green Lantern Corps and Phonogram. Big Kirkman fan so decided to give Astounding Wolf-Man a try starting with the first trade. Other than that I will be looking at these upcoming titles to freshen up my list in 2009; Spider-Woman, Agents of Atlas, R.e.b.e.l.s., Jersey Gods and Amber Atoms. Will try the first four issues before deciding to continue or not. I’m sure you will also be picking up The Literals mini, three issues and part of the highly anticipated Fables crossover.


  32. I’m with you on Wolverine, as soon as Old Man Logan is done so am I.

  33. You should really stick with Unknown Soldier, I think it is important for stories like this to be told in a popular medium. I hold this one in the same category as Scalped – it opens up this whole world that we have a vague idea of, but really makes you fascinated in this horrible corner of the world.


    Oh, and read RASL, you guys are too harsh on it.

  34. I think it’s awesome that you are a Usagi fan Josh. It doesn’t seem like a book you’d enjoy given the other titles on your list. But it means a lot to us Usagi fans that a iFounder is reppin’ Usagi.

  35. I really like Usagi, but the thing is, for most issues, there just isn’t much to say.  However the last issue, which was the week we did the year end show, and not the regular comics show, was my favorite in a long time, and I would have talked about it.

    I’m going to trades for RASL.  I’m not harsh on it, but it comes out every 6 months, and it just doesn’t read well like that.  I have no idea what I’m reading.  I’d rather get it all at once, and when that comes out in 2048, I’m there.

    Unknown Soldier is missing the characterizations that Scalped has going for it.  Dash is fascinating, Red Crow is fascinating.  Unknown Soldier is just a lot of horrible shit happening over and over again.  He’s telling the real story, and it’s eating his fictional story.  It needs more personality in it I think.

  36. Wow–Conor is vicious!! ahhahhh


  37. When is the next Four Eyes coming out? The first issue was great, but it disappeared. Also, Northlanders has been GREAT.

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ScottB – Image’s website lists FOUR EYES #2 as coming out on February 18th.  

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @AlexG – I’ve jumped on the Usagi bandwagon as well.  New issue this week!

  40. Of course, I missed it! 

    I forgot to add Four Eyes to this list as well.  I’ll be getting that.

  41. Hey Josh,

     I read Usai in trades, I pick up a couple issues here and there. But there is one problem with my collection, I’m missing one volume. I have every trade except for Vol. 15 Grasscutter II…I’ve looked tons of places online but they either never have it in stock or its like 60 bucks for a hardcover. I’m one of those guys that likes to stay in softcovers if i started in soft covers. Do you know any good places to find books that are aparently out of print? Or is this volume just really hard to find for some reason?

  42. I have no idea.  Have you checked with Dark Horse directly? I bet you’d get an answer.

  43. In general, I think everyone that cares to trim their lists should go to trades for ALL Marvel titles. Unlike indies, these titles don’t need every single single-issue sale to stay afloat. And unlike DC, Marvel gets trades out like the month after the 6 of 6 issue is done. I can’t remember a single issue of Daredevil or Cap REALLY affected me. I enjoyed both series immeasurably more while reading the trades. On that note, if you can’t really say anything more about any new issue of a given title than "That was good; more of the same"–then just drop it, and then maybe think about picking up the next trade. I think far, far too many titles these days are just coasting and, worse, readers are coasting through them, just accepting every new installment almost with the preconceived notion that it’ll be great, and yet there’s nothing to say about it. I return to Daredevil and Cap. I constantly hear about how these are the "BEST" series out there–and yet no one has much of anything to SAY about them besides the dogma that they’re good and let’s move on. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both those titles, but I think trades are the way to go for Marvel. And if you forget about getting the trade the first week it’s out, you might not have really cared that much anyway.

  44. As far as Western’s go, I highly recommend The Lone Ranger from Dynamite, granted the shipping schedule has been a little shakey lately, but the first two arcs have already been collected and I think its a pretty superb piece of work.  As far as Ennis’ Streets of Glory from Avatar, eh….I thought it was kind of a throw away story until the last issue, but thats just my opinion.


  45. Good reading, I’m a sucker for lists though. Might have to make one myself but i don’t think I want to see something as larger or maybe larger.

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I think is coming out a couple of times this year in 80 page lots(it’ll all be on the top shelf page).

    Scott B/PaulMontgomery Four Eyes #3 is re-solicited for April or whatever the latest previews goes up to. 


