It’s a struggle. It’s a damned continual struggle. Lists, solicits, and previews abound. What can be done? You need people you depend on. You need those people to have a toll free phone number and 24 hour access. Unfortunately, we can’t offer that. We can only offer these suggestions. Make of it what you will.

Ron says try…

Thief of Thieves #1

By Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer,  Shawn Martinbrough

It’s been a while since this book was announced, so long that I actually forgot it was coming out. Which almost made reading the advance copy I read all the better because let me tell you, this was fantastic. ¬†Kirkman and Spencer team up with artist Shawn Martinrough for a hell of a first issue. If you like modern crime stories, yet aren’t looking for shadowy noir, then this may be the book for you. I was really impressed by how good this was. Give it a shot!


Josh says try…

Conan the Barbarian #1

By Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, and Dave Stewart

We’ve seen Conan before, and good Conan is dependable as the mail. It’s comforting, in the way that broadsword born bloodshed can be. Yet, when you’ve got a team like this on Conan? Well, that could very well be what is best in life. We know Brian Wood can do the vikings, so it follows that he can do barbarians. We also know that Becky Cloonan can do almost anything. And we know that Dave Stewart can make anything he works on more beautiful. You know something? I am excited.


Conor says try…

Fantastic Four: Season One HC

By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & David Marquez

I love trade paperbacks, graphic novels, collected editions… whatever you want to call them. When I wish upon a star I wish that someday the primary format of American comic books will be original graphic novels. So you can imagine that I’m pretty happy that DC (with its Earth One line) and Marvel (with is Season One line) are dipping their toes, ever so slightly, into the OGN water. I’m doubly heartened that Marvel Comics, whose executives once said that OGNs made no financial sense for them, are going all in with nearly ten announced Season One OGNs on the slate in 2012.


  1. Thief of Thieves and Conan are already on my pull list. I’ll have to see if my budget can handle that FF book. I wants it, I do.

  2. “When I wish upon a star I wish that someday the primary format of American comic books will be original graphic novel.”

    YES, YES, YES!

    • I agree too. Reading a lot of trades at the moment.
      I also think OGNs are a good way of brining non-comic readers in, you can just buy a book, have a complete story and then buy the next one when it comes out. Scott Pilgrim is a great example read by most of my “non-comic book” friends.
      I still love issues but OGNs and Trades are the way to go for me.

  3. Picks look to be good, but does anyone actually have a light week this week?

  4. Thief of Thieves? Pulled. Thanks, Ron! Tis a very light week indeed.

  5. Cloonan’s art on CtB…wwwwow.

  6. Oh wow I had no idea Brian wood would be writing Conan since I had no interest in the title but now I might pick this up tomorrow