Megan Fox Wanted to Draw Comics

I’ve spent far too many moments wondering how sincere this was.  On the one hand, she’s the right age for the comics she’s describing for her to have noticed them before becoming impossibly attractive and therefore moving on with a fabulous life.  On the other hand, it’s a fairly “talk-showy” kind of thing to say to make one more interesting, and dare I say, more attractive to certain members of her demographic audience. 

Apparently, she’s a big fan of J. Scott Campbell, some Top Cow books like Witchblade and Fathom.  She also dug Gen 13.  So she likes comics with the sexy ladies it seems.  (It seems appropriate to use the word ladies here.) 

Then, she takes out some art that she drew.  You be the judge.

6:20 in.


  1. Assuming she actually drew that, it’s not that bad at all.  I think this is the first interview I’ve seen of her, she’s more likable than I expected.


  2. It just seems odd to me.  If it was fake, wouldn’t they have had her say something more connected to the property she was pushing, or at least someone more currently identifiable?  I’m gonna play the sucker and say it’s all true. 

    Keep the faith True Believers!

  3. I agree with Crippler.  If she was faking it, why not go with some references that most of America would get, like Jimmy’s Spider-Man and Batman name drop?  Or someone like Jim Lee?  I can see her wanting to be a J. Scott Campbell drawing come to life.

  4. There’s just something about her that annoys the Hell out of me. She needs to stop talking.

  5. I’m more impressed by Jimmy. He inked and signed it!

  6. It always gives me a warm feeling when I hear about celebrities who are into sort of "geeky" things. With Megan Fox it’s also slightly tingly.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I buy it. There’s no reason an attractive girl wouldn’t be able to draw.  

    I dunno. I kind of like how she presents herself. Pretty honest, no bullshit. No candy coating.  

  8. And this comes up as she is starring in nothing but comic book adaptations? This is another PR stunt to get fanboys interested.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not everything is a conspiracy, guys.  

  10. That’s what they want you to think…

  11. Pro: If she knows what Fathom or Gen13 is….then I guess it’s legit. I mean Witchblade is sorta a known title; because of the old TV show and the recent anime. But how the fuck would she know about the other two without reading them? Also: For a girl like her; reading those 3 books totally make sense.

    Con: Megan Fox….just get away from our lives. Okay I’ll admit that is a nice drawing you would see at a boardwalk in Atlantic City. But other then looking sexy, you serve no purpose in our lives other then being annoying. I havent seen it yet, but I can already tell your cleavage has more moments in Transformers then your actual diaologue.

    Also: "That’s how we did it in my day, we didn’t have computers for this kind of stuff….we just had ourselves."-Jimmy Kimmel.

    Right on!

  12. do we really need to worry about wether a famous and attarctive person can also like comics and draw?

    this sin’t a nock at anyone else, more a criticism of my own gut reaction.Forsome reason i wanted to assume it’s fake and a stunt and that i’m being played by some big conspiracy.

     But why? So, she’s famous and cute. She’s also allowed to like the same things as me and be allowed to draw better than me. I think i’m finally starting to grow up and get over myself 😉

  13. I could see her as a comic book chick.  She seems kind of chill and comic book geekey in an insanly sexey supermodel kind of way.  We need more beautiful people

  14. Hmm, I’m more endeared to her based on this than on the time she said that having a camera pointed at her cleavage was empowering. . .On the other hand, she hasn’t been in any movies I wanted to see yet in her career, so I’m not sure I really care about her personal interests.

  15. Megan Fox won me over with her Paris Hilton/generic-Hollywood-starlet impression in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. If she is one of those fake, celebrity types, she certainly has no problem mocking herself. I think she’s just a girl with a geek streak who made good. 

  16. She is extremely pretty and the bible camp story brought back memories (especially that song) so it gives me a more positive view of her (since she’s only been in movies I have no interest in ever seeing, this is the first time I’ve actually watch an interview of hers).  Why shouldn’t she like drawing comics?  And she apologised for only having a number 2 pencil and that she didn’t have a lot of time.  If it were fake I doubt she would have said anything about that.  Most people would think that was a decent cartoon of Jimmy.  All that being said, she always looks there’s something funky on her skin.  

