Marvel NOW!: UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 Cover Revealed

Following up on the news of Marvel NOW! earlier this week, today Entertainment Weekly unveiled the cover to Uncanny Avengers #1, with art by John Cassaday.  The book is written by Rick Remender and will be the flagship and kickoff book to Marvel NOW!.

As we heard about Marvel NOW!, Uncanny Avengers and the new innovative cover design from Marvel, we were wondering what it may look like.  Here’s some quick observations:

  • We’ve concerned about WHICH John Cassaday we’ll see. The one that did Astonishing X-Men and Planetary and basically ruled comics for a few years as the top artist in the biz or the one who did those godawful Daredevil: Shadowland covers? It’s probably too early to tell.
  • The “innovative” and “cinematic” cover design is meant to be more intuitive appears to mean “Move all the elements to the bottom.”
  • The prominent placement of creator names is a nice touch.
  • Will be interesting to see if this is THE logo for the book and how they handle that in future issues and other titles across Marvel NOW!
  • They finally fixed Havok’s costume.


  1. Looks awesome. I would have liked to see the costumes changed. Esp Cap.

    • Especially Cap? You mean you didn’t notice the lack of wing-tips on ‘ol Wing Tips? And now he has knee pads on in case he goes rollerskating… and moon boots, in case he has to bounce and jump around in the 90s.

  2. Urgh. Oh my god. I think Cassaday just went back to the weird rubbery look he was doing during the early runs of Planetary.

  3. Generally excited for this title, but that cover doesn’t do much for me.

  4. Wow…that is…something.

  5. A: hitch has lost it. again.

    B: the redesigns for Rogue, Scarlet witch & Havok look amazingly dull.

    C: looking at that cover on the stands, i would have no idea what book it was. is this marvel’s new “cinematic” style?

    not a good start.

    • Cassaday, not Hitch.

    • my bad, Cassaday has lost it:)

    • How can you tell he’s lost it by the cover? Can you really tell if an artist has lost it by looking at a cover, or this cover particularly which is a bunch of characters standing there glaring at you. Rogue and Scarlet witch I’m with you on the redesigns, they just kind of put them in regular clothes. Love Havoks though. Anything that gets us back to his old costume is good enough for me.

    • No, you all the evidence from the last 4 or 5 years including a glut of terrible covers for Superman and Daredevil and various other things to derive the lost it ness.

    • Don’t care how many cover’s he’s done we haven’t seen any interior work from him for quite a while. I will judge his interior work and then decide if he’s lost it. Now those covers he’s done over the last 4 or 5 years were pretty bad, I just hope he puts out the work we all know he’s capable of.

  6. Is this the replacement for Secret Avengers? That’s getting transmogrified, yes?

    • Nope. Secret Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers Assemble will all still exist alongside this book book and the main Avengers. Probably Avengers Academy too although that hasn’t been confirmed.

      It might replace Uncanny X-Force but I doubt that. It looks like they’re hardly cutting any fat at all, if any.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    On board for the first issue because Remender is one of the best writers Marvel’s got right now. Always delivers thoughtful stuff.

    But if Cassaday’s high profile cover looks like that, what do his interiors look like? Not a promising start.

    • I can’t remember the last time Cassaday did a cover that stood out. I think the first cover for the Grounded storyline was pretty awesome but the ones after it, meh! I mean look at those awful covers for Ellis run on Secret Avengers or his Dynamite covers.

    • Remender writes dialog like a 12 year old.

    • I agree completely with you, Paul. And Roldan, while there were a couple good covers in his Secret Avengers run, I think the last truly great covers from Cassaday were the variant covers on Astonishing. The monochromatic single character covers? Incredible.

  8. I’m surprised Wolverine is still in that same look. I figured he would get tinkered with some. I like the treatment though, breaking the mold a bit there. I gotta say, I am excited to try those three new titles.

  9. This is not the same Cap that we saw yesterday. This is his old costume. His costume yesterday was clearly Ultimate Cap. What gives?

    • Thor’s way different too; did the Quesada drawing come before or after this one?

    • Great point about Cap.

      (Although I wouldn’t call that the Ultimate costume, I’d call it the solo movie costume.)

    • They probably have just as little idea what they are doing as DC during the New 52 would be my guess.

    • At least Thor has a cape, and is not dual weilding swords strapped to his back like the Quesada piece. I really hope Fraction is off Thor soon, and doesn’t strap swords to his back Deadpool-style before he leaves.

    • filippod (@filippodee) says:

      It’s not uncommon for Marvel to have covers that don’t match the interiors. Black Panther, Punisher, Incredible Hulk come to mind. In this case it would seem strange, being the artist the same both for the covers and the interiors, we shall see.

    • Those knee pads look new on cap though. Don’t know why in the world he would need them though. Let’s all be thankful that there is a pleasant absence of pouches and shoulder pads.

