Lost – S05E10 – He’s Our You

Tonight’s episode: He’s Our You

Well, that didn’t take long. Looks like the survivors who love to hate each other are already at each other’s throats after only one episode! And it looks like Sayid might try offing Ben when he’s a child… doesn’t Sayid know that that will tear the space time continuum asunder?!

Lost has been so good this season. I haven’t been so excited about a new episode since season one.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Even though I’m six episodes behind and don’t have a frakking clue what’s going on I may just jump right in again tonight. Or, I could download the ones I’ve missed and try to catch up over the next week or so. 

    Suggestions appreciated. 

  2. I’d go the download route, this season has been so good.

  3. Agreed.  You really don’t want to miss any of this season.

  4. If you missed Battlestar guys….now you can come on and let go of tension 🙂

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Sayid is going to die in this episode. No spoilers read or anything, just a hunch.

  5. Will do, Mr. Kilpatrick, Mr. Duck.

    Now, to isohunt….er, iTunes. Yeah, iTunes.

  6. *breaths heavy*

    My cable went out….please….please come back on in 5mins…

  7. Better Off Ted is some funny shit.

  8. Oh thank god! Came back on. Whew!

  9. Sayid becomes a killing machine this episode. Let the arson begin.

  10. chicken!


  11. Just like my childhood

  12. Well I guess we know which one is Sayid

  13. Sayid hates chicken.

  14. Yet another book that describes the series

  15. Ben is giving out orders at a very young age

  16. the casting of little ben is great

  17. which book was it?

    also, young ben is definitely an awesome actor match up for old ben.

  18. Castle is actually a lot of fun.

  19. Damn, I thought we were done with flashbacks.

    Or at least being inventive with them

  20. sayid the assassin is awesome.

  21. The Russian outdoor set is pretty.

  22. Well I guess we have to figure out why Sayid stopped being Ben’s partner…..

    What the hll is Ben wearing?

  23. Thanks for taking the handcuffs off…

    What’s with the chainsaw guys?

  24. "mission accomplished" said to an iraqi. nice.

  25. Why doesnt he just lie and state he’s having problems with The Others?

    Oh right….there wouldnt be an episode then

  26. man, sad as hell.

  27. Yeah like Sayid is gonna take a beating…

  28. i LOVE sayid. of course he’s not going to play along with this insane shit. awesome.

  29. Why isn’t this live blog poppin’?

  30. Hurley is just nothing but funny one-liners this season


  32. i just had a tornado warning interrupt the show. It’s not even raining!


  33. Waterboarding…how topical…

  34. I dont remember his dad being that abusive…

    Just drunk…

  35. ‘I think he was murdered’-Ben


  36. Guessing this is why Sayid isnt doing anything; he doesnt want to prove Ben right.

  37. this episode has been incredible so far. jesus.

  38. Great….creepy music to go with the torture…

  39. Aw jeez….what’s gonna happen!?

  40. Who is this guy!?

    He’s creepier then Ben…

  41. The "He’s Our You" line was brilliant. Anything happen during the Kate/Jack/Hurley scene?

  42. Russell Crowe with Eddie Vedder hair. Nice.

  43. fuck sawyer.

  44. If I had asthma I wouldn’t trust very arrogant sillhouettes for suggestions.

  45. In the Motherhood: A New Comedy we can all Relate to…right? right?

  46. Another love interest for Sayid…

    What’s this his 3rd one?

  47. Smooth with the ladies, especially asking if she’s a prositute.

  48. is that the same chick who arrested him?

  49. Sayid sounds like a little kid

  50. "Are you a prostitute?"

    "Um, no. What do you do for a living?"

     "I kill people."

  51. This interrogation scene is amazing.

  52. So this is what being high is like…

  53. Ann Arbor?

  54. Well it looks my theory at the beginning of the hour is coming true…

  55. jesus. i hope sawyer does something soon. 

