Marvel Launches Into 2012 with POINT ONE – UPDATED

Marvel is gearing up to close up shop on 2011 and start out 2012 and with that, comes a massive 64 page preview called Point One, that promises to serve as a preview of what’s to come.  Borrowing from their “point one” program of 2011, Marvel is seeking to give us a sample of what to expect from some of their top creators.  Senior Vice President & Executive Editor Tom Brevoort had this to say about Point One:

Point One is a massive one-shot of 64 all-new pages of story by the top creators in the business, setting the stage for the biggest stories coming in 2012. It is the starting point to what’s in store for the world’s most iconic characters and startling events. Point One serves as the launch pad for dynamic new series, the return of fan-demanded characters, and a shocking teaser that will have everyone talking. See how all it comes together in one gigantic epic!”

Now, we have no idea what Point One will be or what stories it will preview, but I don’t know what you think, but image Marvel provided below sure looks a lot like Nova, who’s been on the shelf since the end of his ongoing series and The Thanos Imperative in 2010.  Now while the prospect of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness working on Nova is intriguing, I miss Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning writing him on nearly a daily basis. Now who knows if this is actual THE Nova, or just another Nova, but either way, my curiosity is piqued. I wonder what other characters will appear in the one-shot?

Point One goes on sale on November 2, 2011.

POINT ONE #1 (SEP110496)
FOC – 10/17/11, ON SALE – 11/2/11

UPDATE – September 27th – Marvel Comics rolled out another image from Point One, alluding to the upcoming Ultron story that Brian Michael Bendis has been talking about in previous interviews.

Marvel Point One

Update – September 28th – Another teaser, and… we’ve got Dodson!

UPDATE: Yost and Lapham enter the fray!


  1. It’s really silly how a story can’t set its own stage. Prelude to… books are the commercials before movie trailers of comics.

  2. Running on the assumption that the writers match up with the artists in order, can I just get the Van Lente/Stegman story?

  3. Yes! My prayers may have been answered! The Nova series was the second series I started buying.

    • Was the greatness of the Nova series due to Andy and Dan?

    • I was a new reader to comics altogether so I didn’t really know about the writers, but I did notice the pencilers. Really it was the adventures of Richard Ryder and Worldmind. To me it was Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern Corps, but without all the overuse of the other lanterns, or in this case the Novas.

  4. Cable coming back as a member of the Nova corps?

    With the point ones, the double shipping, the preludes to everything, etc., it seems like Marvel is focused on increasing earnings by getting their existing customers to buy more comics, rather than doing it by getting new customers (what the hell kind of marketing is “POINT ONE” to people who aren’t immersed in comics? Point One What?). Marvel is wearing me out as a fan.

    • I hear you. Now that the new 52 month is wrapping up, I dropped a couple of Marvels to make room (AND because what I dropped just isn’t good anymore). Now, my DC share is larger than Marvel’s, which hasn’t happened since Morrison’s JLA run. Marvel seems to be trying anything to overcome DC’s tidal wave of publicity. I hear X-Men books are great, and FF is, for the most part, still fun, but who cares if Fear Itself is still around? Who cares about the follow-up mini, or the Fearless? Aside from some individual treasures, like Daredevil’s return and Venom, meh. I haven’t been interested in DC for some time, but I give them total respect for doing what no one thought they would ever do. They took decades-old books and characters and relaunched them with “permanant” retellings. They succeeded because they got – for the most part – the perfect combination of the right writers on the right books (artists too). I can’t imagine how fans of the original Green Lantern or Flash reacted when DC created the Silver Age GL and Flash. But that’s how I relate it. And for being that brave and bold (heh), they can have my hard-earned cash. Oh yeah, and they’re still 2.99. Take that, Marvel.

  5. So can we assume that like the rest of the .1 books, this will actually have nothing to do with the real ongoings next year?

  6. Think they can put more big name artists on the book? I mean, I know there are 60+ pages, but damn.

  7. If this gives people the necessary bulletpoints to hop on some new books without feeling lost, then I’m all for it. They need to sell it for 99 cents though.

  8. When I first saw teasers for Point One I started imagining that it might be the Marvel equivalent to the New 52. This seems quite off from that expectation.

  9. wow, looks epic but will see.

