The Marvel NOW! hints keep rolling in, and we’ve got a couple more from the not-a-relaunch going on over at the House of Ideas.

CBR gets this one. It looks like we’ve got Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat on something to do with Legacy. I guess they’re not doing the Justice Society, so that leaves… mutants?

Then USA Today had this one, a little more clear, as Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley look set to take the reins on Marvel’s first family. Or Power Pack.

Finally, USA Today also teased another title, with Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, called “Extended”. Stilt-Man? Or it could be related to the Fraction book hinted at above.

Make your bets or what’s to come at Marvel NOW!, or as we know it, Marvel WE’LL ACTUALLY TELL YOU IN A LITTLE WHILE BECAUSE THE BOOKS AREN’T OUT UNTIL NOVEMBER!

Guessing is fun.


  1. Fraction has already failed in his chances at doing books with large heavy hitting casts and now Marvel is putting him on one of the hardest books to write? And he has to follow up one of the greatest runs the First Family has every had by Hickman? Sorry FF but you are going back down to the basement as the Avengers and X-Men continue to rule the roost.

    • Fear Itselt aside, a lot of people liked Fraction’s Uncanny X-Men, what other failed chances with heavy-hitting casts are you talking about?

      And Hickman was going to write the FF forever, you know? Is there anyone you would have been happy to see?

    • @Ken: A lot of people also didn’t like his UNCANNY X-MEN. Around here more probably didn’t like it than liked it.

    • Fear Itself was such a let down. Defenders was so confusing it felt like homework everytime i read it. The Huge Cast of the Thor universe in Mighty Thor he has failed to even touch on. I get that it is a Thor book but the only times you ever see Sif is when she is naked or the Warriors Three are nothing more than background fighters.
      To tell you the truth idk who would be good on FF, It is such a different book then the rest of the team books, With how Jason Aaron has wrote Wolv And the X-Men he would have been interesting to see write the Family interactions but he doesn’t have grand universe changing stories that the FF need to keep the masses happy.

    • Sounds like you kept buying Matt Fraction books after you already understood that you didn’t like his work.

      It’s like my man Ben Kenobi says, “Who is the bigger fool…” etc. etc.

      I can’t believe I wrote that.

    • I think the reason that Hickman really succeeded on F4 & FF was his strong characterization. His characters were fully-formed and distinct, which allowed him to write a strong ensemble cast. Consequently, in the middle of an epic, years-long story, he was able to craft many poignant moments.

      I feel Fraction’s strong points are plotting and dialog. I don’t know how well that will translate to F4/FF. At the end of the day, it’s a story about a family. You need to care about that family in order to care about their adventures.

    • I don’t think the Uncanny X-Men comparisons are fair. I feel like The Defenders is a title that is a much closer comparison to the type of book Fantastic Four could be (big zany ideas and adventures, a more fun/funny tone) and for me The Defenders has been really good so far. Between Defenders, Hawkeye, and how strongly Iron Man is wrapping up, I’m actually kind of back on the Fraction bandwagon after being off it for the past couple years.

    • There was also ‘Defenders.’ That was supposed to be a huge important book that kind of fizzled out.

    • How has ‘Defenders’ “fizzled out?” It’s still in the October solicitations. It’s still cracking the Top 100. For a book that’s completely insane and doesn’t feature a single A-list name (Iron Fist, Doc Strange, Red She-Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer, and Black Cat) that’s pretty good.

    • I’m a huge Fraction fan. I really enjoyed his Uncanny run as well as the majority of his other Marvel work. He’s quite talented at creating new directions and out-side-the-box story ideas. Look at every single one of the book’s he’s writing and every one of them is taking the characters to narrative territories we haven’t seen before, and I think that’s fantastic. Thor rocks, Iron Man rocks (though it has been a slow burn, I admit), Defenders is fucking out there in the best way, and JESUS CHRIST DID YOU READ HAWKEYE!?!?!?!

      Fear Itself was a let down, in my opinion, not because of the story but because of all the hype that Marvel kicked up, which wasn’t necessary (though I’m sure it made them a lot of money). There were great moments in Fear Itself: Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, Odin-blessed armor, foul-mouthed dwarven smiths, tony relapsing, and regular people taking up the fight. Great stuff. I thought it was a solid marvel-style vaguely-morrisonian take on the nature of story and prophecy. Good stuff.