  56. Gald we arent really focusing on this stupid love trapezoid (I prefer that over square), cause I would totally hate to see Sawyer and Kate back together

  57. Sorry my mistake; this is Sayid’s 4th love interest

  58. saw that coming


  59. @nickmaynard: Good call on the girl

  60. Obvious!

  61. SHIT YES!

  62. Flaming VW of death!

  63. Random explosions!

  64. He isnt going to kill a kid is he?

  65. @TheNextChampion I highly doubt it. His delivery on "That’s Why I’m Here." was great.

  66. @projekitidiot: Yeah but…he definitely isnt showing emotions on whether he will or wont

  67. Why does Heinberg want to do this more than Young Avengers (Grey’s Anatomy).

  68. This is interesting.

  69. Sayid is really scared right now….

    and is shitting himself that Ben is here

  70. What’s he doing!?


  72. Wow, I had not even an inkling of suspicion that the show would go there. But it just did. Oh my god.

  73. HOLY SHIT!

  74. HOLY SHIT!!!!!

  75. They just showed a small boy getting shot! Jesus…

  76. WTF

  77. I thought they would, then when they did I couldn’t believe it…

  78. … and with that Lord Voldemort triumphed.  Harry Potter was killed and network TV was saved by the greatest program of all time.  I love lost. 

  79. I find myself not liking Jack and Kate right now.  Is that just me?

  80. @DarthDuck – You don’t like them because they only had 5 minutes of screen time?  The last two episodes havent’ been much about them. 

  81. @DarthDuck: I’m in the same boat man. But it’s not just over this season; ever since Season three they have just become unlikable to me. Cant pinpoint why though….well I can for Kate, but I’ve established why for 3 weeks now.

    This was a good episode, but not the best. It’s one of those plots where everything could’ve been resolved in the first few minutes. I mean if Sayid is trying to prove he isnt a killer….why not lie and go along with Sawyer’s plan? But the last lines pretty much stated what Sayid is: ‘I am a killer’….plain and simple. Great ending, still cant believe they showed on national tv a little boy getting shot…

  82. I’ve never liked Jack or Kate. Hop on the Jack/Kate bandwagon!

  83. The Jack/Kate hate this week is perplexing.

    Great episode.  I love Sayid.  His solo episodes are always excellent.

  84. The producers have said the series will now be returning to the flashback format of earlier seasons.  As far as the Jack hate, I think it comes from the character arc they’ve given him.  He started as the natural hero then became Mr. Obstinately Logical who would accept that anything weird is happening on the island.  Then he became the hyper emotional guy.  But you always tear down heroes before redeeming them so who knows where he’ll end up.  I think fan Kate Hate comes from her bouncing between Jack and Sawyer.

     I’m hoping for a cool April Fools episode where they discover a rusting BSG viper buried under the Black Rock. 

  85. @Tad: That’s a good reasoning why the hate on Jack.

    I mean I dont like the character ever since season 3…..where he just became a hard nosed leader and he wouldnt listen to anybody. Not just Locke, he wouldnt listen to ANYBODY. Sawyer was right in the previous episode; he was a crappy leader who didnt think things threw when things were tough.

    Again with Kate….I wont explain again for the last 3 episodes I’ve explained why I hate Kate so much. (But that’s been since season one and not season three like Jack)

  86. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hating Jack is very 2006.  

  87. Hating Jack never goes out of style.

  88. I love Jack.

  89. I don’t hate Jack on the whole.  Just at the moment.  Maybe it the lack of screentime, or maybe it’s seeing him struggle when he’s not in control.

    Not a hater by any means…

  90. MAN! this is a great season. Having watched all the previous seasons on DVD, in great big accelerated chunks, I feel as if I have lucked into what might be the best season of this show to watch episodically.

    I have question, for all y’all out there in the iFanboy community, who have been keeping up with the show on an episode by episode basis since the first season. Which season has been your favorite? 

  91. @Adam: Season One is still my favorite.