  46. I’d say you’re missing Secret Six.  Every time that comes out, it’s one of the three best books that week.  It’s easily one of the top 4-5 books DC is putting out.

    I’d also say Thor and Invincible Iron Man should be on anybody’s list– I’d rate those books alongside Captain America and the most consistently excellent Marvel super hero books (although Iron Man could use an artist change).  But, if you’re tried those and not liked them, as I believe is the case, then I wouldn’t try to push them on ya.  

    But Secret Six– boy, that’s good.


    Lets see

    Marvel – Thor

    Image – The Sword

  48. Man, that’s a list and a half!

    I have a couple of humble suggestions (and apologies if they’ve already been mentioned, I don’t think I saw them above). Young Liars is really good; it’s out there but pretty gripping with well fleshed-out and interesting characters.

    Now, before you say I’m trying to make you the "indie guy", which you’re clearly not, I’d also get Dynamo 5 in issues. Ron’s mentioned it so many times, and I love Noble Causes, so I bought the first trade. Now I’m hooked on issues, and Ron’s not kidding when he said it reads terrific in monthlies.

    Also, Buffy, dude… Buffy! Along with Green Lantern, Buffy has been the most consistantly enjoyable, surprising and just damn good book coming out recently (I’m aware the grammar on that sentence is awful, but just go with it) 😉

  49. You forgot Cable… o wait.

  50. LOEG: Century 1910 is a three part series (80 pages each) scheduled for April.  Diamond’s site has preview.

  51. DC’s trade system is jacked.  Pick up an issue of Secret Six now!  You won’t regret it.  Listen to the iFanbase about this one.

  52. I like how you pretty much summed up how I feel about Ennis’ The Boys. The characters and the plot are there for this comic book to become great but I just don’t feel that it has….yet. There are some great issues and other are, alright. It definitly has not "Out-Preacher Preacher" or been as good as Preacher in it’s first 20plus issues.

     I’ll be pulling most of the obvious DC, Vertigo and Marvel material but i’m also looking into getting into many other series and also excited to see what new and exciting books come out this year.

    Can’t wait for Century!

  53. I’ve never watched, or really cared to watch Buffy, so I think the comic might be great, but it really holds no sway for me.  As far as Thor, Invincible Iron Man, and Secret Six go, all three of those are by creators whose work just doesn’t appeal to me.  I’ve certainly tried it in the past, but Fraction, Straczynski, and Simone are just not historically writers whose work has spoken to me. 

    But you know what, I’ll try to find Secret Six issues at NYCC, and I’ll let you know what I think, going in with an open mind, but I’d be surprised if I end up liking it.  But I’ll be fair.  

    I’ve read significant chunks of Thor and Inv. Iron Man and decided to pass.

  54. @patio – ooh, forgot to mention, in order to prepare for my Swierczynski interview, I read Cable #10, and I actuallly thought it was quite well done.  I understood what was going on, and it was pretty good.  I don’t really want to read it, but I was impressed.

  55. Green Lantern but no Green Lantern Corp? They’re the two books at the top of my superhero list.

    I do think you’ll enjoy Secret Six, it’s nothing like Simone’s other stuff. Locke and Key is hard for me to describe as straight horror, it’s an odd combination of mystery, suspense, drama and horror, one of the books I enjoy most, I recommend borrowing it.

    Besides those you have I believe all of my regular pulls. I have Birds of Prey too, but I think it’s done and I shouldn’t have bought the last 6 issues I didn’t enjoy them. I tried Green Arrow/Black Canary but dropped it.

     The ones I wish I had stayed with but didn’t are Ex Machina, Hellblazer and House of Mystery.

    I also completly missed the boat on scalped…maybe trades. 


  56. Wow, my list is a hell of a lot smaller, let’s see: Batman, Batman Condidential, Detective Comics, Robin, Nightwing, Superman, Supergirl, Action Comics, House of Mystery, Unknown Soldier (which is nearly droppable), Amazing Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman, Punisher, Punisher Max, etc.

    14 total. Nightwing and Robin are about to get canceled. I hear the entire Ultimate line is well on it’s way so there goes Ultimate Spiderman.  Unknown Soldier turns out it really ain’t my type of thing so that’s another wrap. That leaves 10 total.  $30 a month, cool!!  I can live with that!