      But I digress. I’m stoked for him to be taking over F4 and FF. Its going to be hard to follow up Hickman (an understatement), but if anyone can take us to new and fun places, it’ll be Fraction.

    • For the record, Defenders is super rad.
      That said, it’s also SUPER weird, so it’s perfectly understandable why a lot of people don’t like it.
      With Defenders and Hawkeye (‘s first issue, I guess), I’m starting to come back around to Fraction.

  2. I can’t see myself reading a Matt Fraction Fantastic Four book after Fear Itself and Mighty Thor.

    • Mighty Thor is awesome! Odin vs. Galactus!? Loki hanging with Silver Surfer?! A celestial life seed buried in the world-tree?! A stark-resilient built flying city of Asgard?! THAT SHIT IS GOLD

  3. Fantastic Four is exactly the wrong book for Fraction. It will highlight all his weaknesses as a writer. I’m really not looking forward to this.

  4. If Legacy is X-Men Legacy I’d be excited to see what direction they are moving with the X-titles post AvX. Do we have any other news n that besides Uncanny Avengers?

  5. Heard a rumor that the Extended book is actually FF.

    Anyway, I think that Fraction could be good on Fantastic Four. The majority of his better runs have had to do with family in some form, like the Quinns in Casanova and the look into Danny Rand’s family history in Iron Fist. Besides, the Fantastic Four are all about big, high concept sci-fi goodness.

    • That makes sense to me.

      I think “Family” refers to the main “Fantastic Four” book. It makes sense to put Bagley on the big, bright main title that focuses on Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny (with some Franklin and Val) doing big super-hero things.

      “Extended” then refers to the Future Foundation, as in “extended family” and “extended thinking” (it might also imply Reed is more of a focal character, stretch/extend). This would also be the book for the more “extended” and far-reaching ideas about technology and science which I think Allred’s art would be a better fit for than Bagley.

      If this is the case, I understand why some people might think Fraction might not be right for Fantastic Four. But holy hell, I bet he and Allred will make an awesome Future Foundation book.

    • ^Agreed. Fraction and Allred are going to rock the house on FF

  6. Not interested in any of these annoucements. Would of given Remender’s captain america a chance but Romita’s art sucks so bad.

  7. I would actually be very much into a Fraction/Allred FF book. I love Fractions take on iron man and his focus on technology. I can see a science heavy FF book written by him being something i would enjoy. And Allred is just a dream artist for that title. Hope this is what that “EXTENDED” promo is referring to, because I would buy the Hell out of that book.

    I would ALSO buy the Hell out of the Stilt-Man book.

  8. I can’t not buy an Allred book. Whatever it is, I hope Fraction plays to his strengths. If it’s FF, then please let it be weird science FF.

  9. I wonder if the F4 books are finally getting bumped up to four bucks.

  10. I have really enjoyed Fractions Invincible Iron Man immensely, plus his run on Immortal Iron Fist & the surprisingly enjoyable first issue of Hawkeye, but I’m afraid no-matter what in my mind no-one & I mean no-one will top Hickman & what he has done for the First Family there are just some things that fit perfectly together & his run is one of those perfect set-ups.
    So this one book or two that I won’t be getting with the whole Marvel NOW! shake up, plus I really hate Bagleys art!

  11. The first thing I saw when I read ‘Legacy’ was Young Avengers/Runaways.

    • That might be a good guess since one of the pictures on the cover of Marvel Now Point One (or whatever it’s called) featured Wiccan, Kid Loki, and Marvel Girl (from the Vengeance mini series).

    • I guess you’re right. It’s probably Young Avengers.

  12. I followed Fraction’s run on Invincible Iron Man until Fear Itself, when I just got exhausted with it. I still think he did some great work with the character though. I loved his first Thor arc with Pasquel Ferry on art, and the first arc of Mighty Thor with Copiel. I will give these a shot.