    • Cap installs hardwood floors in his new secret identity

  10. “Wanna make something of it?”

  11. I’m beginning to see why they’re calling it Uncanny Avengers with 80% of Avengers being from X-Men titles & X-Men themselves, but what really is the reason for this? No Iron Man? Not even a generic Iron Man-like character? Is Havok supposed to fill that kind of void? Also Scarlett Witch? From non-existent to Avenger she really bounced back quickly. Interesting. I for one have not really gotten into Rick Remender. Nothing wrong with his writing, but I just can’t seem to get “hooked” on any titles he writes. So for now Cassaday is the sole reason for my investing in Uncanny X- I mean Avengers lol : )

  12. I hope the team stays at 6 members.

    I really enjoy Uncanny X-Force partly because the team is so small and you can give time to each team member.

    Rogue should make a great Avenger.

  13. Every character on that cover seems so……….bland.
    The only reason why I’d give this comic a try is that Rick Remender is an amazing writer.
    Are those 6 characters confirmed as the main cast for this book?
    It feels like they need more of a variety of characters.
    I would’ve loved to see AoA Nightcrawler work with Captain America and Thor.

  14. Very stoked to see my 2 favorite X-ladies (besides the ones in X-Factor) get featured TOGETHER in a high profile Avengers book.

  15. I agree with the 1st comment in this thread, I’m excited for this title but that cover doesn’t look the John Cassaday art I love, did they blur it or screw up in photoshop or what?

    • Cool thanks! Haha. I think his covers just aren’t too great. Hopefully interiors are as good as his Astonishing X-Men run.

  16. I like the line up for the team. The personalities involved could make for some good stories.
    That being said I don’t like the cover.
    I am concerned that these covers are going to turn into the interchangable Ultimate style covers where they have little to no connection to what is going on in the story itself

  17. Well, I love Uncanny X-Force and Remender is great on that.

    But on the other hand this seems VERY editorially driven.

    And though on the surface it seems to be an Avengers/X-Men mashup, after you think about it for a half a second you realize that Marvel’s just made Rogue and Havoc into AVENGERS now! I was really hoping the “turn every Marvel character into an Avenger” tactic would have ended by now.

    I’m still very optimistic, but I’ll wait till the first arc is over and check this out in trade. Too many things could go wrong (Cassaday not being the Cassaday of old, Cassaday needing three months between issues, etc.).

    But if you put Remender on a book with “Uncanny” in the title, you’ve got my attention. Still, the idea of turning two MORE X-Men into “Avengers” almost single-handedly blows that goodwill.

    • I love Remenders work on Uncanny X-Force, Secret Avengers and Fear Agent…few others too and Cassaday is a much tighter artist, clean and refined, thats not what I’m seeing in this cover…..Astonishing X-Men is where I got to love his art but that did have major delays so hope that isn’t gonna be am issue here as this does seem like an editorial concept but the character dynamic is good and neither of the two creators involved seem like gimmicky title pushed book artists so despite the initial cover being a let down, I think they’ll come back with something much better, come back with another teaser image and deliver a good book.

  18. Remender and Cassaday are a team that will get me interested in a book that I previously was questionable about and this was one in question but the revamping of Havok’s 80’s costume really pleases me as I’ve always liked that costume, and this was a good update to it, bringing the rings tighter to his head while maintaing the classic look. I’ll probably read the AvsX HC to see why this group came together as I assume they’re a few obviously from both sides that disagreed with some of the others to a degree. I just wonder how it will affect the team rosters in the other books these characters are in?

  19. Hmmm…I love Remender as a writer, but I’m desperately uninterested in a majority of this new initiative. If Marvel was going whole hog with it, I would probably give it a try, but when most everything else is still continuing on, I don’t see the need for this book.

    I think Cassaday is a poor choice for this book because he can’t do a monthly title. \ Remember how long Astonishing X-Men took to finish? If he brings his A-game, there’s no one they could find that would fill that artistic void, you know? Then, you’re looking at crazy delays for the book or a drop in quality when they get an artist that isn’t as great.

    God, I sound really negative here, but it’s my feeling. I’m happy for the folks that are stoked for this one. I remember the joy at discovering some of the new stuff with the DC reboot last year.

  20. Also, with everything optimistic I’ve said on this so far, Marvel Now is a f@#king stupid title and pointless, just release the book for what it is, a result from AvsX. Marvel’s been slowly changing they’re whole line-up for the last year or two, canceling and starting new titles, some changes much better than the fanbase seems to be recognizing but notice the columnists on ifanboy have. So, no need for an entire reboot when half of they’re ongoings are still fairly or entirely new already.