  57. I really think more people should check out Cable, i mean i had none of the liefeld history so i didn’t ahte it from th eon set, but i read the criminal where Swierczynskiwrote a piece and i figured i’d check out his comic stuff.  immortal has been good and i think that while his depiction of cable is so so, the storyline involving bishop is incredible, and worthy of greater readership.  I hope you jump on Cable josh, because your endorsement will show that it isn’t just a book for x-geeks

  58. I’d recommend Madam Mirage when it starts up again and anything else from the Dinicartoons banner at Top Cow coming this year.

  59. What about War of Kings, War of Kings: Darkhawk and X-Men: Kingbreaker?

  60. I’m playing it by ear with War of Kings.  I don’t usually buy everything, but I’ll buy what I have to.

  61. What genre is Fear Agent, would you say? On an issue to issue basis, it seems to bounce around between war, sci fi, and western. I suppose the overriding genre would be scifi.

    And I guess Dan Dare would have been too, but at the same time, it was the best war story of 2008 in my opinion, which would make me want to classify as such.

    What do you think?

  62. I put it under science fiction, for lack of a better answer. 

    Trying t categorize something that’s good almost precisely because it’s genre spanning is a little futile, but for the sake of the exercise, I picked sci-fi.

  63. You should probably read GLC, even if your not keen on focusing on random members of the corps it’s going to be a huge factor for ‘Blackest Night’.

    Try start reading The Stand adaptation by Marvel. It’s a great adapation of a horror classic.

    I’m shocked your reading Punisher MAX. Is it just because of Duane or do you want to get into the MAX line?

    Finally……Deadpool? Please?….I’ll be your friend….

  64. Indeed. I suppose that’ll have to do.

    My pulls by publisher (out of 59 titles)

    Marvel: %50

    DC: %5

    Image: %16

    Vertigo: %8

    Other (Dynamite, IDW, WildStorm, Dark Horse, and Icon, etc.): %21

  65. I would be really surprised if I kept up with Punisher MAX.  I read the one issue as prep, and it was pretty good.  But if I was standing in a comic shop, on a busy wednesday, with a stack of books, staring at a $4 cover, I could put it back on the shelf very easily.

    Again, I read enough superheroes.  I’m really interested in finding titles in other genres.  I know what’s good and what I like in superheroes.

    And I’m not gonna read Deadpool.  😉

  66. @josh: Damnit!

    (checks josh of the list) Well I guess that just leaves Conor, Jimski, Paul, Mike, and Sonia to get on board with the Deadpool train.

    But you should start reading the Stephen King Adapations Marvel is doing. No superhero stuff, obviously, and just some of the best comics to come out by Marvel. Especially the Stand, my god that is one gorgeous comic to look at. Oh and when is LXG: Century coming out? I havent heard any release dates for it yet.

  67. I’ve read issues of Deadpool on and off, and I was surprised to find that I liked the tone of it well enough. I think some hard-wired part of my psyche is just so used to disliking both Daniel Way and the "character" of Deadpool that it refuses to let me conceive of those two wrongs making a right.

    "Did I like this Deadpool? I– I can’t like a Deadpool. Cognitive… dissonance… overpowering…!"

  68. I’m not even that open minded.  I admit it.

  69. I would highly recommend Ellis’ Doktor Sleepless over @ Avatar.

  70. I don’t believe that "superhero" is a genre.

  71. I read Immoral Iron Fist #21 last month, and I think I might have to dive back and check out DS’s issues on this title. Good stuff. 

  72. @Jimski: Did I just do a logical paradox on you? 🙂

  73. I guess I could reccomend Astounding Wolf-Man. It wasn’t too amazing to begin with. It moved a bit too fast and you could tell Kirkman was trying to get to the big plot twist of the series before seven issues in. But now that all of that’s taken care of, the series has started to settle, and it’s mixing well with the rest of Kirkman’s superhero universe.

    PLUS! I want to see Warren Ellis do more crazy Sci-Fi books, but maybe by companies that will actually print his stuff in high quantity. I loved Ocean, and want to read more stories like it. I liked Black Summer for what it was, but I can’t always expect my shop to have a whole bunch of Avatar Press comics. I love Warren Ellis, and if you haven’t read his prose book, Crooked Little Vein, I suggest you read that.

  74. Posted by josh on 01/28/09 at 03:52 PM


    “Unknown Soldier is missing the characterizations that Scalped has going for it.  Dash is fascinating, Red Crow is fascinating.  Unknown Soldier is just a lot of horrible shit happening over and over again.  He’s telling the real story, and it’s eating his fictional story.  It needs more personality in it I think.”


