Iron Man 2 Trailer Debuts

In a dramatic countdown fashion, the trailer for Iron Man 2 was revealed today.  You can see it in various formats over at Apple. Our first extended view of the new Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Gwenyth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johanssen, Samuel Jackson and even Garrry Shandling!



Highlights include:

– Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury!

– First shots of Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash in action!

– War Machine and Iron Man in action and fighting together!

– Scarlett Johanssen as the Black Widow!

– Robert Downey Jr. as Tony stark testifying in front of congress in classic Stark manner!

All in all, the trailer is in line with the tone and feel of the first Iron Man trailer and movie, complete with the heavy metal "Iron Man" theme music.

What do you think? I mean, I know you're going to see it, but is it going to be another hit?


  1. "I have successfully privatize world peace" oh yeah.

  2. It looks awesome. One of my most anticipated movies of next year.


  4. That made my pants feel funny.


    But seriously. It looks awesome.

  5. Can’t wait! 


  6. not that I really was on the fence in anyway but  SOLD

  7. Looks good, but why get rid of Terrance Howard.

  8. I am very excited for this film!

  9. Man, I’m sooooo psyched for this. As much as I was for the 1st film

  10. @Blitheh Terrance asked for money and a Labrador that pooped rainbow sherbet.

  11. I started getting a weird Rocky 4 vibe from the trailer I thought maybe it was something with Mickey Rourke (a sort of inverse Rocky-Drago dynamic), but then I realized it’s just the dancing girls on stage with Stark. 😀

    But seriously — this trailer looks pretty awesome. I’m stoked.


  12. Wow that’s amazing, just amazing, it was anymore amazing it’d be an illegal substance. Should I say amazing again? hell i’m going for it, Just amazing!

  13. @Blitheh: Did you not hear about that whole “contract dispute” mess that dragged on for like half a year?

  14. @daccampo personally I think a Rocky 4 vibe is a good thing – that was a great movie 😉

  15. @Conor: Must of been living under a rock. The helmet popped and I had to pause it.

  16. @Ron — hey, I didn’t say it was a bad thing!

  17. Garry Shandling is awesome!

  18. This has definitely made it my most anticipated film of 2010. A Scott Pilgrim trailer might change that tho.

  19. awesome, simply awesome


  20. I’m less skeptical than I was, but still pretty skeptical.  If anything the trailer just added more subplots to pack in.

    That being said, I wasn’t overly crazy about the first one either.  Sure, I really liked it, but it wouldn’t crack my Top 3 superhero movies.  I’d put it about on level with Spider-Man 2 (which I haven’t seen in years so don’t hold me to that) 

  21. love the voiceover from Rourke. I could have used a little Don Cheadle though. Some dialogue at least

  22. i’m not trying to be mean… but this just isn’t for me.

    but hey, differient strokes

  23. You know, it looks like a good movie, but I don’t think that’s a particularly great trailer.  However, it doesn’t give away every plot point, so it’s got that going for it.

  24. @Josh I’ll go ahead and agree with you.  The trailer to the first was was quite a lot better…However, just the pure spectacle of the footage has me super psyched.

  25. Also, uber geek, but did anyone else notice at the end we got the classic iron man chest light shape?

  26. they looked awesome. can’t wait. does anyone watch the animated ironman show? i like it.

  27. still can’t get into Scarlett as black widow. i would have MUCH preferred Emily Blunt, as originally intended. she would have rocked!

  28. i just got goosebumps.

  29. Wow, just wow.  An almost perfect trailer – highlights each pivotal character and doesn’t give away too much plot.  Who’s built that time machine already so that I can travel to May 2010?

  30. So the bad guys are going to be the Rocket Red Brigade?

  31. Silver Centurion chest piece? Sold.

  32. I’m sold.  A second time.

  33. A little worried that in a trailer for a movie called Iron Man 2, we only see Iron Man maybe 3 times. It’s only an early trailer, but I’m worried that it’ll be like the Spider-Man sequels where the actor wants more and more face time without the mask on. Looks cool though…

    BTW, "Clash of the Titans" trailer took me by surprise with how cool it looks.  

  34. No such thing as too much Tony. 

  35. Wow… that looks awesome. War Machine makes me so happy. Also, Whiplash in action looks far cooler than the stills. Reservations gone. Wish we could have seen a clip of Sam Rockwell in action as Justin Hammer though.

    @redluibertyx I’ve heard the plot for this film is slightly based off of Armor Wars. 

    @rahunique I actually really would’ve liked to have seen Stana Katic in the role.  

  36. @Prax: There is a very quick shot of Sam Rockwell.

  37. There was no bit of that that wasn’t awesome.

    Nerdgasm: achieved.

  38. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


  39. AAAAAAAAH!!!!! 😀

    Now if only 616 Tony had acted like THAT in front of Congress during "The Road to Civil War"…. 😀 lol

  40. Really looking forward to this one!!!

  41. This is awesome!

    I literally got goosebumps when War Machine appeared and they were kicking ass in the final seconds. This almost looks better in every way then the first film (if that’s possible). It looks fun, funny, exciting, entertaining, and everything a comic book film should be. It’s only a little tease at the moment, but I loved everything I saw in this.

