During the ’90s, Wally West took the title “The Fastest Man Alive” to a whole new level. Join the the writer who turned the sidekick into a hero in his own right for another race against evil, along with a classic tale from that decade.

Art and cover by MIKE BOWDEN

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  1. I loooove 90’s Flash. I hope this is an ode to Wally West.

  2. This was my golden age of comics. Flash as written by Bill Loebs and followed by Mark Waid / Brian Augustyn was amazing. It’s ridiculous they couldn’t get a single artist who worked on the book in the 90s to do this. And while an Augustyn cowrite makes sense, DC didn’t even ask Mark Waid to be involved. Ridiculous!

    Oh yeah, and who’s that muscle bound chunker on the cover?

    • Mark Waid and DC haven’t had a good relationship for a while. Mark Waid has made it known that he isn’t all that interested in working for DC currently.

  3. this probably would’ve been better if id the story this refers to, which was a problem. It was fun, but I really wanted a more Wally centric issue than an issue where The Flash didn’t know where he was. I do have to say, i loved the paper stock on this.

    • I felt the same way – Wally with no memory is just not the Wally we know and love. I was relieved when he got his memory back, but that was pretty late in the story. Still, it was nice to see Wally in action again. I totally remember the story it tied into. And the backup feature was a great walk down memory lane – I loved the Black Flash story!

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