  10. Nova!!!!!!!

  11. Are we expected to pay for what is basically glorified advertisement?

  12. Oh god…Jeph Loeb is involved…..excitement officially sapped.

  13. Don’t really care about these preview books, but Nova and McGuiness means that they have my money already.

    And as long as it doesn’t have “ultimate” in the title, a little Loeb never hurt nobody…

  14. The Shredder joined the Nova Corps? Sweet.

  15. Just make every issue a number one. Come on marvel, you know you want to.

    Or get rid of number all together and just put the date on the covers.

    • You know, that might not be far off.

      If the problem is always new readers being intimidated by an issue number like 550 or something, then modify the Hellboy route. Label your ongoings by story arc (“1 of 4”, etc.) then have a smaller indicator of that “issue #550” for the die-hard readers so they can still make sure they have every issue & in chronological order.

      Just a thought.

    • Yup or just start a new volume every year like a magazine even.

      I mean a date is just as easy to put into order as a number but it’s not as intimidating as buying Action Comics #857.

      Numbering is totally irrelevant almost now anyways, or will be soon when everything is available online. You just need to know what comes before or after an issue.

  16. If that is the team for the Nova story it is interesting….The story will be terrible because it’s Loeb but it’s still interesting.

    Definitely not going to buy it though. Why would I waste money to see more poorly thought out stories for Marvel?

  17. First reaction: “God, aren’t we done with this .1 shit yet?”

    Second reaction: “Nova!”

    Third reaction: “Please, don’t make me hate a Nova, Jeff.”

    But seriously, I wonder what Marvel’s success with these point ones has been? I’m sure current readers of a series have been picking them up, but how many NEW readers have? It would be interesting to see the data, assuming that they can even track something like this. I just wonder about the success of it, considering that rather than praise for the initiative all I ever really see are jokes.

    • My reaction was exactly the same! Love Nova, Hate Loeb.

      Not Loeb himself obviously, I’ve never met the guy, I’m sure he is lovely. But I have also never read a book of his I liked and I really tried with Hulk.

  18. This looks like it should be a free sampler?

  19. My patience with Marvel has been lagging lately, and I don’t see much here to change that. This should be a free sampler, especially if it turns out most of these “previews” are excerpts from the actual issues they’ll be trying to sell us down the line . . .

    While, I’d normally be very curious to see a return of the Nova Corps, I’ve never cared for Loeb beyond Hush. I’m hoping that they leave Richard Ryder alone for awhile longer, and focus on other members of the corps.

  20. Hey Ron. “A lot” is two words, not one. I teach high school English, and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. “Alot’ is not a word.

    As far as the comics go, I’m really nervous about Loeb being involved in the Marvel universe main again. He has Cable AND the Avengers?? Anything could happen, and not necessarily good stuff. That being said, I’ll buy and read all of it like a sucker.

    • You’re not the only one.

    • I bet that annoys you alot.

    • Ha! Nice one Cronin.

    • Grammar is the pettiest of tyrannies.

    • Let me give you a little linguistics lesson, brother.

      Language is not static. It is fluid and changes over time. People can complain all they like about changes in grammatical rules and spelling but as certain things become more commonplace, such as alot, it will one day become the norm and be perfectly acceptable.

      Bitching about an “error” that does not lead to confusion of intent is a waste of your time.

      If you are teaching English, you should have greater goals in mind.

    • Scorpion- Sure olde english used to have a lot of words we no longer use or have changed.

      But let me axe you a question what would be a “greater goal” for him than to teach the rules and structure of the english language.
      That is his job “brother:”

    • Love how you break out the crude reference to Old English as if you know anything. You ain’t swift Tom.

      Language is evolving daily (or devolving depending on your level of elitism). Rules are changing. What is accepted as “proper” alters with the times.

      That is not his job. His job is to teach his state standards. And I guarantee that his state standards probably have only 1 out of 30 or so that deals with conventions of spelling with alot vs. a lot being .000000001% of what the students need to know.

      His students need to be able to analyze arguments and construct their own arguments. Understand how words work on various levels of meaning literal/figurative/denotative/connotative etc.

      The cry for proper grammar is the myopic when it comes to education.

    • Is this really becoming an argument?

    • Yeah, we should argue about continuity or Supeman’s “armor” instead.