  92. To me it would be a tie between Season One or Three. The third season would take it if it wasn’t for the painfully slow beginning.

  93. I’ve realized with this season I’ve stopped trying to guess what’s going to happen next. With pervious seasons I’d always try and guess where it’s going. Now ,they wrap up things so fast it’s like a second after you figure it out they tell you, I love it! Also, this season it seems like anything can happen, I frankly wouldn’t even begin to guess where these writers are going, yet again, I love it!

  94. @Adam – Season 3.  The leap forward in time at the end after all those flashbacks was genius.  Still one of the most mind-blowing TV moments I’ve ever experienced. 

  95. @ nickmaynard 

    The book is

    A separate reality : further conversations with Don Juan – Carlos Castaneda

    Carlos continues his apprenticeship with Don Juan, and learns about such things as "stopping the world," "seeing," and "stalking". 


  96. It is part of a series that came out during the 90s


    Author: Carlos Castaneda

    Date: 1972

    Genre(s):  Essays; Nonfiction novels


    Journey to Ixtlan is the third in the series of books written by Carlos Castaneda about his experiences and apprenticeship with don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian sorcerer. The first two books, The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality, introduce Castaneda as an anthropologist interested in the use of peyote–a hallucinogenic derived from cactus–among Indians of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. He becomes acquainted with don Juan, an expert in the use of three hallucinogens: jimson weed, peyote, and a mushroom from the genus Psilocybe. He eventually becomes an initiate of the sorcerer. The first two books describe the apprenticeship by recounting a series of experiences in "nonordinary reality" produced by the ingestion of psychotropic plants. Journey to Ixtlan, on the other hand, focuses on the worldview of the sorcerer, who posits that the world at hand is merely a description that humans are gradually indoctrinated into as children. In order to transcend that view, according to don Juan, one must "stop the world" and then learn how to see, which is contrasted with ordinary perceptions that are likened simply to "looking."

    Journey to Ixtlan is divided in two parts. Part I, "Stopping the World," comprises the journal-like entries Castaneda compiled from December 1960 to December 1962 in which don Juan spells out his approach. Don Juan stresses the need for full awareness and connection with one’s surroundings, as in the chapter titled "Reaffirmations from the World Around Us"; reestablishing personal identity by freeing oneself from ego and from the socialization process of community; breaking from routines; assuming responsibility for all of one’s actions; and becoming what don Juan calls a warrior–an alert, disciplined, and independent man of power. The warrior is likened to a hunter, always alert to his surroundings and ever-searching for a position of advantage, or avoiding points of disadvantage, against potential adversaries. The attributes of a warrior are reflected in state of mind–alert, serious, respectful–and body, from the way one moves ("the gait of power") to the way one cares for oneself. The experiences Castaneda has under don Juan’s tutelage are both mental and physical: the former involves the practice of noticing and interpreting everything in one’s surroundings, from the direction of the wind, to the nature of vegetation, to finding omens, and the physical includes actual hunting expeditions for food. Part One concludes with Castaneda forced to employ everything he has learned in a confrontation against a sorceress called La Catalina.

    Part II consists of three chapters in which Castaneda returns in 1971 to visit don Juan. They are joined by don Juan’s friend don Genaro, who had made several appearances in Part I and performed incredible feats–from swimming on a floor to summoning thunderous noises from nearby mountains. The sorcerers recap elements of Castaneda’s apprenticeship and reiterate with dazzling and sometimes frightening examples what it takes to be a warrior. Castaneda admits to still feeling overwhelmed by immense and dangerous powers into which he has been initiated as well as feeling sad about having to relinquish his personal history–friends, places, artifacts, and other forms of comfort. Don Genaro describes his own life as a sorcerer as a journey to Ixtlan, the place from which he came and now can never go back. The sorcerers inform Castaneda about his final step–an appointment with his "ally" in a dark valley ahead. The ally will further empower and protect Castaneda now that his apprenticeship is fulfilled. As don Juan and don Genaro turn away to leave him to his appointment, don Juan insists that Castaneda should only go if he is ready: "Nothing is gained by forcing the issue. If you want to survive you must be crystal clear and deadly sure of yourself." Castaneda watches them walk away until they disappear in the distance, then goes to his car and drives away, knowing his time is not yet at hand.