    Josh, I’m gonna have to call you out on this. 


    While I agree that Unknown Soldier is bringing to light a lot of terrible shit that goes on in Uganda, I think that the story does have personality.  I can tell that Dysart is establishing a tone among all the things you find “depressing as hell”.  It’s only 4 issues in and the first arc has yet to finish.  No need to judge so quickly. 


    It seems that Dysart subscribes to the “tear ‘em down before you build ‘em up” philosophy while creating his character’s story arc.  You can’t fault the writer for trying to garner sympathy for his main character’s situation.  A byproduct of all the “depressing” shit is that it brings about some awareness of the real world people/situation that inspired the comic.  The Unknown Soldier/Moses will evolve as the book goes on.  I really think the potential for this book is sky high.  It is definitely the best thing that Vertigo has published in the recent round of new titles.  House of Mystery is petering along, while Air and Young Liars are middling. 


    You love Scalped (and I do too), but I think you have a short memory.  The first few issues had their flaws as well.  Some moments were totally over the top (anybody remember the first issue bar brawl featuring Dash smacking thugs with nunchuks?!) and some used tired clichés (a casino run by mobsters which serves as the headquarters for the main “bad guy”).  Scalped also has its share of ultra depressing moments.  The book is very rooted in stories that revolve around the terrible side of human nature. 


    I don’t know how Scalped can garner such praise from you and Unknown Soldier be put down (to a degree) despite both being mired in horrible aspects of life on this planet.  The characterization issue that you mentioned will, hopefully, work itself out naturally.


    Bonus question: Which topic was more unlikely to become the setting of a comic book – the marginalization of the American Indian or the never-ending problems plaguing modern Uganda?

  75. Dude, I bought issue 4 yesterday. 

  76. This would be my super short elevator pitch for Unknown Soldier: 

    The Book of Job + The Manchurian Candidate set in Africa

  77. "Dude, I bought issue 4 yesterday."

    @Josh — I figured that.  You said that it was "on notice" and I posted because I think it is a story worth sticking with.  There are a bunch of things in the post that I commented on that make for interesting comic talk…dude.  I wasn’t slamming you in the least.

  78. Don’t worry about it.  I know.  By buying it, I am giving it the benefit of the doubt, but I can say that 4 issues in now, and I’m not "enjoying" it perse.  It’s good, and the quality is right there to see, but I’m not sure if it’s something I want to read.  Maybe it will be, but as you can see, I read a lot of books, and can’t stick with something forever if I’m not digging it.  It ain’t like these books are free.

  79. "It ain’t like these books are free."


    Josh, I was curious what you read in trade collections as far as ongoing titles go.  I have found that by picking up certain things in hardcover, I can save a ton of money.  A TPB/HC can be gotten for significant discount, looks nice on a shelf and often has extra content.  As an added bonus, you also don’t have to buy bags and boards.

    I buy 4 Image books (Walking Dead, Elephantmen, Invincible and Proof).  I only pick up one monthly (Proof) — something I picked up solely on the recommendation of you three.  I grab the others when they come out in those nice hardcover collections.  I’ve been trying to do this more with the DC and Marvel stuff I buy as well.  I intend to pick up a number of the Johns GL collections because they come in nice HC format.

    Related question: How do you guys feel about getting quoted as a critical source on the back of books like Proof?


  80. I don’t read many ongoings in trade form because i have to do the audio show, and I want to have things to talk about. 

    Getting quoted is fun, and if it helps sell books we like, double the awesome!  I don’t shoot for it though.  What really threw me for a loop was seeing my whole review of Fear Agent in the next issue after it was POW.  Also, it shows people are paying attention to us, which is nice.

  81. @patio – great idea for a comicbook – i’d read that! Some guy going around punching old ladies.


    And nobody wants to read about bad things… we want our rich white boys running around in a developed country using computers and eating fast food and throwing half of it to the trash.

    And the review thing reminds me of DVDs – they always have some weird sources: The romanian review: "Great". I wonder how many people know who the hell are the iFanboys when they read those good reviews… 

  82. If you really want more Vertigo I can’t say enough good things about Northlanders, I enjoyed it even more then DMZ last year.

  83. I read Northlanders for a while, but it wasn’t clicking with me.  I wanted it to, badly.

  84. Seems to me the best comic your not reading is 2000AD.

    That Dan Abnett (Nova, Guardians of The Galaxy etc) chap has a strip in it most weeks btw. For about the last 10 years anyway.