  21. DNA’s run on the cosmic corner of the Marvel U was and is one of my all time favorite runs in comix, from Annihilation to Annhiliation: Conquest and conquest spawning Nova and Guadrians of the Galaxy runs all by DNA, War of Kings, Inhumans,Kree,Silver Surfer, Cancerverse, Realm of Kings, Annihilators and Thanos Imperative…….all great DNA that got me excited and back into comix when I wasn’t reading any. They handled the cosmic corner almost entirely themselves for what must’ve been about 5 years and it was great with an epic climatic ending involving characters I came to love more and more and was sad when Thanos Imperative was over cause I wanted more and wasn’t near as psyched about the other books I was reading, then they announced DNA on Annihilators which is the aftermath team following those epic battles all leading up to Thanos Imperative. I jumped into DNA’s saga when the Nova run came out and went back and bought all the trades to catch up and read current through Thanos Imperative and loved it, before that the only regular comic I was reading was Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-MEN 24 issue and a Giant-Size one shot run. I give those runs credit for loving comix again cause it had been years before that. Some of the best stuff is read in retrospect. JSA and LOCKE & KEY are my current love affairs and will always love the great stories that came before, hell if your a new reader, do yourself a favor and go back and get, read/collect some of the best material ever in trade collections and be choosy with whats current so they don’t mass produce so-so books and make em raise the bar, because it has been raised many times before the new 52.

  22. Come back Nova… Just please, don’t let Fraction near you.

  23. Sweet Nova art. Don’t know that I’ll pick this up, but… hey, sweet Nova art.

  24. Woohoo, Nova! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooohhhhfuckit’sJephLoeb….nevermind.

    • 😀

    • My exact reaction.
      Can’t wait for everything DnA built to get jettisoned (hint: I actually can wait for this. Those two were GODS on cosmic Marvel titles. Its really disapointed that their grand epic has pittered out into a series of mini-series. When once it spanned two ongoings and almost yearly events.)

  25. Not really a Loeb-hater, and I enjoy Ed McGuinness. A lot. Interested to see what they’ll be selling this for.

  26. I heard that Waid is writing a Daredevil story in this; while I’m always happy to see more of my favourite character written by one of the best in the game I really hope this doesn’t mean the DD book will be dragged into the big 2012 event. I’m certainly worried about what this ‘preview’ could mean for some of favourite ongoings next year, a feeling I’m sure I share with many others.

  27. Srly guys? Point One #1 One-shot? The name of the book is ‘Point One’. Very creative! Well played Marvel.

  28. Thats it! I have been saying this since I started reading comics over 30 years ago; Marvel copies and/or emulates everything DC does. It seems there are no original ideas for them or they jump on board when someone else does something big! This is also more than just DC they steal ideas from other companies as well. I wish them luck however; I think I will be dropping all of my Marvel books except two to keep in touch with their universe come November. Good luck Marvel!!

    Just sayin’,

  29. Jeph Loeb is still the EVP, Head Of Television at Marvel, correct?

    I wonder if the “fan-demanded characters” will have any association future TV projects or the rumor that Marvel will try to produce movies based its on lesser known heroes.

  30. Dear Marvel,

    Jeph Loeb is not the dude you wan’t leading into your next big year or events. Even if it turns out ok, people will be too scared to try it, and you’ll lose out. What the FUCK. ARE. YOU. THINKING?!?

    Seriously, how do they not know this shit? If I know it, and you know it, then they should know it.

    This is getting sad.

  31. DNA should own the rights to Marvel cosmic. Marvel shouldn’t own the rights to Marvel Cosmic. Seriously. Jeph Loeb better blow me away or I will be driving up to Manhattan every day (about an hour and 30 mins) and picket until they give Marvel Cosmic to DNA.

  32. Sounds like those preview issues they used to give out for free.

  33. I’ll be buying it,even though i fully expect Loeb to ruin a lot of the great work DnA have done on these characters. I’m looking at this like, these two started on the red hulk book and it was average for sure.BUT it did lead to Parker and Hardmans run on the book, so my hope is if they’re on nova the team that follows will knock it out of the park. I’m crossing my fingers …. now.

    Also, this is gonna have the Bendis/ Hitch ultron story starting probably and some defenders which i’m hoping will be good cos it’s got Fraction writing iron fist again which is suprisingly( if you’ve only read his thor and fear itsef.) great.

  34. Something tells me that Marvel is worried about DC’s new 52 and wants to get back some readers that they are losing because of Fear Itself.

  35. nice, i hope this won’t be a big disappointment. but at least Bendis is on it and the art looks good

  36. I’ll say it because nobody else is….. Hasn’t Jeph Loeb written plenty of awesome comics over the years? Everybody seems to judge him solely on his ultimate universe work. Hulk was a Blast from start to finish, his cable run was great as he’s written some of the my favourite ever batman stories. The civil war cap funeral issues were terrific also. When I think of Jeph Loeb I think of an accessible and versatile writer who is particularly great at playing to his artists strengths, and his books well great for that reason. Jeph and Ed on a nova book to me is like a promise of huge scale fun sci-fi. Ed mcguiness drawing thanos and galactus? Yes please.

