Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle revisit a pair of villains closely associated with their original run on The Caped Crusader: The Ventriloquist and Scarface!

Released on a technicality one year after being arrested, this bizarre duo is determined to reclaim their status in the upper echelon of Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

This “lost tale” of the era spins directly out of DETECTIVE COMICS #613, reprinted in this issue!

Written by ALAN GRANT
Art and cover by NORM BREYFOGLE

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  1. Finally, my most anticipated retroactive!

  2. Definitely the most exciting book I’m looking forward to this week. Breyfogle is a great artist and I love this cover.

  3. Grant and Breyfogle were the team who wrote the first comic book I ever purchased. I can’t wait for this book–my most anticipated of the week.

  4. i grew up with this creative team and i remember them fondly. i wonder if the magic is still there? and what a great, forgotten villain that we never get to see anymore! am really looking forward to this!

  5. My most anticipated single issue of the year. Alan Grant is awesome. DC need to re-print his run with Breyfogle asap.

  6. Really looking forward to this. I predict this is Conor’s pick of the year. lol

  7. Some of my first singles and a handful of my early Batman trades came from this team. I’m psyched.

  8. batman looks a lot like wolverine in this cover

  9. When did stuff that happened during my life become nostalgia? This is depressing

  10. This was….alright. There wasn’t anything bad about it but it wasn’t the strongest new story by these two. Breyfogle certainly changed his style in the twenty years of doing Batman. Boy that last sentence made me feel old…


  11. The Batman needs no kiss on the cheek!

  12. I thought this was one of the best, if not THE best, Retroactive title.

  13. I happened to just read the classic issue in the back from a set of 10 used issues I picked up on a whim. I love Grant and Breyfogle…I really get the feeling during the fights exactly what is happening, not just random punches. Breyfogle’s got a very fluid action style that I love, and Grant’s writing is fantastic. I really want to collect their whole back issue catalog now!

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