  42. They need to drop that horrible Black Sabbath song and use "Tony’s Theme" by the Pixies.

  43. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This is a song about a super hero named Tony!!!

  44. Action movie of 2010!

  45. Stana Katic…interesting choice. i see it. kinda…

  46. has anyone seen the the leaked san diego footage? a lot more Fury and Justin Hammer.

  47. Mickey Rouke is in pretty cool shape for a older dude. he looks very scary

  48. The only thing the movie needs is Megan Fox and its perfect

  49. looks fantastic.


    only concern is adding war machine because people demanded it.  just don’t want it to end up like venom in spider-man 3. 

  50. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I thought Topher Grace was very funny in Spider-Man 3.

    "My Spider Sense is tingling, if you know what I mean." 

  51. I don’t deny that.

     mainly what I’m referring to is the plot juggling and trying to fit too much in one movie. 

  52. If there is anything as an Iron-gasm, I felt it watching this trailer…

  53. @Clintaa I don’t think War Machine is in this film because anyone demanded it. It’s pretty clear in the first film when Rhodey sees the silver armour and says "Next time, baby" that they intended War Machine to be in the sequel.

    I trust these guys to make a fantastic film. 

  54. Looks really cool.  I was surprised at how interesting Mickey Rourke’s character looks.  That movie looks like it will be great fun.

  55. I wish Cheadale would do more dramatic acting, I know that for every 1 of these kind of films, he makes more money than 10 "Hotel Rwanda"’s, but still….

    Trailer looked okay, seemed a little too "typical-throw-in-the-sink" action movie-ish.

    Agree with Josh about the trailer not being that great.

  56. Looks great.  I really just want more of the same from the 1st movie.  Maybe a few more fight scenes.  Otherwise… just give me more. 

  57. Armor Wars!?!

  58. @PymSlap I actually thought Topher Grace would of done a bang up job as Peter Parker.

  59. @Nate The Clash of the Titans trailer kind of disappointed me. It was like just a guy jumping for two minutes. But I love the original so I’ll check it out. I LOVED Iron man something fierce, but I’m biased, as Iron man has been my favorite super hero for ummmmm 25 years? So I was predisposed to like it. Just seeing my guy on the big screen was like a dream come true. So naturally, I’m super excited for the sequel. 

  60. You know how tween girls and middle age moms shriek everytime those Twilight kids with the hair and abs appear on screen? Well I did that when I saw this, and still do the morning after. In fact, I think I even did a little crazy headless chicken dance, going round in circles. Last time I make fun of silly fandom! This movie and RDJ’s delivery of the "U complete me" line has given it real significance in modern lexicon. U complete me Favreau!

    I think last night was an official national nerdgasm day. 

  61. A solid trailer, does a lot to est. where our hero is as well as the motive for the villain of the piece. Looks good to me.


  62. Whiplash looks bad-ass — those first pics made it look a little blah, but the whole "make my own toys" kind of vibe works.

    Plus, AC/DC makes any trailer better.

  63. I’m really excited to see this one. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt even before seeing the trailer, but now I am officially tantalized.

    (…although I do hope they have another take of that Senate hearing in which the lead actor dials it down juuust a liiittle bit)

  64. I. Can. Not. Wait! 🙂

  65. Does anyone else think Whiplash looks kind of lame?  And I don’t mean that as in it’s lame compated to whatever the character looks like in the books, as I’ve never seen the book version of the character.  I trust Rourke to do a great job as the character, but something about that outfit just puts me off.

  66. No, I like it well enough.

  67. Ican’thearyyooooou!LALALALALALA!

  68. @JJ-You are quite an odd duck. O_O

  69. It is still weird to me that the same actor who did ‘Hotel Rwanda’ is going to be kicking ass in a War Machine suit. lol

  70. I agree with Josh; the movie looks like its going to be good, but the composition of the trailer itself was a little lacking for me.

  71. This trailer looks amazing.  I was worried about how War Machine turned out, but i’m pleasantly surprised with this trailer. 

    -Vic De Zen

  72. I really like how Stark is all about privatization.  I hope they use a more ultimate version of Cap who is all John Wayne pro America punch you in the mouth.  The dynamic between those two type of personalities on the big screen would be awesome.  Anyways I liked everything in this trailer.  Every bit gets me excited.  Especially Whiplash looking super confident, and Rourke’s generally true criticisms of Stark in his voice over.

  73. Awesome X awesome= Awesome ^ 2!!  Let’s hope Tony screws up everything with Pepper by going to bed with Natasha in true Tony self-destructiveness!!  Whiplash might actually be interesting.

  74. I checked wikipedia and saw that John Slattery is playing Tony Starks pop. If you’ve watched Mad Men you’ll understand that just a little dose of awesomeness! 

  75. They had me at Scarlett Jo…

  76. Nick Fury was drinking a beer, it was a Samuel Jackson, cuz it gets him drunk.