On March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the top one percent of its comics. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of aerial combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best comics in the world. They succeeded. Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School. The flyers call it: TOP COMICS.

Josh says try:

Axe Cop: President of the World #1

By Malachai Nicolle and Ethan Nicolle

If you’ve read Axe Cop, you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t, you have no idea what you’re in for. These days, our young writer has reached the age of 8, and I’ve decided that this might be an interesting experiment to see how the stories change as he gets older. He’ll still have a mad imagination, but how cool could that get? Anyway, here’s more. It’s worth the look.

Paul says try:

Debris #1

By Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo

As the title suggests, Debris centers on a broken world and a human population that isn’t fairing much better. A young woman named Maya struggles to protect her village from the beasts that don’t simply inhabit the ruined landscape, but possess it. Dark energies take form out of scrap metal and refuse, rising up like vast leviathans. These are the Colossals, believed to be invincible. And soon, Maya will be all that stands between them and her people.

The Green Wake team of Wiebe and Rossmo reunite for a lush new fantasy adventure in the spirit of Miyazaki’s Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind or Henson’s Dark Crystal. There’s some clever world-building here, and I’m eager to see where Maya’s journey takes her (and us) in this strange, crumbling world where the next heap of garbage could be the next boss battle.

Ron says try:

X-Treme X-Men #1

by Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia

You want Marvel NOW!? Well, it may not be officially “Marvel NOW!” but a new #1 from Marvel is happening right now and it’s one that I know I’m going to enjoy. The team of Pak and Segovia are firmly established as a solid creative team so I can’t wait to see what they do with alternate universe hopping X-Men, led by none other than Dazzler! Finally, in 2012, Dazzler gets her due!


  1. I somehow missed that there was a new Axe Cop series coming out. I’ll have to track it down.

  2. Here’s hoping that Exiles will last longer this time, now that it has X-Men in the title.

    Great recommendations, all.

  3. Definitely giving Debris a shot. While I didn’t care for Grim Leaper, Wiebe’s author stuff has been great (particularly his other work with Rossmo, Green Wake).

  4. Super excited for some new Axe Cop. I just re-read Bad Guy Earth 2 weeks ago in preparation for the new mini. Gotta get in the right mindset for such insanity.

    I’ll probably also pick up Debri. I’ve been loving Wiebe’s work on Panzerfaust and Rossmo is always good.

  5. Paul, Thanks for the reminder for Debris! I had overlooked it when doing my initial pulls yesterday.

  6. You know it’s a good week when you get Axe Cop, a new Image fantasy series, and a time-traveling X-men book. This is as close to Exiles as we will probably ever get again, bring it on!

  7. I think I will give X-Treme X-Men a try. I don’t know anything about the characters or their past history, but this sounds cool.

  8. Picked up X-Treme X-Men and Debris yesterday – haven’t been to my LCS in a long time since I started with DCBS. Just the rare occassions like these where I didn’t know to order these new books 3 months ago!