  37. There are certain creators that for some reason it’s fashionable to hate. Jeph Loeb is one of them. Not sure why, I usually enjoy anything he does.

  38. Im gonna go out on a limb and assume that this book will be day and date digital and that it will HOPEFULLY be priced cheaply, to get new readers interested in all this stories.
    If so, this could be pretty cool.

  39. I bet you this will be the “Ultron War” from that issue of Avengers with Tony Starks’ timeline of the future thing.

  40. I tend to buy trades I think are superb and that I can lend to freinds and say read this standalone story that nicely sums up these characters and has a great contained story. If it doesnt have a contained story Ill buy relevant and equally great sequel or prequel trades so they can get the feeling of an ongoing serial. I mention this as I have collected Civil War and Dark Reign and the first issue of New Avengers going into the Heroic Age that starred Ultron breifly. I was also thinking of getting that first volume of Avengers where they get sucked into the future conflict between Kang and Ultron.

    I only got the New Avengers single issue in the same way I got Decimation. It wrapped up one age and led swiftly into the next (the New Avengers issue closed Dark Reign and showed Cap Steve formulating the Avengers teams). I only was gonna get the Avengers trade by Bendis and JRR as it seemed like the nice, closed, character focused stories I like sharing. Now I know this series is coming out that ties together these Ultron themes and plots (one can assume) Im gonna give it a read and…lets be honest here…Im likely to buy this in trade. And I gotta say…Im very excited.

  41. Pass!

  42. Does seem like Marvel isn’t really interested in new readers. Nova? Ultron? Sorry, no clue who they are. Those teases don’t help either.
    I read some Marvel books (a few X books, Daredevil, Punishermax – though I’m thinking about dropping the last one). But this is a huge problem. Before DC relaunched, I had friends who wanted to get into comics but felt lost in the decades of continuity. I wish the point one initiative had stayed truer to its stated goal. Thankfully this does help limit my comic book budget.

    • Ultron is one of the Avenger’s biggest enemies and Nova is basically Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern. . Ultron has rescently been in Annihilation: Conquest, Mighty Avengers, and Avengers. Nova has rescently been in Secret Avengers and Thanos Imperative.

      Also, I don’t see how you not knowing these major characters makes Marvel not interested in new readers. This book seems like it caters to new readers since it is essentially sampling all the books coming up in 2012.

    • Thanks, Fett02. I guess being teased with images about characters I don’t know anything about doesn’t draw me in. I’d rather get an excerpt from the work itself (but not have to pay for it, perhaps a tease at the end of another book?). To me, a teaser only works if it has something to excite the audience. Aside from Loeb (whom I actually like), there’s nothing in the teaser for me to get excited about. You have to admit that a lot of the Marvel universe is only now starting to become mainstream knowledge. Lex Luthor is common knowledge, so is many of Batman’s villains. I don’t think the Avengers are quite there yet (though they might be soon).

  43. Is Ultron diving into a pool?

  44. I’m really wanting to get back into Marvel and the Avengers again, but they just make it hard too. With the price of the books, constant tie-ins and events, and now my DC pulls have almost doubled… I can see how it would be hard for a new reader to try these books. I do love me some Ultron stories, however!

  45. So who’s getting killed this time? My moneys on spider-woman.

  46. I assume Joe Q was walking down the street when a 9 year old in a spidey is my hero tshirt walked up and asked.
    “Ummmm Mr.Q???? What happened if i didn’t read any of the convoluted mess that was Fear Itself?”

    Point one was born.

  47. Running Total & Speculations OR Check My Math

    Delatorre! Pulido! Stegman?

    Guesses welcomed. Substantiation encouraged.

