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Batman: Black & White is Back…in Black! And White!

Neal Adams? Sean Murphy? Chris Samnee? Joe Quinones? Yeah, we’ll take one.

iFlashback! March 17th, 2004

Check out the comic books that you, YES YOU, were reading all the way back in 2004!

iFlashback! February 18th, 2004

Marvel really pushed their X-Men books this week, nine years ago. Check out what they and the rest of the comic book industry published back in 2004.

INTERVIEW: Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins on CYBER FORCE

Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins talk about the Cyber Force relaunch.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 07.11.2012

In your heaaaaaaad. In your heeeeeaaaaaaaad. Zombie! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!

The Darkness: Where Do I Start?

Mafia hitman turned monster killer. You forget Garth Ennis had a hand in his creation.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.16.2011

So cute you’ll want to eat ’em right up!

REVIEW: The Incredible Hulk #1

A wise puppet once said “It’s not easy bein’ green,” and we’ll often nod when we hear it, ignoring the fact that there’s a dude’s arm all up in that.

PREVIEW: INCREDIBLE HULK #1 by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri

Silvestri wants to show that he’s still got the stuff, and right now, Jason Aaron is in possession of a great deal of stuff. Stuff will also be smashed.

Incredible Hulk #1 Has a Familiar Theme

It’s got something to do with smashing, from what we can read.