Light Week? Try 27: Second Set #1, Optic Nerve #12, or Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Listen, you and I both know that this is anything but a light week, but suppose you want something that’s not part of this whole DC thing? What then? That’s right, you’re SOL.


Josh says try:

27: Second Set #1

by Charles Soule & Renzo Podesta

I like stories about musicians. The thing is, outside of biopics, there aren’t that many. It’s not easy to do a comic about being in a band. Trust me. But 27 was such a thing. Yes it was wrapped up in a supernatural story, but there, at the center, is a story about a dude who makes music and all the weird ego and creativity and just not fitting in with the rest of the world that goes along with it. In this series, they’ll be looking at the phenomena of one-hit-wonders, and continuing the story of Will and his magic chest box. I’m there. Check out this preview in the meantime.

Ron says try:

Optic Nerve #12

by Adrian Tomine

There’s a few select indie comics creators out there that when they have a release, we have to stand up and take notice.  Adrian Tomine is one of those creators.  Optic Nerve has become one of those essential indie comics, with it’s honest, slice of life approach, Tomine has become one of the unique voices in comics.  So why not give it a shot?

Conor say try:

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

By Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli

You may have heard of it. Some people were talking about it before the whole DC thing. Honestly, I can’t remember the details.


  1. Most of my anticipated DC books are next week. This week all I want is Ultimate Spider-Man.

  2. I liked the idea of ’27’ when I first heard about it, but didn’t picked it up… haven’t exactly been in a comic book store in a few months, and there were other books I wanted at the time. When it is released on or comiXology I’ll picked it up I think.

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man is a gimme, I like where the series is going and trust that Bendis is going to tell an epic story, I just hope the Peter Parker legacy isn’t forgotten, kinda hoping for an MJ, Gwen or Aunt May cameo in the new X-men book or a small sub-plot thing with Nick Fury in Avengers… didn’t pick up the Hawk-eye one last week (or two?), but I enjoyed the avengers issue.

    My wallet is hurting from DC thou… all the Flashpoint tie-ins AND all these new #1’s is bleeding me dry man… in a good way 😀

  3. Very cool to see Optic Nerve in this list. Adrian Tomine’s work is consistently sublime. I can’t think of anyone else in comic books today about whom I could say that.

  4. This looks to be such a great week for both Marvel and DC.

  5. It’s funny how the DC relaunch has totally swept any of the big Marvel books under the rug this week. I’ve seen little to no coverage at all for Fear Itself or Ultimate Spider-Man. If this was any other week USM would get the big coverage because of the ridiculous controversy. But hey a ton of people are still pulling it on ifanboy, so I’m sure it isn’t forgotten it’s just very low on people’s radar’s this week.

    So I’m sure Bendis and the rest at Marvel are pissed this week.

  6. been wanting to check out the new ultimate spiderman. details, please. anyone?

  7. Sad times for the Ultimate line when it’s a light week suggestion.