  13. I was going to jump ship and just follow Hickman to Avengers – but Allred on art is making me reconsider FF. Valeria Richards has been a stand out for me these past few years so I would more than happy to continue reading her adventures. Hopefully Fraction keeps up the quality.

  14. Mike Allred is good times, but on FF? Should have been put on a different book.

  15. Ugh. I’m getting tired of Marvel’s one-word teasers. They’ve been doing this whole minimalist teaser thing for awhile now. To me, the minimalist approach gives an immensity to a work, but when *everything* is solicited in this way, it makes everything seem tried and tired.

    • Hey man, don’t let teasers get you down. They’re pretty insubstantial — by definition. They aren’t designed to sell books, just to get (or keep) people guessing at and talking about Marvel’s future publishing plans. And at that, I think they’re working out pretty well.

  16. More beveling plz.

  17. My guess for Legacy is Nova.

    The whole “living in the shadow of Richard Rider” seems to fit and they are putting him in the Avengers as they go more cosmic.

  18. Fraction on a Fantastic Four title? Didn’t see that coming but Bagley is a huge plus for me as he is my favorite artist possibly of all-time. LEGACY is what I would guess to be maybe an Iron Fist book judging by the tinged golden coloring of the title that just reminded me of the color of Iron Fist’s outfit. I also could not have guess that Allred would be doing Daredevil AND another title @ Marvel with Fraction no less, as for what it may be about, I have absolutely no clue. EXTENDED is just way too vague to figure out. If I were to guess then maybe it really is a spin off of Fraction’s FAMILY as you mentioned above. Either way with November being a real important month already for me being as my B Day occurs then, Presidential Election, Guy Fawkes Day & Thanksgiving, now I have many more reasons to get pumped for this November! Can’t Wait!!! : )

  19. Wishful thinking, but an Allred drawn Machine Man book would be great.

  20. Fraction on Fantastic Four? I guess that helps solve my budget problem by putting $5 more into my pocket a month. Then again, I think Waid on Hulk is more deserving.

  21. I just got back to comics. I love Fantastic Four. I’ve never read a Fraction book.


    • Worried. he can create great gold like Hawkeye and Iron Man or create garbage like Mighty Thor or Defenders.

    • I read the first good Fraction book with Hawkeye #1 this week. Thor, Fear Itself, and the Defenders were some of the worst comics I’ve ever read. I wouldn’t have even tried Hawkeye if 70% hadn’t made it their POW, which in his defense was good. I think Marvel has a highly talented group of writers and Fraction is not one of them.

  22. I’ve been off the Fraction bandwagon for a while but I would have read this if not for Bagley. I love him on USM but his DC stuff didn’t do it for me. I hope I hear that it’s good and that I can quit avoiding these two because I fucking love the FF.

  23. Spurrier and Haut? No thank you….Haut is a TERRIBLE artist.

    Fraction/Bagley on Fantastic Four? If this was 2002 and Bagley was a better artist I’d at least consider a trade wait. Then I remember Fraction is writing and I’ll avoid that.

    UGH! Mike Allred on FF? Or something else? God damn that is tempting. But again, not going to fall for a Fraction book.

  24. These teases don’t work for me. I’m interested in the new books and teams, of course. And I will read what looks interesting, but these do nothing to excite me. I’m down for the changes, but wonder if moving everyone around and changing book titles will do the trick. One day I expect every Marvel book to just have Wolverine, X-Men, or Avengers in the title. And each book will feature the same dozen characters. Uncanny All-New Avenging Wolverine and the X-Men Dark X-Force.

  25. Seriously? No one here has read Casanova?!

    That books makes it abundantly clear to me that FF could be PERFECT for Fraction as it clearly meshes perfectly with his natural inclinations as a writer.

    That said, I do agree with most that I haven’t been enjoying much of his writing lately (really DISliking most of it, in fact)
    But I’m very optimistic about this one. (and I’m eager to see the conclusion to his Iron Man epic as well!)

  26. Jdudley is right. To me, FF seems PERFECT for Fraction. I think he’s way better at weird science, than conventional super-hero comics.

  27. I’ve never read anything by Si Spurrier that I can think of. What has he done and was it done well?

  28. Legacy = Iron Fist?