Incredible Hulk #1 Has a Familiar Theme

Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri are teaming to do a new Incredible Hulk #1. It’s not out for a while, and frankly, yeah, that’s great. But what are we doing here. There’s a variant cover by Ladronn. I like Ladronn, and thus here we are looking at that cover.

So, SMASH, as it were.

Incredible Hulk #1 cover by Ladronn

This cover took him 8 years, from what I understand.


  1. Wow this really gets me pumped for the new series, it’ll be my first exposure to a Hulk title, so I hope that it’ll be new reader friendly & of course amazing!

  2. Nothing against Silvestri. But how awesome would a Jason Aaron/Gabriel Hardman Hulk book be?

  3. ladronn is awesome. just re-read his cable run last month. so stinkin good. i wish he did more stuff.

    • YES I LOVE THE ART IN THAT. Have you seen his Inhumans miniseries? It’s pretty crazy. Not as good as Jae Lee’s but really interesting.

    • i have not seen his inhumans stuff. is it in a tpb. i would get it just for his art. i bought the planet hulk books just because of his covers. Has he even done any interiors recently. The only thing I can think of, would be some of the stuff he did for Richard Starkings Elephantmen series. I would love to see him do interiors again.

  4. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    This may sound like a dumb question, but did the Hulk get lightning powers when I wasn’t looking? Is he, perhaps, being struck by lightning in this moment? What’s happening here?

  5. If this goes back to the old hulk ways I’m jumping on that like… batman?

  6. Will “Hulk still be strongest there is”?

  7. I dropped Hulk a few issues before the end of the current run when the various hulk-flavors got too uch but have been eyeing this new series. Hulk is my fave marvel character so it would be nice to see him treated correctly.

  8. Kinda looks like a zombie getting electricuted.

  9. I would like to see Ladronn do the series actually after seeing this cover. Not a fan of Silvestri really, and to be honest this is a much better improvement over the pages I’ve seen of Silvestri.

    But yeah: Over or under how many times it’s Pick of the Week in a one year span? It’s Jason Aaron so the chances are very, VERY high.

  10. Am i the only one who prays for the return of the Joe Fixit version of the Hulk?

  11. So excited for this, one of my favorite writers writing one of my favorite characters in all of comics, does it get much better?

  12. So is Marvel quietly doing it’s own back to 1s like DC’s 52 or what?

    • I agree. I like Jason Aaron alot, but the top writers are being spread across to many flag ship titles. Just reading the title of this article makes me think the industry is in even more trouble than I thought.

  13. Plenty of good writers to handle a few titles, I just hope the creativity or genius doesn’t get spent all on one title and thin on the rest.

  14. It’s the snark that I come back for.