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• Spinning out of the pages of ASTONISHING X-MEN!

• Travel the multiverse with Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, and Emmeline Frost

• Which X-Men will be lost between dimensions…with no guaranteed way home?

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Stephen Segovia
Colors by Jessica Kholinne
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco, & Salvador Larroca

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I’m actually really excited for this. A Western Style Wolverine seems too cool to miss, and who doesn’t want more Dazzler?

  2. Dazzler! Woo-Hoo!

  3. Dazzler is the main reason for me picking up this book!

  4. so then this has nothing to do with the previous xtreme x-men?

  5. I dug the Astonishing arc so yeah I’m a getting this

  6. So is that Emma Frost or Dazzler on the cover? If it’s Dazzler, what universe is she from?

  7. Was there an interview talking about Dazzler being on the team? Dazzler isn’t mentioned above. Is it 616 Dazzler or some new, awesomer Dazzler? Isn’t it fun to say Dazzler?

    • Pak has said that Dazzler’s the lead. I think she’s the “Which X-Men will be lost between dimensions…with no guaranteed way home?”

      “3) Why did you decide to include Dazzler on your team?

      When the X-Editors and I were brainstorming about the book a while back, I said we definitely need someone from “our” Marvel Universe to anchor the book. And Dazzler kept coming up. And the more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed. Dazzler’s got a great normal-person voice and sense of humor that are perfect for a character thrown into insane circumstances. And she’s an insanely powerful mutant with interestingly Cyclops-esque energy projection abilities, which makes her a great pick to be the leader of this band of heroes. Finally and most importantly, she’s a classic Marvel character whose insane VH-1 Behind the Scenes pop star past is a perfect set up for an epic hero’s journey. We’re going to cut Dazzler loose and let her learn and grow and dazzle the heck out of us. And it will be awesome. ”

    • Thanks for the info, frosty!

  8. I don’t know anything about these characters or past history, but I think I might check this out.

  9. For people who didn’t read Pak’s run on Astonishing, is this worth checking out?

  10. Well that was a fun issue! I’ll be back next time. Cool premise.

  11. Yeesh, this is my most regretted purchase in a while. What a mess. No introduction of the characters, a complete info-dump of the premise, which is exactly the same as the Exiles but without any of the fun or character focus… I reiterate my Yeesh.

    1/5, but only because that’s as low at the scale goes.

  12. Great issue! It did really help having read Pak’s Astonishing storyline. Dazzler was as cool as I remember. I’ve loved her since the Outback X-Men

  13. Solid first issue with a good steup. I liked that it focused a lot on Dazzler’s personal life, but there was also a good amount of description about the plot too. Segovia’s art was hit or miss for me. I think he definitely works better with the action scenes.

  14. I didn’t know anything about any of the characters including Dazzler. But I really enjoyed this first issue. I’m excited to learn more about them as the story unfolds.

  15. Having read the arc that introduced the characters, I really enjoyed this issue. But I can definitely see how hard it would be for someone not familiar with the back story to jump on board. The art was mostly miss for me

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