Marvel Comics Unveil The Mighty in Fear Itself #7

By now, those of you who have stuck with Fear Itself, have no doubt read Fear Itself #6.  In case you haven’t, ne warned because the below teaser image from Marvel Comics for Fear Itself #7 is somewhat spoiler-ish, so much so that we’ll save the commentary for under the image below

Fear Itself #7

Behold! The Mighty!

Fear Itself #6 ended with Tony Stark leaving Asgard after crafting weapons that could be used in the battle. In the above image, we get to see who the lucky Avengers are that get to wield the weapons of magic and science, merged.

Out of all of them, I feel like Iron Fist’s is the coolest. But that’s just me.

You can see The Mighty come together in Fear Itself #7, written by Matt Fraction with art by Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Laura Martin.  It goes on sale on October 19th, 2011.



  1. So it turns out Tony does still hate Cap and what is Black Widow’s weapon? Herpes?

  2. aside from the destroyer/iron man these are lazy, uninspired and just dumb. ‘how can we make hawkeye look more powerful?’ ‘i know, glowy lines! genius!’

    oh, and the bad photoshopping around iron fists hands (his name is iron fist people, pay attention to his hands) is inexcusable now-a-days.

  3. Sooo they just gave her an axe? I picture her getting that and just looking at Tony like “You don’t know me at all.” I wonder where cap’s new super Asgard shield is.

  4. Anyone else waiting for the scene after they get these when the Serpent makes the Worthy grow and they have to call their mega thunder Asgard zords?

  5. Marvel: We’re committed to Tron lines

  6. Will Fear Itself just go away pllleeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee?

  7. Does it bother anyone else that Clint is aiming his weapon off camera when nearly everyone else is brandishing their weapons at a threat behind the reader?

  8. I was expecting better from the silhouette teaser of this… Sigh. One more month and it’s gone.

  9. more like the Meh-ty


  10. Fear Itself was the final straw needed for me to drop Marvel books…this makes me feel a lot better about that decision.

    • Your loss. Fear Itself sucks pretty hard, but Marvel is putting out some stellar books too.

    • I just avoid the events and mostly a) stay with my subscription titles because I’m already committed to buying them by the year, and b) just shop for the good stuff that Marvel puts out, especially the minis or under-appreciated continuing books that aren’t available as subscription titles.

      Among the various good monthlies that Marvel currently publishes, I’d recommend Uncanny X-Force, FF, Daredevil, Venom, Thunderbolts, Amazing Spider-Man, X-23, Moon Knight, and Captain America. The Avengers books are pretty good (I get 3 out of 4), and Invincible Iron Man is also enjoyable. Alpha Flight is fun.

      Some fine minis available recently include the amusingly-titled John Carter: A Princess of Mars, Carnage, Avengers: Children’s Crusade, X-Men: Escape From the Negative Zone and Taskmaster: Unthinkable. Secret Warriors, which just ended, is so far excellent (I buy the TPBs, so I’ve read Volume 5 – library HC – and Volume 6 just came out in HC this last Wednesday).

      But, yeah. I haven’t bought one book that I wasn’t already getting because of a Fear Itself banner. That’s why the public library buys all of this stuff. So I don’t have to.

  11. Is anyone else disappointed by how this is turning out ? “We fought some bad guys but we couldn’t beat them because they had magic weapons so one of our guys went and got us magic weapons and then we beat them”. I could accept that plotline from Axe Cop because it’s written by a 5 year-old boy, but it’s a little underwhelming if that’s the best Marvel could come up with.

  12. Those wrist-knives make it look like Spidey will have a hard time crawling.

    Eh, overall, y’know, just whatever gets us through this.

  13. I really bought into Civil War, Dark Reign and Siege. I was buying everything marvel was selling. World War Hulk and Secret invasion were cool concepts and entertaining. But this Fear Itself?

    • Man, I always pick the crappy Marvel events but skip the good ones. I missed Secret Invasion but read World War Hulk. I missed Dark Reign but read Civil War. I missed Seige and read this. I’m glad I’m not picking horses at the track.

    • I skip ’em all, and read the public library’s copy. Much less expensive than guessing which ones will be cool.

      By doing this and also subscribing to any title I’d be buying anyway, I find I really enjoy being a Marvel fan.

      I save almost 50% on my monthly subs, and I save 100% on events not buying into them.

      Marvel and I stay pals this way. I don’t get pissed off about getting 23 other comics I don’t want.

      The only Marvel I get from my LCS is monthlies not available for subscription, like Daredevil, or select minis, like APoM.

      I pay taxes. The public library’s copy is one one-millionth mine.

  14. So, it was Tron behind FEAR ITSELF after all.

    Can´t say I saw that coming.

  15. clearly fear itself is matt fractions way for trying cut the legs out from under marvels non x-men books to make sure the fallout from schism doesn’t get lost in the “status quo” after these books

    • I’m not sure if that’s the case, i got the feeling that editorial said we need this book to have abc and then xyz and do 123, can you do this for us? and Matt said okay.

  16. This is probably a dumb question, but who’s the woman behind Iron Man, Wolverine, and Black Widow? The one with the ridiculously large sword.

    • Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk.

    • Thanks, Paul. For some reason my mind wasn’t seeing the redness of the skin with all that glowiness going on. It’s painfully obvious now.

    • It took me a second too. The coloring is deceptive.

    • Ugh Betty Ross as a Hulk. I would never say anyone could “ruin” a character or characters, becuase that is juvenile and I follow writers not characters, but Marvel have totally ruined 2 perfectly good characters in Jennifer Walters and Betty Ross. Not to mention adding the Lyra She-Hulk. Why? Why have so many Hulks? total imagination bypass from Jeph Loeb and Marvel on that one.

      Anyway rant over. This picture is not good. This story is not good. Matt fraction, what happened to you?

  17. This looks so bad. I am embarressed for Marvel.
    And on a side rant…. really with like 8 X-books who can follow all that shit.
    In my opinion they should just Reboot all the X men titles and make it into 5 teams, X men gold, X men blue, X force, X factor, New mutants. enough with all the fluff.

    • I dropped all my Avengers titles with all this Fear Itself nonsense so it’s a great time to get into X-books!
      Or, just read X-force and thank me later

  18. Dr. Strange has got to the cheesiest of all of them… a magical caduceus? Is he going to deliver flower power? Is he going to cure the worthy? (ok I know that the caduceus is use by hermes and a symbol of medicine)

  19. Judging by the comments here the negative aspect is pretty prevalent. I personally believe not everything has to be a large sweeping change for it to be good. Sometimes simple is good enough. There is a mistake here (probably rushing to get the promo out) and mistakes do happen! If you don’t like what you see, don’t buy it and the problem is solved.

    • I think if you compare them to the worthy redesigns, which seem to have a bit more of a design to them, these ones fall a bit flat. And I tend to agree with simple is better tactic, but when you’ve several different looks on the mighty, some are quite different, wolverine, iron man and arguably Spidey, but then you have hawkeye and Black Widow, who look similar to their normal costumes just with fancy tron racing stripes, and again compare them to the worthy, it seems like a missed opportunity.

  20. nice, but it looks like they didn’t give a whole lot of thought to Hawkeyes costumes. unless………..

  21. So Captain America isn’t considered ‘Worthy’….That seems odd.

  22. Their mums think they’re cool

  23. Wow. Words fail me. Between this and Spider Island, I have serious concerns about the folks in charge of Marvel “Events” these days.