  48. I am for some reason finding myself wanting to write back on this again.
    Do not get me wrong I have great love for all comic books no matter who the publisher is I really just follow the characters I like. There are still times I like to venture out and gain some new characters and see what is happening all over in the comic universe. Marvel and DC being the big guns having the most amount of characters I follow seem to always be on my radar. The rest of the comic publishers I just read a little of, Walking Dead, Invincable, Chew, Irredemable, GI JOE, etc….
    So I notice that Marvel literaly follows DC around and twist the idea just enough so there are some differences yet still equal the same; follow me?? Sometimes its fun to see how it works out and sometimes it is just junk: FEARITSELF AND ALL OF THE TIE INS!! lol

    Just sayin’,

  49. Fingers crossed for a Marvel Relaunch.

  50. I don’t get why people would have a problem with this? Geeks scour the internet for previews and creator interviews on what to expect, they constantly discuss and speculate, but some have a problem with Marvel basically putting out the same thing in paper form? Especially now with so many promising books from the DC launch, everybody’s trying to condense their pull list – this comic is going to help you figure out what stories or creators you want to give a shot in 2012. It’s probably going to cost a dollar or 2 dollars (if not free) and will give us all some insight on books that are probably not on our radars. If it’s marketed well, who knows, maybe it will even bag the elusive “new reader”

    • I think people are annoyed with the point one treatment Marvel has been shoving down our throats, it hasn’t been close to what they said it would be. Now to create a 64 page issue called Point One just seems a bit disingenuous.
      If it’s free no one will care, if it’s more than $0.99 people will be pissed.

    • No doubt the .1 issues were a total disaster, I guess I’m giving Marvel the benefit of the doubt that they’re going to do what they say, and put out a preview book to get people interested and up to speed on upcoming storylines. Sometimes I think forum posters are too quick to accuse Marvel for hatching these greedy, nefarious plots every time they intro a new sales idea. Or if the ideas are good, then they’re just copying DC.

  51. “accuse Marvel for hatching these greedy, nefarious plots”

    I read that and then saw the $5.99 cover price. Ouch.

    • Wow. If that’s the case, please forget everything that I said. What a horrificly awful and short-sighted decision on their part.

    • If this is the correct info, which I pulled from Marvel’s official site, then the $5.99 price is the correct one. It has the same title, but the “in-store” date is listed as a week after the one above.

  52. Excited to see some Bryan Hitch interiors again.

  53. Is Jeph loeb the new Rob Liefeld, where internet fans just have to piss on him whenever they see his name? I’m not saying I’m a huge Jeph Loeb fan, however, when I look at the list of things I have read that were written by him, I like more of them than I disliked. Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Grey, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Hush were all books I thought were good to great. Hulk I thought was fun at first, then I thought it got overly stupid and dropped it. for the most part,w hat I’ve read of his, I’ve enjoyed. Maybe I just passed on all the books that caused people to have such rampant hatred of him? Because I’ve really most of the portion of his work that I’ve read.

    Plus, the dude wrote Teen Wolf, so really, he is way more awesome than most people on the planet.

    • I agree. His hits versus his misses seem to be on par with a majority of writers. Scratch that, he’s above par, because the majority of writers toil in mediocrity, never rising to have even one great hit. Personally, I’m on a case-by-case basis with Mr. Loeb.

      Not only did he do Teen Wolf, but he also wrote Commando: “Remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lied.”

    • I think the biggest factor is that some of Loeb’s misses were SO bad. His WOLVERINE arc would be at the top of a lot of our “stricken from the record” list, and Ultimates 3 isn’t too far behind.

    • I have to agree here. Loeb’s good stuff far outweighs the bad stuff. It’s just that the bad stuff has been more recent. Hopefully he can turn it around. I’ll be picking this up, if for nothing less than helping me decide what things I’ll be interested/excited for in 2012 at Marvel.

  54. I might wait this time before i jump into another crossover/event i bought into Fear itself and i kind of regret it…I like Loeb and mc guiness but man i feel like i got jyped.

  55. no thanks

  56. Some Marvel books are 2.99 but they all need to be, Fear Itself is way too much to follow and didn’t even try, always been more Marvel until the last 2 years where I suddenly became obsessed w DC’S history starting with the JSA and went from there, already liked Batman and Flash then read Blackest Night and got into numerous Elseworlds, Vertigo,Wildstorm and Superman stories…. had already been into Vertigo and Wildstorm but not in years, but after Blackest Night through Flashpoint I’m a full blown DC reader (still love Marvel and will pick up the few titles from them I know I like along with Dark Horse and some IDW and IMAGE stuff too……anayway I guess what I’m getting at based on everyones feedback or the general consensus here is that the new 52 is a bold and brave move and just like when they altered the’yre entire universe 20 years ago with Crises on Infinite Earths and Marvel is always changing and mixing it up, too many “event” crossovers but point one for them seems like a usual Marvel thing to me and its looking like they got some unexpected tricks up they’re sleeve for 2012, I mean c’mon…’s “The House of Ideas” after all.

