Marvel Commands You to DESTROY

Insurance premiums are about to go up in the Marvel Universe. During this weekend’s Fan Expo Canada in Toronto we’ll find out some of the fine print. But this teaser makes the damage fairly evident.

Let’s see. We’ve got Devil Dinosaur, Beast, Abomination (Rick Jones), an anthropomorphized tooth abscess, She-Hulk, and the Thing. This one’s gonna hurt in the morning.


Also. Where in blazes is WENDIGOOOOOO!!!!!???


  1. I will keep my eyes peeled for this at Fan Expo. Looks pretty metal.

  2. Beast is confusing. Not really who I feel is a RARR SMASH! character, but hell, it ain’t me making these things.

  3. This could easily be the most bizarre and unnecessary team up in history.

    Yes I’ve probably said it before but it still applies here!

  4. That red “anthropomorphized tooth abscess” (Brilliant” is an old school deviant. Don’t remember his name.

  5. According to the Marvel Encyclopedia, the “tooth abscess” is named Karkas. He is a Deviant mutate who first appeared in Eternals Vol. ! #8.

  6. Smashing Six? Don’t these guys know Hulk strongest there is?

  7. I bet Beast is there as a stand-in for Devil Dinosaur’s little blue furry sidekick Moon Boy. If so, that ought to make for some fun moments.

    It’s good to see Karkas again. Hopefully his partner Ransak is not too far behind as well.

  8. Oh man. I’ve missed Devil.

  9. We. Make. Holes. In. Teeth!

  10. wow, looks intense. i like the grouping

  11. Paul must have been thinking about Cullen Bunn’s The Tooth which actually is an anthropomorphized tooth abscess,

  12. Wish I was big and could smash things…

  13. How do you have a DESTROY promo with Juggernaut in it?

  14. Will do, Marvel. Will do.

  15. This has earned my money…
    assuming I like the creative team and price point.

  16. i see devil dinosaur wheres moon boy