  17. You can tell how nerdy a place is when males complain that all she can do is have marvellous cleavage. That in and of itself is a talent I can appreciate.

    As an actress she hasn’t done anything I have been that impressed with (she played vapid starlet pretty well in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People), but she is mainly known for being in two robot films including one in which one of the robots has a gold tooth. They weren’t looking for a Dame Judi Dench in cut offs for that one.

    She’s attractive, seems pretty down to earth and likes comics. I certainly think there are more offensive "tits with publicists" in the mass media today.

  18. Y’know, I realize that Fox is objectively hot, but something keeps me from thinking she’s attractive. That’s a very weird dichotomy. Still, I will say she seems to be really grateful for her fame and comes off as pretty honest. I think this is pretty cool. Maybe she and Rosario Dawson can team up and create a book? 😉


  19. It seems to me I’ve read that she’s angling to *play* Fathom. (Assuming Fathom is a person.) I’m not sure whether that’s the chicken or the egg, though.

  20. Wel, I hope in the future she draws a really awesome comic book, then. If that’s something she still wants to do.


    What else can anyone say to this, really? 

  21. wasn’t she also said to want Hack/Slash?

  22. @ Paul:

    Of course you would say that!  You comment and write on a comic related site thus you must be one of them Only someone who is one of those involved in the Top Cow/Fox plot would  defend this and say all that Monty!  You just made my massive poster board of intagled connections.  i got my eyes on you.

  23. It doesn’t shame me to love Megan Fox at all and I’ve written "legitimate" film reviews for years. She’s a fun, pretty actress. She has great screen presence ant always has and this is true of her non-Transformers work as well, like How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. This Kimmel clip only helps to solidify how awesome she is. And hey, Campbell is one of my favorite artists too, so you have awesome taste, Ms. Fox.

  24. At this point I have to wonder if this young lady ever thinks anything she doesn’t say.  Everytime I turn around I hear about some other irrelevant bullshit that this woman has been spouting to the media.  She is clearly being told by her PR people exactly what to say to attract the geek demographic (currently the only demographic with any money).  Why do we keep paying attention?  How is she any better than Paris Hilton (other than the sex tape)?  Has she ever actually had a performance worth remembering?

  25. Sorry.  That was a very trollish post.  I didn’t intend for it to come out like that.  Rough morning (had to clean the oven).  I beg your forgiveness.

  26. Megan Fox is a robot.

    Trust me.

    Draws better than I could, though.

  27. In case you didn’t know, which I should hope you do. These interview questions are pre-scripted. So, yes, the comic book topic was brought up because of its relevance to her current work. But it’s not as though they harped on it and it wasn’t the first thing they brought up either.

    For me this is just one more reason to be attracted to her. I’m impressed with how she’s carrying herself amidst all the media and fan scrutiny she’s enduring at the time. She’s human because she’s had crappy jobs and now she’s where many of us wish we were. I say more power to her, but not too much because then her head will explode and she’ll become Angelina Jolie.

  28. Toe thumbs.

  29. Man! Now she draws comics too! Oh Man! 

  30. @PraxJarvin- I was just going to bring up the Rosario Dawson connection.  No one ever seemed to question that she was nerdcore, and I would argue that she is more objectively physically attractive than Megan Fox.  Is that because she does mostly indy films and is therefore more credible as an artist/geek?  If Fox starred in similar fare and was less conspicuous in magazines such as Maxim, would we likewise not question her liking comics?  Also, if starring in comic adaptations has led her to read comics, or reading comics has led her to do movie adaptations, it doesn’t matter- here is someone who actually likes the medium with which they are involved, rather than an actor who’s just collecting a paycheck.  Kirsten Dunst is a good example of the latter; when you hear her interviewed about playing Mary Jane, she sounds like she could care less about the source material.  

    @Jimski- I thought I read on Newsarama that she’d locked up the gig in Fathom some time ago.  However, if she didn’t talk about starring in the film, then either she hasn’t landed the role or there are other issues.   

