Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond. There is nothing he can’t steal, nothing he can’t have… except for the life he left behind.

Now, with a grown son he hardly knows, and an ex-wife he never stopped loving, Conrad must try to piece together what’s left of his life, before the FBI finally catch up to him… but it appears they are the least of his worries.

Story by Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer
Art by Shawn Martinbrough
Colors by Felix Serrano
Cover by Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. A Kirkman and Spencer collaborative? This book is frickin’ sweet!. I’m all in.

  2. Yeah, I’m looking forward to this big time.

  3. This is the best of both worlds. Kirkman’s intricate plotting with someone else actually writing the words and dialogue. I’m in.

  4. oh is this the one with the art thieves being written TV style? A pic and some info would be helpful. #salesmanship

  5. Gimme gimme gimme!

  6. I’m pretty excited for this title and am intrigued about the idea of it I really hope it doesn’t let me down

  7. This was definitely one of those grab on a whim. Great creators but I have no idea what this is about, really.
    Except Thieves. I assume there is stealing in it.

  8. Damn them this isn’t a light week for me, but I love most Thieves stories this so looks up my alley.

  9. very solid 4/5. I’m sure this has a huge plot in place by kirkman that has yet to be revealed in this first issue. Not sure if there is enough room in my budget for this monthly though. May wait for trade for the rest of the story.

  10. it was meh. not much of a story and not enough of a first issue hook to make me come back for more. everything was serviceable, but nothing really struck me as a must read. I’ll pick it up the trade if i run across it cheap.

    • I felt the same way. I’m partial to the Vertigo brand but I always felt that over-sized $1 issues that were heavy on story was the best way to hook the reader. I’m sure Kirkman and Spencer can do something cool with this, but I won’t be paying to see it anytime soon.

  11. I would have been happy with a little more meat to the story, but Kirkman and Spencer set up some cool characters in this issue. And Martinbrough! I haven’t read anything by him since his work with Rucka on Detective a dozen years ago — he’s better than ever, and the colors really bring the art up another notch. This was an impulse buy for me, but it totally paid off – my Pick of the Week!

  12. Felt a little light, but I enjoyed the car jacking scene, felt like I could go steal cars now with the greatest of ease! I think I’ll stick with it the first arc and see where it leads me.

  13. I enjoyed it. Love non super hero books but it is hard for me to find action adventure ones that are not “mature” titles with dark story lines. This was like a good heist movie.

  14. Could have done with a little more story, but the dialog was snappy and spot on. All in all, good stuff.

  15. i was expecting more from a first issue with this much talent and hype on it. I dunno, it was just a solid “3” all the way around. i might give it one more issue…

    also, the back page with the “i believe in comics” essay had some of the worst typesetting i’ve ever seen in printed publication…It was below student level. There is a way to set justified text and it involves more than pressing a button and leaving it alone.

  16. I really enjoyed this first issue. My comic shop however didn’t order any copies for the shelf, and I was the only one in the store who pre-ordered it. What is wrong with people?

    • I think the better question is What is wrong with your shop? The owner can’t hand sell a few copies of a new book by the creator of The Walking Dead?

    • Sorry, I meant to include the shop owners among the people that have something wrong with them. This just seems like a book it would be really easy to get people to try out.

    • Thankfully my shop had a big stack right on the counter…otherwise I would not have purchased it.

    • I wanted to look through this but didn’t see any copies at my store. Forgot to ask about it. They never seem to get very many Image books at all – there is a lot of Image stuff I would like to check out but don’t get the chance to at my little store. Just too much Marvel crap.

  17. I loved this and tottally on board

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