Light Week? Try Deadlands Death Was Silent, DC Retroactive: The Flash – The 90s, and DC Retroactive: Batman – The 90s

If there is something lacking with your stacking, then your pull list needs some attacking, for which we have a knack…. ing.

Josh says try…

Deadlands: Death Was Silent One-Shot

by Ron Marz and Bart Sears

The western is ascendant. No, don’t pay attention to those sales numbers, but still. Not for many decades has it been such a good time to be a fan of the western themed comic book. There are options all across the spectrum for folks who like their comics smelling like horses and gunsmoke. You know, guys like me. Here’s the thing. I don’t know what this is about. I’m not even going to look. It’s a creator owned western from Image Comics by Ron Marz and Bart Sears. That’s enough to sell me.

Ron says try…

DC Retroactive: The Flash – The 90s

By Brian Augustyn and Mike Bowden

We’ve been loving the DC Retroactive series as we take a visit through the ages of DC Comics, but now is where it gets fun.  I first got introduced to The Flash in 1996 or so, and he quickly became my favorite DC Character. The works by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and then eventually Geoff Johns gave me Wally West as MY Flash, and I’ll never forget it.  Can’t wait to see Augustyn back on the character and see what fun we can have with this one shot.

Conor says try…

DC Retroactive: Batman – The 90s

By Alan Grant & Norm Breyfogle

I literally could not be more excited for this book because for my money, this is my all-tie favorite Batman creative team. The 1990s get justifiably maligned in comic book but there were of course gems in the sea of pouches and mullets.Writer Alan Grant and artist Norm Breyfogle put together some fantastic, often terrifying, Batman stories that would stand with anything today.


  1. I’ve had no intentions to grab these DC Retroactives. but after hearing you guys talk about them on the podcast, I’ve got to start grabbing them. They sound GREAT!

  2. Grant? Breyfogle? Ventriloquist? Here is my money, DC.

  3. DC need to reprint Grant’s Batman run. It was when the title was probably at it’s highest selling point after the Burton movie and introduced some amazing characters to the Bat-verse.

  4. Those Retroactive books have been doing nothing for me. Im just not a fan of the writing in those books. The nineties are a little closer to my wheelhouse so im slightly more curious about those.
    I recommend checking out the 99 Days trade that DC is putting out this week. I haven’t read it, but from the solicitation found in the comic section is sounds like something i’d really love. a combination of Vertigo’s Unknown Soldier and Criminal. How can you go wrong?

  5. Those retroactive books better come with pogs and holographic trading cards OR ELSE!

    I have to admit i was turned off when i saw “The 90s” on those books, so thanks for reminding me about those teams. I wasn’t reading comics that intensely back then, but i do remember them being pretty good.

  6. Connor’s enthusiasm sold me on Batman’s Retroactive!

  7. I’m getting the Batman-90s book. However, I wish we could’ve had this for a team:

    Doug Moench and Kelley Jones.

    Now that’s a team I’d buy! Of course Grant and Breyfogle are pretty good too. 🙂

  8. This week is so light for me that I may get the Gene Colan book of Batman stories. Or Petrograd.

  9. Getting the Gene Colan Batman HC & the Fables Deluxe Edition vol. 3 HC talk about double ouch.


  10. Caught a brief preview of the Batman Retroactive; it’s gorgeous, and even has a panel with the Classic Breyfogle “Pointy-White Lines of Emphasis” that were EPIC back in the day. I cannot wait until tomorrow; Grant and Breyfogle were the team on the first comic I ever bought (Detective Comics #605, if you’re interested).

  11. Kind of sad when the final issues of Superboy and Supergirl don’t garner any attention. I have been a Superman Family reader since Man of Steel and I have got to say this is a pretty sorry way to go for all the Super books. However, it will free up my comic book cash for other books. DC has been great, they are moving on, so I guess I should too.

  12. I haven’t bought any of the DC Retroactive books, but I will pick up the Batman 90s one. Bregfoyle and Grant on Batman was mind blowing to my developing mind. I love those books.

  13. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I need new Wally West in my life and if this is the only way I’m going to get it for the next 12 to 24 months then I’ll take it. I’m very much looking forward to both it and the Batman Retroactives.

  14. I don’t have enough DC nostalgia to generate any interest in the Retroactive books but I do like gunsmoke …

  15. Man, I have been waiting for a Grant/Breyfogle reunion for years now.
    Yea yea this is a totally shameless plug, but I just wrote an article about their run yesterday, so please check it out if you’re of fan as well:

  16. I was gonna pass on the Retroactives this week but hearing you guys talk about these creators makes me think I should grab em. I haven’t heard of most of these guys cause I only got into comics recently. It’ll be nice to see if I like them as much as some of the current guys.

  17. Plus you have the Ventriloquist! AWESOME!