  31. And here’s the news on Megan and Fathom:

  32. I see no reason that there wouldn’t be at least some honesty in this. Nearly every actress in the past involved in a movie like this has been asked questions like these and don’t always respond like she did. I remember Kirsten Dunst being particularly condescending and dismissive when asked if she was a fan of Spider-Man or ever read comics. Megan Fox is by no means the norm, by I knew more than a few good-looking girls in highschool who drew and were into comics, scifi, cartoons and all that crap. Some have "outgrown" it sure, but that doesn’t have to apply to the population at large. I’m sure she isn’t a fan to the extent at which people here are. And of course they’re going to ask if she’s into comics while she’s into that type of movie. If she were in a book adaptation, they’d ask if she liked the author. If she were in porn, they’d asked if she liked sex. It’s promoting, yes, doesn’t mean she is required to make things up to please people like us. The idea of her not impressing people with her acting yet is a little ridiculous too. Unfortunate as it may be, if an actress is not attractrive it is very unlikely that she will get any roles to begin with and most actresses don’t get to do their ‘serious’ jobs until their mid-thirties, after they’ve built enough of a following.

    All that said, Megan seems perfectly likable and I hold nothing against her. The only bit of acting I’ve ever seen her do was in Transformers, which is not a fair scale to judge on. I wasn’t happy with any human actor in that crap, including Turturro who is one of my favorite actors.

    Give her time. She’s a sexy geek? Great. If not, who cares.

  33. If this was done by a pro, It wouldn´t have put drawing all the way down the page and the signature top left. This looks made by a skilled amateur that she could well be. Sigh

  34. Who cares if she drew it or not? I cant believe you guys were even listening to the words coming out of her mouth. Look at her! Its not like any one of us is going to get involved with her in a relationship based on the fact that she can draw! And then we would be all upset when we found out it was a sham and she doesnt even read comics. Gasp!

    For my money, she drew it, and loves all the comics that I do. She makes great fried chicken, and doesnt miss a Mets game. Her Father is secretly Stan Lee, and as a wedding present he gave us all the original art that he collected during his career. Thats how it is in my head and I wont let anyone ruin it!

  35. I’m sorry, but I think she’s dumb.  The art wasn’t good, and she would never draw a good comic.  There has to be at least a little of yourself in the roles that you play.  So she shakes that ass and shows some cleavage, and America adores her…along with that tan belly of hers.  It doesn’t impress me a bit and in order for me to change that opinion, I would have to see solid work by her on a good story.  Will never happen.

    @Paul M re. blackbear’s post.  There is no conspiracy in PR.  Agents are constantly looking for oppurtunities to make money for themselves and those they represent because its their jobs to do so.  I think that’s a perfectly viable reason for the appearance on the show. 

  36. a HA!!

  37. Maybe she’s the one who drew all those "kids’ " depictions of the experience they had in Late Night with Conan’s studio. Talk shows will never be the same again. Kermit wasn’t puking – it was a double. Life shattered. Must be alone.

  38. Personally, I have no problem with her. In Fact if there was any problem to be had, it’d be that she chose a career that she’s not that good in( I would say terrible, but she showed tallent to Revenge) instead of something that she seems to love enjoy and is remarkably skilled in just because she’s pretty.

    Now am I going to buy anything that she draws? Hell no. But I don’t mind hollywood types comming to comic, so long as they keep up with the Heinburg Hader Myers Smith type of amasing work.

  39. Meh, I buy it. I mean a lot of people do take art lessons, and to be honest it wasnt that impressive, drawing anatomy is the first thing any artist learns.

  40. I would say that it doesn’t surprise me that a shallow Hollywood bimbo would like shallow comics that exploit the female form…. But, hey, I liked Gen 13 when I was a teenage boy, so who am I to judge on that. It actually does kind of endear her to me. Maybe someone should hand her a copy of Sandman or something so she can make a belated transition to good comics. Imagine an announcement that she’s quitting the movie biz to be a comic creator. No one buys her comic but her booth is the most-mobbed at conventions and everyone TELLS her they love her work.

  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You’re knocking her for not drawing like a professional artist? It’s a hobby. 


  42. She draws better than me! She can’t draw better than me AND BE AN ACTRESS! What a bitch!


  43. She’s not actually going to do a comic book.  It was just a bit of chat on a talkshow.  Sheesh.

  44. Hehe. Campbell is all jazzed about his shout out on Twitter.

  45. This has been hilarious. 

  46. @Adam – That’s been my favorite comment so far.

