January Jones to Play Emma Frost in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

And this is why we try not to report on film casting until the deals are done. Too many things can break down at the last minute.

Despite earlier reports that Alice Eve (below, right) was in late stage negotiations to play Emma Frost in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, the deal apparently fell through. Enter Mad Men‘s January Jones (below, left) who has now officially signed on to play she who would be the White Queen.


  1. xD

  2. So my question is does she play the character with a british accent?

  3. No no no no NO! What is she going to do, a diamond-hard pout at enemies?

  4. It’s fine either way, as long as they don’t ask January to do comedy.  Her SNL guest host gig was one of the worst I ahve ever seen.

  5. Ummmm …why??  That’s my question.  Something tells me I will be very detached from First Class.  I have this nagging feeling that it is being created solely for the WB crowd.  I love Smallville and Supernatural and all, but the rest of that demographic frivolous crap.  If Emma wasn’t hot, would that character be added? I guess it’s an improvement on the incarnation of Emma that was in Wolverine: Origins that wasn’t British, sexy, confident, or smart.

  6. How good can this movie really be when the director is very vocal in how little faith he has in this genre and franchise and makes it seem like this film was his "backup choice"? Seems like a train wreck in the making.  

  7. @wallythegreenmonster; It can be excellent. Matthew Vaughn has made three films, all excellent.

    I think you misunderstand what he was saying. He WANTS to make a big budget superhero movie, which is why he signed on for this one. He fears that Hollywood is putting out too any superhero movies, and too many of questionable quality, and thus glutting the market and turning off the audience. He fears that the audience will eventually turn and the studios will stop green lighting most big budget superhero films, which is why he’s doing this one. Because he wants to make one. 

  8. Yeah these casting and character choices are really turning me off from this reboot….I mean film involving the X-men not associated with the previous films….I mean…

  9. @TNC: It’s not a reboot, it’s a prequel.

    Still, with a multitude of fan-favorite characters dispersed throughout the first three "X-Men" movies, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and possibly the upcoming "Deadpool" movie, one has to wonder: will "First Class" fit within the existing continuity for Marvel’s uncanny mutants?

    "Yeah, I would say absolutely so," Vaughn responded when asked if "First Class" would be an official, in-continuity prequel to the "X-Men" movies that came before it.


  10. @Wallythegreenmonster:

    as Conor said, it can be really good, because he’s a good damn director.  I’ve loved all of his movies.  I’m kind of bummed Alice Eve isn’t getting the part.  nothing against January Jones who is a fine actress, but I was kind of Psyched about the earlier casting. 

  11. She is a fantastic choice. Her Mad Men character is so frosty and bitchy. 

  12. @conor–i get what you’re saying, but i interpreted his statements as being bitter he didn’t get X3 cause he wasn’t at that level yet, and wanted any chance to play in the big studio comic sandbox before it got closed down. His statements struck me as odd and not really a confidence booster. 

    I loved all of Vaughn’s movies so i hope he does something cool with this. 

  13. I remember when you posted the first cast list and I joked that someone would change in accordance with Murphy’s Law. Heh.

    Also, is it just me or do Alice Eve and January Jones both sound like porn star names?

  14. Isn’t this movie due out next summer?

  15. I can see it. I like it too. Oh, and for the record, Emma is not British (or at least, hasn’t been since after her initial appearance with the Hellfire Club) she’s from upper class Boston.

  16. So this being a prequel that’s definitely in continuity the movie will take place around the late 80s/early 90s?  Meh.  Reboot I say!  Reboot!

  17. January Jones. That’s totally her real name and not at all a stage name.

    It’s an awesome name at that!

  18. Matthew vaughan is a good director he’s just sour grapes that kick ass failed.  Kick was a great movie just wasn’t marketed well. 

  19. January Jones? Alice Eve? Did Will Eisner name these people?

  20. @Bassoonjedi: Yes. Shooting starts next week.

    @sullivan85: I wouldn’t worry about the year it takes place. Could you tell what decade it was in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE? Was that an issue?

  21. @conor: How is this not a reboot?

    It involves character never shown in the X-verse and it has characters from the other films meeting each other when they didnt in the first 3.

    Oh and that ‘source’ is not very good when he doesn’t even elaborate why it will be in continuity.

  22. @TNC: Yes, because he didn’t explain everything in that interview that means he’s not telling the truth.

  23. They’re all liars. I heard he didn’t like superheroes or people who like them.

  24. I feel like everyone that you’ve sort of heard of is in this movie, but you know what? that was true for the first x-men movie to..

  25. The above picture makes her look perfect for the role.

  26. I don’t think they need to do a reboot but I would certainly prefer they don’t try too hard connecting this one to the other X-Men movies.  It would be best if they just quietly ignore them, particularly after failures like X-Men 3 and Wolverine.  Please just focus on making a good X-Men movie (that isn’t limited to black leather costumes).

  27. I don’t know how they are going to have her say, "Go to your room Sally," every time she’s on screen but I wish them the best of luck.

  28. But my point is, is that to say ‘well just because he’s not elaborating means he isn’t telling the truth’ isn’t a strong argument.

    He could be lying because he didn’t elaborate. Hell we all know he had to rewrite the script a good amount of times now.

    So with very little resources to try and tell me the contrary is pretty stupid. 

  29. @TNC: I’m not even sure where to begin with that. Clearly there’s no point in discussing this further. I’ll just agree with you so we can all move on with our lives:

    Yes, the director of this film is lying to you and to the world about his movie. He doesn’t really have anything to gain by lying, but he is. Probably because he’s English aristocracy. Everyone knows they can’t be trusted.