  21. I’m glad to see Havok on the team as I’ve loved the character since the Aussie Outback X-Men days and the fact Remender is writing him is even better. That cover is a little eh. Is it just me or do the heads look kind of stumpy? I like that Havok is in a costume that’s more akin to his classic outfit, but I’m not sure about the gloves, pants and the rings on the mask instead of above it. Still, I see why Cassady did some things, beyond just it needs to look “more realistic”. And it looks like Cassady is using his version of the revamped Wolverine costume rather than the one that’s been tweaked a few times since it was introduced.

  22. Wow… 4 characters I couldn’t dislike more and Thor and Havok. I’m in for Havok, though. But egads… Wolverine and Rogue on the same time, gag with me a spoon.

    Also… that Thor on the cover is pretty… pretty bad, huh?

    • Also… I wouldn’t call what they’ve done to Havok’s design, “fixing” his costume. I really liked his most recent design without the atom-helmet.

  23. I’m excited to read this but if I saw that cover on the stands I’d go right by it. If that’s their new treatment we can pretty much assume we’re going to get a year or two worth of pinups instead of covers that give you any kind of inkling of what’s going on in the story. The text on the sides leaves little room for anything else.

    Remender + Cassaday = at least a six issue commitment from me. I just hope it takes less than a year for those six issues to come out. I doubt they’ll have half of these done by the time solicitations hit.

  24. The more stuff you add, the less you’re actually saying. A book cover and a movie poster are two opposites. You hold one in your hands, the other you glance at quickly in passing.

    If this were cooking, i think they used too many ingredients without giving us any solid flavors. 5 logos and a half dozen different fonts and type treatments is too much to deal with. Everything that’s red pops out before everything else. The title of the comic is one of the last things you see, and its hard to read at that.

    I think its funny that i read the word “FREE” before i figured out the title of the comic.

    • Agreed. If they simply swapped everything that’s grey with everything that’s red, they might have a winner. (Except the Marvel logo, of course.) As is, I have to stare at it for a couple of minutes for it to process entirely, and even then it hurts my brain.

  25. I guess it’s the angle, but none of them have necks. And they all look like they are trying to poop. I love Remender though so hopefully he can keep it exciting.

  26. Is it just me or does that Thor look a lot like Chris Hemsworth?

  27. just take my money already im all in

  28. I think that Opena should have done this book, rather than Avengers. History with Remender and because its supposedly a flagship book. Cassadays cover doesn’t look that great either.

  29. havok?

    looks similar to BlackBolt if you ask me. Interesting lineup though

  30. That is an ugly cover… And mediocre art to boot.

  31. Oh, God!

  32. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    When I first saw this cover, my first thought was George Perez is going the artwork – I wouldn’t have guessed Cassaday.
    I agree with the comments above – the fonts and layout are all over the place.

    The Title Logo itself may be a sign that Marvel is looking more toward digital formats and not as concerned on how their printed books are presented in comic shops.

  33. Ugly cover. Doesn’t matter. Remender is writing it. In Rick I trust.

  34. Couple of things:

    1) That cover is hideous. Both on a design front and just overall by Cassaday. If this is what Marvel is going for in their ‘cinematic’ approach then they should just stop it after the #1’s. Cause that design is shit. Plus Cassaday is so far not giving me hope that his style has gotten any better. Oh lord that is a horrible cover.

    2) If ‘fixed Havok’s costume’ means ‘Make him look more like Dr. Light’ then I agree.

    3) This could be the dullest Avengers line up in history. Havok? Rogue? Wolverine? Scarlet Witch? If Remender isn’t the best excuse to skip this book then his line up is a much better excuse.

    The news that Bleeding Cool has on Hickman’s Avengers books sound much more promising. Apparently the art team for ‘THE’ Avengers will be Opena, Weaver, Adam Kubert, and Deodato. Plus, New New New New New New NEW Avengers will have Hickman and Epting back together. So that is much more exciting then this ‘duller then wallpaper’ news.

    • If Remender is your best excuse to skip this book, then you have no idea what you’re talking about. Skip the book. Save the rest of us the trouble of reading your next “Couple Things”.

  35. On-board for issue 1, at least.

  36. my first reaction to this was “why is Bullseye on an Avengers team? Isn’t he dead?”

  37. This angling really shoves the dull right up in your face. Hope this is a misstep and not indicative of the line.

  38. Is this the new layout of comics @ Marvel in the future ? The numbering of the comics @ the bottom of the cover is not that easy when you have to search for a comic in a box @ the store.

  39. So every time I read “Marvel NOW!” in my head I hear “Jefferton ALIVE!”

    Other than that, it seems like there’s it’s a Brand New Day for this Age of Fearless yet Battle Scarred Heroes.

  40. Awesome!

  41. I’m loving Marvels confidence with the triple digit issue number holder. Like a Marvel book will get to triple digits without being re-numbered to original numbering.

  42. marvel now! it’s hip, it’s now, it’s WOW! and HOW!
    i came up with that one.