  47. Wait so Megan Fox is doing a Fathom film?

    Who the hell is that marketed too? The 5 people who read Fathom?

  48. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They’re probably betting on the millions of people who’d like to see her wearing next to nothing. Has nothing to do with the existing readership. It’s the visual.  

  49. @Paul: Ooooohhhh Yeaaaahhh. Then that might be the smartest thing ever.

  50. @TNC marketing baby, marketing

  51. @vadamowens: That is great marketing, the more I think about it. But it just drives the point further that people only care about her beauty instead of acting.

    I wish I lived in an era where it was the opposite.

  52. Won’t happen as long as beings with penises walk the earth.  We’re so f’n predictable.  I pine against it myself, but we’re freakin’ trained by our media to be attracted to that shit.  Regardless of my criticism, you catch me on a horny day, watching Transformers, and within 3 seconds of synapse, Megan will be in my living room with a school girl outfit on.  There’s nothing stopping it:(  Oh well.  I relish in my maniliness even if I’m typical and shallow at times.

  53. @TNC By the by, how come you don’t have your ‘little deadpool humping his moped’ buddy icon on here?

  54. I like how people associate pretty women with being dumb.  Yes, the characters she’s been playing with movies are little more than tits with lines, she’s in Michael Bay movies.  When was the last time Michael Bay added depth to anything besides a 3-D explosion?


    I think she’s making some pretty intelligent decisions to get herself known, and get some serious money.  And, maybe, maybe she’ll use that as a starting point to doing serioous acting, drawing, or something else she loves.


    She’s 23 and smoking hot, with enough presence to star in a movie where she sponge baths a car.  Best to take advantage while she can.

  55. @akamuu: They’re smart decisions for sure; but just once I would like to see her or someone like her try actual films. Not big budget special effect films. If she can hold up in like…..a Juno-esque film then I’ll give her more credit.

    @vadamowens: Eh I dont wanna do the same thing for both forums and this site. I should change this soon; getting kinda old.

  56. I tuned out when Jimmy made a joke about converting to a religion that sleeps with pre-teen bible campers.Its hard to respect her when she doesn’t say "eeeww" to that or all the other comments that basically said "you are pretty,I want to fuck you".Still,that seems to be par for the course for talk shows….watching starlets flirt with David Letterman makes me vomit a little in my mouth.Thats my pro-feminist rant for the day lol.

  57. For what it’s worth, I know a few girls, and adult women who started with books like Fathom, Witchblade, Ms. Marvel, and/or Gen 13 and still read comics to this day. Grimm Fairy Tales and Beyond Wonderland are among the most popular now a days with the girls I know. They enjoy the same amount of excitement guys do, and a female lead makes it more relatable for them.

    It’s also not that hard to accept that Fox would want to draw after reading comics. A good number of the people on this very site have dreams of writing or drawing there own books some day, myself included. Comics are the type of medium that inspires people, and helps to get the creative juices flowing. 

    If this was just a ploy to target young adult "fanboys" (which I doubt, and no pun intended), it worked exceptionally well. We’re all talking about it, about her, and about the work she’s done or will do aren’t we?

  58. I can believe she drew that and yes good looking people can like comics too.

  59. @TNC–" but just once I would like to see her or someone like her try actual films." um, what about Angelina Jolie? She started out with fanboy film like Tomb Raider, then did artsy stuff like Changeling.


    Actors and Actresses may start with a type of film, but often change it up as there carreer progresses to avoid being type casted. 

  60. How long before Joe Quesada announces she is drawing a Wolverine comic, written by Kevin Smith, that will be solicited but never come out? San Diego?

  61. As an artist myself, I know the ONE THING YOU DON’T DO is make apologies for your art.  That’s why i think she probably did it, because she was nervous about showing it.

    Also, it really doesn’t matter what tools you use.  It’s the artist that uses them.  I just cringe when I see people apologize before showing a work. 



  62. I don’t doubt that Fox reads comics, why would she lie? It’s not like she needs the fanboy following. She’s doing a good thing for the indistry, her being open about it might bring some eyes to the funny books.