  30. @conor: So you’re saying that a director never lies to anyone at anytime?

    Again I have yet to see strong evidence, by anyone, to prove this isn’t a reboot. That’s all I asked for and I got nothing but a flimsy, fragment sentence. 

  31. I so don’t care for continuity in superheromovies, it’s no even funny.

  32. My only problem with keeping this movie in-continuity is that I feel like they are working really hard to connect dots that nobody really cares about.  I thought that was one of the things that killed ‘Wolverine Origins’ (the whole movie revolved around ‘explaining’ the line in  X2 about Wolverine volunteering for the Weapon X program).  Though I am hopeful that the fact that most of the characters who have been named are different from ones we’ve seen before, that the focus will be on those characters and not on ‘prequel’ elements.

  33. Classic TheNextChampion.

    Just remember this site wouldn’t be the same without him.

    I’m down for this movie. I really loved the first two X-Men movies and hope to see something totally different from the third.

  34. January Jones? That’s her name? Are we sure she’s not already a superhero in real life?

    I was jazzed for Alice Eve, but only because her face looks like Frank Quietly drew it.  

  35. January Jones is one of the best names ever.

    Well that or Johnny Jolly.

  36. Hot.

  37. @TNC: Based on your prequel arguement, that means that the Star Wars prequels aren’t truely prequels. A prequel is what you make of it.

  38. I think Alice Eve would have been a better casting choice…

  39. I apologize for making a very nerdy point, but the X-Men movies are set in the ‘not-too-distant future’.  So a prequel could actually be the present.

  40. Who knows which actress is perfect for the role, but Alice Eve looks the part to me over January Jones.

  41. i like january jones. she is hot. end of story.

  42. I wonder if the plot will borrow stuff from Brubakers run on Uncanny?  Darwin is listed as a character.  Emma was supposed to be on the Muir Island team.

  43. @tomdpimp: We can only hope not.

  44. @tomdpimp If that’s the case then they’ll use some Chuck Austen for this film as well.

  45. I say awesome. I think she’s totally the second best actor on mad men. She, like hamm, can change the atmosphere of the room by walking into it.

  46. Well January Jones sure has proven in the past couple seasons of Mad Men that she can play an ice queen. (rim shot)

    And sorry John42. But I gotta highly disagree on her being the 2nd best actor on Mad Men. She’s not even in the top 10. Have you ever seen her act in anything else? She isn’t what you’d call "good". She works for Mad Men though. As her character calls for a distant, child-like, grown up little girl who is trying to play house. But Jones isn’t that great.

  47. @JesTr the Star Wars prequels never happened, did they?

    @TNC i want a Chuck Austin X-Men movie, just to see MAMMOMEX! 

  48. I’m not a huge Mad Men fan but from what I’ve seen of her, she seems like a great actress and could pull off Emma.

    I’m really interested to see what the plot of this movie is going to be. Will in center directly on Charles, Magnus and Emma, or will the minor characters play a bigger role.

    I’m a little hesitant on the overall premise but Jones seems like a great pick for Emma. 

  49. "i like january jones. she is hot. end of story."

     wordy mcword, techbot.

    the hotness is unstoppable. s’all we need for a supadupa hero film.

    if it looks good, only shitty cornball dialogue will ruin it. 

  50. "No no no no NO! What is she going to do, a diamond-hard pout at enemies?"


    This exactly.

  51. Brian Singer says it takes place in a 60s. It’s a reboot.


  52. @fnord: He doesn’t say that in the article. Agewise, all the characters that we’ve already seen that are now in the new film match up as being young kids in the 60s except for Emma Frost, but that’s easily swept under the rug.

  53. No this is a reboot.

    Reimagining-reboot, it’s the same thing. Singer basically stated that this has nothing to do with his original run because, as reimagining means, it uses the same basic concepts but it is significantly different from the original. Which is practically the same thing as a reboot.

    You own me an apology. 

  54. @TNC: It’s late and my reading comprehension is low so I could be wrong but can you point out where Singer said it was a reboot and/or a reimagining?

  55. @conor: Okay so all the evidence points to it being a reboot or a completely seperate film from the rest…..but because the director didn’t outright say it makes it not true?

    So when he doesn’t say it is in the first, really bad source mind you, article you showed us….you wanna say ‘see, this isn’t a reboot’. But with this article, from a much stronger source and much more clearer definition of the film, you still think it isn’t?

    Wow….that’s just messed up. 

  56. @TNC: I can only presume that you are joking at this point.

    "Yeah, I would say absolutely so" was the DIRECT QUOTE from the film’s DIRECTOR when he was asked if the movie was a prequel just 18 DAYS AGO.

    But, please, keep believing what you want.

  57. @conor: So we have the director and producer saying two completely different things.

    So that quote is so reliable isn’t it? I mean it’s not like that ign article states things that make it completely not just a prequel. Where Singer, a man who seems to have more experience playing with these characters then the director I would imagine, states it’s ‘A New Beginning’ for the series.

    But no it’s okay, you believe what you want to believe. 

  58. Heh.

  59. On a serious note; this film proves once again that no one at FOX likes Cyclops.

    Cause he isn’t in the film…..which is very weird considering we’re lead to believe in the first X-film he was one of the first students at Xavier’s. 

  60. How would he be in this movie? Wouldn’t that make him like 50 in the original movie?

  61. You are ALL way off. This movie is set in the year 3329 on the planet Zoq.

    Didn’t see that coming, did ya?