  57. I think I’m getting interesting but i’ve always mistaken that instinct where it has given me some crap books. please like me be right for once 🙂

  58. Dodson’s pencil’s don’t do it for me, give me Larroca and Fraction on the Defenders book, they were great together on IronMan and Uncanny X-Men. DNA are hard to top on Cosmic Marvel U, I’ve elaborated before and will always advocate for them, aside from Jim Starlin, they are the best at comic Marvel, not comparing Stan Lee, Kirby and Buscema cause thats a whole nother cup o’ tea andwould be no Starlin or DNA w/out them……….Silver Surfer.

  59. Why do people hate Loeb so much. Yes Ultimates 3 was horrible but any big name is going to make something that, due to his own vision, takes the title way off track from what works. But Batman: Hush, Long Halloween/Dark Victory, Spider-Man: Blue, Ultimate X, Hulk stuff was all really good stuff. The first three I mentioned are some of the best and most quintessential work done on Batman in my opinion. The man can write. Sometimes he is just writing books to be fun and nothing more, which is fine (and alot of folks complain there isn’t enough of). Im not by any means a Loeb-ite…or really an anyone-ite it just so happens that some of my favourite books are by him which the content thereof indicates to me the man has skill and is good at what he does. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes. He has sadly become victim of fanboy/creator demonisation

  60. I’ve lost faith in Fraction after the mess that is Fear Itself.

    • Fraction is still doing some great stuff and has some great ideas in Iron Man and Thor. I wouldn’t put full responsibility of Fear Itself on Matt’s shoulders, no big name summer event is one man’s responsibility. I think now that he’s done Fear Itself, we’ll see a rejuvenated Matt and hope he gets back to writing some great stories.

    • I’ve really been disappointed in Fear Itself as well, but Mighty Thor has been reeling me in every month. Fraction has been hit or miss with me.

  61. Let’s challenge ourselves to not buy this book the week it comes out, spend our $6 on other comics, and email Marvel Editors (

    Hey True Believers,

    I did not buy POINT ONE #1 this week. Instead I bought _________.

    ‘Nuff Said,


  62. Are those supposed to be Fraction’s Defenders? I dig me some Iron Fist and Nick Fury but the rest? Not so much

  63. hoping there are 1 or 2 more surprises

  64. Woah, is that Ben Reiley?

  65. Huh, I have no idea who the Lapham-De La Torre characters are, but I like the look! (The main female character reminds me of a female version of a very offbeat Defenders villain called Manslaughter from many moons ago…)

  66. I know this is kind of bitchy but isn’t a point one what you release after you know you released a point zero version that was really buggy?

  67. Ok who the hell are those guys in the De La Torre book? Also why is the bad guy wearing a Daredevil mask?

  68. Lapham working what is presumably NOT a Mature readers title? This could get interesting…Can’t say I’m a fan of Crossed or Caligula, but Deadpool MAX had its moments.

  69. Is…is that the Scarlet Spider we were told wasn’t going to happen?

    • Oooh, ooh, I figured it out. Kaine, being healed from his monster status at the end of Spider Island and perhaps even his “Tarantula” appearance from the end of Grim Hunt, dons the guise of the new Scarlet Spider. But he’s more vicious. Note how he’s practically tearing skin with his adhesive touch? Mark of Kaine.

  70. hoping for one or two more unexpected surprises

  71. whoa, now i’m lost

  72. I love the stage DNA set w Cosmic Marvel and hope these guys take it in the right direction cause a lot happened w DNA behind the wheel and wanna see that legacy carried on, Nova looks cartoony to me as in Super Hero Squad cartoony and hope its just this angle and the rest changes my thoughts on it as of now but Loeb has done stories I liked like Batman The Long Halloween, DD:Yellow and a few others so what most people don’t like him for are probably ongoing series I never read and have faith in NOVA!

  73. I really hope I don’t need to read this book before I start reading defenders, because I have no desire to read this, yet I really want to read Defenders. Unless Defenders is going to be tied into a whole bunch of other books, then i will have to pass. I just love the old defenders book from the 70s/80s and really would love to see a hodge podge group of bickering heroes taking on the weirdest threats imaginable again.

  74. if that is ultimate spidey in MY scarlet spider-hoody… i’m going to FUCKING lose my mind!

  75. Have they released the shocking teaser that will have every talking yet?

  76. I love NOVA. I really want him to come back strong. Why did this issue get pushed back a week?