  63. Aw, she’s cute. Thanks Josh & co. This was the first thing I saw of her that made me actually think she was a real human being.

  64. She’s so lucky to get to appear on talk shows and have every aspect of her life picked apart by people who don’t even know her.  I am, like, SO jealous.

  65. Kind of off topic or not, but there’s a cool interview with Brian Austin Greene out there somewhere where he talks about how he’s been trying to get the Fathom movie started and stay true to Michael Turner’s vision of the book and how excited he is to be producing it and have Megan Fox onboard as Fathom.

  66. @ultimatehoratio – 2nd favorite post so far.

  67. She has catapulted into my top 5 Hollywood hotties! Enough said……….

  68. I liked Megan Fox alot more after I have seen her in interviews. I was reading one where they asked her about what she thought of her acting in the first transformers film seeing how it was her first big role. and she said something to the affect of "Oh I wasn’t that good but its a micheal bay film so really who cares about the acting" Im paraphrasing but it made me laugh that she acknowledged that Bay doesn’t care about the acting in his films.

  69. Oh god. I was a counselor at a Bible camp when I was young and I remember all those songs. UGh.

  70. And for my third post in a row, I too knew girls that loved artists that drew women like J Scott Campbell. In fact I dated a girl who loved loved loved Frank Cho. I would come home from the store and she would ask if I got any books from the artist who drew big booties.

  71. @TimmyWood – Didn’t Chris Rock do a bit where he talks about how women are the ones who really love those nasty, mysoginistic Hip-Hop songs?

  72. oddly enough, she looks like a mike turner/ j scott cambell drawing.  gorgeous and impossibly thin waisted

  73. I’m wondering what the number of posts/replies  would have been if the title of this article was "Rosie O’Donnell Wanted To Draw Comics"?



  74. There’s only one problem with that:

    Who would invite Rosie O’Donnell on their Late Night Talk Show?

  75. @bean6344: you’re just angry because no-one commented on your rosie o’donnell avatar. that is rose o’donnell, right?

  76. Rosie’s art would probably look like Eddie Campbell’s.

  77. Fathom was extremely popular when it was coming out.  It probably sold more than any comic that has come out in the last several years back when it was coming out.

  78. Which Rosie are we talking about?

    The fun loving, Nickelodeon Award host? Or the angry and hateful woman we know today?

  79. Needs more pouches.

  80. @TNC Angry and hateful Rosie is just what the NRA wants you to think.

  81. @valo: I knew there was a conspiracy with her!

    By the way, this is when you know you have grown old or at least your childhood has gone by. Rosie went from being one of the nicest women I would see as a kid….to a completely different person by the time twenty years have passed.

    Wow we went from Megan Fox to Rosie; opposite of the spectrums lol

  82. Gerard Way came to comics after absolute stardom and created (arguably) one of the greatest comics to come out in the last couple years.  Celebrities, even hot ones, can make good comics.   

  83. She’s not actually going to make comics, she just told a charming anecdote.

  84. I think my head just exploded.

  85. It’s a nice little story and I don’t understand why anybody would have a problem with it.  I’m an attorney, but sometimes I play piano at a local bar.  I have a good friend who’s an IT guy who dabbles in the theatre in his spare time.  It’s called being a well rounded individual with talents and interests outside of your profession.  I recommend it to everybody.

  86. I call that being a Buckaroo.

  87. I approve.


    Still won’t pay to see Transformers 2, though.


  88. I don’t know.  I wouldn’t put too much stock in either Rosie or Megan.  Rosie, because she’s just obnoxious, and Megan because she’s a little too…valley. 

  89. I lived in the valley for 8 years.  You might be working with an outdated definition.

  90. lol.  I guess that shows that I’m officially over 30 now.  You don’t realize that references or terms eventually get dated as time goes on.  I actually said ‘rad’ in front of my kid at the school a few months ago.  I’ll never forgive myself for that.

  91. Why would she fake an interest in something that so few people care about? Would it really help her acting career that much? Also she was impressed that Jimmy drew with ‘inks’, people who aren’t familiar with drawing terminology would say ‘pen’ or not even comment on the medium used.

  92. some of you guys need to calm down she didnt say shes taking over on green lantern or somthing!