    Source:  "Journey to Ixtlan," in Literature Resource Center, Gale Research, 1999.

    Source Database:  Literature Resource Center 

  97. Callback to the Boone/Shannon episode season one

  98. Where the hell did they find that kid? What a godsend.

    You know what my favorite take-away was (as they say in my corporate life)? In this episode, Juliet and Kate have a conversation about Sawyer, and Juliet says she didn’t know how to broach the topic "without sounding like I was telling you to stay away."

    Last week, in the preview for this episode, they edited it down to "Stay away!" and Kate going, "Whaaa?"

    Previews are a sucker’s game. They literally offend me. Essentially, someone I never met at ABC is calling me an imbecile, as far as I am concerned.

    The person I’m thinking about most now is Faraday. How do Sayid’s actions fit in with his hypothesis that "whatever has happened has happened"? Where is he? Why must Wednesday be so far away?

  99. @Jimski:  I am taking the stand that Sayid shooting Ben is not a deviation from what has happened. It looked like Ben in this episode knew the outcome and that is why he (in his own weird way) positioned Sayid to the event he already knew happened.


    My only hang-up is the weird Christian – Sun – Lepidas scene from last week 

  100. Sterling Beaumon is the actor who plays ‘Young Ben’ if anyone wants to know.

    He has done a ton of TV shows, none really memorible, just one and done deals. But he is going to be in the upcoming Astro Boy film…

  101. A reply from an earlier question: my favorite season will always be Season One.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Lost and it;s my favorite show, etc. etc. But to me in a way it kind of jumped the shark when it went all Time Travel and showed Smokie….

    Up to those points it was mind blowing. A polar bear on a tropical island? How is that possible?…oh…an animal experiment station. Aha…..The Others looking all ratty and ragged?…oh, it was just stage makeup…..

    Up to a certain point, everything uncanny eventually had a logical conclusion or explination….when it went more and more sci fi it hurt me a little. Just something about the suspension of disbelief. I buy it and love the show where it’s at, but something was "Lost" when it went where it is going now….make any sense? 

  102. The island will heal young Ben no doubt..this will probably lead to the Others adopting him

  103. @tazz

    That’s kind of what I predicted would happen also, that the Island would heal Ben.  Still though, that’s effing hardcore…  Sayid plugged a kid center mass.

  104. I call bull. Sayid is a trained assassin, and he only shoots the kid once… in the chest. C’mon. Sayid is a smart character who would know how to take Ben out, he kills for a living. Shenanigans.

     Anyways this was a fantastic episode and Sayid shooting Ben was a great scene.

  105. I think that everything is eventual on the island, so whereas you can shoot lil’Ben Linus, all you really do is shift the circumstances to it’s already predetermined outcome. So instead of 2 + 2 = 4, it’s 6-2 or 1 + 3 and so on and so forth…..

    @Ruo21, I agree with you on the logistics of the Sayid shooting Ben shenanigans. BUT, at the same time, I feel like KNOWING you have to kill a small child and ACTUALLY doing it are two different animals and I think that distinction allows for that lapse in follow though. Also, when you look at the majority of the Sayid centered episodes they’re all about his predilection (and talent) towards violence vs. his moral fortitude. That said, you can also use that as an argument for Sayid, unloading a whole clip into the little bugger. 


    @Crippler, that was amazing. The flash forwards were an uncanny way to incur narrative depths in that they gave the show something to get to, as oppose to something they have to justify. 

  106. Hate Jack all you want, haters. I’ve always been a big fan of Jack. Maybe because I also remember him as Charlie, and Matthew Fox does "set upon hero" better than most on TV.